Gay Ride


What can I tell you about myself? I was always you’re consummate Straight arrow nerd. Not anymore though. Things have changed a lot for me in the last year.

At twenty nine, now nearly thirty, I’ve become a real sack of broken eggs. Shit happens I guess. You can say I’ve really gone off the rails baby.

Bored with life, bored with my girlfriend, about a year ago I first started drinking a little. I never used to . I guess I just needed excitement, and where to look?

Getting rather tipsy one night, I found myself in this hot gay club dancing to the most amazing techno music. I wasn’t gay either, lol.

I surprisingly happened to meet this guy I knew, Michael. He’s about my age, thin build, brown haired, brown eyed. We were both surprised to see each other in a gay bar and were rather bashful.

“I hate fags, ” he said.

“I do too, ” I replied sheepishly, very embarrassed.

We wound up back at his place, drinking and just hanging out.

“You know, you talk like a fag, with a lisp! You seem gay. ” he said.

“Oh come on! ” I said defensively.

“I don’t know why I’m telling you this. but I wanna go to bed with a guy! ” he said.

He walked up to me, and put one hand on my ass cheek, and fondled my cock through my jeans with his other.

It must of been the alcohol, I don’t know why, but I didn’t resist.

“I don’t want anybody to know. ” I said softly.

“Nobody’s gonna know. Be my slut. ” he teased me as we began necking and fondling each other, both our cocks got hard as rocks. I was in red heat. My first ever gay experience!

We stripped naked and I moved doggy style onto his starch white bed sheets.

“Fuck me baby! ” I uttered in growing sexual impatience as I played with my cock and he got in behind me, moaning, and thrusting his prick against my ass cheeks.

He soon began ramming my anus with his thick hard pulsating shaft. God it felt good to have a cock in me! We both moaned and groaned as the fucking reached it’s climax.

Finally his cock exploded into me. Hot sperm shot up into my asshole and all inside of me. In unison, my own hard prick exploded too. Staining his sheets. It was an orgasm beyond belief. Hot, fucking hot!

“Oh you bitch! ” he said breathlessly, as we both lay back and regained our composure.

“So how do you feel about gay sex now? ” he asked.

I Eskort Kız just giggled and savored the moment.


That first night of gay sex really shocked me. As a matter of fact it scared me crazy. I immediately stopped drinking and began just concentrating on my waiters job. I tried to forget about my night with Michael, As though it didn’t happen or something.

Oh yes, I saw my girlfriend occasionally too. Trying to Convince myself I was straight. What a joke I am. Plain boring sometimes. Anyway a few weeks later I was at work and on break and who Walks in but Michael! God he looked like a slut!

Ass hugging skin tight jeans, sexy motherfucker muscle shirt and streetwalker slut boots.

“What are you doing here? ” I asked incredulously.

“Here to see you babe, ” He said. Not caring who was in listening range, the fucking bitch!

We ended up going to this club, and sat in a backroom and drank wine amidst the sexy pulsating techno beat. He told me how much he missed me and we even necked. God he was hot! He was getting me so horny.

“I can’t wait for you to suck my cock, ” he said.

He then pulled out this pipe and placed this muddy, greenish chunky stuff into it and lit it up. It stunk to high heaven.

“Let’s smoke some hash babe, ” he said.

I was surprised and shocked.

“I don’t do drugs and since when do you? ” I protested.

“Just shut the fuck up! Try it you’ll like it little tart! ” he scolded me.

“Okay, ” I replied feebly as I sucked on the pipe and drew the sweet tasting hash into my lungs, managing somehow to refrain from coughing.

Not long after, I was high as a kite and horny as fuck. We went back to Michaels place.

“Suck my cock, fucking slut! ” he shouted as we both got naked in his bedroom, and he sat on the edge of the bed.

On my knees, I moved my mouth onto his upright prick and sucked and licked, relishing my role of cocksucker newbie.

He aggressively grabbed my hair, and moved my head every which way as he grunted excitedly and face fucked me. I fingered his balls and asshole with my fingers.

“You’re really getting the hang of this honey! ” he squealed delightedly as his cock began squirting hot, glorious, sticky semen all over my face.

