Fun at Fiesta


I moved out here to sunny Andalucía almost a year ago now. My life has changed so much. I have so many new friends and I have a job teaching English. There has not been a moments regret. I have a small house with a swimming pool outside of a small town. It is for me, heaven right here on Earth.

The long-awaited town fiesta was underway. It lasted four days and nights! Dancing, music, food and of course plenty of wine. It was the big day of fiesta, the Saturday. It began at lunch time with a paella competition in the main square, so plenty to eat and drink. I had walked down into town and met up with a few of my Spanish friends. We ate, drank and laughed, generally having a great time. It was by now getting very hot so we were all sat around a table in the shade enjoying ourselves.

There then was a foam party in the street where we were sat. This involved what looked like a large cannon that shot out a huge amount of soapy suds. The children were going mad playing in the foam. There was very loud music playing. Some adults also joined in the fun, dancing and laughing. I was still very warm even though I had been sat in the shade. It took almost no persuasion for me to join some of my friends in the foam which was now waist high. We danced and cooled off in the foam. The man operating the foam gun sprayed everyone in turn, making sure we all were covered in the cool, white, soapy foam. Great fun!

When the foam party ended we again sat down to have another drink. I was wet through as were my friends. I was also aware of the slippery soapy covering on my skin and clothes. I told my friends that I was just going home to shower and get changed ready for a very long night of dancing. The dancing started around midnight and went on until dawn. Although there would be plenty of other dancing before the main event at midnight. Maria, my best friend out here offered to drive me home. I thought about how much we had been drinking and declined her very kind offer saying that I would not be very long and that I would enjoy the walk. It was only about 20 minutes walk to my house.

When I got home I had a nice long cool shower, removing the soapiness left behind on my skin by the foam. I then took from my wardrobe the outfit I was going to wear for the night. I chose a thin strappy top made of Indian cotton and a short skirt that matched. Not being a large breasted woman I chose not to wear a bra as I knew it would become very hot when dancing.

After getting dressed I thought that I would just check my email. There I found an email from an ex-lover back in the UK. He was still a great friend even though our affair had come to and end. He often sent me emails and we kept in touch. He had attached a few photographs to the email as he often did. Before opening the attachments my mobile phone rang. It was Maria. Through the background noise of the fiesta she told me that Raul, her brother would be over to pick me up as he was passing my house to come down into town.

Raul was the younger brother of Maria. He was a builder. A very nice man and a good dancer too. However, he had been quite persistent in his efforts to get me into bed. He was only 34 years old and was therefore in my view too young for me! Also, I didn’t want the complication of dating my best friend’s brother, no matter how charming and good-looking he was. So, I had always politely refused his advances. But not a problem. I would welcome the lift down into town. Maria had said he would be about an hour. I then opened the photographs that were attached to the email.

I wasn’t expecting to see images of my ex-lover naked! It was by no means a shock, and seeing him all naked took me right back to those nights we had spent in bed together in hotels. I tuzla escort looked at them and was transported back to those energetic nights. I was however, surprised at the reaction my body had to seeing them. I was amused to find that I was suddenly rather aroused. I sat with my feet up on the sofa and placed the laptop on the floor by my side and slipped my hand down the front of my white cotton panties. I often had to use self-pleasuring to satisfy my needs.

I was building up slowly to a nice little orgasm remembering the nights of raunchy passion with the ex when there was a loud knock at my door. I quickly pulled my fingers from their task of pleasuring me. I went to the door and found Raul standing there. He had walked down the driveway and so I had not heard his pick-up.

“Oh! I thought you were going to be an hour?” I said.

“An hour? No I told Maria I’d be a quarter of an hour. There was so much noise there she probably didn’t hear me.” He replied.

“No problem, I’ll just grab my bag.”

I grabbed my bag and followed him back up the drive to the road. I was surprised to see him dressed so well. I had usually seen him in his working clothes. Baggy working shorts and a dirty tee shirt and big heavy builders’ boots were his usual attire. He was wearing some smart tailored red shorts and a white vee necked tee shirt that enhanced his powerful frame. The shorts also showed off his rather firm looking ass too. Certainly not as I had seen him before! Another surprise was that he was not driving his pick-up either. Instead he had a very smart Audi. This was not the Raul I knew! I had no idea he had such a smart car, or indeed was capable of dressing so well.

