Gallus Nigrum Ch. 02


An early afternoon.

Diane Lin ran her fingers through her long black hair as the warm water hit her face. She had just swung by her home to take a hot shower before returning to work.

Mmm… Diane ran her hands over her small breasts. She could still feel the strong hands of the black man she had just pleased. His big cock had felt so good in her tight pussy.

As her fingers reached her pussy, Diane could feel some creaminess flowing out. The black man had emptied his big balls inside of her. She knew that she should probably wash herself down there, but she loved knowing that her pussy was filled with a black man’s cum.

Outside in the driveway David drove up to his house.

“Yes… I’ll stop by on the way back to the hospital,” David told old Mrs. Wilson on the phone.

As a senior physician David didn’t really do house calls, but he had a few older patients that he would look into.

“Okay, bye Mrs. Wilson,” David hung up and noticed that his wife’s car was in the driveway as well, which was a pleasant surprise as they didn’t see each other that much due to their busy careers.

“Diane… honey?” David called out as he went over to his study to get some papers that he had left at home.

After he went through a pile on his desk, he finally found the papers.

“Honey?” David still didn’t hear a reply from his wife, as he looked up the stairs and heard the shower running.

With a small smile on his face, David quietly walked upstairs, into the bedroom and slowly opened the door to the bathroom.

Wow… David had to pause when he saw his beautiful and naked wife in the shower.

They had been married for five years, but they had been together ever since their chinese parents introduced them to each other back in college.

David hadn’t thought it possible that Diane could get any more beautiful than when he met her in college, but now at thirty-one, she was.

As he watched the water run down her long black hair, curve off her tight butt, David couldn’t help himself. He started to undo his shirt and pants. After pulling down his underwear, he glanced over at his naked body in the mirror. He wasn’t in the best shape of his life, though he wasn’t in bad shape either, just a bit flabby.

He then slowly opened the glass door to the shower, as his wife turned around surprised.

“Oh, David, you’re home?” Diane turned around as she ran her hands over her hair above her ears.

“Just had to pick up some…” David paused as he admired his wife’s slim body. His eyes wandered down her petite breasts, where he looked at her already erect nipples. He glanced down at her flat belly, and the small trimmed patch of hair above her otherwise shaved pussy.

“Papers,” David looked up at Diane’s pretty smile as she was looking at him.

“Looks like you picked up something else,” Diane looked down at her husband’s penis who that stood straight up.

“Heh,” David smiled as he leaned in and kissed Diane’s sweet lips.

As they kissed, David reached up and gently ran his hand over his wife’s soft breasts. His thumb flicked over her sensitive nipple as he fondled her small tits.

Then suddenly Diane felt something that made her a bit worried. Her husband ran his fingers down between her pussy lips. She hadn’t washed herself down there.

Wow… she’s already creamy… guess I haven’t lost my touch… David smiled to himself as he thought that he had made his wife wet.

Feeling like such a man for making his wife’s wet, David gently turned Diane around. With her back to him, he looked at the wetness, that he thought was his wife’s pussy juices on his fingers.

Mm… David moaned to himself as he licked and sucked the wetness from his fingers. He loved the taste of his wife’s pussy, though today it had a bit of salty taste to it.

David then looked down at his wife’s tight butt as he grabbed his erect penis.

“David, could you get a condom, I’m not on the pill,” Diane told her husband, as she was a bit worried that he might feel the black man’s cum on his penis when he slid it inside of her. Though Diane hadn’t been on the pill since she joined the sisterhood of the Gallus Nigrum.

“Oh, yes of course,” David knew that they were both much too focused on their careers to have children.

David then stepped out of the shower, water dripping on the floor as he went over to the cabinet and got a rubber. He was so horny for Diane when he looked down and slipped on the condom on his erect penis.

Stepping back into the shower, he was greeted by the glorious sight of his wife still standing there with her tight butt up in the air. David then moved up behind her and slowly ran his hands down her back, onto her buttocks.

“Mm, I love you,” David told her as he slowly slid his penis inside her pussy.

“Mmm,” Diane moaned.

Oh yeah… David felt how moist and wet his wife’s pussy was.

“Ah ah,” He felt like such a man as he leaned down and cupped his wife’s breasts from behind. Diane was creaming Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort because of him. David had no idea he was sliding his penis through another man’s cum.

