Gavin and Raven Ch. 03


“Oh, Gavin! Oooooh! Don’t stop! Oh shit! I’m about to cum.” Raven moaned as she continued to masturbate with her vibrator sliding in and out of her. She had her eyes closed tight as she climaxed.

Her phone began to chime. ‘Who in the hell could that be’, she thought. Raven reached over as she caught her breathe. Gavin’s name flashed across her phone.

“Hello!” She said seductively.

Gavin had an instant hard-on when he heard her purr through the phone. He had to catch his breath to remember what he was going to say.

“Hi! I owe you big time,” he managed to get out.

“You do?”

“Yes. I just read your report. You saved me a pretty penny.”

“Did you just call me pretty?” Raven baited him

“Oh, you’re more than pretty. Gorgeous barely describes you.”

“Oh, Mr. Goodson, flattery will get you everything.”

“It better.”

“While this is amusing, I have something to attend to.” Raven smiled.

“Care to share?”


“Yes, honestly.”

“I need to get in the shower.”

Thoughts of water running down her soft brown skin immediately ran through Gavin’s mind.

“I’ll let you attend to your shower. I have something to take care of myself. I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Bye, Gavin.” Raven purred as he hung up. She knew she was playing with fire but she felt he was worth it.

Raven could hardly catch her breath when she entered her office a few days later. Gavin was definitely trying to get her attention. And it was working. That Monday, he filled her office with sunflowers. The note attached read To brighten up your day. Tuesday was lilies. The note read To keep your thoughts pure. Wednesday was daisies. For the free spirit in you, read the note. “Kate, is he serious?” Raven said as her assistant looked as shocked as she was.

“I think so.”

“What’s next?”

“Raven, don’t ask me. He’s trying to get your attention.”

“Well, he’s got it.”

Thursday, Gavin filled her office with tulips.

“Kate, it’s October; tulips aren’t even in season. Where in the world did he get these from?”

Kate shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.

“Call Caroline and ask her,” Raven demanded.

Kate obliged her inquisitive boss. “Hi, Caroline. This is Kate from Raven Jacob’s office. Quick question, where did Gavin get the tulips from? He what? Stop playing. Argentina. When did you order them? Okay I’ll tell her. Thanks Caroline.”

Raven stood at her desk and listened.

“Caroline ordered them from Argentina. She told me to tell you Gavin has deep, intense feelings for you and his efforts reflect how passionate he is about you.”

Thursday’s note read Use your imagination. Friday was not a disappointment in the least bit. Gavin had filled her office with a garden of roses. White roses, pink roses, yellow roses, and a single red rose that Gavin Goodson delivered himself.

“I just wanted to make sure you got this one personally.” He said, as he walked into her office unannounced.

“Gavin. This is so wonderful – yet very unprofessional.”

“Actually it’s not that bad. I told Michael I was going to show up today. You saved me over $3million dollars.”

“I’m glad you’re pleased Gavin, but I was only doing my job.”

“You can please me in another way,” Gavin said. Knowing he was baiting her sexually, he wondered how she would answer. Raven paused for a second and realized she was at the point of no return. She might as well go all in.

“Gavin, I would love to please you, but this is hardly the time and the place.”

“I meant it would please me if you’d allow me to cook for you this evening,” Gavin replied.

Raven stood up and began to push him towards the elevator. She didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and assume she was fucking Gavin before she actually was.

“Raven, you didn’t give me an answer,” he said as they reached the elevators. She traced her lips with the rose. As the doors opened, she pushed him.

“Raven? Do I get an answer?” he asked.

She kept looking at him while she moved the rose down to her cleavage. Gavin was ready to burst at the seams. He grabbed her and pulled her into the elevator Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort with him as the doors closed. He pressed his mouth on hers. She parted her lips and began to suck on his bottom lip as he ran his hands over her body. He pushed her back up against the elevator and ground his erection into her parted thighs.

“Raven, say you’ll have dinner with me,” he whispered in her ear as he nibbled on her neck.

“Gavin, I’ll have dinner with you tonight. Now, go before I can’t take anymore,” she panted.

“Oh, you can take it and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.” Gavin promised her as the doors opened and he left her panting up against the walls of the elevator. Raven sighed as she felt her juices moisten her panties.


Raven worked through the day with ease, and excitement about the upcoming evening with Gavin. She didn’t even work late; she left at five o’clock with everyone else. As she reached the lobby, she saw a driver holding up a sign with her name on it.

“Ms. Jacobs?” he inquired as she walked towards him.


“Mr. Goodson sent me to pick you up.”

“Okay, but what about my car?”

“He said it will be okay overnight.”

‘Presumptuous asshole,’ she mumbled.

“Excuse me, miss?”

“It’s nothing,” Raven replied hoping he hadn’t heard her last comment.

The driver escorted her to a silver Maybach and seated her in the back. They arrived at one of the most exclusive high-rises in the city. The concierge opened the door for her.

