Fun in University Halls Ch. 02


Hey everyone, thank you for reading my first instalment, this is the second. For those of you who have not read the first one, there is not much to recap. Phil started university in style by bringing a girl home on his first night out. This story documents his second night out. All characters are over 18.

We were going crazy! A couple of friends and I had gone out for our second night of Freshers Week. My name is Phil and I have just started university, now I am at a gig, watching a band intent on killing everyone with their party starting tunes. My friends, Jay, Sam, Terry and I had spend the afternoon in the pub, looking forward to seeing this band and now we were front row, bouncing along to the music.

My mind flicked back to the night before, which I had spent with a beautiful blonde haired girl called Emma. Although she had told me that she was not looking for anything serious, she had hinted that she was looking for another night of passion. I smile to myself as I thought about another beautiful blonde I had met called Sarah. There was some definite chemistry there as well. My friends had told me that Sarah had got very drunk the night before and, in the club, would kiss anybody who moved, male or female. She had brought back a boy, he had scarpered early in the morning. Sarah could not remember what he looked like and the only token he had left behind was a soiled condom.

The band were coming to a close and we were planning on hitting the bar for our umpteenth drink of the day. We cheered as the band wished us a good night and jokingly told us all to buy them a drink at the bar. We hurried forwards to avoid the queue, bought our drinks and made for a seat.

We were having a good time, joking about and joining in with the crowd singing the songs of the band who had just played. There was a further cheer when said band arrived at the bar smiling, no doubt hopeful of blagging some free drinks. The most attention was centred on the drummer. She was an absolutely stunning girl. She had long, dark ginger hair and a small but cute face. Whilst playing I admired her innocent expression, this only made her look all the more sexy. What was the most amazing thing was that her body, which was disguised behind the kit, was scorching. She was wearing waisted shorts which hugged her tight bum. Her legs, though pale were long and looked incredibly smooth. She was wearing a sequined top which added to her mystery.

She was flogged by scores of men, each one offering to buy her a drink. She looked at them all disapprovingly and made for a table, waiting for the rest of the band to join her. She looked sulky and unhappy with the leering she was receiving. My group of friends and I attempted to look away and pretend to be absorbed in our conversation but the truth was that we were captivated by this girl. She looked to be in her early to mid twenties and was therefore out of our league. Add the fact that this girl was in a band and we did not stand a chance even getting her to say hello to us.

The drummer’s mood did not improve however, her band mates were clearly enjoying the attention and seemed to forget about her. She sat there, drinkless and tapping her foot impatiently. We all leaned in together, wondering if any of us dare to approach. I was feeling pretty drunk and was actually considering approaching this amazing woman. As soon as my friends had dared me, there was no turning back. I shuffled to the bar to buy her a drink. Took one last look at my friends and then made my move.

I could see her watching me out of the corner of her eye. I asked her if I could take the seat opposite. She looked at me, the drink and then eyed me up and down. I suddenly felt very small, like I was twelve years old again. I was tempted to just walk away and deal with the jibes my friends would no doubt give me. She, however nodded and gestured to the seat. I fell rather ungraciously into the seat and sat there trying not to look at her for a couple of seconds.

She smiled and asked smoothly whether that drink was for her. I smiled too and handed her the drink, praying that I would not spill it since my hands were quivering. Her fingers brushed mine as she accepted the drink and I felt a jolt of static electricity upon the touch. She acted like she had not noticed, sipped her drink and thanked me. I, however, had noticed and for some reason it gave me confidence. I praised her on her performance and asked her some questions about being in a band. What is was like being on tour and performing to crowds night after night.

She confessed to me that although she loved it, the lack of sleep was starting to get to her, she just wanted a quiet night every once in while and watch TV. I asked her if tonight was one of those nights and she stared into my eyes and replied that it would depend.

