Girlfriend’s Bro Takes Charge Pt. 02

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The typically FIFA game is only five minutes, so it didn’t take long for us to dive right into action. I placed my controller in my lap to cover up my flaccid cock, even though I was plenty proud of it. Despite what Ayden had said, I knew that my dick was average and felt confident that I was much bigger than this teenager who was eight years younger than me.

I scored first in the game and was up 1-0. Before halftime, I added a second goal and was up 2-0. That’s when I started getting cocky.

“Who sucks now!?” I asked. “Looks like you’ll be doing my dare in no time.”

Ayden just smiled during halftime and casually scratched above his boxers. He didn’t have abs like me, but was pretty toned—at least for someone who played video games all day.

To my surprise, I added another goal in the second half, making my lead 3-0. I was unstoppable at FIFA and now really started to gloat.

“Are you losing on purpose!?” I asked. “Maybe you want to show off your little boy cock.”

This seemed to really piss off Ayden, and he double downed on focusing on the game. Meanwhile, I relaxed a bit since there were only two minutes left and I already had a victory in the bag. In a matter of seconds, Ayden scored a goal, then somehow scored another goal. I was stunned!

I clung onto my lead for another minute or so, until the final seconds of the game. Then, suddenly, Ayden intercepted one of my passes and sprinted with his player down the field. My defender had a clear shot at stopping him and all I had to do was make a simple tackle. But somehow I whiffed it and Ayden’s striker went straight for goal. As time expired, the score was 3-3. All tied up. The game was going to overtime.

I was pissed that Ayden had somehow weaseled his way back from defeat. But I was also confident that I would come back and win in overtime. When I had focused in the first half, I had dominated Ayden in every way. I just needed to concentrate and surely I would win.

“You sure you want to keep playing?” Ayden asked.

“I sure do.” I boasted. “Why, you nervous?”

“Sounds like you’re pretty confident,” he replied. “Want to do double or nothing?”

“What do you mean?”

“Instead of one dare, how about the loser has to serve the winner for the rest of the night? Whatever he wants, the loser obeys.”

I was so caught up in the game that I wasn’t thinking clearly. It was already 10 pm, so even if I lost, the night was almost over. More importantly, I was convinced that I would win and couldn’t wait to put this cocky kid in his place. I could finally make him clean the apartment, wash the dishes, and fold my laundry—all while fully naked. It sounded like a sweet deal to me!

“You’re on,” I replied. “Hope you’re ready to lose.”


I was so hyped for overtime and ready to win, but nothing went as expected.

It was basically a total meltdown. Ayden started with the ball and scored right away. He then proceeded to take the ball away from my team every time I touched it. Adding insult to injury, he scored four more times in the span of two minutes. I couldn’t do a thing as the final score of the game was a whopping 8-3.

“Nice job, pretty boy,” he said. “Guess you suck at FIFA just as much as you suck at Halo.”

I sat there shell-shocked as Ayden kept talking. “You really wanted to see my dick, huh? I gave you 60 fucking chances and you couldn’t get a kill. You wanted to see me naked so badly and now you have to do what I want for the rest of the night.”

I couldn’t believe that I’d lost bet after bet to this 19-year-old kid. How did I get so ahead of myself? At least I only had two hours to endure this cocky kid. Glancing at the clock, I saw it was already 10:05 pm.

“Hmmm…what should I make you do?” Ayden gloated.

“How bout you stand up for me?” He said. “I want to see what we have to work with.”

I hated this little punk more than ever. The last thing I wanted to do was submit to his commands, but I did make the bet and needed to honor it. Slowly and begrudgingly, I stood in front of Ayden naked as the day I was born.

“Hahahahaahaha! Duuuuude, I feel so bad for you. How do you even fuck my sister with that?”

“My cock is perfectly average,” I retorted, “and your sister enjoys it just fine, thank you.”

Ayden laughed as I said this and then stood up. Standing right next to me, he was clearly shorter than my 6’2″ height and I probably had him beat by four or so inches. I was also more muscular than him and outweighed him by 25 or so pounds.

Now that he was looking up to me, Ayden seemed to notice the power shift. I even flexed for me him to make my muscles pop a bit more.

“You work out, huh?” He said. “Why don’t you get down on your knees? I want to show you what a real man’s cock looks like.”

I couldn’t believe the gall of this kid, and I flatly refused to drop on my knees for him. There was no way in hell that I was going to give that satisfaction to my girlfriend’s şişli escort little punk brother.

