I was sort of with this guy but we hadn’t gone farther than kissing and petting. I was beginning to get frustrated especially since his kisses and touching really turned me on. When I found out in a round about way that he had never been with a woman. This gave me the patience to wait. Well about the time that I was building to initiate myself as I wasn’t sleeping well because I was too sexually keyed up, his father died.

The funeral was just far enough away that it’d take most of day to drive there and that we’d stay at hotel for a few days as his mother would be having assorted other relatives at her home to comfort her. We’d be staying in same room, a lot of those frustrating nights had been spent curled up in his arms. I packed for both of us as he was too emotional to deal with packing. I ended up driving and it was late when we finally got to hotel. I unpacked as he took shower. My sex drive had taken dip so far but I hadn’t expected to see him with a towel slung around his hips his dark curly hair a playful mess.

I simply tossed him his pj’s and yawned. I was tired I hadn’t slept well all week and hoped I might finally get some on this trip. Course now my mind was entirely on that darn towel and what it was covering. I tossed and turned all night while he slept fairly peacefully next to me. Seeing him sleep, his soft lips relaxed in slumber. I got up early next morning and took very cold shower.

Then I slipped on my black garters and bra. As I looked in mirror I almost wished he would walk in and I dismissed the thought. We had a funeral to attend. I pulled on black silk stockings and camisole. I concentrated on nonsexy thoughts as I finished dressing. I left kaynarca escort bathroom somewhat calmer than I entered. He was yawning and stretching his hair tousled sexily. I took a deep breath and let him have bathroom. Something about morning stubble on a guy drives me wild.

When he came out in those charcoal slacks, I just about tossed him on bed and ripped his clothes off. I told myself not now, and my body was ignoring it. We went to funeral it was gray dismal day. It was raining as the coffin was interred. We finally got back to hotel and I mentioned that we really should get out of the wet clothes. He pulled my jacket off slowly and seemed to be in slow motion as he undid the buttons on my silky gray blouse. I shivered as he slide my shirt off. Hearing his intake of breath as he saw my silky black camisole. I lifted my arms as he slowly pulled it over my head. Another gasp as my black lacy bra barely cupped my breasts. I just realized he had never seen them he had always touched them under my shirt or pj’s or whatever. I barely tugged his tied free before his lips descended on my flesh. His warm lips kissing and licking my warm flesh. Somewhere in back of my mind I realized he was highly emotionally aroused and was trying to deal with his grief.

But that thought was buried in sensations of his lips upon my skin as he managed to get my bra off. I undid my skirt and kicked off my shoes and he picked me up and placed me on bed. I undid my hair letting it cascade down my shoulders. I managed to partially undo his shirt before his lips wandered to my dark rosy aching nipples. I couldn’t do much more than moan. His lips finally descended, and let orhanlı escort out a soft moan of approval that I wasn’t wearing panties. I could feel my pussy opening and getting wetter as his fingers parted outer lips. I didn’t want to break his concentration so I just let him explore my pussy. I was somewhat surprised he knew what he was doing. Or that he even wanted to suck me to orgasm. And it was an incredible orgasm, but it seemed to snap him back to reality. He licked me lightly just enough to clean and keep me aroused.

He kissed me and finally asked if I had any protection. I blushed I had never dreamt of this actually happening. Yet I was on pill, so I just had to get him to admit he was virgin and we’d be fine. I asked if he was clean, he actually blushed. I really adore a guy who blushes. He stammered that this was his first time. Then he gulped and pulled away. He was still wearing his pants and I cursed myself for asking. I slipped up behind him and kissed his neck and whispered that I was on pill. My hands slid down to undo his pants. Meeting no resistance I was reassured as pants slide to floor his plain flannel boxers, a nice counter point to the dress pants.

Now I took the lead and slowly guided him to bed pushing him down onto it. I tugged pants off and removed boxers taking in the sight of him fully hard for me. He wasn’t biggest or smallest I’d seen, but he had nice thick cock with a bulging red tip and the most satisfying curve that I’ve ever had luck of feeling. I took it slow, we caressed and kissed until he relaxed again. Then I kneeled over his hips locking his eyes to mine as I slowly descended upon his cock. The expression on tepeören escort his face was priceless. I enjoyed riding his cock feeling him thrust inside me. Incredible sensations as he just lay back and enjoy it, cupping my breasts only when I placed his hand upon them. My own hands gripping his chest. I knew I wasn’t going to cum again soon but his orgasm overwhelmed him. He almost apologized for it until he felt that I wasn’t stopping that I kept riding slower but just as deep. He was young enough that he remained hard and I knew he was shocked when he felt me cumming. His moans were louder when I came then during his own orgasm.

I slept like a baby that night curled up warm fulfilled and naked next to him. I’m glad we didn’t have to see his family the next morning because I glowed and he had one of those silly grins on his face. The next morning was more fun and relaxed as we shared a warm shower, just delighting in touching each other’s bare skin. It was just fascinating and amazing as he kneeled to wash my pussy and ending up licking and sucking again. I softly encouraged him to use his fingers. He had such wonder and gentle in his actions. It drove me wild into one of the most incredible orgasms I’ve ever had.

And when he finally shyly admitted that he’d like to try a different position, I agreed. We toweled each other off, then he placed me up on bathroom counter. I was surprised as he took time to devour me again. Saying he wanted to go back for seconds. I was just about to cum when he stood parted my legs further and slowly pressed against me. He seemed hesitant so I guided his hard cock into me as I was very much in need of him. My fingers staying there as he slowly twisted in. I gasped as I came. I was in sexual overload. My entire body tingling and alert and sensitive. Every little movement caused ripples of electricity through me. This time he lasted longer and I actually came with him lips locked in the most intimate moment I’ve known.