I felt another jolt of excitement at kurtköy escort her flirtatious comment, I was going to reply before one of her band mates called to her. They were being interviewed by a cool looking music reporter, they needed her. She left her seat, turned to me and said that she would see me later on in the night. I was stunned, I had been sweating and my heart was beating rapidly. She was so sexy, so sophisticated and trendy. I had never held a conversation with anyone like her before.

I headed back to my friends, they were all looking slightly jealous, obviously they had expected for me to fail and look like an idiot. I looked at them, put on a fake suave American accent and said “she is going to see me later boys”. They all looked shocked but impressed. We continued on with our night, every now and again one of them would exclaim how impressed they were.

We were getting drunker and we had been joined by a group of girls. Although I was laughing and chatting along with everyone else, these girls were nothing in comparison to the drummer, whose name I had learnt was Alice. I would keep on scanning the club for her, desperate to have another glimpse at her. I guessed that she had left, heading off to a cooler party with her band. I shrugged and attempted to enjoy the rest of my night.

We went dancing and as the night wore on more of my friends would peel off with a girl whom we had joined up with. Soon I was left with only two girls, they were dancing, seeming to think I was enjoying their company. I was not having a good time though and excused myself for the toilets. I was considering leaving before I saw a flash of pale skin and dark ginger. Alice was walking towards me, she had seen me and was smiling in my direction.

She greeted me with a hug; I caught her scent and was blown away. Alice was now talking more animatedly. She was obviously drunk but was carrying herself with much more sophistication than the girls I had spent my night with were.

She told me about the VIP area upstairs. It was full of music industry characters and she had got bored and come downstairs. She opened up her bag to reveal a bottle of champagne. She had stolen it from some annoying suit attempting to offer her band something.

The music was fizzling down anyway and she suggested that we consume the champagne somewhere outside, watching the stars. It was not a cold night and the alcohol acted as a warm layer anyway. We sat on a stretch of grass and gazed up into the heavens. We sat in peaceful silence for a while, both sharing the bottle.

Eventually, she broke the silence, telling me how much she enjoyed peace and quiet and being with someone who did not regard her as something she was not. I reminded her that I still thought she was breathtaking. She laughed and confirmed that she knew this already.

The night had ended at the club and hundreds of people were pouring out of the club, my friends would no doubt be looking for me. She seemed to sense that I was about to say goodbye, she reached for my hand, looked me in the face and asking for me to stay a while longer. She was sick of spending night after night with her male band mates, most of whom would bring back anonymous females to the tour bus. She was asking me to stay with her! I did not need to spend long thinking about my course of action.

I told her that I was all hers. She smiled, jumped to her feet and told me we had to run, run away from her band who would no doubt be looking for her. We were both drunk and acting silly. We ran as fast as we could away from the club, she held out her hand and I took it. We continued running till we could not see the club. We were both panting heavily. “Well that was fun” I said through gasping breaths. She nodded and looked at our hands, cushioned together like it was the most natural thing in the world.

She gave me another one of her innocent expressions. Her eyes twinkled with mystery and before I knew it, she had moved in to kiss me. I returned her kiss and time stood still. I was no longer aware of anything around me but her. Her small tongue was wriggling around in my mouth, even her tongue was amazing, it felt soft and warm, exploring my mouth.

We broke from the kiss only when I noticed her begin to shiver. She told me she was finally feeling the cold and wanted to go inside somewhere. I only lived ten or so minutes away, she agreed to come back to my flat and we headed home. We spoke the entire way home. She told me about her life before the band, how she had been in art school. She told me that the band was only her short term plans, after it she wanted to go back into art, own her own studio and spend her days painting and decorating. I was captivated by everything she said, she was such a mystical lady and I knew that I would buy one of her paintings when the time came around.

We aydıntepe escort were both so drunk by this point that I got lost in the unfamiliar area. I stopped and tried to look for someone to ask directions and she giggled, telling me that it was five in the morning. Eventually I recognised the road signs and got us back safely.

