Getting Dirty Like a Star

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***this story contains watersports. Pass it by or give it try. The choice is yours. If you do read it, please leave some feedback and vote.***

The Adult Entertainment Expo was a sexaholics dream. There were enough free giveaways to satisfy a guy’s appetite for a t least a few months. Most companies gave away promotional DVD’s or photos, and there were always plenty of hot actresses around. Gabe felt like a kid that was turned loose in a candy store. Bags full of goodies weighted down his hands, and He had run out of space on his digital camera. His boss had sent him and a co-worker to the convention to represent the web-hosting company he worked for, but Gabe had quickly left his partner to man the booth. He had quickly immersed himself in the convention and hadn’t stopped since.

Gabe was in the elevator of the hotel, making his way back to his room when the door opened and n stepped one of his favorite actresses. Her name was Angelica, and he would have asked for her autograph, but the look on her face told him that she was not in the mood. She was pulling a large piece of luggage, while trying to juggle a covered serving plate and a can of cock in her free hand. She let go of the luggage in order to press the button for her floor, and accidentally dumped the plate and soda onto the floor.

“Damn it!” She growled as the plate hit the floor.

Gabe stepped forward quickly. “What floor do you need?” he asked with his finger poised near the buttons.

“Twenty-six. Thank you.” She said with a voice full of frustration.

“Not a problem.” Gabe said as he quickly pushed the button. He quickly sat his bags against the wall and began helping her clean up her spilled food.

“Thank you again. I am having the worst day ever.” She told him as she helped scoop what had been a Hamburger and French fries back onto the plate.

“It will get better. This is a pretty nice hotel, and I’m sure a soak in the Jacuzzi will have you feeling better. Besides, nothing better than Las Vegas to cheer you up.” Gabe offered in response. He knew that it sounded kind of trite, but he didn’t know what else to say. He had seen her in plenty of movies, but it wasn’t like he actually knew her. The pseudo-familiarity of it all made the situation awkward.

“Well, I won’t count on the hotel. They gave me the wrong room, and then told me I had to move after I had just ordered lunch. I would usually stand my ground, but I really don’t feel up to arguing about it. Now I don’t have lunch and I’ll have to wait forever for another.” She explained.

Gabe whistled low. “Okay, your right. You have had a bad day.” The door opened for his floor, but Gabe ignored it.

“You missed your floor.” She told him with a slight smile. Angelica had been an actress for a while, and was accustomed to how men looked at her. It was obvious from his badge and bags that Gabe was attending the convention, and thus probably knew who she was. It was also obvious that he was trying very hard not to stare at her and act smooth.

“Oh yeah. Well, I can hand you this after you get your bag off of the elevator.” He offered.

“Oh thanks again.” She said.

The door opened again and Angelica exited. She smiled and thanked Gabe again after he hand her the plate and left for her room.

Gabe was happy enough seeing one of his favorite actresses up close. He hadn’t even considered asking her for an autograph. Given her situation, he felt it would have been imposing way too much. He dropped his items off in his hotel room and grabbed another memory card for his camera. Gabe was about to leave the room when he decided to help her out again. He went to the phone and dialed down to the front desk.

“I’m calling for Ms. Angelica on the 26th floor. She was given a room, and then moved to the 26th floor because of an error. She had just received lunch when she was asked to move, and was not given time to eat. No one offered to carry her luggage to the new room and not only is her food cold, but she accidentally dropped it. This is ridiculous!” He said. Gabe knew that he had laid it on thick, but hotel managers usually try to keep people happy, especially during a large convention.

“No problem sir. I will check the room service list and have another meal sent to Ms. Angelica within ten minutes.” The manager said apologetically.

Gabe hung up the phone with a smile. It wasn’t much, but he hoped it helped her anyway. He headed back down to the convention and resumed his prowling of the grounds. It took barely two hours before he was overloaded with items again. He decided to check in on the booth instead of returning to the room. He found that his coworker, Paul was having no trouble in handling things. Paul was barely out of high school and was dumbstruck by all of the attractive women dressed in such skimpy clothes.

“If you want to walk around for a bit, I’ll cover the booth. I’ve made quite a few contacts that might lead to some business.” Gabe told Paul. In fact, he had not spoken to anyone about business, but karabağlar escort he still had another two days to do so. A little play wouldn’t hurt the bottom line.

