Fun with Friend

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The Sleepover:

It’s late one Friday evening and I’m sitting alone on the couch with my friend Christy, we are just relaxing watching movies; she is keeping me company while my husband is deployed. I have been happily married for 10 years, but the constant deployments have taken their toll on us, leading to much sexual frustration and curiosity. It is getting late and Christy asks if she can stay the night, I don’t mind I reply. Christy is a few years younger than I and a friend I met at work; we enjoy each other’s company and find comfort when we are together. Once the movie, some chick flick is over I offer her something more comfortable to sleep in, she says sure, whatever you have would be fine, so I get her a pair of my soft cotton short shorts and one of my husband’s wife beater tank tops. She walks to the other side of the room behind the couch and begins undressing, I try to keep my eyes off her, but I am somewhat curious. I watch her remove her jeans, she is wearing a pair of pink cotton boy-shorts that look gorgeous on her, she proceeds to removing those panties revealing her bare plump bottom and when she bends all the way down I get a glimpse of her sweet pussy below her plump ass as she is slipping the shorts on. Next she removes her top and she has no bra on, her large naked breasts in the open for me to enjoy, and I turn away not to be caught staring. I look back again and she has completely changed and is on her way back next to me, her ass looks so sexy in those shorts, her cheeks hanging out just enough to catch my attention, I can see the outline of her nipples through the top as she walks towards me. I have to admit, I am very aroused and attracted to her and can feel the blood flowing throughout my body. As she returns to türkçe altyazılı porno the couch she smiles at me as she catches me staring at her.

She has beautiful smooth muscular legs and I am very attracted to her, I have never felt this way about a woman before. We begin chatting again and we decide to indulge in a bottle of wine. The wine gets me a bit warm and our conversation turns a bit naughty talking about each other’s sex lives., and as we are chatting, I can’t take my eyes off of her, she is sitting with her legs spread a little, and I can see the moist spot in her shorts and the bulge of her pussy, I have never felt this way about a woman before, and I feel myself getting aroused.

I excuse myself to go change into something a bit more comfortable, I go into my room, undress, and cannot keep my fingers out of my sweet soaking wet pussy I am so turned on right now my legs are shaking, I play with myself for a short time, and my body begins convulsing as I massage my clit, but stop myself short of getting too carried away and slip on a pair of my shortest cotton shorts with no panties, and a tight little white camisole top. I exit my room and she compliments me on how cute I look and I return her compliment. We sit and talk a while longer before we decide to call it an evening excuse myself to my room to sleep. A few minutes later I get up to get a glass of water to drink, I walk into the living room and catch her on the couch with her legs spread shorts pulled to the side and her fingers in her pussy, she sees me and stops. I look away immediately, embarrassed at what I say, but very aroused. Embarrassed, I say, I’m sorry; please excuse me, I will leave you to yourself. She looks at me xnxx smiles and says, you can watch if you’d like, I been fantasizing about you this whole time, I begin blushing. Curiosity takes over and I stay and watch her stroke her pussy through the side of her shorts. I am getting more and more aroused with every moment that passes, and i escape to the privacy of my room and begin playing w/ my puffy little pussy.

Moments later she comes into my room and says she is lonely, and that I look lonely too. Christy climbs into my bed and sees my fingers on my soaking pussy. She looks at me and smiles, she then removes her white tank top and little shorts for me, her naked body is beautiful. Her pussy is neatly trimmed like I imagined and her strong legs when up to her beautiful little pussy. She leans in removes my shorts from me exposing my dripping wet bald pussy and I remove my top so she can see my bare breasts, they are not as big as hers and I feel a bit self-conscious. She climbs atop my naked body and our soft bodies meet for the first time. I have never been with a woman before, what would my husband think?

I can feel her warm pussy against mine and we begin thrusting as we kiss, we tease each other with our tongues, moments later we look at each other and smile. I feel her fingers searching for my pussy and a finger enters my gaping love nest as she teases my clit, I reach around and grab her tight ass, pulling her tight to me as her hand is massaging my pussy… then she sits up and leans in and gently glides her tongue along the inside of my leg slowly from my knee past my thigh and up to my intimate regions, repeating getting closer to my juicy pussy with each repetition, my body shakes as she gets closer and closer, porno izle she is very gentle, she slowly inserts her tongue in my beautiful pussy and slowly works my clit, back and forth, like I’ve never felt before, my body begins convulsing, she continues getting faster and faster as my moans get stronger and stronger…moments later my body locks as I reach my climax, she continues licking until my body relaxes…

She sits up, looks at me smiling, leans back exposing her bare soaking pussy and eagerly massages it with one hand and rubs her breasts with the other while looking at me. I sit up lean in and place my face between her legs, I have never tasted a woman’s pussy before, and the taste is amazing. I pull my head back and begin exploring her body. I role her over and her stomach, with her ass in the air, I straddle her, my bare pussy on her ass, I bend down and kiss the back of her neck, she moans in pleasure. I slowly slide my tongue down her back and along her ass. She then roles over for me to see her beautiful tits, I lean in and begin teasing her nipples with my teeth, she giggles as I nibble on them. I take them into my mouth sucking and massaging as she is squeezing my ass with one hand and playing with my breasts with the other. I slowly move down her body and lick around her belly button and she begins getting very excited. I get a good look at her pussy; it is neatly shaven with a small strip of hair. I slide my tongue down and and tease the edges of her gaping pussy. I then locate her clit and begin teasing it with my tongue, I can feel it swelling within my mouth, her hips are rocking back and forth and I can feel the blood flowing through my pussy as well. She pulls my head deeper into her pussy as she reaches her orgasm, her body lurches forward and back all the while I keep massaging her little swollen love bud with my tongue, I can taste her sweet pussy in my mouth as it gets wetter and wetter her body still quivering in excitement.

We both lay there looking at each other as we drift to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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