“Welcome, Ms. Jacobs. Mr. Goodson is awaiting your arrival upstairs,” he said

He walked her to the elevator and inserted the key to the penthouse. Her ascension was uneventful; when the doors opened, she heard soft music playing and the delicious smell of food.

“Hello. Gavin?” Raven called out as she walked through the foyer to the main room. The décor was very masculine, deep mahogany hardwood floors, lots of grays and cold colors. Raven admired the view overlooking the city. ‘Wow, this is spectacular,’ she thought. She instinctively took her shoes off and walked around.

“I’m upstairs,” Gavin called out to her. When she reached the marble stairs, there were rose petals on them leading her to Gavin. ‘Oh he’s slick,’ she thought. They lead past several rooms to an enormous master bathroom. Gavin sat on the edge of the tub fully dressed.

“I thought you may want to freshen up for dinner,” he said as he sat on the edge of the bubble bath he’d obviously just run for her.

“You’re just so thoughtful,” she said sarcastically.

“I know what you’re thinking, but I also know being unclean is one of your pet peeves. So, get in.” he commanded.

“With you standing here?”

“No, I’ll leave. There’s a robe over here and some clothes in the bedroom. I’ll finish making dinner.” He said as he kissed her on the cheek and left. Raven began to take her clothes off.

‘This is unbelievable,’ she thought. ‘What in the hell am I doing. I’m allowing someone to take care of me, so don’t mess this up.’ She argued with herself as she settled into the tub. ‘I could get used to this,’ Raven thought.

Gavin was so happy she was here. In his house. It had been a long time since he’d had a woman here. He wanted everything to be perfect for her. ‘I hope she likes the outfit I got her,’ he thought.

Raven looked at the slinky black dress he had brought for her. She stood in his room wearing nothing but a towel. Kate. Kate had liked this dress for herself. It was nice, but not needed for tonight. Raven put on the tan silk underwear and looked in the mirror.

‘Okay, Mr. Gavin Goodson. Two can play in this seduction.’ She murmured as she strolled over to his closet and chose a crisp white button shirt. Raven left a few buttons undone at the top. She shook her wavy hair loose and put on some lip-gloss.

Gavin was plating their crab cakes when he heard her come down the stairs; he gawked as he saw her wearing his shirt and from the looks of it nothing else.

“By the look on your face, I can tell you like it,” she said.

Gavin looked astonished. “Raven, you look beautiful.”

“You can Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort give the dress to Kate. She’ll like it.”

“I thought it was a nice dress.”

“It is, but I’m a little more edgy than that.”

“I can see.” Gavin glanced at her breasts which were free from their confines. ‘I’ve got to make it through dinner,’ he thought.

“Raven, would you like some wine?”

“What do you have?”

“Something that will tease and tantalize you – at least your palate.” Gavin said as he poured her a glass. She sipped it.

“Umm. That’s good.”

“You like it?”

“It’s very good. Gavin, can we have dinner here in the kitchen?”

“Why not? Pull up a chair.”

Raven sat on the stool at the island. Gavin brought over the plate of crab cakes. She picked one up with her hand and broke off a piece.

“Here,” she said as she held out her hand to feed him a piece, and then ate a piece herself.

“Gavin, these are good. So how long have you lived here?”

“Almost five years. I moved in after my divorce. This used to be my parent’s penthouse before they passed away. I never saw a reason to get rid of it.”

“When did they pass?” She inquired.

“My senior year in high school. We were supposed to go on a trip together for Spring Break. I left before them so I could hang out with my friends. Their plane went down over the Atlantic. We sent several search parties out to see if there were any survivors; when we found them, they together still inside the plane.”

“I’m sorry for your loss. You must have been devastated,” she said as she felt sad for him.

“I was for awhile but then I brushed myself off and went to tell other people’s stories. It began as a way to escape reality, but evolved into love. Have you ever been in love?” he asked in an attempt to break down her walls some more.

“I don’t believe I have. I didn’t really date until college and even then it wasn’t what I expected. I met too many jackasses,” she replied.

“Are you dating someone right now?” Gavin asked trying to find out more about her.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t call it dating. I am seeing someone occassionally but its nothing serious. I like to call the shots.” Raven said jokingly.

“So, is this on your terms?” he asked

“I doubt that fully.”


“This is all you. You got me here, set up the whole romantic night, and have me already half naked. So what’s next?”

“How about a movie?” He suggested.

“Okay. Is this where you start bragging about all of your director friends, or become overly critical?” Raven asked.

“No, Ms. Know It All. This is where you get to pick what you like, and I assume the role of caring male companion,” he replied.

“So I get to pick. You will watch whatever I pick?” she asked deviously.

“Scout’s honor.” Gavin was somewhat fearful of what she would choose. “Let me show you my media room.”

He led her upstairs through the French doors to what looked like a study converted into a mini theatre.