Gabe didn’t have to ask Paul twice, and was soon by himself. Sitting at the booth gave him some time to rest his feet and he actually made a few legitimate contacts. There were plenty of hot starlets passing by and just as many cute gals who were looking to get into the industry. Gabe was finishing giving his speech to an interested man when he same her approaching his booth. He finished the conversation just as she moved next to his table.

“I guess I have you to thank for lunch? My business manager and I are one in the same, and I never called down for a replacement meal.” She said with a smile. Gabe was almost speechless. She had freshened her red lipstick and her black hair was thick and lustrous. She was simply stunning.

“I didn’t mean to be intrusive, but you looked like you were having a terrible day, and they really should not have moved you once they gave you a room.” Gabe explained.

“It’s really nice. I’m just feeling all that great today, or otherwise I would have given them hell.” She explained, and then twisted her face slightly.

“Anything wrong?” Gabe asked

She shook her head and then sat down in one of the chairs at his booth. “I’ve got an upset stomach. I was hoping that lunch would make me feel better.” She said.

She leaned forward to get a good view of his convention badge. “Well Gabe, I’m not sure if you’ve seen any of my movies, but my name is Angelica.” She said. From the quick flush that came to his face, she instantly knew that he recognized her.

“Yes, I have seen your movies…I mean, I know who you are.” Gabe said, tripping over his tongue.

Angelica laughed at his embarrassment and it finished breaking the ice. She asked him about the company he represented and he explained the services that were offered. He gave her a much longer explanation than he had given anyone else, and the conversation went on for over an hour. Gabe found that she was easy to talk with. Given her profession, he felt at ease discussing porn with her and the topic eventually came to the difference between what was popular and acceptable in the USA, compared to other countries.

“I just think that the European companies put out some great product that we don’t see in the states because of censorship.” Gabe explained.

“There are some pretty wild scenes in American films. What kind of stuff do you mean?” She asked with genuine interest.

“There are S&M and bondage here in the states, but most of it is very staged and not real. The people are acting and not participating. In European films, the whippings are real, and people are really involved with what they are doing. It does not seem like they turn on and off like a light switch.” He explained.

Angelica nodded her head as he spoke, and queried him again once he was done. “I can see that, but some people don’t want to see real. What do you do about that?” She asked.

“Some people will be satisfied with the regular in-and-out movie, and don’t get me wrong, those are great. But, a person who wants to see a femdom movie for example wants to see real action. If the Domina pisses in the slaves mouth, it should be real.” He explained.

Angelica smiled and nodded her head. “So, if the Dominant was to take a dump in the submissive’s mouth, then it should be shown?” She asked.

Gabe was too into discussing the topic to be cautious. “Yes. In reality, that’s what would happen. This is not a fantasy like some space movie, but something that plenty of people do in real life. They can legally show these things in Europe, but not here in the USA. Only a few companies have pushed the envelope so far, but it becomes their selling point instead of a natural part of a story. A Master will never piss into his slaves open vagina unless the title of the film is ‘Pissers’ or something like that.” He said as if giving a speech before congress.

“Hopefully that will change, but kinky connoisseurs will have to keep ordering films from Europe.” Angelica said. “I personally have done a few films for a French company, but a few scenes were cute for the American release.”

Gabe didn’t know that she had done any foreign films. He wondered what kind of content had been cut.

“I was planning on hitting my room early. I know exactly what I need to feel better. But, I’m also wondering if you only like to watch those kinky films or do you like playing as well.” She said so bluntly that Gabe wasn’t sure he had heard her correctly.

“Excuse me?” he said.

“I don’t want to spend the rest of the week feeling like shit, and you could help me out, but only if you really like the kinky stuff you’ve seen in those films.” She explained.

Gabe had experimented a bit, but never to any real extreme. This kind of offer didn’t come around every day and his inexperience wasn’t about to hold him back. karşıyaka escort He wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but he was going to give it a try.

“Sure, any thing you want. I just hope I can take a few photos to remember you by.” He said jokingly.

