Girl Talk

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“So, tell me Sandy,” Linda said, leaning across the coffee table and winking at her pal from the marketing department. “—And I want exact figures here—when was your last orgasm, and how much foreplay did Ken give you the last time you made love.”

Sandy burst into a quick fit of laughter. It was so typical of her sales associate pal to toss this kind of thing at her right as she took a sip of coffee. It was a game they played at their Sunday brunches together: the thick, dark-haired Linda loved it when coffee wound up running down her tall, blond friend’s chin from the laughter. This time, Sandy was able to keep it all inside her mouth and swallow without choking, however.

“Well,” she said, wiping her chin just in case. “It hasn’t been that great, as I’ve told you before. I’d have to say the last time he sent me over the edge was a month ago. As to the other question…”

“Hang on, kid. I didn’t ask when HE made you come, I asked when YOU came. A month ago, that’s fine, but nothing since? On your own? Know what I mean?”


“Come on. Spill. You can’t have gone a whole month without anything. It isn’t natural. Am I right?”

Sandy took a deep breath then had a sip of coffee.


“A ha!” shouted Linda with a pound on the table. “When Tuesday?”

“4 p.m.”

“Fingers or toys?”

“You are so nosy! Fingers.”

“Good. Question answered. Now, about that foreplay?”

“It was okay,” Sandy said, shrugging.

“But how much?”

“I don’t know, Linda. I didn’t exactly have a stopwatch going.”

Linda responded with a nasty glare that demanded an answer.

“Okay, okay,” Sandy said, giving in to her friend again. “We had a little kissing, he grabbed my boobs for a bit. He fingered me until I was wet, then I was bent over and he was off to the races.”

“Pretty slim fare, if you ask me.”

“What was I supposed to do?”

“Get to go to town, of course! You need a full helping of appetizers before he brings on the main course. When I make love, I get it and I give it for half the damn night. What’s the longest he’s ever kissed your tits—and don’t give that ‘I didn’t have a stopwatch’ crap, because I think you remember down to the second.”

Sandy blushed seriously.

“About two minutes,” she admitted.

“That’s hardly long enough to do any good at all.”

Linda slipped around the coffee table and sat next to her very surprised friend.

“I mean,” she said as she slipped her coat off and tossed it on the floor. “I’m sure the fondling is a good start, but even then, it takes a good amount of sucking before those nipples start to feel really good.”

Linda grabbed her friend’s breasts quickly but firmly.

“At least for me,” Linda added with a grin. Sandy gripped Linda’s wrists. “Watch the wall clock and tell me when these little soldiers are at attention,” Linda ordered. She winked, then started a gentle stroking of Sandy’s breasts. Sandy gasped, then blinked. Linda gave her an annoyed glance, then nodded toward the clock.

“Yeah, okay,” Sandy said, turning toward the clock and loosening her grip on Linda’s wrists.

Linda caressed Sandy’s breasts with a steady circular pattern. After a couple of minutes, she felt Sandy take a deep breath and relax a little.

“Yeah, they’re getting hard, now,” Sandy said a minute later.

“Not getting hard,” Linda said, taking both nipples between her fingers and squeezing them through the blouse and bra. “Let me know when they are really hard. I mean as aroused as you can remember them ever being.”

The clothes kept her from getting a good grip on the nipples, so she alternated between rubbing the material roughly over them and giving them pulsing squeezes. Finally, she gave one long, hard squeeze that elicited another gasp from Sandy.

“That’s pretty good,” Sandy said.

“Good and hard?”

“Yeah. The, um, ‘little soldiers’ are at attention, Sergeant.”

Linda laughed and returned to the gentle stroking of Sandy’s breasts.

“How long did that take?” she asked.

“Five minutes and fifty seconds.”

“See? I’ve already given your tits more attention than Ken does. Feel the difference?”

“Oh yeah,” Sandy said, looking Linda in the eye.

Linda gave Sandy a wicked grin, then started unbuttoning her friend’s blouse.

“What are you doing?” Sandy asked.

“Just a second. I want to try another experiment.”

