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Chapter One

I had just turned 18 and was half way through college. So far I had led a very sheltered life. My parents had wrapped me in cotton wool. I was there lovely blond blue eyed boy and they were determined that no harm should come to me. College was so different from secondary school. It was a lot more relaxed and of course the students were a lot older. I was a shy boy and was still to find my sexual feet as it were. Girls seemed like strange creatures to me but I liked them very much. They seemed to want to mother me when I was around them. As for members of my own sex? I liked them too. So this is where all my confusion began. Constantly I would ask myself. ‘Am I gay?’ I really didn’t know the answer to that one. I knew I liked both boys and girls so I guess that made me bisexual. So it was decided then, that’s what I am. I thought to myself, this situation can’t be too bad. I can have the best of both worlds. Having made up my mind I felt a lot happier in myself.

So here I was in digs at college, happy but terribly hard up for cash. I just had to get some kind of job. I didn’t want to sponge off my parents forever that’s for sure. So while in the local news agents I got hold of one of those free papers that are full of adverts. That night I took it home and started scouring the jobs vacant ads. At first nothing really appealed until I saw a very small classified ad at the very bottom of the page.

It read.

Young man wanted for sporting event.
Applicants must be strong and very fit.
Good remuneration for the right person.
Please contact:

The advert went on to give a mobile phone number.

I was not particularly sporting but I did like to keep myself fit. I belonged to a small weight lifting club. I had joined the club in a vain attempt to try and build up my physique. I was always conscious of my lean body and try as I did to put on muscle it never happened. There was not an ounce of fat on me but I believed pound for pound I was quite strong for my size. Also when at secondary school I did a lot of running. I was very proud of the two half marathons that I had run.

The next day I rang the number. The guy on the other end of the line sounded very friendly and after listening to my qualifications asked me to meet him at his house later that day. The man’s house was just a short motorbike ride away from my college digs. When I got there I was amazed to see how big the house was. It stood in its own grounds surrounded by large woodlands. I didn’t have any idea how many acres it stood in but I was guessing quite a lot. Wow, I thought. These people must be loaded!

The house had a long sweeping driveway leading up to a heavy oak door set in a very grand looking porch. The door had one of those old fashioned brass bell pulls. I reached up and gave it a yank.

I could hear bells chiming away deep inside the house. Then I heard the door lock being snapped open. When it opened and a very tall smartly dressed man stood before me. I suppose he was in his early forties. He gave me a broad grin and ushered me inside.

“Hello young man, it is very nice to meet you, have you come about the job?” He held out his hand for me to shake it.

I took his hand and shook it. He had a grip like a vice. “Y..y..yes.” I stammered

“Come through to the lounge and tell me all about yourself.” He held out his arm and pointed the way.

The man’s lounge was breath taking. It had beautiful oak panelling all around the walls and there were animal head trophies adorning them. I could see this man was probably a very keen hunter and I was in no doubt about his wealth.

He pointed to a Chesterfield sofa and asked me to take a seat, which I did.

The man sat opposite me. “Now first and foremost, what is your name?”

“My name is Brian Jones.” I replied in a faltering voice.

The man smiled. “Well, it is very nice to meet you Brian. You don’t mind if I call you Brian do you? I am the sort of person who does not stand on formality.”

I looked at him nervously. “No not at all, in fact it I am very comfortable with that.”

He smiled again. “Oh please don’t be nervous of me. I don’t bite I can assure you. My name is Marc Austen. I am a retired CEO of a very large company.”

Marc went on to tell me how he had loved hunting in Africa and other parts of the world but as species became more and more extinct he had to draw a line under it all. Now hunting was just a distant memory to him.

He clasped his hands over his knees and leaned back.

“Now, you must be curious to know what that little job I have advertised is all about?”

I raised an eyebrow. “Yes, you have me intrigued, is it something to do with sports centres or something?”

He chuckled. “No nothing like that. It is more to do with the thing I love most of all and that of course is hunting.”

I shook my head. “I am sorry you have lost me. I know nothing about hunting.”

Marc’s gaze was penetrating, it burned into me.

“I must say you are a handsome Silivri Escort lad and just by looking at you I feel sure you will meet the needs of my colleagues and me.” His smile broadened.