She smiled at him reached out to pat his hand with hers. “I was thinking on getting a bit of video, but you can take some pictures as well.” She said. She bit her bottom lip for a second and he could feel her hand tense.

“How much longer do you have on the floor?” She asked.

Gabe should have been on the floor for another two hours, but he made record time in finding Paul. He made up a quick lie about a client that wanted to discuss some finer details, and left Paul back at the booth.

Angelica seemed to be in quite a rush to get to her room, but her friendly demeanor remained. Gabe was beginning to wonder what was ailing her, and how it had anything to do with their conversation. He could see that her face had become flush and small beads of perspiration dotted her brow, even though the hotel was quite cool.

When they arrived at her room, she asked Gabe to fetch a bucket of ice while she unpacked a few things. When he returned, she had already set up a video camera in the corner of the room. She was unbuttoning her blouse when he came back into the room and he watched like a little kid. She wasn’t a lightweight but her weight was in all the right places. She smiled as she caught him watching and asked him to fix her a glass of water. By the time Gabe had filled the glass, she was fully nude and sitting on the bed. Her tan was flawless and he couldn’t help but comment.

“You look fantastic.” He said. He knew he sounded like a total fan, but he didn’t care. He had hoped to see some of the women up close, but this was beyond anything he could have ever wished for.

“Thank you, but I wonder if you will think I’m so fantastic once we’re done.” She said.

“Why do you say so?” Gabe asked. He was catching on that she wanted to engage in some pretty heavy stuff. It was a once in a lifetime shot, and he wasn’t going to chicken out.

“Reality is often different than fantasy, and watching someone else do something is not the same as doing it yourself.” She explained.

“I’m not totally green. Besides, you only go around once, so why not try what you can.” He said, somewhat pleased with his response.

Angelica smiled at him again, but it was more like a cat smiling at a mouse. “As long as you understand, that we once I get going I probably won’t be able to stop until I’m done.” She told him.

“Well, I’m ready when you are.” Gabe replied, and began unbuttoning his shirt.

“I like that. I’m not sure if you really are ready, but you’ll be experienced by the time I’m done with you.” She said between sips of water as she watched him remove all of his clothes. She instructed him to place them in the closet so as not to get the room cluttered for their filming.

“So what do you have in mind?” Gabe asked. He was standing naked in the middle of the room, and his cock was already at attention.

“I’m in dire need right now, so lets take care of that first.” Angelica said. She instructed Gabe to climb onto the coffee table that sat in front of the television, and only a few feet from the video camera. He lay on his back with his head resting on the table and his feet planted on the floor while she turned the camera on. He watched her ass jiggle provocatively as she walked away and then her breasts bounce as she turned back toward him.

It felt as if she were moving in slow motion. Gabe was both tortured and excited by the suspense. He could only really guess as to what she had in mind, as she had only given him hints. European movies had a lot of different content that American films did not, and sorting out what was going to happen was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Angelica finally reached him. She climbed upon the table and straddled his face. She sat back on her knees, and Gabe found her pussy hovering directly above his mouth. He wriggled his tongue between her lips and pushed as deep as he could. Her cunt cream was thick and gooey, and the taste quickly filled his mouth.

“That feels nice, but I need to get down to business.” Angelica told him. She shifted her hips and brought the rosebud of her ass to Gabe’s mouth.

Gabe had admired Angelica’s tan, and it truly was flawless. Her asshole was a light shade of red that seemed to glow from under her tan skin. Gabe extended his tongue and began to paint circles around her hole. He slowly moved inward and increased the pressure until he the tip of his tongue was lodged in the center of her tight muscle. Angelica bore down as he pushed forward, and he pushed his tongue deeper into her. His tongue was barely in an inch when he encountered firm mass.

The mass spread slightly around the tip of his tongue, and the taste was slightly bitter, not very different than strong espresso. Gabe kemalpaşa escort withdrew his tongue and pushed it back in again, displacing more of the mass and gaining depth.

“Oh yes. That’s what I need. Keep that up and I’ll be ready in no time.” Angelica said in a breathy tone. Gabe could tell that she was concentrating hard. Her ass cheeks clenched rhythmically and she continued to push against his tongue. The excitement of the situation had helped Gabe deal with what he was doing. He had quickly become accustomed to the bitter taste, which was lucky since his mouth was filling up with a mixture of saliva and her ass.