As we walked up the drive he pointed out a rather sever crack that was developing in one of the gate posts. I was aware of it, and it was making it difficult to close one of the gates.

“You need to get that seen to you know, Tessa. It’s going to fall down and maybe hurt you sometime.”

“I know, I’ll get it sorted.” I replied.

We got inside his car, a very spacious car indeed, and it was nice and cool as he had been using the air conditioning. I could also smell the wonderful cologne that he was wearing. Very spicy and manly.

As we drove away down the long dirt road that lead from my house he said,

“I could re-build that gate post for you. It would be no trouble.”

“Thanks, Raul, but I really don’t want to trouble you.”

“It would be not trouble, you are a friend, and friends help each other don’t they?”

He turned and smiled at me and said “We are friend’s aren’t we?” As he drove he once again looked at me with that very engaging smile. As he did so his hand drifted from the gear lever onto my thigh. He gave me a soft squeeze.

“We could be very good friends you know, Tessa. Very good friends indeed.”

I was just about to slap his hand away when I became aware of my interrupted self – gratification. I felt such pleasurable tingles rush up my thigh and charge head-long into my still moist clit. I took my eyes from his and looked down at his powerful hand resting on my thigh. I knew he was very eager to get me into bed, he had made no secret of that. Instead of pushing his hand away I found myself in a quandary, let him or stop him?

I could not help but gasp at the delight that his hand was already giving me. I let my head fall back onto the seat and without even thinking, a completely involuntary movement, I opened my legs just a little bit.

“Yes, Tessa. We could become great friends!” he said softly. I felt him give my thigh another squeeze, firmer than the first one. I again opened my legs a little. I felt him flex his fingers and ease his hand a little pendik escort bit further around my thigh. His strong fingers were now resting on my inner thigh. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was glancing from the road to me and back to the road. I opened my legs still further. Raul instantly took advantage of having better access and slipped his hand to the top of my inner thigh. I could feel his fingers pressing against my throbbing clitoris through my panties.

I again released a gasp of pleasure. I then put my hand on his thigh, feeling the powerful muscles and the very coarse dark hairs. He took his hand from between my legs, took a firm grip on the steering wheel and turned the car down a short dirt tract that led through a small group of olive trees and pulled up abruptly under a cluster of tall eucalyptus trees. He turned and looked at me, un clipping his seat belt, leaned over and kissed me, a very passionate kiss, a kiss that said “I want you!”

As he kissed me he slid his hand up the length of my thigh once again, but this time straight up to the top where it had been just a few seconds ago. We were still kissing, his tongue probing my mouth as his fingers eased aside the crotch of my now wet panties. I felt the tip of one of his fingers stroke slowly along my eager clit. Waves of pleasure rippled from there through my body. My hand went to the bulge that had developed at the front of his shorts. I could feel the eagerness of his growing but as yet still confined cock. I felt it throbbing, straining at the zipper. He then turned away from me, and opened his door. In a second he was there opening my door and holding out his hand. I unclipped my seat belt and spun around in my seat so my feet were on the ground. I looked up at him, seeing the rampant bulge and also that white tee shirt that was displaying his strong body so well and felt another surge of wetness between my legs. I shuffled a little and took down my cotton panties. Wanting to show him that this was not going to go any other way but hot, outdoor sex!

As I stood up I threw my panties behind me onto the seat. He grabbed me and pulled me against him, kissing my neck. Holding me so close. I ran my fingers through his dark hair, I took in that heady aroma of lustful male and his spicy cologne. I wanted him. I wanted him to fulfil the pleasuring that I had started to give myself when he arrived at my house.

