Girl For Sale AKA Poor Little Dawn


Hi! This is a part of a much longer series I plan on writing, hopefully you enjoy it! Stay tuned for more stories….


The sun peeked over the houses in the distance and splashed bright lovely light against the back wall of the bedroom. Normally, the morning would arrive alone, its beauty unseen and untouched by a single soul in the bedroom of many beds and shelves. Today however, it had company.

Dawn sat on the top bunk of her bed anxiously. Today was the day. She was finally 18. She had always feared this moment would come too soon, and it came before anyone could even blink. She wasn’t ready to be alone.

She quietly got off her bed so as to not wake the other girls in the room. Growing up without privacy and safety taught Dawn to be stealthy, and moving around at night was much easier if she knew how to be quiet. She went about her morning routine with anticipation and anxiety floating in her head. She was to see her social worker that day to discuss what her next steps were. The simple answer: She hadn’t gotten that far just yet.


For as long as Dawn could remember she had always been a foster child. There was never anyone to kiss her scrapes and cuts, there was never an adult who had made her feel safe. Dawn could only imagine those things with her real family. Her mother was a drug addict who cared far more about her next fix than her children, her father dead in a tragic car accident. There would be no one to celebrate this day with.

Well….except for Amy.

Amy had been Dawn’s social worker for several years. She knew some of Dawn’s darkest fears and had always promised to keep her safe and to help her find a path in this world. Dawn trusted Amy more than any other person she had met, Amy had never led her astray. But soon Dawn would lose Amy too, and then what would happen to her?

Dawn looked at herself in the mirror, trying so hard not to stare at herself. She had all the traits of a beautiful woman. A sweet round face, warm and rich dark brown skin, curly thick hair that twisted and coiled around her face to frame her gorgeous smile. Yet she felt so empty. She had never known who these features came from. More than anything else, she sex izle yearned for family.

Dawn arrived at Amy’s office and was greeted with smiles and warm hugs. Amy had always celebrated her successes with her.

“How’re you feeling now, grown up? Got any fun plans for tonight?” Amy asked while looking down at her laptop. “None. I’ll be busy trying to figure out my financial aid paperwork. It’s frustrating. I just hope I get the scholarship to the program in Pennsylvania. It’s my only hope in being able to afford any of this.” Dawn sighed. Amy smiled at her, her green eyes glinting in the light from the window. “You need a break and some fun. After today your file will be closed with our office and I won’t be your case manager anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be my friend! Let me take you out to dinner tonight, I have some good news to share as well.” Dawn hesitated but eventually relented, relaxing into the comfort of being seen and loved by Amy. “At least she cares”, Dawn thought.

As Dawn arrived at home, she got a text from Amy that read:

Hey you! Pack an overnight bag just in case, I might not be up to driving back tonight. I hope you don’t mind.”

Dawn quickly responded:

“Hey! Yeah, no problem.”

She smiled.

Dinner was uneventful, although Amy kept discussing the amazing news she needed to share with Dawn. Dawn’s anticipation was sky high. She couldn’t fathom what Amy could’ve possibly planned, but Dawn was excited nonetheless. They arrived back at Amy’s house, and she took out two wine glasses, filling them with dark brachetto d’acqui. Dawn had never had alcohol before, but she didn’t want to disappoint Amy and took a long sip.

They drank wine on Amy’s floor and talked for a while about life. Amy wanted to know everything now. Did Dawn have a boyfriend? Was she looking for one? What did Dawn like in a guy? The wine made the talking easy and they slowly gravitated closer and closer to each other. Soon Dawn’s head rested in Amy’s lap, she thick curls gently nuzzled between Amy’s thighs.

“So here’s the good news: I can help you with the financial aid situation. I can get you into a really awesome service-study sikiş izle program and you’ll be set, but you have to do something for me first.” Amy whispered while caressing Dawn’s face. The heat of her pussy warmed Dawn’s head, she laid still unsure what to do next.

“That’s amazing!” Dawn exclaimed. “What do I have to do? Is there an interview process?”