Linda slipped Sandy’s porno indir blouse off her shoulders and had her bra undone before Sandy could let out another laughing protest.

“Now you wait a second, missy,” Sandy said as she watched her blouse and bra wind up on the floor.

“Just time this again,” Linda said. She saw an uncooperative look in Sandy’s face. “Please?” she added.

Sandy shrugged and looked back at the clock. Linda grinned and leaned over the prize before her.

As she gently kissed all around Sandy’s breasts, she wondered what kind of fool would ignore such a magnificent pair? Sandy’s tits were a little bigger than a handful and perfectly shaped. The nipples were large and pink against the white skin. She gave the right nipple a playful lick, then a little nibble to the aureole, then, finally, took the nub between her lips for a sensuous kiss.

Sandy moaned when Linda rolled her other nipple between her fingers. She put her hand on the back of Linda’s head and held her to her breast.

Linda peeked out the corner of her eye at the clock. Two minutes had passed.

“There, now,” she said, giving the nipple a quick kiss, then leaning back. “That’s two minutes, right?”

Sandy nodded. She swallowed, looking for her voice.

“How was that? Better than Ken?”

“Yeah, I’d say it’s a little better,” Sandy answered with a pant.

“Yeah, it’s better,” Linda bragged. “But it’s just the beginning. Here’s what happens when your boobs get the attention they deserve.”

Linda dove back between Sandy’s breasts, this time fixing on the left tit. She sucked the nipple hard, eliciting a gasp from Sandy.

Sandy’s hands went back to Linda’s head.

Linda returned to a slow, gentle sucking. She took Sandy’s right nipple between her skilled fingers and worked it in time with her lips and tongue. She kissed and nibbled and sucked the breasts until Sandy started a quiet rhythmic moaning. Linda took her hands away from Sandy’s breasts and gently stroked her back.

Sandy shuddered under the stimulation, then gave another full-forced moan. She could feel herself getting genuinely aroused. Her legs parted of their own accord, against her will. She shut them hard, only to be rewarded with a burst of pleasure as her thighs squeezed her sex. Linda sucked her nipple hard at the same time, and she grunted in response.

Sandy started to wonder how much of this she could take. She looked over at the clock. Another ten minutes had passed.

“It’s been ten minutes,” she said in a shaking voice.

“So?” Linda said, between licks.

Linda lifted her face from Sandy’s breasts, taking both nipples firmly between her fingers. She held her lips just in front of Sandy’s and grinned when her twisting and tweaking caused Sandy’s eyes to roll back for a long moan.

“Lie back, sweetie,” she said, giving Sandy a quick peck on the lips.

Sandy gave in to her friend and lowered herself to the couch. She closed her eyes and wondered where this was going.

Linda stood and looked down at her beautiful co-worker. She took a deep breath, then stripped off all of her clothes. She knelt down next to the couch and leaned over Sandy, letting her nipples graze her chest.

“I’m going to show you what foreplay is all about,” she whispered.

Linda hovered over the feast spread before her and let her hot breath settle onto the skin, but, Sandy’s surprise, she did not touch her breasts. Instead, Linda lifted her subject’s hand and kissed her fingers, one by one. She left a trail of wet kisses from Sandy’s palm to her shoulder. It felt to Sandy like she was licking each one of her goosebumps.

By the time Linda was halfway down her other hand, Sandy was starting to squirm with arousal.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked, hoping to distract Linda from the delightful torture.

“Shhh,” was the only response.

After Linda had caressed every inch of Sandy’s arms, shoulders and chest, she set back onto her breasts.

Sandy groaned loudly and held Linda’s head to her breasts for more sucking and kissing. She was quickly approaching orgasm—something she wouldn’t have thought possible from having her tits sucked—and she moaned in disappointment when Linda moved on to her belly.

Linda kept up a steady kneading on Sandy’s breasts while she planted more wet kisses all over her stomach and belly button. She let her fingers graze along Sandy’s rokettube flanks, then over the sides of her skirt and onto her thighs. She kissed Sandy’s mound through the clothes as her hands pushed the skirt up her thighs. Then she slowly slid her hands and face between her thighs and down to her feet.