We staggered together, holding on to each other around to the rear of his car. He leaned me against the boot. We were again kissing like crazed teenagers. His hands were pulling up my skirt, raising it above my waist, he had his hands now on my bare buttocks, gripping them in his large hands. I could feel his strength, his energy and his lust. In an easy movement he lifted me up and sat me on the edge of the boot. Again we kissed, tongues probing each other’s mouths. I struggled to unzip his shorts because of the fullness of his cock pressing against the front. I popped open the button and tugged, the zipper then proved to be more willing to open. I pulled them down over his hips along with his briefs. I looked down at his very hard thick long cock. I wrapped my hand around the shaft. I lay backwards onto the top of the boot and watched as he extracted himself from the shorts. He half lay on me, kissing my neck he slipped the shoulder straps of my top over my shoulders, I pulled my arms out of my top allowing him unfettered access to my breasts. In a split second he had one hand on one and his mouth on the other. I was once again gasping, aware of the rampant need inside of me. I pulled and pulled at his tee shirt until he broke off and pulled it up over his head. I could now see the extent of his powerful body, that hard aydınlı escort chest, a very trim and firm belly, all covered in such dark hairs.

As he went to start work on my breasts once again I grabbed his head in my hands and looking into his eyes I said, “Fuck me, just FUCK ME!” I pulled up my knees and fully parted my legs letting him see my peachy smooth pussy. He tugged at my hips and got me into a position ready to be fucked. I could feel his hard, thick, throbbing cock pressing against my very wet opening. He looked into my eyes, and gave an almost imperceptible nod of his head, almost like he was asking if I was ready. I gave a nod back. At this he pushed very slowly, his hips pressing forward. I could feel the head of his cock enter me, I could feel my tight wetness give way to his thick advancing cock. He eased very slowly inside me, parting the walls of my pussy with delightful ease. I felt those wonderful waves of pleasure rush through every cell of my body as he penetrated me fully. I could feel the tightness of my pussy grasping his thick shaft. He pulled himself back a little then pushed back in again fully. I could feel the dark hairiness of his pubic bush pressed fully against the smooth labia of my pussy.

Throughout this he never took his eyes away from mine. I grasped his arms and again said “Fuck me!” He needed no further instruction. He took up a very firm rhythm. Entering and re-entering me. I could feel the length of his cock driving into me with such delight. I watched his face, he never lost eye contact with me for a second. I gasped the words “Do it, do it hard, do it deep!” He increased his rhythm. With each thrust of his cock I was driven nearer and nearer to the edge of an orgasm. Then without any warning he extracted his cock from my wetness. He pulled me to my feet, spun me around and put be back against the boot of the car. I felt him push my feet apart with his, and pull me backwards until he had me at just the right angle he wanted. He then grabbed my hips and thrust back deep inside me. Fucking me very hard now from behind. Despite the slight interruption I was very soon back on track, heading towards an orgasm that was by now more than urgent for me. As he thrust repeatedly into me I pushed back to meet him. I felt my orgasm build and build as the waves of mind blowing pleasure washed over me I felt him thrust really deep into me, hard and very deep. I heard him cry out as his hands gripped my hips tighter, his thrusting harder and yet deeper, and with one more mighty thrust of his cock almost lifted me off my feet. I knew he had cum. In a way I was glad that he had cum as quickly as I had. I was in the mood to be taken quickly and furiously. I wanted a good hard fast fuck, and he gave me one.

As he extracted his cock from me I could feel it’s wetness as it dragged across my inner thigh, and a slight trickle ran from my freshly fucked pussy. He again turned me around. I took in fully the sight of his nakedness. His muscled body, his glistening cock, his powerful, thrusting thighs, the shinny hair and sweat that covered his gloriously naked form. He wrapped his arms around me and we kissed once again. I could feel the heat from his body, the slickness of his cock as it was trapped between our bodies. He whispered to me that he had so wanted to do that for so long. He got dressed, I straightened my clothes and we got back into the car. He very swiftly snatched my panties from the seat where I had thrown them and put them in his pocket. He gave me a very cheeky grin and said “You don’t need these anymore.” I flipped down the sun visor and looked at myself in the mirror. I had that after glow, the glow displayed by a woman who has just been fucked, well and truly fucked.

We drove back through the olive grove, onto the road and carried on into town. I had enjoyed our little stop among the eucalyptus trees, but I had a feeling that it was not going to end there, and I was right. That furious quickie was just a little sample of what was coming.