Ayden just smiled in response, staring right at me with his piercing blue eyes. “Are you afraid by how big it is?” He asked.

Fuck, I thought. I was now stuck in a bind. I didn’t want Ayden to think that he had this magical dick that I was somehow afraid of. But the last thing I wanted to do was get on my knees in front of his crotch.

“You’re afraid of my dick,” Ayden repeated. “You’re worried that your little ego can’t handle it.”

I didn’t want to prove Ayden right and was pissed off now more than ever, so I slowly started to bend down. I tried to crouch more than kneel, but unwittingly, I ended up right where Ayden wanted me: on my knees before him.

Never in a million years did I imagine that I would be face-to-face with the boxer shorts of a 19-year-old college kid. Eight years younger than me, he was skinner and scrawnier than me in every way. But until now, I had never glanced at his crotch. What I thought would be a thin and invisible part of his body actually looked like a pretty significant bulge. Now that I was face-to-face with whatever was in Ayden’s shorts, I started to doubt my previous assessments. What if he’s bigger than me? I thought. And worse—what if he’s much bigger?

I tried to repel these thoughts from my mind, since being on my knees before my girlfriend’s little brother was bad enough. “You like what you see?” He asked, smirking. Then he started, inch by inch, lowering his boxer shorts to the floor.

At first, I thought my eyes deceived me. The base of Ayden’s dick was much bigger than it should’ve been. A veritable tree trunk, it was wide and thick, and surrounded by light blond pubes. As Ayden’s boxers kept being lowered to the floor, the rest of his shaft came into view—slowly unfurling into the world. After inch by inch was slowly revealed, the enormous head of Ayden’s shaft came into the picture. And finally, with his shaft released, the 19-year-old stud dropped his boxers to his ankles and stood before me in all his glory.

“There you go,” Ayden said. “This is the dick you’ve been waiting for. The only reason you sucked at Xbox was to see me naked and now you finally have it.”

Ayden stood before me with his massive manhood of at least six soft inches swinging between his legs. He had of course been right all along. His dick was bigger—much bigger—than my own. It was twice the size of my flaccid cock and maybe even longer and thicker than mine was when fully erect.

Ayden sat back down on the couch as I struggled to take my eyes off his dick. Even in my many experiences in locker rooms, I’d rarely seen one so big. And on his skinny, teenage body, it looked simply huge.

“You like what you see, huh?” He joked. “I told you it was large.”

Ayden glanced at the flaccid 3-incher between my own legs and chuckled. “I really figured a big guy like you would be packing more heat. That reminds me of what my cock looked like in middle school.”

Now that Ayden was naked, the power dynamic in the room had shifted, and there was nothing I could do to refute his arguments. I simply hoped that the clock would hit midnight as soon as possible and this terrible nightmare would quickly come to an end.

“Why don’t you give me a foot massage?” Ayden said, as he sat on the couch. “That would feel nice.”

I groaned but knew I had agreed to submit to Ayden’s every demand. I couldn’t believe I’d made that stupid bet, and double-downed on top of it!


So as I crawled over to the couch, Ayden put his foot in front of me and told me to start rubbing it. His foot smelled a little weird, since he had been sitting inside playing Xbox all day, but I massaged it anyway. I then rubbed his toes and moved on to his other foot. But before I finished that one, Ayden told me that he wanted me to lick his feet as well.

“Just lick it a little bit,” he urged me. “I bet your tongue will feel good.”

I thought about saying no but wanted to get this over with. Obeying Ayden’s words, I started licking his feet. I wanted to make it quick but Ayden told me to keep going. For five full minutes, he made me give his feet a tongue bath, and I couldn’t believe that I was basically worshiping this teenagers’ feet.

Ayden then told me to lie down on the floor. And for some reason, I thought that the fastest way to get this over with was to do exactly what he said.

So there I was, fully naked on my own apartment floor, as my girlfriend’s little brother gloated over me. “I can tell you like losing, he bragged. And you know what winners do to losers in Halo? They tee-bag ’em!”

I groaned as I heard Ayden’s words wash over me. I knew what tee-bagging was from my college days and wanted no part of it today. It’s when you rub your balls over your opponent’s face after you kill them. Ayden literally wanted to rub in his victory.