I struggled with the key to the front door. Made a stupid, over the top gesture for her to be quiet and I entered my small, poxy room. Before I shut my door I saw that Alex, my shy neighbours light was still on. I knew that he had not gone out, I suspected that he was too homesick to sleep.

Alice had made for my bed, she was so cold. I told her to get into my blankets whilst I looked for something warmer she could wear. I threw her a hoodie, she took it and put it on gratefully. It gave me a satisfied feeling to see this amazing girl, in my bed, wearing my clothes.

She patted the space next to her, I joined her and she hugged me, claiming to want extra warmth. Not thinking, I stroked her beautifully crafted legs and she murmured appreciatively. We lay in silence for a while, I listened to her shivering and held her tight.

It was only when her legs felt warmer and she stopped shivering that I began to feel aware of the position I was in. I did not want to stop feeling her legs but was afraid that soon she would feel awkward and say something. She didn’t, so I carried on with my caressing.

I became aware that her breathing was becoming deeper as she became more relaxed. Her hand, resting just above my hip moved ever so slightly underneath my shirt and began to stroke my chest. I kissed her forehead, she looked up at me and we shared our second amazing kiss.

I don’t know how long we kissed but when I came out of my trance, both my hands were on her back and I was pressing her into me. One of her legs was slung over mine and hers hands were on the back of my head, rustling my hair. I moved my hands underneath her sparkly top and rested them on the strap of her bra. I realised how turned on I was. My jeans had bulged, Alice had noticed too and was pressing herself into my hard on.

Alice moved on top of me, she removed her top and let me see for the first time her breasts. Her push up bra made her perky tits look stunning. Teasingly, she pushed them together, making porn star style faces. I laughed and pulled her back down to continue kissing.

In the meantime, I fumbled with the clasp on her bra and pulled it away. She smiled and started to unbutton my shirt, kissing my bare chest as she went. When she got to the final button, she put her tongue in my belly button, pulled my shirt aside and moved back up to my lips. The sensation of having her breasts pressing against me was driving me absolutely wild. I started to kiss her with more passion and vigour.

I now began to feel up her bum. My explorations were becoming more intrusive and her hips began to rock more as I did so. I unbuttoned the denim shorts and slowly peeled them down her long legs. She was now only left in a pair of pink lace knickers. Looking down at her in them was driving me wild. Her gyrations were also making me excited, not wanting to cum early, I moved her onto her back and began to kiss at her nipples. A hand went down to her thigh, I was beginning to tease her and she started to squirm, obviously begging me to touch her pussy.

I held off for a while longer as she enjoyed me playing with her nipples with my fingers and tongue. Soon she could not take it any longer and moved my hand down to her crotch. Her panties were soaked and I could smell her amazing juices which were now rubbing onto my fingers. I rubbed and pinched at her beneath the fabric of her panties. She squirmed and moaned at my actions.

I now began to kiss down her amazing body. Her skin was so soft, as white as cream. I found myself inches away from her crotch, I inhaled her scent and my heart missed a beat. I began to kiss around her crotch, getting closer to her pussy. I moved the fabric behind and was met with pure beauty. She was completely shaven, her lips were puffy and inviting and I could see moisture dripping down. I kissed her swollen clit about her pussy and slowly inserted a finger inside of her.

She made a gasp and clutched the back of my head. I kissed her clit, began to suck on it and gently nipped it with my lips. In the meantime I was increasing the motion with my fingers. I did not want her to cum just yet so slowed down when she started having her first orgasm. She slapped me gently on the back of the head and begged me to make her cum. I smiled up at her but did not say anything.

I now began to lick her pussy lips. I was getting closer and closer to the opening but I was being slow, deliberately teasing her. Eventually I found her pussy and pushed my tongue in. tuzla içmeler escort Again she arched her back and held my head tight into her pussy. She rode my tongue as her breathing sharpened. For a couple of minutes I was in bliss, then all her muscles clenched and she came onto my tongue. I sucked up all she had to offer me, it was the best refreshment I had ever been given.

