Gardening with Granddad Ch. 05


GRANDDAD! I woke up with it ringing in my head. It was light out so I knew I had fallen asleep. Everything was tidy, I was naked and sprawled on a lounger chair. Ron was dressed, shirtless this time, and already working.

“You better go get cleaned up boy,” he shouted over,” the guys will be here shortly.”

I ran inside and jumped in the shower. Obviously last night hadn’t been a dream. How could I face Ron today knowing he owned my ass? Knowing his cock, more than a foot long black monster had fucked white hungry white boy hole. Most of all, how could I face Granddad?

Fuck I didn’t know what to do. My ass felt like never before. While it felt open and used it was as if Ron had given me what I was meant to have – not only a black master but his huge unrelenting cock.

I could hear the guys arriving.

Then Granddad hollered upstairs,” Com’on kid we need our morning coffee.”

I froze at the sound of his voice but knew I couldn’t stay inside all day. I grabbed my workboots and rifled through my bureau drawer settling on a pair of ripped, torn, faded threadbare levis that showed enough ass and bulge to make Granddad and Ron both happy and not enough to be too suggestive around the rest of the crew.

I went down and made the coffee and while it was brewing Granddad came in and asked how my night had been.

“Fine – no thanks to you,” was my response to which he said, “now boy come Friday we’ll have the whole summer together just be patient.”

If he only knew the trouble he had caused by not being with me last night. I kept getting everything ready and he asked if I was okay.

“Yeah, yeah just didn’t sleep well,” was my response.

He said I’d start sleeping better once we got into a regular routine on Friday. I just grinned thinking if the garden had lasted all summer I could see Ron after Granddad went home every night. But that plan had been fucked!

I took the coffee out to the deck and again faced the stares of the crew and a good long hard look from Ron. I could see the look of satisfaction on Granddad’s face as he noticed the guys looking at my ripped stomach, rock hard young nipples and teasingly exposed ass.

I was proud to be his boy but I couldn’t take my eyes off Ron whose look was penetrating my every move. My cock was rock hard just thinking about his cock inside me. He owned me more than he even realized. I was torn between this 59 year old black god and my 68-year-old macho bear grandfather – both were perfect specimens – but Ron owned me. I was his. I didn’t even question it. It was a given. And he knew it. He never took his eyes off me. I felt like his property, which I was. And to know that Granddad was there too made me want Ron even more. In just 10 days my entire life had turned upside down.

The heat that day was unbearable. xslot The humidity soared. By lunchtime everyone was shirtless and drenched in sweat. This truly was heaven.

The entire crew was hot but between Granddad and Ron I couldn’t believe how my last summer before college had turned out. I brought out plates of sandwiches and jugs of ice tea. Granddad insisted it was so hot that the beer needed to be broken open extra early. None of the crew complained. In one hour the day before they had consumed 4-dozen beer. These guys knew how to drink and I knew how to serve.

They were talking about it being the hottest day ever and Granddad just kept sending me back for more beer. Even Ron, the commandant, was relaxing and drinking. It WAS fucking hot, in more ways than one.

By one o’clock and the end of lunchtime it was clear there was going to be no work done that afternoon. Everyone agreed it would kill the plants to go in the ground like that. The hard liquor came out and the guys were well on their way to taking the day off. One of the guys, Steve, complained I was the only one lucky enough to have shorts and before anyone could say anything Granddad offered them anything I had in my closet.

Steve said,” Com’on I’ll take you up on that.”

We were on our way upstairs. I didn’t know what the fuck to do. Nothing I had was modest and I was shaking when we got to my room. He asked where the stuff was and I pointed to 2 drawers. He started taking shorts, bikinis, g-strings, thongs out saying I was fucking wild having stuff like that and he took a skimpy pair of nubalance running shorts – lining removed, seam torn out up to the waist band and well worn.

He said he didn’t want to excite the guys too much and just laughed. Soon, they all had changed into shorts, which were too small for every one of them. Everyone except Ron that is. He kept his jeans on and just stared in my direction all afternoon.

By six they were wasted and Granddad told me to call a fleet of cabs. Granddad himself was pissed. They each returned to my room to change ad one by one got in their cab and went home. I was fucking crazed at the thought of all my shorts used by sweaty staright workmen!

Granddad could barely walk and Ron practically threw him in the cab. The last thing I heard as he drove off was,” get a good night’s sleep boy Friday’s comin.”

Ron looked at me and said,” what’s that about?”

I said,” oh he must mean that’s when the work will be done and you’re all outta my hair.”

He said,”there’s no fucking way this garden’s gonna be done by Friday kid – trust me this project’s gonna take all summer.”

With that he grabbed my ass and said, “now we can really get down to business.”

