Fun with Friends in Dorset Pt. 01

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Alexis Ren

A few months ago I was invited back down South to Dorset to visit one of my older lovers Ronald.

I haven’t seen him for almost over a year but he had been in touch with Bill and had asked for me to give him a phone call.

I had enjoyed every time we have met in the past and so was very glad to hear from this randy and lovely old man again.

We were soon chatting like old friends again with Ron being very cheeky on the phone and me flirting back.

He was very keen for me to go back down for a further visit to his home.

I asked if he had anything particularly in mind and he loved saying, “Of course I have something special planned for you, you sexy wee tart.”

On further chatting he admitted having, “A couple of friends,” he was very keen to meet with myself and and Louise.

He said he had already spoken to Simon, with whom Ron and his brother Sam, who were now regular fuck buddies of his fiance Louise, and he was very keen for Louise to accompany me for a weekend of fun.

I asked for further details but he refused saying it was going to be a surprise.

I was obviously very turned on by the thought of going back down and and being serviced by one of my older studs and some of his friends.

Mike was very keen for me to travel down again, having said that he had spoken to Bill and that he knew what they had planned for me.

Agonisingly, he refused to tell me saying that he, “Didn’t want to spoil a surprise,” that he knew I would enjoy.

So after speaking to Louise we organised my train and flight back times to meet my older lover.

Bill had arranged to accompany me on this trip telling me he didn’t want to miss what was in store for me over the weekend.

Again he would not tell me the full details, just teasingly telling me I was going to have a, “Fucking great time!”

The train journey and flight were extremely pleasant. I dressed casually in a mid-length skirt, white blouse and sensible heels.

Bill, as ever, was playful on the trip. Teasing me and whilst we had no full sex, we obviously had quite a bit of kissing and fondling when we could.

We must have looked an odd couple. Me in my early forties and Bill twice my age.

I loved the attention as ever, and kissing him in public, knowing others are looking and thinking about what the ‘young tart’ is doing with an older man never fails to arouse me.

We arrived at the airport and to my delight we were collected by Ron’s brother (Sam) whom I have previously met and enjoyed a lot of fun with.

After a short journey we were at Rons and Louise had already arrived. Simon her partner had travelled in the opposite direction as he was heading to our home to spend time with Mike and Frank.

Louise and I greeted each other with warm hugs and kisses as we hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months. The guys all egging us on to kiss each other for them to watch.

I have to admit to being relatively new to bi fun but my god Louise is some kisser. Tender, gentle and the feeling of making out with another woman is intense and frankly delightful.

Ron looked well. I’m very lucky to have such older lovers who are still in good shape and enjoying health.

Both Ron and Bill are now over 80 but they look like men in their late 60’s.

Frank is nearing 80 now too, and despite having a couple of health issues he can still raise a good erection and pleasure me.

Ron warmly greeted me again, all hands and tongue. He’s a real gentleman but dominant, which I love.

In fact I love him.

Odd to say maybe for a married woman, but I love all of my regular playmates, Be it Frank, who I simply adore. Bill, Ron, Peter, Fred or the other guys. Each has a very special place in my heart, and more often and even better, a place in my mouth, pussy and arse!

I am in love with Mike, my husband, but have so much love for my lovers. It makes our fun special to me and to Mike who knows however they treat me during sex, there is respect and love too.

So we kissed deeply, his tongue finding mine as Louise entertained his brother similarly.

She is stunning. Blonde, long legs and such a tight body. The utter bitch! No I don’t obviously mean that LOL. She is my dear friend and along with Tracey (my best friend form back in my school days) she is now my ‘lesbian’ lover too.

Watching Sam snake his hands all over her legs was getting me juicing nicely. She had worn a very short denim skirt and tight top, with a pair of red wedge style heels. Her tits displaying her hard nipples as she was braless.

Ron was kneading my tits hard as we kissed, me rubbing his stiffening cock in his trousers at the same time.

We all broke up our snogging and Louise and I asked what our surprise was going to be.

They still refused to say, only telling us we would be enjoying, “a dance and meeting some nice new friends.”

We were intrigued and so turned on by the thought.

The afternoon was spent chatting, catching up, and then Louise and I actually took a wee nap to get ourselves refreshed for the evening bursa escort ahead.

