As I lay on the bed you walk in. Wearing red panties, red bra and nothing else you sit on the arm chair we have brought to the end of the bed. You sit down and cross your legs.

“I think it’s time, don’t you?” I ask without moving.

“Oh god yes baby, definitely time.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard you that horny before. Maybe I have, but you know that tonight is going to be different. This time I am going to be in charge, and I am going to show him what to do. I am going to take control of his body and use it in such a way to bring us all a lot of pleasure over the dark hours of the night.

I stretch my naked body out on the bed, I hear your breath catch as you glimpse my cock as I roll over. I stop stretching with a sigh and then swing my body round so my feet are on the floor. I start to rise…then stop. “Maybe I should warm up a little first hmm?” I say as I take my hardening cock in my left hand. There is no response from you, but I take the way you are now biting your lower lip as a yes. I slowly start to rub my cock, then stroke my hand up and down. I bring down my other hand and gently squeeze my balls, moaning as I do so. I lay down backwards and speed up, working away faster and faster until I am about to cum so hard…and I stop. I sigh “That’s enough for now.” You moan in displeasure, I walk up to you my hard cock sticking straight out in front of me. Tilting your head up with one hand I lean down and kiss you. “Just for now lover, just for now I mean.”

After I’ve left you thrust your hand into your panties and start to rub frantically at your clit. You hear footsteps coming towards the bedroom. You rub faster, you feel so turned on, if you don’t cum now you don’t think you can take it.

Geoff and I stand in the doorway listening to the sounds you are making. You sound very very sexy as you play with yourself.

I cough. You squeak and seem to very literally jump out of the chair. I take Geoff’s hand in mine and lead him to the bed. You see exactly what he is wearing and you moan very softly, your hand starts moving slowly back down to your wet pussy. “No, no, no” I say. “You promised to wait.”

“I can’t John, you have no idea how turned on I am”

I look pointedly down at my large erection. “I think I do Ashley, I think I do.”

Geoff lays Kayaşehir Escort down on the bed languidly stretching his lean body out. I walk behind the chair and put my hands on your shoulders. Massaging your shoulders and neck, caressing them I whisper directly in to your ear “He looks magnificent doesn’t he baby? Have you ever seen anything so sexy? Look at the way the stockings look on him. I bet his legs feel so smooth, he shaved them earlier, completely hair free. I can’t wait to run my tongue along them. He looks so good in those panties doesn’t he Ash? Hmm? Oh and look at his smooth chest, no hair at all. He’s only 18 and the things I am going to do to him…”

I walk back to the bed, very slowly, and I put my hand on Geoff’s shoulder. I feel the smoothness of his skin against my hand, he rubs his body against my still hand. Moaning he reaches for my cock. I grasp his wrists and hold them against the bed. “No Geoff. Tonight, you are mine. My slave. My slave to fuck.” I roll Geoff onto his stomach and hold his hands together at the small of his back. Turning to you I ask for the “special things.” You reach under the chair and take out a pair of fur-lined handcuffs and hand them to me. I put them on Geoff making sure he cannot get free, he struggles a little, but few hard spanks to that sexy ass of his soon stop his struggles. I grab his shoulders and flip him onto his back again. I straddle his chest and ask “Did you want this? Is this what you wanted?” I hit the head of my cock against his wet lips. He nods his head timidly. “Say it Geoff, tell me what you want”

“I want your cock”

He barely has the word out of his mouth and I grab his head and lift it so my cock is in his mouth. I move my hips, and start to fuck his mouth. I hear those familiar sounds from behind me and I know that you couldn’t wait. You must like looking at his panties and stocking as he gets his mouth fucked, that must be why you are playing with you pussy again.

I fuck his mouth until I am about to cum, and then I let his head go. I move back from his head, panting. “That’s one very hot mouth you have there Geoff.” Geoff smiles wearily at me. I turn around so I am facing the foot of the bed. I was right, you are rubbing your pussy again. Your face is flushed, so is your chest and Kayaşehir Escort Bayan you are moaning and panting as you rub inside your panties. I smile at you as I reach inside Geoff’s black panties and take a hold of his cock. Glancing down I noticed some of his lipstick is on my cock. “Geoff, your lipstick is on my cock…that is not good enough.” I jerk his cock out of the panties, but don’t pull them down. “I’m going to punish you now Geoff.”

