Girlfriend and Sister Cat Fight


No one under eighteen in sexual situations. There is some brother/sister incest, so if that’s not for you stop reading. Flash story. Just a bit of fun.


Tequila has a very bad reputation. And I am going to tell you, it is not, by any means, undeserved. I was celebrating the one year anniversary of the second happiest day of my life. The day my divorce became final! I usually celebrate this special day alone, sometimes I invite Jack Daniels, or Jim Beam. This year I had a long discussion with Jose Cuervo, and very, very importantly, I had cut up several dozen lime wedges before my drunken debacle began, thus avoiding another trip to the ER for stitches, from trying to cut limes while dead drunk. Another tip: never, ever cut limes in your lap, drunk or sober! This too I have learned the hard way!

This year it would seem that I have a girlfriend. Well maybe she is, and maybe she isn’t. She has an ex- husband and I think an off again, on again, and again relationship exists there as well. She is a ‘proximate’ girlfriend. She gets less than four feet away from me, and she wants to fuck me… If she is calling me, then I have done something terrible in her eyes and she’s going back to the ex. I can picture him going through the same thing in reverse. All I can say is poor fellow. I keep her things in big plastic bins so as to expedite her tearful farewells, which happen every other month, but sometimes every other damned WEEK. The only good thing is that later, her begging for me to take her back, and our makeup sex is very, very outstanding! She is very good with her mouth, and she now seems to enjoy anal orgasms even more than her big vaginal climaxes! Fuck, that girl can fuck! So I was not really expecting any female of the species to visit my small house in the sticks. My life was just grand. Out of the blue, and lacking the basic courtesy to call ahead, so I could run and hide my ass somewhere… my younger sister showed up to badger me about some set-up girl she had fixed me up with. I don’t think she really vets her potential mates for me, as the last one had several hundred tattoos and many numerous piercings, and told me she was primarily interested in meeting and fucking women! Funny thing is, we had a fine time. Turns out Jean likes steaks, she loves Guinness as much as I do, she is really good at darts. She is a very good sport. We played strip darts, which I lost. She had asked me to lick her cooch and I obliged, saying I was really a lesbian trapped in a mans body! Jean was very, very grateful, and decided to return the favor by sucking my cock. She had drunk about four hours worth of drinks, and I think she might be one of those closet-straight-gay girls because she was really very good at sucking cock! My goodness next thing she’s on top of me shoving my meat into her almost virginal vagina. Jean rode me like a bucking bronco and screamed as she came hard on my cock! We had fucked hard three times, and she was wonderful! I gave her as many good orgasms as I could, and she really liked it. Lesbian?

Could have fooled me. She almost fucked me to death.

Afterwards she was all too worried about the possible consequences of us fuckin up a storm. Jean liked the sex, but hated the rumor mill. She thought I was going to discuss our tryst.

“Are you going to blab everything we did all over town?” She asked with a worried look.

I asked her, “Have you ever heard anyone say anything about any of my bedmates ever?” Real gentleman never kiss and tell.

She said, “No, I have never heard a word.”

I said “Jean…I will never say one word of it to anyone, and your little secret will go with me to the grave.” I wouldn’t say anything to anyone either. None of their damned business.

Jean kissed me up and down and said, “You’re alright for a guy.”

I said “You’re ok for a guy too!” We laughed.

I said that “You are so damned good in bed, you don’t bitch and complain, you like to ataşehir escort get good and shitfaced now and then. You play darts, and shoot pool better than I do. You are the perfect girl.”

“You’re just saying that!” Jean said.

“Hell no! Do I seem like the kind of guy to blow a little sunshine up your ass? I have no axe to grind. I seriously doubt that you and I will ever fall in love like in the romance novels, but I do like you. You’re a good person, and you’re straight forward with me, and you are so damned fun to be with!” I hugged her.

“Tell you what, I’ll be happy to give you another lesson in fuckin straight style, though I know it’s not like your gonna be here a lot. You will always be very welcome in my house and in my arms.” I said to her.

“And in your bed?” She asked.

“Well you will have to make reservations for that. You can see all the women breaking down my door to fuck me!” We both laughed.

“Well John Joseph Carlin they should be. I had so much fun with you. If I was to ask you to fuck me till I was pregnant, would you do it?”

“Nope… Not unless I get to be in the child’s life. My ex pretty much destroyed all the love my kids used to have for me. If I get to be a father, well that is way, way different. That I would do in a heartbeat. Yeah, for you I would like to do it. I trust you Jean.”