Snuggled up together we explored each others bodies again. Delighting at each others more gentle touches and kisses. Her fanny tastes divine. We sixty-nined for a little while, but didn’t want to climax as we wanted our first orgasm to be later with a guys cock.

Once we awoke and again had some heavy petting fun with the guys, me being felt up by Ron, his hands all over my tits and legs, whilst Bill and Sam felt up Louise simultaneously, giving her wet cunt a good rubbing and her tits a playful tweaking, it was time to get ready and head out.

I decided on a short, white mini dress, with matching white heels and went bare legged.

Louise had gone for a pale blue mini dress and black heels, again with bare legs to show of her tan.

Both of us had worn tiny thong style panties, no bra and had spray tanned earlier in the week in preparation for the fun ahead.

“Looking great girls,” the guys uniformly agreed.

They all looked very dapper, in casual trousers and shirts.

A taxi collected us all, one of Sam’s taxi firm cars, and the driver whisked us away for our nights fun.

In the car there was more playing, teasing and innuendo.

My legs were felt up by both Bill and Ron again, before they switched attention to Louise’s long, slender legs.

We arrived at our destination after about thirty minutes of snogging and petting.

A club that proudly flew flags from nations I had no idea of. Save for the unmistakable Jamaican flag.

“Welcome to the club girls,” Ron said. “This is a Caribbean club and some of our friends are inside and can’t wait to meet you.”

Both Louise and myself smiled at each other.

“Oh can’t wait!,” we both said.

Ron quickly quipped back that the guys couldn’t wait to meet us either.

Inside we were quickly shown into a dark dancefloor area with two bars at either side of it. The room was fairly full of middle aged and older couples and groups. Some mixed couples but mainly all black men and women.

Louise and I tottered to a corner table in our heels. Both our arses wiggling in exctement and our tits straining at the front of our short dresses. Looking like a pair of white, married sluts on the prowl.

At the table were sat three black guys.

As we walked over Ron and Bill were warmly greeted with handshakes and back slapping.

The three guys who had stood up were simply massive.

Now I am quite petite, and Louise whilst taller than me is still no amazonian, but these guys towered over us both.

In turn we were introduced to three lovely gents.

Firstly Clive, a friend of Ron and Bill’s who they introduced as ‘Dizzy.’ I was given a kiss on the cheek as was Louise, then I asked, “Why Dizzy?”

Ron laughed, telling us, “Cos the fuckers always blowing his own trumpet.”

“If the good lord has given you all this,” said Clive in return, in a deep and lilting Caribbean accent, “Then it would be a shame not to announce it to the world man.”

He was an utter charmer, and a stunning man.

Seventy six years old. Six foot four inches tall, solidly built, with a mass of tight, short grey hair on his head. His hands as he held me to kiss me again, this time more sensually, were like shovels. He was smartly turned out in grey slack trousers and a white shirt. The shirt unbuttoned enough to show of a lovely chest with grey hairs and few gold chains around his strong neck.

He kissed Louise tenderly again and then introduced us to his son Henry.

Clive had a lilt in his voice to melt chocolate.

Henry had a clear southern accent with only a tiny hint of his Jamaican roots. He was fifty two years old, the youngest of the men by a long way. Recently divorced which his dad said was a blessing as his wife was, “A right prim and proper woman. No fun in the girl at all.”

He was shorter than his dad, at about six foot but solid. Really solid. He clearly took care of himself.

The Last of the three men was Denzel, another old friend of Ron and Bill from their work and service days. He was seventy five, tall with dark hair that was thinning on top. Muscular still for his age and smartly turned out in a light suit.

Louise and myself were sat between Clive and Denzel as Bill and Ron went to get some drinks for us all accompanied by Henry.

“It’s lovely to finally meet you,” Clive said to us both. “We’ve heard so much about you from Ron.”

We laughed saying, “Hopefully all good,” to which he replied, “Of course good and naughty too.”

Denzel complimented us on our outfits telling us we both looked lovely.

“The best legs and ass in the place for many a long year,” he laughed.

We replied with a thanks and also complimented them on their physiques and dress sense. I added, “Much more stylish than my husband,” and Louise agreed the same with Simon.

They both thanked us adding that our men must be mad to let us out of their sight.

I was still keeping up the pretence with Ron of being an unfaithful bursa escort bayan wife, but Louise admitted that Simon knew all about her, “playing away,” and that it turned him on to think of her acting that way with other men.