His comment flattered me. “Well thanks Mr Austen but what exactly does the job curtail?”

He leaned back in his chair. “Please, no formalities for the moment. Call me Marc.”

I nodded “Yes OK Marc.”

He went on. “Now let me ask you a few questions. If any of them bother you or you feel uncomfortable at all let me know and I will stop the interview at once and you are free to leave. Is that alright with you Brian?”

I was becoming even more intrigued about the job. “Yes, fine with me.”

“Firstly, may I ask how much you need the money?”

I was surprised by the directness of that question. “Well…I…err….Well I am pretty hard up right now that’s for sure. The advert said good remuneration!”

Marc smiled again. “Yes I think for someone who is short of a shilling or two this little job would certainly help them along.”

I was warming to the man. “May I ask what it pays?”

He raised an eyebrow and chuckled. “I will come to that in a moment young man. Let me probe you a little more to start with. I don’t want you running out on me just yet.”

I smiled back. “Yes OK Marc, fire away.”

“Now let me see, you keep yourself pretty fit yes?”

I replied that I did.

“And you are fond of sport?”

“Yes I am.”

“And you are a good runner?”

Again I replied yes.

Marc nodded and looked very pleased. “You certainly seem like the right person for the job we have in mind Brian.”

The interview was frustrating me. All these questions and I still had no idea what I was applying for!

Marc’s face took on a serious look. “OK my lad let me lay it on the line for you. My friends and I like to hunt. As I have already mentioned hunting animals today is frowned upon. So we have had to come up with other methods and ideas. What we came up with is this. We decided that our quarry would be human. He would have to be very fit and be able to run for a long time without getting too fatigued. For this service we would pay this individual a good sum of money.”

He saw the look of alarm in my face. “Y…you….want to hunt a human being?”

Marc’s smile returned. “Yes we do but not in the way you may be thinking. The sport would be in trying to catch you. I can see this is not sitting comfortably with you so let me explain a little more. My colleagues and I are gay men. We all like hunting and we all like beautiful young males. That is without doubt. You my dear Brian tick all the right boxes. You are fit, very handsome and in need of money.”

He leaned back in his chair to gauge my reaction. “Well Marc, you are quite right. This does not sit well with me. I am not sure that I want to be hunted down by a load of gay men. What happens to me when you all catch me?”

“You should say ‘if’ we catch you Brian. There is no guarantee of that. That is where the sport comes into it. If you manage to get from A to B without capture nothing at all will happen to you. You will be free to go your own way. In a nutshell, you will have won the game. And that would be all credit to you dear boy.”

I ran the scenario in my head as Marc was speaking. A group of gay men wanted to chase me through some woods. If I got to the other side I was home and dry but if I did not……?

I snapped out of my thoughts. “Tell me Marc? If you and your friends catch me, what then?”

He laughed. “Well, unlike animal prey you would not be killed. But of course as we are all gay then I think what will happen to you is quite obvious. You would get well and truly fucked my lad.”

My jaw dropped on hearing that. “Well Mr Austen, I think this is where you and I part company.” I got up to leave.

Marc also stood up. “Ah hah, formality has returned I see. And here is me thinking you needed money!”

I sat back down again. “May I ask what you would be offering then?”

Marc sat back down as well. “Well I did say in the advert that the pay is good did I not? And I am a man of my word. How does £1,000 for one session sound to you?”

I was gob smacked when he mentioned that amount of money. “£1,000!”

“Yes you heard correctly one thousand smacker roonies. I see I have well and truly got your attention now Brian.” He laughed out loud.

“Not a bad day’s work if I do say it myself.” He continued to smile at my open mouthed surprise.

I was totally lost for words. One thousand pounds, I kept repeating the amount in my head…….thousand…..pounds! I don’t think I had ever seen that amount of money in my life!

Marc was grinning from ear to ear now. “I seem to have got your full attention now my dear boy. Suddenly the job has some appeal does it not?”

I was hesitant in answering. “I….I….am still not sure about it all Marc. I have not had any gay experiences in my life as yet. I am still unsure about my Silivri Escort Bayan sexuality.”