I slam my hand up and down on his cock, moving so fast and so hard. It takes almost no time at all before Geoff is screaming with pleasure, and writhing under me. I run my other hand up and down his stocking clad legs as I tug at his cock. They are so smooth, I have to kiss them. So I do. I lean down and kiss and bite at his legs, god that drives him wild. He starts thrashing under me, the cum spraying all over my chest, his screams louder and louder until finally he slows, and stops. He lays there under me breathing heavily. You are still going. Faster than before, you keep rubbing your clit. I look you in the eyes as I move and make him lick his cum off of my chest, sucking my nipples too. He teases the rings with his long tongue, rolling his tongue around them one at a time, sucking them into his mouth. I love it, and I am moaning, I can’t help myself. I want to punish him more, so I lift myself away from his tongue and sit across his chest once more. I grab his left leg and pull it up to my chest, then after giving it a little kiss I lay it down to the right so I can feel his ass. I grab and pinch his butt, he seems to like it, but I am here to punish, not to please. I spank Geoff softly. He realises what is going to happen and starts to beg for me to stop. I ignore his pleas and start to spank harder. He squeals with pain as my hand connects with his panty clad backside. I spank him again, and again before I stop. I lay him on his back, and lay myself down next to him. I take Geoff in my arms and kiss his tears away, telling him that he has to learn. He knows in his heart that I am right.

And obviously he liked it a fair bit.

Geoff starts rubbing his hips against my crotch. The feeling of this tender young man rubbing his body against mine is a very arousing feeling, and I am still very hard. His lips brush Escort Kayaşehir my neck as I hold him, and I feel a shiver run down my entire body. He kisses my neck, gently sucks on it, kisses it again and tries to move his head lower. I stop him and look into his pretty brown eyes. “If I take of your hand cuffs will you be a good boy?”

“Probably not, but I don’t think you will care about that master”

On hearing that you crawl onto the bed and undo his handcuffs. You lay next to me as he stares at my hard cock. My hand is on your body, running all over you, feeling every available inch of your skin. I brush my fingers down your stomach heading towards where you most want me to touch. I slowly run my fingers in slow circles around your clit as you begin to slide your finger in and out of yourself. Geoff stops staring and takes my hardness into his mouth, he sucks ever so gently, teasing me with his tongue at the same time. Your eyes are glued to the sight of this 18 year old boy sucking on your mans cock and you fucking love it. You fuck your pussy harder, but my fingers don’t speed up. I keep rubbing your clit really slow no matter how fast you go.

Geoff is sucking my whole length into his throat now, his head bobbing all the way up and down, I am writhing around, but his hands are holding my hips still so he can keep me in him. His throat is like velvet and I know I am going to cum soon, but I can tell the you are going to join me. I turn my head and kiss your cheek, you look at me and smile and kiss me back. We keep on kissing as our hands work away together bringing you ever closer to orgasm, my tongue in your mouth, my tongue stud brushing against your tongue, then darting back out daring yours to follow. We kiss and kiss, and suddenly I break the it, screaming out that I am cumming. You look down in time to see Geoff swallowing what looks to be a lot of cum. I cum so hard, I fill his mouth with my hot creamy white cum and Geoff swallows most of it down. He crawls up my body kissing along the way, then he opens his mouth above mine, and slowly lets my cum fall into my mouth, I extend my tongue to make sure I catch it all and then you watch me swallow it down with a big smile. And with that you cum. You cum so hard. I finally start rubbing your clit really fast, and you keep on cumming, 2, 3 times you cum harder each time until you can’t take it any more and you stop, just riding the waves of pleasure that are rolling through your body.

We hold each other close and kiss. We don’t stop kissing. Until sleep comes to claim us we will lay forever in each others arms….