“Well we like what we see!” Clive cockily added.”We Like it a lot.”

I replied I felt the same and that I was, “Looking forward to seeing more,” and, “having a nice dance with him and his hunky son too.” Denzel coughed and I added, “You too of course sweety.”

Once the drinks were flowing we all chatted as though we had known each other for years, the men all being very complimentary and Louise and I flirting with them all like mad.

We found out about Clives wife leaving him with his young son as she couldn’t take the cold of England. Of him being Jamaican and Denzel, also a divorcee, being Barbadian, the ‘best of friends but close rivals’ as they put it. Of Henry and his ‘cold wife.’ and how now he was making up for lost time, with the help of his handsome and charmer dad as wingman.

I told them of my kids and my fun with Frank and Bill, and how I got into being an ‘unfaithful wife.’ Ron loving telling them all how sexy and dirty I was once really turned on.

I could feel the sexual tension rising beautifully as we talked. Louise telling of how she had gotten into the swinging lifestyle with Simon, and how both her and I enjoyed taking on many men together.

Clive had every now and again been giving my legs a playful rub and some attention, to which I reciprocated on his strong muscular thighs.

On seeing this Denzel and Henry both joined in. Both having playful feels of mine and Louise’s bare legs, nothing too overtly sexual just nice rubs and tender touches.

The dance floor was now beginning to come to life with a few couples up dancing, and it was soon our turn to be treat to some dancing with these lovely guys.

I love Reggae and slow r&b music and there was plenty being played, songs I had never heard. All rhythmical and sexy.

Clive invited me to dance to a nice slow but moody song, and Louise was with Denzel.

Both strong men towering over us.

We danced close and slow, him towering over me with his hands around my waist as I clung to him the best I could around his shoulders and arms. My white mini dress accentuating my paleness in comparison to this stunningly handsome older black male.

As the music was quite grinding in rhythm, our bodies touched and honestly I was getting fucking so turned on and my fanny was juicing up nicely.

Louise was in a clinch with the bolder Denzel, his hands all over her arse by this point as she totterd in her heels to get close to her admirer. Her stunning legs looking great against this black guys hands, which strayed to her thighs from time to time, then back to her tight ass in her tiny blue mini dress.

Clive noticed me looking and asked if I was feeling left out.

I laughed, saying he had been a perfect gent, but that there would be, “No complaints,” from me if his hands, “wandered too.” He laughed, saying he was glad as he thought I had, “A great little arse and amazing legs. You are a fine woman Anna.”

The chat was working on me as I smiled at him as I slid closer to him. We looked at each other and he bent to kiss me as we danced, I responded by planting a wet kiss on his mouth.

It was electric.

My body was on fire as he kissed me back gently but ever so firmly.

I wanted to snog the fucking face off him but resisted remembering we were on a dance floor! Instead I just enjoyed the soft but sexy kiss and being felt up by this dominant yet lovely man.

His big, black hands slowly slid down my back. Then this lovely, older strong black man had his huge hands cupping my arse, looking amazing against the white material of my slut length mini dress. I sighed a contented sigh as I looked at him.

“You’re one sexy lady,” he said to me smiling.

“It’s easy when you are with a gorgeous man like you,” I gushingly replied.

His hands caressed my ass and I felt his bulge rubbing against me as we danced slow and even closer. I began to grind my cunt into his crotch area as we rubbed together, feeling his bulge stirring as I did so.

“Fucking hell!” I whispered to him. “I hope we can manage to handle you all.”

He laughed and quietly said softly into my ear, “Don’t worry Anna, from what Ron says you will take it all and no problem. Wait till you see my boy. His nickname is Horse. You are going to love having fun with him!”

I smiled, “Oh my god. I’m practically soaking my panties now Clive,” I laughed.

This huge man was now feeling me up beautifully. I was so fucking turned on by this point. On seeing Louise she was now grinding against Denzel, her stunning legs wrapping around his as she virtually dry humped him.

The song ended and we went back to the seats.

Things began to heat up now.

Clives hands never left my arse on the walk back and once we sat down his hands were all over my bare legs, and going higher all the time.

My hand instinctively escort bursa found its way to his crotch area, and fuck me he was massive if the handful of cock I was feeling through his trousers was anything to go by.