Diane looked back at her husband, she could tell on his facial expression that he was already close to climaxing.

“I love… love you,” David groaned spurting into the condom as Diane faked an orgasm.

“Oh yesss,” Diane closed her eyes and moaned.

“Ah ahh,” David slightly sank down onto his wife’s back breathing heavily.

With a big smile on his face, David leaned forward and kissed Diane as she turned her head back.

“Been awhile since you felt something like that huh,” David said confidently as he kissed Diane once more.

“Uh huh,” Diane smiled as she saw how her husband lit up even more. She had no reason to hurt his feelings by telling him the truth.

Suddenly an alarm went off from Diane’s phone.

“I’m late,” She told him as she hurried out.

David enjoyed the sight of his naked wife getting dressed. He on the other hand took his time getting dressed. He wanted to savor the moment. He had just brought his wife to climax, or so he thought.

Forty minutes later, Diane arrived at the district attorney’s office. For the last three years she had worked as a prosecutor.

“Mrs. Lin, Conrad Johnson is waiting for you in your office,” Diane’s assistant Margory told her as she got in.

“Oh,” Diane got both excited and nervous as the same time she stepped into her office.

Looking over at the black man sitting in the chair in front of her desk, Diane discreetly locked the door to her office.

“Mr. Johnson,” Diane said in a very polite manner as the man stood up and turned around.

Conrad Johnson was a tall, strong and very handsome looking man. He wore an expensive and custom made suit. Conrad was one of the many naked black men that sometimes attended the sisterhood’s meetings.

“May I greet you properly,” Diane then asked Conrad as she got down on her knees in front of him.

“Of course,” Conrad looked down at the sexy chinese woman, as he unbuttoned his pants, reached inside and pulled out his thick and heavy black cock.

Diane admired it for a second before slowly leaning over and kissing the tip of his cock.

“You may put it in your mouth for a bit,” Conrad told her as Diane smiled sexily.

With no hands, she leaned over and tilted her head down and to the side as she wrapped her lips around his cock head.

“Mmm,” Diane started sucking it as it grew bigger in her mouth. She felt so thankful that he was letting her suck his big black cock like this.

As she slowly bobbed her head back and forth, licking the head as she sucked, Diane unbuttoned her blouse and opened it up. She knew that she couldn’t get naked here in her office, but at least she could show him respect by having her breasts out in the open.

“Mm,” Conrad then grabbed his cock and with a pop, he pulled it out of Diane’s mouth. He then ran the tip of his cock over her pretty face, smearing precum all over her skin.

Diane closed her eyes and enjoyed the fleshy feel and heavy weight of his cock on her face. Then suddenly she didn’t feel it anymore. When she opened her eyes she saw that Conrad had put his cock back into his pants and buttoned up.

“I have a case I need to discuss with you,” Conrad told Diane.

“Oh, yes of course,” Diane got up on her feet and walked over to her chair. As she sat down she still had her blouse wide open so Conrad could see her naked tits.

“What can I help you with Mr. Johnson,” Diane sat up straight in her chair and arched her chest forward, to better accentuate her breasts.

“The son of a friend of mine got arrested for possession. His name is Tyree Marcus.” Diane leaned over and wrote some notes as she listened to Conrad.

“He’s in college on a football scholarship. The kid’s a natural,” Conrad nodded to himself having seen Tyree throw a ball.

“Supposedly when the police arrested him, a bag containing a couple of ounces was found next to him. Now that’s impossible. If you knew his father Byron, you would know that Tyree would never go anywhere near drugs,” Conrad looked over at Diane.

“How old is Tyree?” Diane asked Conrad.

“Nineteen,” Conrad saw Diane looking up.

“Oh, that could be a problem, but I think I should be able to get the charges dropped,” Ever since she started working for the district attorney, she had tried her best to have the charges on all black men dropped, unless the charges were too serious.

“Do you know if he has any representation?” Diane looked up at the handsome Conrad.

“I think a law firm was handling his case pro bono, Williamson or Wilkes or something like that.” Conrad glanced down at Diane’s small perky breasts as Diane looked up at him, like she knew who he might be talking about.

“Wilkes Ames and Turner?” Diane also smiled as she caught Conrad looking at her chest.

“Yes, I think that Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort was it, do you know them?” Conrad told Diane.