When we reached the back deck he grabbed the waistband of my shorts and ripped them xslot Giriş in two off me. His strength scared and dazzled me. I wanted him more than I had ever imagined possible. Out of his duffle bag came a joint the size of a cigar – I knew last night was only a tease compared to what was about to happen.

I don’t think I smoked that much in my whole life let alone in one joint! Ron was just suckin it back. When he passed it to me he tore his pants off and there in two days glory was this black beast covered in two days sweat – and he was mine! His cock was already at half strength and I still marvelled at its sight. In fact, I was sure it had increased in size from the night before.

We looked incredible together. Ron tall, huge, black, bald and me a longhaired blond boy ripped like a swimmer. It was a perfect picture. Before I even realized I had said it.

“ I need you to fuck me! You own me”

“Baby, I have waited to hear those words my whole life,” he said,” and now that I found ya we will never be apart. No one has a pussy like you boy and no one is ever gonna fuck you again except me – you got that boy?”

I knew he wasn’t joking and all I did was nod in agreement.

“Now, who owns your white little cunt boy?”

“You do sir” I knew that was it. I was his. And no one else’s.

At that moment I knew my grandfather was history. I would deal with that later. Now all I wanted was black, huge and in front of me. We were getting stoned faster than I had ever before. I could see Ron’s eyes glazing over as he made me exhibit my ass for him.

“Baby, it’s so beautiful, so white, so tight, with such a hungry deep hole for daddy.”

I bent over and spread it apart so he could see how hungry I really was. The tight pink hole he had violated the night before was now in full view and he was loving it.

“Baby, we’re gonna take this nice and slow –Dad wants this to last all night.”

I looked at him and smiled,” Daddy I want this to last forever.”

He took me in his giant black arms and forced the joint in my mouth. God he was the most amazing man I had ever seen. It was like a dream that he was there with me. This was a former cop, married, with a reputation like a killer. He was the man I wanted. I would stop at nothing to please him and he could tell.

As he took the joint back the biggest bottle of poppers I had ever seen was handed to me. He was wild and I loved him. I would devote my existence to serving my black master. I couldn’t inhale long enough or fast enough. I wanted to go to another world. I wanted him worse than the night before. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted his mammoth meat in my lungs! I was hungry.

He began licking and hewing my erect nipples. His huge man lips covered my whole tit. His giant hand grabbed xslot Güncel Giriş and twisted my other nipple. With poppers in one hand and the joint in the other I just went wild. He was sending me places I had never been.

After he had a good feed he took both tools from me and fed himself poppers and pot. My nipples were raw. He was practically eating the joint and drinking from the bottle. The look on his face terrified me.

Finally he threw the butt down and like a machine exhaled to his feet then inhaled every drop left in the bottle. He tossed it down flipped look at me and rammed his cock in my mouth. Seven inches were down my throat. I knew I could handle that but the thickness made one more inch impossible. Then, another bottle was rammed under my nose and before I knew it I was inhaling and his cock was going down deeper into my lungs.

He tore the bottle away allowing me to breathe and and then started riding my face with all 13 ½ inches. There was nothing I wanted more than this. Last night he had fucked my ass. Tonight I would drink his beautiful black cream. He would own me from both ends.

He loved every second of his ride. We could both see his monster cock flowing in and out of my pink boy lips. I was breathing steadily through my nose. My throat had expanded to its fullest. I didn’t even know what his cock was touching it was so far down my throat.

His cock was made for my throat. He just kept saying over and over again,” Baby, all my life, all my life.”

I knew I was giving him everything he needed. After 59 years this beautiful black stud had the boy he needed.

His cock was growing inside me and I knew I was serving my master the way he needed. I forget what that meant. I could taste the beginnings of his bitter precum. I had never had black cream before.

His eyes rolled back and I could tell he was in pure ecstasy. Then he started to harden and moan. His fucking became almost unbearable. I was determined not to choke or show any signs of not being able to satisfy his needs.

Further down my throat he went and I felt it started. First a small hard shot, then a mass explosion. His cum was gushing from his cock.

He was screaming like mad,” Boy take my juice, swallow my cum – drink it whore drink it.” I just closed my eyes and breathed hard.

“Give me what no one else ever has,” he screamed forcing my head on his cock with both hands.

He had owned my ass and now he owned my mouth, my throat. He had captured his white boy.

Just like the night before his cum was too much for me. It filled my throat and my mouth. His cum was flowing over my lips, my chin and dripping onto my chest. He must have emptied a quart of thick man cream in me. I would never really know.

All I heard from him was, “ never never never…………….stop never stop.”

I kept taking his cock until every drop my swallowed. I had satisfied Ron completely. I had given him what even his wife couldn’t. I would never stop being his boy.

Hope to hear from others and their stories.