As I lay helpless on the floor, Ayden stood up and mecdiyeköy escort crouched on top of me, his big swinging dick leading the way. I had taken my eyes off of it while I was licking his feet, but now it looked even bigger and more plump, possibly 7 thick inches of flaccid manhood hanging between his legs.

Ayden confidently straddled my face before I could resist and lifted up his snake-like dick. His cock had been so huge I hadn’t noticed the bull-sized balls hiding behind it, but they were easily twice the size of my own.

“I hope you like these,” Ayden said, as he pressed his balls against my face.

I had closed my mouth to avoid any contact, but the smell penetrating my nose was overpowering. Ayden even wiggled his massive testicles back and forth so they bounced around on my face. I couldn’t believe that this punk that I hated—who had beaten me so bad at Halo and FIFA—was now literally rubbing it in my face. I felt embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief.

After a couple of minutes of tee-bagging me, Ayden started gently slapping his dick against my forehead. It felt huge and heavy and there was little I could do to resist. To my dismay, he then started slapping his huge anaconda against my nose and lips. He even started slapping my cheeks with his massive man-meat—asserting his dominance over me. I closed my eyes and simply obeyed, thinking that it was the easiest way to get this over with.

After another minute of rubbing his dick in my face, Ayden let out a loud laugh, which caused me to open my eyes. “Dude!” He yelled. “I can’t believe you’re liking this!”

To my surprise, Ayden reached behind him and grabbed my penis, which was fully erect. “It feels like you’re totally hard from my dick rubbing against your face!”


I hated Ayden and my cock now more than ever. How the fuck could I get hard in a moment like this? During my greatest humiliation, my cock had sprung right up and was now throbbing in Ayden’s hand.

“Dude, your soooo small,” Ayden said, as he fondled my dick. “I really can’t believe you’re fucking my sister.”

Ayden then scooted back and mercifully took his cock off my face. Instead, he placed his still-flaccid dick next to my fully hard one and made us both look at the comparison.

It was simply shocking. Ayden’s soft dick was probably 7 inches at this point, but was thicker and longer than my rock-hard 6 incher. As I mentioned, I’d always been proud of my cock and felt that it was perfectly average. It certainly got the job done in the bedroom and I’d never had any complaints from the ladies. But compared to this teenage stud, I had to admit that I was outmanned and outgunned. And this little punk couldn’t have been more delighted.

After slapping his soft anaconda against my best effort, Ayden moved back up towards my face. He picked up where he left off, rubbing and slapping his huge dick against my nose and mouth. But something was also noticeably different. Now that Ayden had seen me fully aroused, he seemed more aggressive and dominant.

“You want to see how big mine gets?” He taunted. “I’m already bigger than you are soft, but mine gets much, much bigger.”

“I can’t believe you’re getting off on this,” he continued. “I had no idea that my sister’s boyfriend liked dick.”

At this point, my nose was getting overpowered by Ayden’s scent and it was a little hard to breathe. In order to get more air, I briefly opened my mouth. But Ayden saw this and must have interpreted it as something else, because he immediately aimed his dick for the opening. And before I knew it, the tip of Ayden’s anaconda was now inside my mouth.

“Ooooh yeaaaah!” Ayden hollered. “Get it nice and wet for me! If you suck on the tip, it’ll get real big for you.”

With all of my muscles, I could have easily knocked this kid off me and beaten the shit out of him. But part of me resisted the urge to flip him over and beat him up. Perhaps I was curious about how big his dick could grow. Maybe I was hoping to just get the bet over with as soon as possible. Or maybe I was also horny from my rock-hard cock and not thinking too clearly.

Either way, I decided to suck on the tip of Ayden’s dick instead of beating the shit out of him. To my surprise, it didn’t taste too bad, and Ayden pushed the first few inches in my mouth pretty gently.

“There you go,” he said. “You’re certainly better at this than you are at Halo.”

Even though it was certainly an insult, I found myself wanting to please Ayden and do a good job. So not only did he push and pull his dick into my mouth, but I also put some effort into it and flicked my tongue around to give him pleasure. I’d received quite a few blowjobs in my day—Ayden’s sister was an excellent cocksucker—so I used what I’d learned to swallow my first dick.

Ayden seemed surprised that I was so eager to please him, and pushed a few more inches into my mouth. “Hot damn!” He said. “You’re one amazing cocksucker!”