Alice lay there but gently tugged at my hair, urging me to surface from her crotch. Reluctantly I did and she immediately attacked me with her soft tender lips. Her tongue licked up all the juice I had not yet swallowed and she moaned delicately into my mouth.

It was now her turn to act. After softly tweaking my nipples, she lowered her hand and began to massage my erection. She unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans and boxers down my legs, kicking them off the bed. My erection bounced free, striking her on the thigh, inches from her pussy.

She spat on her hand and began to massage my cock. She was doing an incredible job. Her other hand came down as well to gently fondle and grope my testicles. I moaned and was beginning to feel the cum build up. She commanded me to straddle her face, which I did do quickly so she would continue with her hand. My cock was no inches from her mouth but she did not make a move to suck me off. She clenched my bum cheeks with one hand and continued to jack me off with the other. I only had ten seconds maximum till I came. I warned her but she did not move her face, she only sped up the movement of her hand. I came with a grunt and came everywhere.

She moaned with satisfaction. There was cum over her face, in her hair and some had even got down to her chest and breast. I slumped, savouring the feeling of the orgasm she had given me. I was aroused when I heard her slurping on the cum surrounding her mouth. I sat up again to watch her eat as much of my cum from her face as I could. She also rubbed it into her breasts, smiling up at me. When she had got most of it from her face she then took my now flaccid penis into her mouth and she sucked the cum from my shaft as well.

I took to it well, the whole procedure had turned me on again immediately after cumming. Her hand moved again to my testicles and she was soon sucking on my erect penis. I sensed her hand move down to her crotch. Without disturbing her mouth, I turned to watch her fingering herself. It was an amazing sight and I enjoyed the feeling of her licking me up and down whilst taking in her finger work.

After ten minutes she took me out of her mouth and asked me to fuck her. I did not need asking twice. I rubbered up and pressed the head of my penis against her pussy lips. I pushed the head inside her opening and held it there. I pulled out and pushed back in again. She held up her pussy and pleaded with me to stop teasing. She spread her legs further and I slowly entered.

I moved my entire shaft inside of her and she spread her legs even wider, aiding me to get deep inside of her. I was in heaven now. With my hands on her breasts and staring into each others eyes we began to make love. She moaned gently as I moved my penis in and out of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pressed me even deeper into her.

She began to rock her hips more and more violently. She pressed her legs even harder into me. She dug her nails into my back and urged me to fuck her hard to make her cum. With a gasp she had a violent orgasm, she clenched her muscles on my embedded shaft and then relaxed. I slowly decreased my motions but was not done.

I asked her to go on her knees so her pussy was facing me. I then licked up and down her smooth crack. I licked from her clit all the way to the opening of her arse hole. I then entered her again, urging her to spread her legs wider beneath her. Immediately she started to rock her hips again. I began to play with her clit whilst fucking her from behind.

She looked back at me, thanking me for a great night, begging me never to stop. I continued driving into her, picking up speed. She was having another orgasm and this time we would cum together. Still playing with her clit I was lost to passion and I moved backwards and forwards quickly with power. She was now crying out loudly. Rocking her hips, copying my movements. Our fast rhythm was sending us closer to climax. Her pussy wall contracted and I came hard. We both collapsed exhausted on the bed. Both spent and panting with exhaustion, she kissed me on the cheek, thanking me for an amazing night. I told her she was the most special girl I had met and we both drifted into a very deep sleep.

I awoke to see a dark ginger haired tall girl depart from my room. I rubbed my eyes as they adjusted to the light. I noticed a note left on the desk by my bed. It read

“thanks for a truly amazing night, please come visit me when I am selling my artwork, love Alice”. Below this she had drawn an amazing picture of a champagne bottle and a starry night’s sky.

I smiled to myself, thought of the beautiful drummer who I had shared my bed with and fell asleep for another two hours.

Thanks for reading, third instalment coming soon.