“Okay, pick what you want. Anything you want to watch,” he told her.

Sixteen Candles was her favorite. Luckily for her, he had it in his John Hughes’ collection. “We are going to watch Sixteen Candles. I hope you like chick flicks,” she said confidently.

“Not really, but I’m a director and studied John Hughes’ work .”

“You like chick flicks.” She teased.

“Well, since you’re comfortable I’m going to get comfortable, too.”

Gavin left her to begin the movie while he took a shower. Raven got lonely being too far away from him. She grabbed the DVD and went into his bedroom. She heard the shower. She smiled. She put the DVD in and got in the bed. Gavin thought he heard the TV on when he got out. He was wearing a towel and drying his hair when he saw her lying on the bed watching the movie. She was lying on her stomach and the shirt had risen up to show her underwear.

“That’s what I call comfortable. Come here.” She said as she saw him standing in his bathroom doorway. He was in a trance watching her as she sat up. He was able to catch a glimpse of her chocolate nipples.

“Let Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort me do that for you,” Raven said as she grabbed the towel from his hand. She guided him to sit in between her legs on the edge of the bed as she dried his hair for him.

“I don’t want you to catch a cold,” she said as she snuggled against his back. Feeling her hands run through his hair and massage his scalp, he felt his cock jump. She felt him tense.

“Gavin,” she said.


“Do you like being in between my legs?”

“Is that a trick question?”

“You just seem extremely relaxed.”

“Is my hair dry?”

“Let me look a little closer.” She leaned over; allowing his head to rest in between her breasts, and ran her fingers from his temples through his head.

“It appears to be dry,” she whispered.

Gavin stood up and turned around. He looked into her eyes as he leaned over her. He stood extremely still as he leaned into closer to her mouth. Raven couldn’t take it any longer and kissed him fast and aggressively. Gavin was caught off guard but he gladly kissed her back with as much passion as he could.

He reached under her hair and pulled her head back by the roots. He bathed her jaw and neck with hungry kisses, nipping on her earlobes as he showed her who was in control. He leaned back on the bed with her legs wrapped around him. He slowly unbuttoned her shirt to reveal the ripe jewels hidden underneath.

Gavin knelt down in front of her and slowly pulled her underwear down from her hips. Her scent of lavender and honey was overwhelming. He pulled them off and lifted her legs up. Gavin kissed from the tips of her toes, down her leg, to her inner thighs.

Raven began to breathe hard as she felt his hot breathe inches from her pussy. Gavin looked into her eyes as he rested her legs on his shoulders. Inches from his main meal, Gavin hadn’t seen anything more beautiful. He parted her lips with his tongue and showed her his expertise.

Raven threw her head back and Gavin devoured her. In less than a few minutes, Raven came over and over again. Every time she tried to move he grabbed her legs and held her in place. She screamed his name repeatedly. She had to tap his back to get him to stop.

Gavin stood up over her and began to stroke himself. Raven thought she was imagining things. Gavin was huge. Most men would be envious of what he was working with.

“Are you sure you can take this?” he asked her.

“Oh yes, hell yes!” she exclaimed. And with that Gavin entered her with one stroke. They both moaned at the intense heat between them.

“Oh my god, Raven, you’re so tight.” He moaned.

He thought he was giving her time to adjust but it was him who really needed an adjustment. He hadn’t had sex in a while and forgot the pure ecstasy that came with it. Raven pulled Gavin’s face to hers and kissed him without abandon.

He began to pump in and out of her which made her moan into his mouth. Gavin lifted her leg as he rolled her on top of him. He knew he wouldn’t last with her on the bottom. Raven got on top and began to ride him. Gavin knew he wasn’t going to last this way, either. He tasted her chocolate nipples.

“Gavin! Gavin, I’m coming!” She screamed. He pushed up to meet her stride. She was on the brink of her climax when he grabbed her hips and slammed her down onto his cock. Her pussy tightened around his cock as she came and he followed right behind her. She leaned forward. He wrapped his arms around her as she dislodged off of his cock. She moved to the side of the bed. He followed right behind her and held her.

Raven could hardly catch her breathe let alone her thoughts.

“Oh, that was fantastic, Raven. Raven?” he said as he stroked her back. He knew she was okay because she was still breathing. He was about to say something when he heard her gasp.

“Gavin, I’m still seeing stars.”

“I tend to have that affect on women. No, for real, I never thought it would be that good and it tasted even better,” he said as he ran his fingers up and down her back.

“Gavin, just hold me. Can you do that?” she asked.

“I promise Raven, all night I’ll hold you. I’m not going to let you go.”

She slowly drifted off to sleep. As he watched her sleep, he began to memorize every feature on her delicious body. Every smooth curvy surface with all of its hills and valleys; Gavin now felt he knew her exterior. He wanted to know more – he was convinced he had to learn more about the woman he held so safely in his arms.