Somewhat perversely, this made me feel good and encouraged me to keep trying even more. After losing so much at Xbox, it was finally nice to feel good at something, even if it was sucking off this cocky teenage stud.

After five or six inches of thick teen cock were inside my mouth, I felt the massive tip of Ayden’s spear at the entrance to my throat. This was the moment of truth. Was I willing to commit all the way and potentially choke on his dick, or was this far enough?

Ayden answered the question for me as he gently grabbed the back of my hair and pushed his massive manhood towards my throat. I greeted him the only way I could—by suppressing my gag reflex and welcoming him into my throat.

“Fuck yeah!” Ayden cheered. “You are so fucking good at this!”

Trying not to choke, I kept bobbing back and forth on Ayden’s dick. It felt so huge, so full, in my throat, and it was clear that he was close to becoming fully erect. As Ayden kept grabbing my hair to give him total control, I felt a light brush of pubes against my nose. I had done it—I had somehow swallowed all of this teenager’s enormous dick.

“Dayuuuum!” Ayden said. “No one’s ever taken all of my dick before! You’re such a natural cocksucker.”

I couldn’t respond since I was busy trying to breathe through my nose while Ayden’s anaconda pounded my throat. But somewhat perversely, I felt proud that I’d swallowed more of Ayden’s meat than anyone else. I sucked at playing Xbox, but apparently I didn’t suck at sucking dick.

As Ayden fucked my throat, he was clearly having the time of his life. At one point, I looked up and made eye contact with him as he grabbed my hair and straddled my face. He looked so confident—so cocky—and was clearly getting off big time on making me his bitch.

“Oh yeah, man. Suck this dick. You love this big fucking dick in your throat.”

I couldn’t dispute his words, especially since my mouth was currently full. I just kept taking it and giving Ayden the pleasure he deserved.

“Such a good cocksucker,” he mumbled. “Such a good little bitch.”

I zoned out as Ayden kept ramming my throat with his enormous shaft. The stamina on this kid sure was something. He’d now been getting a blowjob for 20 minutes—which was long past when I would’ve come inside his sister’s throat.

Speaking of cumming, I felt strange sensations on my own dick as well. No one had touched it but I was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum and felt close to orgasm. As Ayden kept fucking my throat, he reached around and felt my rock-hard cock.

“You’re loving this!” He yelled, as he gave it a few strokes. And just like that, I had the biggest orgasm of my life for this teenage kid. He barely touched my penis, but it erupted all over his back and my stomach and chest.

“Fuck yessss!” Ayden yelled. “I can’t believe you came for me! I always like my ladies to come first.”

And with that, Ayden let go of my average cock and re-doubled his efforts ramming my throat. Grabbing my hair once again, he fucked my throat with abandon for five or ten minutes until he was on the brink of orgasm.

With a huge roar—”FUUUUUUUUUCK!”—he pulled out every inch of his massive shaft and jerked off with two hands right in front of me. Flogging his massive meat, he achieved orgasm right in front of my face. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

Shot after shot of Ayden’s cum landed all over my mouth, nose, eyes, and forehead. This teenage kid literally doused me with cum, like I was some kind of Jackson Pollock painting. After several seconds, he then put his anaconda back in my mouth and told me to lick it clean.

I was shocked that Ayden’s cum actually tasted sweet and was happy to lick it up. This was also the first time since he had started fucking my throat that I was able to size up his fully erect dick. It was indeed massive, and basically longer than my face was tall. It was hard to tell an exact size since his huge anaconda took up my full field of vision, but his fully hard man-meat was certainly much, much bigger than mine and I greedily licked his cum off of the sides and tip.


When Ayden sat back on the couch, his dick was still pointing at the ceiling. It took me a while to recover on the floor, but my own six-incher was still hard as a rock. For both of us, the sexual experience had been completely unexpected but incredibly hot. Not in a million years did I ever think that I would swallow a dick, let alone one as huge as Ayden’s. He too had no idea that he would dominate his sister’s boyfriend, or that he would ream out his throat with his enormous cock.

Ayden proposed that we both go shower off together, and this didn’t seem like a bad idea. We were both hot, sweaty, and covered in semen, and he clearly hadn’t showered all day.

Our apartment actually had a surprisingly large shower by New York standards, so there was ample room for both of us. Ayden was shorter than me but his erect dick extended several inches past my own. This was the first time that we ever compared our cocks while fully hard. Right there in the shower, he grabbed both of them and pressed them against each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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