Gabe felt her hands grip his thighs. She began to squeeze as she bore down, and Gabe could feel the mass inside of her move. He withdrew his tongue and grabbed her ass with his hands. He held her cheeks apart and watched in amazement as her hole began to expand. His saliva dripped from her hole and the tip of her shit began to appear. It was dark brown like chocolate, and her hole widened as more of it emerged. Her asshole expanded and the bulk of her shit finally broke free. It slowly oozed forward like a thick sausage, and was soon hanging above Gabe’s mouth.

Gabe did not realize that the camera had been connected to the television, and Angelica was able to see his face.

“Oh my god. Kiss it.” She said to Gabe. She encouraged him by grabbing his cock. She began pumping his shaft slowly and rubbing the head with her thumb.

Gabe responded by doing what she wanted. He kissed the tip of her turd, which was fast closing in on his mouth. He continued to do so, which excited Angelica. She bore down again and more of her shit pushed out. It was now pressing against Gabe’s lips, and he opened his mouth to accept it.

Angelica saw his mouth opening and continued to push. This was just what she had needed. She could feel the pressure in her stomach easing and that she didn’t need to push hard anymore. Her bowels seemed to be emptying without her trying. Angelica watched the television screen and her grip on Gabe’s cock tightened as she watched her thick tube of shit fill his mouth. He was a real trooper. His mouth was soon overflowing, but he didn’t spit, and let the rest coil up over his mouth.

Gabe shifted his face slightly to open a breathings space between the coils of her shit, and wondered how much she had inside of her. Her ass was still spewing fudge and it didn’t seem like she was ever going to stop. It was no wonder that her stomach had been hurting. He was almost blinded by her shit when she finally stopped.

“Wow, I really was full of shit.” Angelica said after she had turned around and straddled Gabe’s waist.

Gabe felt the pressure of her hands as she began to play with her shit. She sculpted the thick sludge around his face, and he was soon wearing a thick mask of her sticky shit. His mouth was still full, and her could say anything to her. The shit in his mouth was mixing with his saliva and he was forced to swallow the thinned sludge.

“I’m going to give you a real treat.” Angelica told him. He felt her reach behind for his cock. She grabbed it and maneuvered it until the head was pressing into her shit-slicked ass. The hole had closed up, but only resisted slightly before swallowing the head of his cock. Gabe groaned through a mouthful of shit as his cock was swallowed into her sticky hole. Angelica was a true professional. She didn’t take anytime getting used to her ass being full of cock. She immediately began to slide back and forth, swallowing his cock with each stroke.

Angelica sighed and leaned back, dropping her full weight onto him and grinding down on his cock. Her plush ass rested on his hips as she leaned forward and scooped two handfuls of her ass-grease from his face. She began slowly rubbing the handfuls of fudge around her breasts and down her stomach. Her body was a chocolate mess by the time she finished. Gabe pushed the wet mass from his mouth and scooped it up with his hands. He followed her lead and began massage her breasts with the sticky, warm wet shit. The smell was not even a concern, but it was warm and earthy.

“Everything you imagined?” Angelica asked him as she basked in his shit-lubricated massage.

The entire act was all too much for Gabe. His cock felt like it was going to burst. Angelica’s ass was amazingly tight, and the heat was pushing him over the edge. He felt himself hitting the point of no return. He slid his hands down to her ass and gripped her cheeks with his greasy fingers. He wanted to hold on, but he was quickly loosing the battle. His stomach was soon contracting and he couldn’t control his hips.

“Oh shit.” Gabe groaned as he felt the first surge of cum blast up his cock. He held Angelica’s ass like he was dying and blasted the largest load he ever had deep into her rectum. He could feel his seed mix with the remnants of shit in her ass and ooze out around his shaft.

Gabe was still bucking when Angelica shifted her legs forward. She planted her feet on the table alongside Gabe and angled her pussy toward him. Gabe’s cock never wilted as he watch in amazement. Angelica balanced on one hand and furiously stroked her cunt. She banged her hand against her clit over and over again, and Gabe could feel her muscles contract through the thin barrier that separated her cunt from her ass.

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