“Yes, they’re very good. In fact I know someone over there, I’ll give her a call and see who is handling his case,” Diane immediately thought of Jane Evans who worked at Wilkes Ames and Turner.

In the past the two women had been quite the rivals, often going up against each other in court. That had all changed a couple of weeks ago when they had seen each other at a Gallus Nigrum gathering. Since then they had started having coffee together, and had become quite good friends.

“Thank you Mrs. Lin,” Conrad then stood up.

“Of course Mr. Johnson, I’ll get right on it,” Diane walked around the table, wanting to give him a better look at her breasts before he left. Her hard nipples absolutely ached for his touch.

Conrad glanced down at Diane’s small tits, her nipples looked so sweet and tasty, but he knew that he was late for a meeting.

“Until the next time,” Conrad said.

“Of course,” Diane felt a bit disappointed as she walked over to unlock the door and see Conrad out. Before unlocking the door, she looked back at Conrad and reluctantly buttoned her blouse.

On his way out, Conrad passed Diane’s assistant Margery, who had unbuttoned her blouse, showing off her white lace bra that held up her large jiggly breasts. Around her neck she had a small necklace with a Gallus Nigrum pendant.

Margery was breathing a bit heavily as she was taking a big risk exposing herself like that in the office. But she really wanted to show herself to Conrad. Though before she had unbuttoned her blouse, she had made sure that the office was somewhat empty.

As Conrad left, Margery buttoned her blouse as she walked over to Diane.

“Did you get to pleasure him sister Diane?” As the two women were alone Margery spoke to Diane as a fellow sister of Gallus Nigrum.

“Mhm,” Diane sighed as Conrad left.

As two attorneys entered the office, the two women went back to their usual formalities.

“I’m going to go and check on a case,” Diane told Margery.

“I’ll get your schedule sorted Mrs. Lin,” Margery told her boss politely as she gave her a nod.

When she got back into her office and sat down behind her desk, Diane took a small breath. She felt so moist between her legs after seeing Conrad. Licking her lips, she could still taste his cock.

Diane sighed as she so wished that she could have pleasured him some more.

Taking short moment to gather herself, Diane then sat up properly and picked up her phone. She was going to call Jane Evans to find out who at their law firm was handling Tyree Marcus’s case.

“Hey Diane, was about to call you. I might have to take a rain check on our coffee today, got a pro bono downtown, ” Jane was in her Maserati heading down to the 5th precinct.

Being the successful lawyer that she was, Jane had been able to convince the partners of her firm that they should take on more pro bono cases. Since then Jane had tried to take on at least a couple of pro bono’s each week. All of which involved black men, and all of whom she had managed to get off scot free.

Something that had earned her a few nicknames from some of the more racist officers.

“The pro bono, it wouldn’t happen to be a Tyree Marcus, would it?” Diane hoped as she asked.

“How did you know?” Jane was surprised that her friend knew about the client she had just taken.

“Well, I was asked to look over the case,” Diane told her friend.

“By your boss?” Jane asked.


Though I wish he was my boss… Diane smiled to herself thinking about Conrad.

“We’ll talk more about it down at the 5th precinct,” Diane told her friend as she didn’t want to say that she was going to “fix” the case over the phone.

“Okay I’ll see you there,” Jane was a bit curious as she hung up the phone.

Before Diane left her office, she looked up the information that had been filed against Tyree Marcus and printed it out.

“Margery, I’ll be down at the 5th precinct for a bit, hold all non important calls,” Diane told her secretary as she walked out of her office.

“Of course, Mrs. Lin,

On the way down to the precinct, Diane read through the police report and noticed that the arresting officer was a lieutenant Burke. It wasn’t his name that she found odd, it was the fact that he was a lieutenant. A lieutenant never goes out on an arrest.

After having read about the lieutenant, Diane called a detective at the 5th precinct that she had worked a few cases with.

“Detective Pell, it’s Lin from the DA’s office,”

“Hey Lin, what can I do for you?” The thirty-three year old detective sat at his desk finishing up a report.

“I was wondering if you knew a lieutenant Burke,” Diane asked as the phone went quiet for a moment.

“Yeah, I know him, a real asshole,” Detective Pell had walked away from his desk.

“Ah. Well apparently Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort he’s made an arrest, a Tyree Marcus,” Diane said as she drove down the street.

“Yeah, heard about that, he and his goon squad brought him in yesterday,” Detective Pell looked around the hallway to make sure no one overheard him.