Sandy was shocked to find herself disappointed that the hands and lips were heading away, not toward, her pussy. ‘You’re going the wrong way,’ she wanted to shout.

Sandy’s senses were overwhelmed by the pleasure of having her foot massaged and her toes kissed and sucked by Linda’s expert hands and mouth. She stopped trying to resist the moans of passion that kept escaping her lungs. Her feet felt as alive as her pussy. The pleasure radiated from each nerve up through her body. When Linda’s kisses started back up her legs she let her entire body feel the pleasure of each touch. She was floating on a cloud of ecstasy.

Linda kissed up the inside of Sandy’s thighs, watching them part for her. When she reached Sandy’s sex, she placed a series of light kisses over the panties, tasting the sweet dampness. She finished her tongue-bath with a long, hard, wet lick up her slit, from bottom to top. Sandy shuddered and thrust her pussy into her friend’s face.

Linda pulled her face back and brought a hand to the wet pussy to start a firm, circular massage of the vulva.

“How was that for foreplay?” she asked.

“Mmm,” was all Sandy could muster for a response, as she ground her mound against Linda’s fingers.

“What was that? Mmmm?” Linda teased. “Are you ready for a fuck?”

“Oh, where’s Ken?”

“Is that a yes? You’re ready to get fucked?”

“Yeah, I’m ready for a fucking,” Sandy admitted, laughing a little.

“I don’t think so. From your experience, you were ready to get nailed twenty minutes ago. If you aren’t begging for it, you aren’t ready for it.”

“Oh, God, I’m so wet, though.”

“Wet is good,” Linda said, taking her hand away and licking the fingers. “But I want to see begging. Let’s try it in the bedroom.”

Linda stood up and pulled Sandy to her feet.

Sandy’s breath caught in her throat as she admired her friend’s gorgeous naked body. Her eyes were drawn to Linda’s full breasts, thick nipples, and thick bush. She quickly imagined what it would be like to kiss Linda’s boobs the way she had kissed hers.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” she asked, letting her eyes lock with Linda’s.

Linda gave her another devilish smile. Instead of answering the question, she wrapped her arms around her.

“In this tour of good foreplay, we should certainly not forget the kissing,” Linda said.

Sandy closed her eyes and kissed her friend. She wrapped her arms around Linda as well and felt their nipples touch with a spark of pleasure. She opened her lips and allowed Linda’s tongue to spar with hers. The kiss was long and passionate, but Sandy tried to hold back again. She was sure that she was being seduced.

Linda broke the kiss and winked at Sandy, guessing what she was thinking. She led her confused charge by the hand to the bedroom, where she knelt before her and removed her skirt. She looked up into Sandy’s eyes and slowly peeled her soaking panties off.

“My, oh my, but you are a wet girl,” Linda teased. Sandy joined her in a giggle. Linda surmised that Sandy was playing a little game with her—she would let herself be fucked by a woman, but would not be seduced. Sandy was no match for Linda, though. She was already blown out of the water and Linda had only just started.

“Lie down on the bed,” Linda ordered.

Sandy crawled onto the bed, settling on her front. She did this to try to thwart Linda, but found the feel of the soft sheets against her sensitive breasts and skin even more arousing. Linda gave another chuckle and started in on a second tongue bath.

By the time Linda reached the small of Sandy’s back, Sandy was writhing with pleasure and humping her hips vainly into the sheets. Linda massaged her ass while she kissed and licked her legs and feet again, remembering the effect this had had before.

When she licked Sandy’s open inner thighs, her nose flared at the thick scent of her pussy. She gave agonizingly slow licks to the sensitive skin and watched a drop of dew collect between her lips. The clitoris was hard and the labia were red and swollen and wet. ‘Almost ready,’ Linda thought. ‘But not yet.’

Sandy gasped porno when she felt Linda’s lips give her pussy a slow kiss.

“Roll over,” Linda said.

Sandy complied with a groan and was again disappointed that Linda did not return to her aching pussy. She clenched her thighs together to give her cunt a little squeeze.

