Gift From The Witch.


 Grant had almost turned tail and headed in the opposite direction when he saw the older woman sprawled in the snow. His fear was based on her identity, this was Constance Perkins the so-called witch. However, his parents had raised him well and he couldn’t just leave her there. So he approached and offered assistance. “Help me up. Don’t pull, just steady yourself,” she said in a pleasant voice as she placed her hands on his forearm.Once on her feet, he assisted in gathering up the contents of the bag of groceries that had gone flying. As he worked he thought about the stories he had heard about her since he was a child. She lived in a large house that had been built back in the fifties right before the housing boom and she owned all the acreage behind it.It seemed a developer wanted the property as he was about to commence building a housing project and tried to take it using some underhanded scheme and bullying to get what he needed. All that ended when he was involved in a car crash a few days later. Everyone knew the story and blamed the witch for his accident. “She must have put a curse on him,” was the most common comment.The scattered contents were placed back in the bag and he handed it to her. When she took a step forward to accept it she almost fell again and was forced to place her hand on his shoulder to prevent from falling. Up close Grant notice that she was quite attractive for an older female.”Ow. I must have twisted my ankle,” she informed the teen. “I only live a few houses away and If you will carry those to my house I’ll give you ten dollars.”A bolt of fear shot through his body as she said this and he began to regret offering his assistance.”Relax. I haven’t turned anyone into a toad in quite some time,” she said with a smile.This caused Grant to laugh and he forget his fear. So they commenced walking the half block to her house and she used his shoulder for balance. Fear took hold of him again as she unlocked the side door and invited him inside as he was afraid of what he would see once inside. Images of cauldrons, bugs, black cats, and bats flooded his mind so he was relieved when he discovered that her kitchen resembled his Grandma’s kitchen, it was beyond clean. He placed the bag on the counter and was bade to take a seat as she placed a tea kettle on to boil and placed cups on the Ankara escort table.”You probably grew up on Lipton tea,” she said as he placed a large glass jar filled with loose tea in front of him. “I think you will find this a lot better.” She produced two tea balls and filled them with loose tea and then placed them in the cups. The kettle whistled and the hot water was poured into their china mugs. After placing containers of milk and sugar on the table she took a seat opposite him.”I’m glad you didn’t turn tail and run,” she said in a pleasant voice. “Who knows how long I might have laid there.”Her comment caused Grant to almost choke on his tea as he stared at her smiling face and struggled for a response.”I’m no mind reader, but the look in your eyes said it all,” she continued.”I’m sorry,” Grant managed to say.”Don’t be, as I’m sure you heard dozens of stories of my being a witch so your hesitance is understandable, but you did the proper thing and offered assistance,” Constance replied.”My parents would have been really angry if I had done nothing,” Grant managed to say.Constance excused herself and left the table with some difficulty and returned a few minutes late and handed him a ten-dollar bill. As he reached for it she asked him to turn his free hand over and she studied it for some time. After Grant had placed the bill in his pocket she asked him to show her that hand, this one she also stared at for some time.”What do you see? Grant asked in a timid voice.”A great deal. Now, who is the dark-eyed brunette that has you all tied up in knots?”Once again Grant choked on his tea as there was no way in the world this woman should know about Debora Green. As the older female looked him in the eyes he suddenly felt compelled to tell her everything about his stunning classmate. He told her about the friendship that started when they were kids and continued to the present day and how Debora started out as a skinny little girl and almost overnight turned into a raven-haired beauty. For reasons unknown, Grant couldn’t stop talking. He went on to add how he found it difficult to think of her as just a friend.”You have never told her how you feel?” Constant asked.”There is no point. She’s attracted to tall, blonde pretty boys like Larry Fitzwater,” he responded, trying not to sound Ankara escort bayan bitter.”Maybe it’s because he told her how he felt whereas you didn’t. Well, I owe you more than a simple ten-dollar bill can repay so I am going to help the situation along,” she informed Grant as she stood up again and wandered to the next room. When she returned with a small black cauldron his heart jumped.”You going to brew me a love potion?” he asked.”Too unreliable,” she answered. “Now touch the face of your school ring to your forehead and think about her and see her in your mind’s eye. I want you to think about her and your desire for her,” she instructed. Though he thought it was foolish, Grant did as he was asked.After about ten minutes she asked him to slip his ring off and hand it to her. When he did she wrapped it in some leaves and placed it in the small black pot. She then went to a spice rack and removed several jars and commenced sprinkling the various powders on it amid her non-stop mutterings.”Don’t you need a lock of hair or a clothing sample?” Grant asked.”That’s for amateurs,” she answered.Constance removed the ring after about five minutes and wiped off the excess powder with some leaves and then handed it back to him.”Now all you have to do is touch your ring to her bare skin and then wait for the results. They won’t be immediate, but they will happen,” she said. “You do make physical contact with her?””Yeah. We always high-five each other in the morning, but she’s not the only girl I do that to,” he stated. Constance seemed to sense his next question and interrupted him before he could continue speaking.”No, it won’t work on just any girl,” she answered. “Now, if she is a virgin it will take a while for the spell to take hold.””I don’t think she’s a virgin,” Grant offered.”Then you will see results within a day,” Constance responded. “Now, remember this will be a one-time thing, and the next day she may act as if nothing happened or she may resent you.””I’ll risk it,” Grant answered as he examined his ring.”Then there is only one other thing you must do,” Constance stated as she took her seat.”Is that it?” he asked.”I want you to stop back here and let me know if it works,” she responded as she stood up, indicating that tea time was over.Grant headed home and didn’t Escort Ankara think about this meeting until the next day when he arrived in homeroom. He spotted Debora standing with a group of her friends. When she saw him approach she smiled and raised her hand to high five him. Grant quickly spun the ring around on his finger so that the face was on the underside of his finger.”Hey,” was all she said.”Hey, yourself,” he responded as his hand met hers with an almost inaudible smack of flesh against flesh.Grant took his assigned seat and out of the corner of his eye he watched to see if there was a reaction, but there was none. Eventually, homeroom ended and the students headed to their first class.It was as Debora sat in American History that it happened. As she sat there listening to the teacher drone on she felt her nipples begin to tingle and harden. She was puzzled as there was no reason for this. There was no blast of cold air and the teacher was older, unattractive, and the lecture was boring so that wasn’t the cause.She was thankful that she had taken to wearing a sweater as the school always seemed cold despite the heat being on. Besides keeping her warm it hid the sight of her erect nipples pushing against her bra and blouse.She closed her eyes and under her eyelids, she saw flashes of Grant. She saw his lips on hers and his hands on her boobies. Her eyes snapped open and she shook her head as if to shake the vision away, it didn’t work. Despite his absence, she could still smell his cologne. As the erotic images continued she felt the heat begin to build in her panties and she became wet.”Oh please. Not here and not now,” she said to herself. “I don’t need to walk around in wet panties all day.”She lowered her eyes to the pages of the open book and stared at the text in an effort to calm down, but it didn’t work and once again she saw Grant. This time she could feel his hands sliding along her smooth legs and under her skirt as his lips kissed her cheek and neck. She felt his fingers begin to gently brush the crotch of her very wet panties and she was beginning to enjoy the sensation and responded by wrapping her arms around him and crushing her tits against his chest.The pealing of the bell signaling the end of class roused her from her fantasy and gathered her things and headed toward her next class. As she walked she thought about Grant and couldn’t understand these feelings. He wasn’t bad looking and in pretty good shape, but they had been buds since before junior high and that’s all it was between them. He never hit on her or tried to touch her and she felt comfortable with him.