“My dear boy, the moment I opened my front door and saw you standing there in all your wonderful glory my gaydar was going off in my head. You are gay Brian but it has not been winkled out of you yet. It would be an honour for my friends and me to help you blossom and find your true self.”

“But…but…I like girls Marc.”

“Of course you do dear boy. Aren’t you the lucky one? If you get fed up with one sex you can fall back on another. I envy you.”

I shook my head. “I don’t know about this Marc. It would be such a challenge for me. I have never had a gay experience in my life. Now a bunch of you want to have me in the most bizarre of circumstances.”

He nodded. “Yes I am sure this is difficult for you to get your head around Brian. So I will let you have a good think about it. My friends and I would not want you to feel pressured in any way. You would have to volunteer your body to us free and willingly. We would want nothing else. If you can’t do that then so be it. You are not obliged to do anything you don’t want to.”

I whistled through my teeth. “I wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity of getting my hands on a thousand quid that’s for sure. But to be hunted down and raped by a group of gay men sounds very daunting to me.”

Marc laughed. “Well I wouldn’t call it rape dear boy. It’s not rape if it is consensual on your part. And I feel deep down in my heart of hearts that you are the sort of person who would get a great thrill out of the chase. There has to be an element of pain and danger to it otherwise where would the fun be in it?”

I had to agree with him but I still had my reservations about it all. “Can I go away and think about it Marc?”

He nodded. “Yes by all means do that but don’t leave it too long. I am sure others will jump at the chance to experience what we are offering.”

“Have you had many volunteers for this experience then?” I asked

He smiled. “Of course, many young men have put themselves up for it and have had a wonderful time. And of course enjoyed the money.”

I was beginning to warm to the idea but still wanted to think on it. “I am sure I will take you up on your offer Marc but can I get back to you tomorrow?”

He stood up. “Yes of course, get back to me as soon as you can. The weekend is coming up and my friends and I are eager for another chase. I am sure when they see you they will love you in more ways than one!” He was laughing as he led me back to that massive front door.

My head was in a spin as I rode my small motorcycle down Marc’s long driveway. I lay on my bed that night turning the whole thing over and over in my head. As I thought about it my cock started to engorge. ‘Well,’ I thought. ‘You seem to like the idea!’ I then gave that naughty piece of meat all the attention it craved. I yanked on it for over 30 minutes as I wanted to savour those delicious feelings for as long as possible. As I wanked away my head was filled with the fantasy of being hunted down and ravaged. The orgasm I had when the release finally came was intense. My cum shot right up my stomach and hit me squarely under my chin. Some of it even caught part of my face. I guess it was at that moment I had made up my mind. I would contact Marc in the morning and let him know they had some new meat to hunt.

Chapter Two

Mark had given me his mobile phone number and I rang him early the next morning. He sounded extremely pleased with my decision. It was now Wednesday and he wanted to set up a hunt with his friends for this coming weekend.

“We have to make a few arrangements dear boy and you need to be briefed on the finer details regarding the hunt. Also I want you to meet the guys who will be hunting you down.” His voice had an air of excitement about it.

As arranged I went to his mansion that evening. As I pulled into the driveway I could see lots of very expensive looking cars. There were a couple of Bentleys, a Ferrari and an Aston Martin. I would loved to have had a closer look at them but time was pressing as I rang the bell.

Once again I was met by the resplendent Marc who was dressed in a deep red smoking jacket. He reminded me of Noel Coward. He ushered me along to his beautiful lounge and there sat eight of his wealthy friends. As I walked into the room it went deathly silent.

“Gentlemen, I want you to meet our latest recruit, his name is Brian but I am sure you will invent a new name for him when the time comes for us to hunt him.” There was a muttering and nodding of heads in agreement.

Marc motioned for me to stand in the centre of the room so his friends could inspect me. I felt my face start to redden as I was subjected to their gazes.

One of the men sitting closest made a whistling noise through his teeth. “Marc dear boy you have surpassed yourself, the boy is beautiful.”Again came the nods of agreement.

Another man spoke up. “Has Marc told you what we will Escort Silivri be paying you for your services Brian?”

“Yes he has.” I answered.

The man jumped up and shouted “Yes he has, Sir!”