The others were chatting and watching as Louise and Denzel were now kissing deeply. Clive then lent in and we also began to snog in earnest too, our mouths open and tongues really going for it. My nipples were rock hard as we kissed. His hands now high on my thighs, my legs slightly apart.

Another song came on and Louise and I broke off from Denzel and Clive, both their hands having found our pussies in our thongs as our legs had opened for them to grope freely, to be whisked away to dance with Henry. Both bopping alongside him to a faster song.

This was followed by another round of drinks and then another slow dance for me with Clive and Louise with Henry. During this one we actually swapped partners as Clives hands on my arse were replaced with his sons and the reverse for Louise.

God it was horny.

Slow smoochy dancing with two hunky black guys, and a father and son to cap it all off.

As Henry and I danced I asked him about his nickname. He was quite coy and almost apologetic when pushed on it. Finally telling me of him getting the name at school due to obviously his cock size. I rubbed against his crotch as we slow danced, his hands around my arse and mine slowly rubbing his cock through his trousers discreetly.

“Feels fucking huge,” I said to him as we were close.

“Its ten and a half inches when fully up,” he said to me.

“Oh fuck,” I said looking at his lovely big eyes, “I can’t wait to fucking get my hands and mouth on that later then.”

He pulled me closer, my hand still on his cock. “Good,” he said in a soft but firm whisper, “cos your fucking legs are awesome and I wanna be right between them.”

“Just as your dad will be too,” I said. “My first father and son combo, I cant fucking wait.”

“You sexy little bitch,” he said as he moved in for a kiss.

We then kissed deeply, me openly letting anyone watching us see me tonguing him.

“We’re gonna fucking drain you al!” I said in his ear as I gave it a playful lick as he bent down as we broke off our snog.

We switched again and his handsome dad once again got to grips with me.

“You like my boy then!” he laughed as his hands replaced his sons all over my arse.

“You fucking bet,” I said. “If that thing is as big as he says and it feels then I want you both at me at the same time. One in my mouth and the other right up my fucking wet cunt.”

I smiled as I lingered on the word ‘cunt’. He laughed saying Ron hadn’t been exaggerating about me or Louise, “a right pair of stunners and ravers.”

The dance finished and once again we headed back to the table area. More drinks were enjoyed and more chatting with all of us having a great time. The chat got more sexual as Louise and I played up to the full ‘slut’ role.

We went to the toilet together and giggled like wee schoolgirls talking about the size of the men and Louise asking if I had felt their bulges sizes. We both agreed that they were huge and that Henry was indeed probably packing a horse cock.

I was fucking soaking wet from the kissing and fondling, with Louise admitting likewise and that she had almost came on the dance floor and at the seated area whilst Clive had been feeling her up. I said I hadn’t noticed as she told me of him finding her pussy with his hand at the table, and that he had slid her thong to one side and had gotten a finger up her.

I admitted to having let him, Denzel and Henry do the same to me in turn as well and we laughed saying the dirty buggers had now had their first dip into our quims.

Once freshened up we went back and then we all made plans to head back to Ron’s together.

A mini bus arrived promptly, another one of Sams firms, and we all squeezed in. The action heated up nicely on the journey back, with both Louise and I having further fingers exploring our wet fannies and us getting snogged by Denzel, Henry and Clive in turn, as Sam, Ron and Bill watched on. I had my legs spread wide as father and son both explored my cunt at the same time, my thong having been removed and lying on the floor of the taxi. Kissing one then the other with exaggerated noises, my tongue whirring like a demented eel in my lovers mouths, savouring the taste of both father and son.

Mouth wide, legs wide, tonguing strange men like a true fucking slut wife should.

Louise was treated similarly, legs wide, thong off and her cunt having a few fingers playing with her clit and also penetrating up her tight young snatch.

On getting to the house we were quickly again in clinches with each of the men. Passed around between them for kisses, gropes and both of us receiving a strong feeling up as we felt their hard cocks now straining in their respective trousers.

As we did so our dresses were removed, leaving us both in our high heels only. Soon the temperature got hotter again as our fannies received the first lickings from a couple of the guys as they lay under us as we spread our legs to be licked, whilst snogging another of the guys at the same time. This continued for a few minutes and slowly they all began to lose their clothes too.

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