“Something else about that case you should know, and you didn’t hear this from me. Rumor is, that Burke arrested this Tyree Marcus as a favor to a city councilman. Apparently the good ol’ councilman didn’t like that a black guy was sleeping with his white daughter, so he had him arrested,” Diane was not only shocked but angry when she heard what Detective Pell had to say.

One way or another she was going to get this Lieutenant Burke dismissed from the force, and brought up on charges for misconduct and tampering with evidence. Diane would also going to find out who this councilman was.

“Oh he’s not going to get away with that,” Diane told Detective Pell.

“Actually, there might be something. After they had brought in Tyree, I overheard a few officers in Burke’s unit talking about the suspect’s phone, and that there was a video on it that Burke had been showing off,” Detective Pell told Diane.

“A phone? There was no mention of a phone on the list of Tyree’s belongings,” Diane glanced over the list again as she pulled into the 5th precinct.

“Well, if there’s a chance to get rid of a plague like Burke, I might be able to help out. If you can keep him busy, I know where he keeps some of the stuff he takes from busts,” Detective Pell told Diane.

“Consider it done,” Diane told him as she hung up the phone and got out of her car.

Diane then walked into the precinct and up to the desk sergeant.

“Lin from the district attorney’s office, I’m here to see a suspect that was brought in yesterday, a Tyree Marcus,” The desk sergeant recognized the stern and down to business attitude of the prosecutor he had seen more than a few times in the precinct.

“He’s in interrogation room four ma’am,” The sergeant told her after checking the computer.

“I also need to see a Lieutenant Burke, he was the arresting officer,” Diane told the sergeant.

“Lieutenant Burke is already in interrogation room four,” The sergeant told Diane as she just nodded and heading down the hallway.

Diane then called up Detective Pell.

“Hey, I’ll keep Burke in the interrogation room, will you be able to get the phone,” Diane asked him.

“I’ll get it,” Detective Pell stood by the water cooler outside of Burke’s office, as he waited for an opportunity to go inside unnoticed.

Outside the door to the interrogation room there stood an officer.

“Lin from the DA’s office, I’m here to talk to the suspect,” Diane showed him her credentials as he then opened the door.

The interrogation room was divided into two rooms. The actual interrogation room and the room behind a one way mirror, which was the room Diane walked into first.

Looking through mirror, Diane saw her friend Jane sitting next to a very handsome and clean cut black man. By the sheer size of Tyree, it was quite evident that he had the physique to excel in football.

On the opposite side of the table in the interrogation room, sat a man in his late forties wearing a uniform.

Diane then walked over and opened the door to the interrogation room in a manner of someone in charge. Which for all intent and purposes Diane was, as she would be the one in the district attorney’s office that would decide whether or not this case merited a court hearing.

“Lin, I’m the prosecutor on this case, I’ll be sitting in,” Diane said as Lieutenant Burke looked rather annoyed at first.

“I’m not sure that’s necessary, it’s a pretty cut and dry case,” Burke said as Jane objected.

“It certainly is not, you had no probable cause to break into my client’s room,”

Over at Lieutenant Burke’s office, his assistant took her coffee break and walked out, as Detective Pell snuck into the office. Pell knew that Burke had a safe hidden in the fridge, and the combination he always kept somewhere around his desk, as the Lieutenant had never been good with numbers.

“I need a break from this bullshit, I mean it’s clear that he’s lying,” Lieutenant Burke looked a bit nervous since he had a prosecutor sitting right next to him.

“I want to talk to you outside,” Diane told him, as she wanted to give Detective Pell more time.

“Fine,” Burke reluctantly agreed as he and Diane stepped into the other room.

“I want you to go through the arrest,” Diane told him as Burke wiped a drop of sweat from his forehead.

“Yo, this ain’t right, you got to talk to Leann, she’ll tell you that there weren’t any drugs in the room when they broke in,” Tyree told Jane inside the interrogation room.

“Tyree, we’ve been in contact with Leann’s family, her father says that she’s been abroad the whole week, he even has a plane ticket,” Jane had briefly looked into Tyree’s claim that he had been in the company of a girl from his college when the police broke in. However there had been no mention of a girl in the police report, and when she had called the Collins’s resident, the father who was also a city councilman had told her that his daughter had been abroad from the last week. Though Jane planned on looking into it further.