“I think you would be a good father too. When the time comes, if I find the right girl…”

“Definitely bring her over!”

“JJ you are so dirty. Maybe for your birthday. Wanna fuck two women at the same time?” Jean was just fuckin with me now. That was never ever going to happen.

“That would be a hell of a birthday party!” I knew nothing would ever come of it. Talk is cheap.

We did get together several more times, and every time was just as nice as the first time. Then I heard she did meet up with a nice woman and that was that. No more Jean. But you know, we are still friends… Just haven’t been able to get together like we have in the past. I was thinking she might be going exclusive with her new lover… And I would be a little bit of a problem for her. She need not have worried.

I would like to be with her, but not at the expense of her relationship. That would be wrong on so many levels! I guess that it’s just easier to forget about me. That’s ok, I’ll be there for her anyhow. I am a rainy day friend, not the other kind.


Here I was going to get a bit fucked up, and my door opened. What the fuck?

“JJ. It’s just me, your sister!” She yelled into the house. My little sister Sherry, all grown up and divorced for three months. Or was it six months? My alcohol filled brain was not sure. I was seeing two of her.

“You don’t hav’a yell Sherry. I’m right here. Wan’ some tequila?” I asked her, holding a shot glass and lime wedge.

“No, but I’ll take a kiss.” She bent over and kissed me full on the mouth with her very plump lips. Sherry had her big tits in my face as well. She had obviously had one or two drinks already. She went into the kitchen and I heard the fridge open.

“You made margaritas!” I heard her pouring two glasses of the lovely drink.

“Who says that I can’t cook? I wasn’t sure if you were going to be here or not.” She set a glass down in front of me.

“Is the bitch here?”

“Do you mean my part time good-for-nothing girlfriend Barbara? I think we’re on a break. If this is Friday she’s with her ex. I guess this week, I’m the ex, sorta. FUCKIN BITCH.”

“I don’t know why you keep taking her back.” Sherry held my head in her huge cleavage and stroked my face. It felt like heaven.

“Barb is good at one thing.” I said. “Make-up sex is always really good.”

“She’s flat as a board. Barb has no ass. She takes advantage of you all the time. You let her run back to her ex husband all the time. Is Barb’s cunt that tight?”

“Listen to you talk. Well I hate ataşehir escort to admit to my little sister-“

“-Ha! I’m not so little anymore!” And she stuck out her beautiful orbs. She whacked my face with them.

“I hated to admit to my busty little sister, but I don’t have any girls currently who have even the remotest interest in me. Barb shows up like freaking clockwork telling me how much she loves me, how her mean ex just did this, or said that. After a while, I think she gets tired of me, goes to him and tells him all the shitty things I have allegedly done. Then the cycle repeats itself. She is pretty flat, but she has enormous nipples that are very sensitive. She gets off from me sucking on them. And she has a very tight little pussy. And best of all, she loves to get buttfucked. She actually enjoys it more in her behind than in her tight snatch. Not to even mention that she gets all hot when she sucks my cock. One of these days I have to go searching for her replacement. But I am being honest with you, she is really good in bed. I wish she wasn’t, and that I didn’t care, because it would be so much easier to just forget about her, and find someone new. But I have never had another woman come close to her in the sex department. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I wish you weren’t my sister, I would be all over you. Your motor-scooter ex husband told me in great detail how and what you did for that fuckin low life cheap dick. I know you will find someone so much better that that scum fuck head.” I was red faced with anger. Then I thought of something very ironic. “Can I tell you a secret? She knows about how much I love you. She told me that she is so damned jealous of your big tits and perfect ass. She is bi-sexual. She admitted that to me. And you turn her on like crazy. I told her my secret too. That I lust for my sister. That you make me harder that stainless steel, and I jerk off dreaming of you. When your mother-fuckin ex hurt you… I was going to kill the bastard for real.”

“He didn’t press charges against you. That was nice of him. You put him in the hospital for crying out loud. He could have-“

“-He hit you. He is very lucky to have lived through the fight. I was going to kill him. Honestly if you had not stopped me, I probably would be in jail for murder. Nobody hits my gorgeous sister! Thank God for all the witnesses who saw what happened. Once the cops saw your eye, and lip bleeding, I thought the cops were going to beat him up too!” I laughed.

“You love me.” She said, almost surprised.

“More than anything else. More than I love myself. I pray for you every single day. There’s a room here for you, if you ever change your mind about living with your dumb-assed brother.”