I threw my mouth back on his cock and swallowed the sweet cum. I took as much as I could before I nearly choked. Michael then grabbed my hair and threw me on my back and began sucking my rock hard prick.

“Oh babe! ” I uttered, breathlessly panting, approaching orgasm in sexual heaven.

Finally my cock exploded and we both lay on the floor intertwined. High on sex. High on wine. High on hash.


After the second time I had sex with Michael I guess things really changed. We got together a lot more often to say the least. We’d get together, drink, dance to the coolest club dj’s, have sex and smoke hash.

Wow! Hash! For me being so anti drug for so fucking long I got to like it quick. I soon began smoking it more and more regularly.

I seemed to associate it with sex and vice versa. It just made my cock stiff. I like that.

Sex with Mike was wild. He wound up the dominant one though, fucking me while I sucked his cock more than the other way around. We both loved it baby!

I guess after I’d been to bed with him about a dozen times, I was home alone one night, curious, horny, stoned of course, just hanging out. I thought I’d check out this cool club, the Apex.

Anyway I got there, began drinking, began feeling pretty good, I started dancing to this throbbing ultra sexy house beat. I was getting right into it. Just getting lost in the music, swaying to the beat.

It was then this guy began dancing right in front of me. He was older than me, maybe in his late forties. Short grey hair, mustache, cool blue piercing eyes, and what a body! He was dressed in the tightest fitting purple clubwear tee shirt, and painted on blue lycra pants!

He was staring right into my eyes as we were dancing and licking his lips! Fuck he was hot! I was getting hot!

When the music stopped, he affectionately brushed my forearm with his hand, and told me he really wanted to talk with me.

We stood against the wall,and he brought us a couple of drinks. He offered me a cigarette. I took it even though I’d never smoked before, but in the state I was in, ultra high, I didn’t care.

I placed it in my lips and lit it, and took a drag, it tasted good! I was surprised.

He laughed when I began coughing, and said though I might be a newbie smoker, I looked so fucking sexy doing it! God! My cock was getting hard!

“Maybe I’ll do anything for you, ” I said as he stroked my ass and fondled my breast. Now I was getting lost in him, and I wanted to.

“I’m Terry, ” he said,casually blowing smoke into the air,

“I live in LA, but I’m here in town for business, ” he added, with an even sensual tone, looking right through me with those piercing eyes, and smiling.

We took a cab back to his hotel room. I was in great anticipation, wondering what it would be like to go to bed with another guy. I felt guilty but willing.

Inside his room, He put on some music, poured drinks, and kissed me.

He gave me another cigarette, and we sat on the bed and talked.

He said he was involved in fashion. He told me a lot of things about himself as he rubbed my inside thigh, and teasingly palmed my erect cock, never losing eye contact.

We soon began necking with lots of deep tongue action, and saliva exchange. He began pinching one of my nipples! Talk about fucking hot! I was getting to full passion and he really knew what he was doing.

“Let’s get naked hun, ” he uttered, almost like a light command.

“Sure thing babe, ” I whispered.

Striping off our clothes, he eased me onto the bed with me on my knees, and him in behind me.

He thrust his cock into me with the potency of a thunderbolt and began regular massive insertions.

“Ouch! ” I exclaimed in sexual heat and expectancy. Loving the fucking pain of it, and feeling like a right fucking slut.

Fucking, banging me raw, he began pinching my nipples. Both of them with both hands, while he whispered dirty, slutty talk into my ear. Calling me his whore. His voice eventually getting much louder.

I was gasping for breath, panting in a sexual frenzy. Fingering my rod, while his cock played fire with my prostate, my tits burning!

We fucked to a massive climax when his cock fired into me! Shooting oozing hot sperm up my asshole. My cock ignited too, nearly spraying the walls!

“Oh baby! Oh! So fucking good! ” I shouted deliriously as I palmed the sperm out of me with his hot, wet, very hard cock in my cum filled slut hole.

I did this Winding it down, until he pulled out of me and we both finally, out of breath, relaxed to regain our composure. Totally satisfied.

For the rest of the night, we sat around and talked and partied, and fucked. I stayed over night, sleeping in his bed, then left feeling sort of ashamed of myself in the morning.