Girlfriend’s Younger Sister


Bondage and Blackmail

Special thanks must go to greenlemur22 for the great job of editing, and helping out when I was stuck with writers block!

The story starts a bit slow… but it wouldn’t make sense without the background. Most of the story is true…just embellished a little. Why ruin a good story with the truth!

It’s Thursday night and I am staying over Jennifer’s house again; we both need to work on Friday as we’ve just started our careers after graduating from university. Jennifer still lives with her parents and because we’ve been going out about 3 years, they let me stay over some nights. We are planning to move out shortly. Just need to save a little cash first!

Even though we are 21, Jennifer is still their little girl, and so although I sleep in the same room as Jennifer, but we have separate beds (mine being a trundle bed that slides out from underneath hers).

As usual, I am naked in the single trundle bed. Jennifer is in her bed, with pajamas on. She has a night light on near her bed (far side to me), and the main bedroom light is off. We are each in our own bed chatting quietly, but eventually, it’s time to sleep, and she always asks me to turn out the night-light. Jennifer doesn’t like to do sexual stuff when her parents are at home, so this next bit is the highlight of our non-sexual evenings.

I get up and lean over her to turn out the light. Jennifer takes the opportunity to sneak my penis in her mouth. She sucks hard, twirling her tongue around the head. The feeling of being in her mouth is wonderful. The fact that we could be caught any second by Jennifer’s sister or parents is a big turn-on, I purposefully fumble with the night light trying to make this sensation last longer. She sucks hard, taking me fully into her mouth. Finally I turn off the light.

Jennifer releases my cock, and licks from the base to the tip, she sucks my cock one more time, “Goodnight honey”, she says.

I move back into my bed ready for sleep. My penis wet from her saliva, I feel very horny. I grab myself, feeling all good inside.

“Don’t forget my parents are out this weekend,” Jennifer whispers.

“Yes, but you are working tomorrow night,” I say.

“Only until 10, and then I’ll fuck you all weekend,” she whispers.

I smile, as we fall asleep.

After work the next day, I get back to Jennifer’s at around 6pm. Her parents’ car is gone, but Jennifer’s sister Natalie is home, and lets me in.

“Hi Stu,” Natalie smiles, as I walk in, “Jen just called to say she won’t be back until after midnight. Things are going badly with her work implementation…whatever that means.”

Just turned eighteen, Natalie is a stunner and knows it. With long, dark hair and piercing blue eyes, she’s almost always wearing provocative clothing that show off her perfect, firm B-cup tits, fantastic legs, and a very hot arse. She often “accidentally” flashes me an upskirt or downblouse view while Jennifer is there, just to let her older sister know that her boyfriend will look.

Tonight Natalie is in tight bike pants and a midriff-baring jogging bra. I know that she is out to play indoor netball tonight, and will be home around 10. I watch her as she packs her bag to leave. After last nights teasing, I am horny, so enjoy watching her walk around.

Nat heads off for netball leaving me alone.

I am disappointed that Jennifer will be home even later (and I’ll probably already be asleep), but at least the rugby is on tonight from 9 – and so at least something is on the box. I cook some dinner, eat and do a few things on the computer. Jen’s place basically feels like home to me.

Jen calls and lets me know that now she won’t be back until after 2am. My phone has been playing up, so she has already let Natalie know – in case she couldn’t get through to me.

As I’m watching rugby, I hear the front door and Natalie walks in, slightly hobbling, and collapses onto the couch next to me with a groan.

“Nat! What did you do to yourself?” I ask.

“I think I hurt my leg… it’s sore,” she says, rubbing her inside thigh. She looks in pain.

“Probably just a slight strain,” I offer, “I’m sure you’ll be right after a hot shower and a good sleep!”

“I think it’s a little more serious than that…can you have a look?” Nat asks.

She walks over and stands in front of me (blocking the TV). She parts her legs slightly. The smell of her sweat turns me on. I gently place one hand on her outer thigh, and one on her inner thigh. I gently massage her thigh.

She’s wearing her bike pants so it’s hard for me to feel any muscle problems through her clothing. I gently rub her inner thigh, careful not to go near any good bits. I like the feel of her thighs, but I can’t work out whether she has a muscle issue or not.

“Turn around,” I say, letting go of her.