Linda crawled up to her and took her face in her hands.

“Kiss me, again,” Linda said.

Sandy quickly complied. They locked in a passionate and deep kiss that erased all doubt from Sandy’s mind. Her nipples felt good when she rubbed them against Linda’s. Linda slipped her thigh between Sandy’s legs and that felt good, too. She pulled Linda to her and caressed her naked skin. Her body pulsed with feelings at the sensation of touching the other woman. The game was up. She was lost.

“Fuck me,” she said, breaking the kiss. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Soon, baby,” Linda answered. “Just one more kiss.”

As they kissed, Linda pulled Sandy’s hands to her breasts. Sandy groaned and gave her friend’s nipples a healthy squeeze. She felt a shudder run through Linda. She felt growing pride and arousal at the thought that she had made Linda feel good. She kept it up until Linda moaned into her mouth.

“That’s it, Sandy,” she said, as she sucked her earlobe. “That feels really good. Now put your fingers in my cunt.”

Sandy’s fingers were running over Linda’s mound before she had time to think about it. She stroked two fingers over her clit and between her wet folds. Linda gasped, shuddered and moaned into her ear.

“Just like that,” she encouraged. “Right over my clit, now. Up and down, like that. There you go. Get me nice and wet so I can fuck you good.”

Linda let her own hand wander to Sandy’s pussy. She nibbled Sandy’s neck and then they kissed again, their fingers exploring each other’s pussies.

With a gasp, Linda pulled away from her new lover’s lips.

“That feels good,” she said.

“Fuck me, please, Linda. Please,” Sandy begged.

Linda pulled away and reached under the bed for her strap-on dildo. She raised herself to her knees and attached the phallus in place over her mound. She glanced down at Sandy. The blonde’s eyes were shining with lust; her legs open to her lover; her pussy red and wet with desire. Linda knew that she had the same look in her own eyes and the same dampness between her own lips.

Linda knelt between Sandy’s legs and guided the head of the penis to her hole. Sandy’s labia spread and gripped the phallus, pulling it inside. Linda sank the dildo deep into Sandy’s pussy. They moaned in unison.

“Yes, Linda, fuck me now,” Sandy demanded.

Linda slowly pulled the dildo out, then sank it back in. When she could feel her bush against the harness, she gave a quick little grind against her clit, then pulled it out again for another stroke. She put her lips to Sandy’s and they kissed as she continued her slow fucking.

Sandy could feel every inch of the cock with each stroke. She felt like she was having a tiny orgasm every time it slid into her: her pussy gave an involuntary twitch, then gripped and pulled on the dildo as it withdrew. She let out a long moan and dug her nails into Linda’s ass.

Linda opened her knees for better leverage, then started some serious fucking. Sandy gasped, then moaned in time with the quick but thorough thrusts. Linda could feel the dildo bumping her clit as well and moaned along with her. Soon, they were both moaning in perfect rhythm with the squeaking of the bed.

Sandy’s orgasm came quickly. Once the fast thrusts started, she was off to the races.

“Yes… yes… yes,” she panted. Then, “I’m coming! Fuck me! Make me come. Oh, yes, there it is!”

“Go on, girl,” Linda encouraged. “Come on, now. Here it is.”


Sandy gave a series of high-pitched pants as her body flew into the most powerful orgasmic contractions she had ever felt. Her pussy squeezed Linda’s dick. She wrapped her legs around Linda’s ass.

“Come!” she managed to say at the height of her climax.

Linda watched her lover’s angelic face as it contorted with pleasure. Before she knew what was happening, she was coming, too.

“I’m coming, Sandy,” she said. “Yes! I’m coming!”

She buried the dildo fully in Sandy’s vagina, and ground her clit against her. Her body pulsed with pleasure as she grunted through her orgasm. She gushed with love when Sandy wrapped her fingers through her hair and held her tight through the crisis.

With a deep sigh, she collapsed onto her student. Sandy held her in her arms and they kissed softly.

“Now,” Linda panted, when she had pulled herself together. “See what a difference good foreplay can make?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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