I was a little startled by this sudden outburst. “Sorry, do you gentlemen wish for me to address you all as Sir?”

They all nodded. “Yes, we are paying you a lot of money and we require that you treat us with a modicum of respect.”

Marc intervened. “Gentlemen, let us not scare our quarry before things have even begun.”

He turned to me and in a more genteel manor said. “Yes Brian when we reach this stage in the proceedings you are required to become more subservient. You must show the hunters the greatest of respect.”

I gave a nervous smile to all assembled. “Then I shall address you all as Sir from now on.”

A general muttering of approval went around the room. Then the man at the front spoke again.

“Well young man as are paying you so generously you can show us a bit more of yourself.”

I gave him a puzzled look. “I beg your pardon Sir?”

“I want to see more of you, show me your body. Strip down for us.”

I felt my face flush again and looked across to Marc.

He smiled. “It’s alright Brian, do as they ask. This is just part of the preliminaries. They just want to see what they are getting for their money. So undress dear boy and let’s be getting on.”

I felt all the eyes in the room were on me as I removed my shirt. Naked from the waist up I just stood there frozen to the spot.

Another voice spoke up from the back of the room. “And the rest please lad, we want to see all of you.”

With a very red face I slowly removed my jeans, underpants, trainers and socks. I stood there naked as the day I was born with my hands in front of my tackle.

Then another voice piped up. “Can you take your hands away please boy? We want to see your cock and balls.”

Marc nodded. “Do as they say Brian. There is always an inspection before events begin.”

I took my hands away as requested and felt myself dyeing of embarrassment. My cock just hung there totally lifeless. I think it was just as scared as I was.

I heard another voice from somewhere in the room. “Why Marc, he is simply divine. I feel like I could throw him down right there on the carpet and fuck his brains out!”

The remark was met with gales of laughter. Then the man at the front rose from his chair and came over to me. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he slowly circled me. It almost sounded like he was purring. I then felt his hand start to caress one of my butt cheeks which immediately flinched.

“Don’t worry dear boy, you are safe for the time being. I just wanted to touch your flesh, to stroke this lovely arse. My boy hungry dick can wait a little longer to have you!”

Again this remark brought forth spontaneous laughter. The man continued the caressing of my body. He just brushed over my flesh with the back of his hands and fingers. When he alighted on my nipples my cock twitched. An alarm bell went off inside my head. No I thought, not now. But as the man continued stroking my nipples my cock started to engorge and rise up. I hoped no one would notice but notice they did and it brought a lot of approval from them all.

The man in the front spoke up. “Well looky here guys, his boy meat has come to life. Now I know we will all be in for a treat with this one. He likes being inspected.” They all nodded in agreement.

The man who was caressing me slowly moved his hand down to my twitching cock. He gripped it with his thumb and forefingers and started to gently stroke the shaft. My cock leapt at his touch and this made the man stroke it even harder. His face was inches from mine; his breath was on my cheek.

“I can see you really like this lad, would you like to shoot your load for us. Just for starters so to speak?”

“Please sir, I find this all a little too embarrassing, I don’t know what to say.” The man continued to masturbate me.

I could feel the man’s lips close to my neck. “Then don’t say anything boy, just relax and let nature take its course. Cum for us, we would be greatly honoured.” His breath was now very hot on my neck.

It didn’t take long; my cock danced to his strokes and quickly shot its load right across the room narrowly missing the men sitting in the front. This was met with a loud whooping from all of them.

The man then knelt down and took my dripping cock head into his warm mouth. I felt his teeth graze against my very sensitive glans penis and the sensation was so intense my legs buckled slightly.

Having licked off all my semen the man triumphantly stood up and went back to his seat. He was met with a rousing applause.

“Well done Charles!” Came the eager cries of delight.

I just bowed my head in utter shame. The cheeks of my face burned like mad.

Marc came and stood in front of me and lifted my chin up to face his gaze.

“Dear Brian don’t be ashamed of yourself. You are awakening to a part of you that you didn’t know. Seize the moment, enjoy it. This is all part of life’s rich tapestry”.

Having said that he brought over a chair for me to sit on. But again to my embarrassment it was still right in the middle of the assembled men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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