Amy giggled, continuing to caress Dawn’s soft face and her hand slowly slid down the length of Dawn’s top. She moved it up, exposing Dawn’s breasts. Her nipples were an even richer brown, her tear drop shaped tits softly rising and falling with each deep breath. Amy took a nipple between her fingers and rolled it gently. Dawn laid motionless, softly moaning.

“You know what I want right? If you do this for me, I’ll do whatever it takes to help you out. I just want to feel your tongue on my pussy, and I want to do the same to you. I’ll teach you how to do it.” Amy moaned, leaning down to kiss Dawn. Their lips met, Dawn felt a tightness in her gut and her panties instantly soaking up all of her juices.

Amy was her friend but more importantly her social worker. Why would she fuck her?!

But then Dawn thought again. Amy was offering to make her problem disappear. No more worrying about college when this service-study program could solve that. Amy wasn’t bad looking either. Tall, thin framed with soft handfuls of tits and a full ass, Dawn couldn’t help but imagine herself touching and kissing her.

“I’m nervous.” Dawn said to Amy while sitting up. Amy immediately climbed on top of Dawn and kissed her roughly. “I’ll go first. I bet your pussy tastes so sweet.” She tugged at Dawn’s shirt and pulled it up over her head, pushing Dawn further into the couch as she went. Amy looked down at Dawn, who couldn’t even look her in the eye. Dawn was scared, she could see that. Amy kissed her softly on the forehead, dragging her lips down the bridge of her nose, kissing her lips passionately. Dawn winced at first, then relaxed into the kiss and cuddle. “She’s perfect for them”, Amy thought to herself.

Soon Dawn was nude, her pussy and ass up in the air for Amy’s tongue to taste. Amy gently pet her waiting and soft türk porno pussy lips before pressing her tongue to Dawn’s clit. She was delectable. Amy knelt behind her, dressed down now only to a satiny blue thong, blowing air all over Dawn’s sensitive holes. Amy suckled gently at the clit, feeling the wetness from Dawn’s slit begin to drip down her nose and all over her chin. Admittedly, Amy got greedy. She wanted to taste all of Dawn before….

Dawn moaned and shook, careful not to move. She had never been kissed, let alone had her pussy ate. Each stroke of Amy’s tongue sent Dawn into a wave of loud gasping moans until she could hardly stand. Amy yanked Dawn’s pussy towards her hungry mouth and feverishly sucked her clit and shoved her tongue into her pussy. Dawn screamed, ecstasy flooded her body as she flooded Amy’s face and the floor. Amy soon replaced her tongue with her fingers and gently rubbed circles along the inner walls of Dawn’s cunt.

“You’re a good girl, you’ll fit in well where I’m sending you. Now on your knees, little girl.” Amy growled.

Dawn obeyed, although sad that she didn’t get to enjoy Amy’s fingers for longer. Amy stood above her and slid the satin blue thong she was wearing down around her ankles. She grabbed Dawn by her dark luscious curls and lowered herself onto the sweet waiting lips down below. Dawn was hesitant, the pussy just sitting on her lips at first, her kissing it dryly.

“If you want my help you’d better be a bit more ready to hold up your side of the deal, sweetie. Open your mouth and stick out that tongue.” Amy said laughingly. Dawn slowly opened her mouth, her warm breath causing new rising heat in Amy’s slit. She was ready and eager to ride this girl’s face. Dawn’s tongue emerged warm and wet, brushing up again Amy’s soft tan clit. Amy jerked her hips and built up momentum, riding Dawn’s lips until she had satiated herself. The orgasms were spectacular, Amy’s pussy juice dripped onto Dawn’s face, hair, and nude tits. She glistened and shined under the living room lights, no longer a little girl but a woman who loved pussy.

Amy and Dawn both looked at each other, not in shock, but in pride. Amy knew Dawn was the perfect candidate to meet The Man. She could see it the entire time she’s known her. Dawn had proven her potential, even if she didn’t understand it yet. Dawn had done a good job and was eager to hear the next steps to get into the “service-study” program. She had no idea what she was in store for…..