“You’re not dumb. And I really like your cute ass. I pinch you all the time. I love you JJ. I have a bad confession to make.”

“Catholic church is down on Passaic street. Abou three miles on the left. I am not qualified to hear your confession. I am pretty sure that all the shit that I have done has probably not endeared me to the Lord.” I laughed so hard. Shit, I was going to hell for sure.

“I want to fuck you JJ.” She said it to me.

“I want to fuck you too my dear Sherry. I have wanted to for years. But you and I are… Well, off limits. You are the sexiest woman alive and I would fuck you till I died. The coroner would never get the smile off my face.” I kissed her pretty red lips.

“What if we were not really brother and sister?”

“That’s impossible. I saw mom’s big belly. I was there when they brought you home.”

“Look at these papers. Mom had them hidden in her safety deposit box. The bank was never notified. I had to pay a hundred bucks in back rent before they brought them out. There was some jewelry too.”

“Are you sure these are real documents?” I was drunk and I was finding it impossible to focus my eyes.

“Check the county seal. And the hospital anadolu yakası escort has its own notary. Take a look. I was adopted. Why didn’t she ever tell me? Wait! … Did you know? Why didn’t YOU tell me?” She was instantly angry with me.

“I swear to god, I didn’t know. Mom never ever said a blessed word.”

“I looked up the birth mother. She passed away eight years ago. She was never married.”

“What about the baby inside mom? What happened to the child.”

“This was in the pile of papers too.” She handed me a paper. “Death certificate of child during childbirth” which specified stillborn, death from natural causes. Child unnamed.

I had never seen one of these death certificates. It was so sad. There was my mom’s name and the attending physician’s signature and time of death. It was terribly sad.

“Stillbirth? She lost my sister, and the single unwed mother in the next bed… Had you?” And they brought home the sister in my living room. This was just not possible. It seemed crazy. Why didn’t mom tell me or her?

“Wait. These records are supposed to be sealed.” I said.

“They were definitely sealed. It says so right here. Mom got them after the birth mother passed away. It was after MY birth mother passed away.” She teared up. “Mom was still my mom though. But do you know what this means? I mean I’ll always be your busty little bitch sister. But you and I are not blood related. Wanna fuck me?” She was smiling ear to ear.

I don’t know how I got up and into the bedroom. I don’t even remember taking my clothes off, or her clothes coming off either. But suddenly we were in bed, fucking like jackrabbits. I remember her coming again and again and again and me having a huge orgasm. Later she shoved her nipple in my mouth, and I naturally sucked it. In minutes her perfect body and mine were fucking like no tomorrow. Then in my alcohol induced haze, we were in a deep sleep in my bed. We were sleeping with my dick still buried deep inside her tight little snatch. Then the lights came on and yelling and screaming.

I remember my on-again-off-again bitch girlfriend in my bed… Screaming at me and hitting me. And she was then fighting with my sister.. Wait, my former sister. They were going at it tooth and nail. Pulling hair and twisting each other’s nipples. Grabbing each other’s cunts. I finally got in the middle of the fight, and got kicked in the head. And bitten. And scratched. And punched. But eventually I got them slowed down. But I do not know for the life of me how it went from them trying to kill one another, to them hugging each other and kissing, and smacking each other’s ass, and more kissing, then the sex between them. How the fuck did that happen? Talk about a crazy turn of events. I finally said fuck it, and started to fuck them both. The dirty bitches did not even slow down! Then they fucked me and each other at the same time! We fucked all night. Those dirty girls must have come at least fifty times. I only came five times and that is probably my best ever. I heard no complaints though.

I wonder if my semi-ex-girlfriend will understand that she can easily be replaced now. In fact I have plans to do just that if Sherry will be mine. In the meantime as Sherry is riding on my cock, and that bitch Barb is on my face, I will just have to put up with it. She keeps spurting in my face when she climaxes. So does Sherry. They are trying to drown me. I don’t mind. There are worse ways to go.


My brother is a great guy and I love him so much. It only took me a couple of hours on my computer to design and print up a death certificate and a phony certificate of adoption. Finding out who was the attending physician and the woman in the hospital for her gallbladder. The documents are going back to being sealed… In my safe deposit box.

I love my brother. He’s mine now. I do find myself having a sexual attraction to his bitch part time girlfriend. He loves her and me both. So I guess I will just have to tell her if she goes back to her ex, then I will immediately marry my brother. No more part time, him, or my brother. And me of course. Look at my brother smiling at me with his dick straight up. Looks like I’ve got work to do!