Natalie turns around, and again I place my hands either side of her leg. This time I am able to closely check out her cute bottom. I gently rub her inner thigh. I’m not really doing anything istanbul travesti other than caressing her. She reaches her hands skywards in a stretch, making her bottom protrude more. I like the view, my penis stirring to attention. I know it’s wrong to be feeling up my girlfriend’s sister, but how can I resist.

Even though it seems to be a real injury, I know that I need to cut this off now, before she flirts too much.

“To be quite truthful,” I say, “I can’t feel anything swollen, but your bike pants are tight, so they may be keeping any swelling down. Best bet is to have a hot shower, rest for a bit… and it’ll probably be ok”.

“Oh, I could take the bike pants off, but I’m not wearing panties,” Natalie says coyly, biting her lip.

“Funny… now take a shower,” I say.

Natalie heads off upstairs to the shower…I continue to watch the rugby, trying to get the image of Natalie not wearing panties out of my mind. She really is cute!

After her shower etc, Natalie walks back in the room, and Wow!

I try not to stare. She’s wearing a skimpy silky maroon type nightie with no bra on, and it only just barely covers her bottom. As she walks over to the other couch, I watch as her nightie briefly clings to her breasts and it just covers the bottom of her sexy arse cheeks with each step.

“Who’s winning?” Natalie says, as she sits down on the three seater couch, smiling broadly. She knows the effect that she having on me. She’s a big tease!

“Australia 14, England 12,” I manage to say, catching my breath.

“You’re right, my leg feels much better now. Thanks for the advice,” Natalie says. She then moves to lie on her front with her face at the far end from me, watching the TV.

I am in the perfect spot to watch Natalie without her seeing me. Her nightie has ridden up a little, and I can just see the start of her bottom. Her legs look gorgeous all stretched out. Her skin is so tight and firm, I’d love to lick and kiss her legs. Her skin is flawless.

She knows she’s showing off to me! She is a tease, especially with her sister out.

She squirms a little, and some more of her arse shows. Now this is too obvious. She is trying to get me to look, and yet, I can’t help it, I just have to.

I can now tell she is wearing a little sexy black g-string. The bottom of her arse cheeks just want to be grabbed. I am mesmerized by the scene. I am trying to watch the rugby, but I just can’t…I’m just too horny now.

My cock is getting hard. I’m imagining how I’d grab her arse, us fucking, her toned legs with her perfect feet wrapped around me, me kissing her sweet neck and sucking her hard nipples.

I am totally ignoring the rugby. She re-adjusts herself, succeeding only in giving me a better view. Her tight legs and thighs just are inviting me in.

Natalie looks back at me over her shoulder, “Enjoying the show?” she coos, “I thought you couldn’t resist a look…men can only think with their dicks.”

Nat is normally a flirt, but she’s never been this aggressive before! I am speechless.

Natalie gets up and walks directly in front of me, “Would you like a fuck?” she says matter of factly. “I’d love to try you out… you could have both sisters…a dream come true.”

“What?” I manage to blurt out.

She lets out a little laugh.

Now I know she is toying with me, but how to handle this, I’m lost for words. I sort of expected a little flirting, but nothing as blatant as this. She’s always straightforward, especially if it puts me on the spot, but I wasn’t ready for this.

“Umm, how can I say no politely? I mean I’d love to, God knows I really would… but it would just be wrong,” I say stumbling over the words, almost disbelieving my own voice.

Natalie is still standing in front of me. She pulls her nightie way up, so it’s just barely covering her nipples. She spins around, giving me a great view of her g-string, and lovely arse. This is almost painful. I’m sure my mouth is hanging open.

She grabs holds of my chin, and directs me to look into her eyes.

“Stu, look up here, in my eyes. Are you sure? My titties and pussy would like some attention,” she moans. “Oh Stu, I am so fucking hot tonight and I need it so bad.”

She bites her lower lip in a very sexy way, “maybe I’ll just sit here,” as she sits next to me, her hand resting on my leg, dangerously close to my now hard penis, trying to snuggle her head into my chest.

I sit perfectly still, scarcely breathing, not knowing how I should react. Moments pass. I feel stupid. Beautiful sexy girl, me not doing anything. Her fingers playing a silent tune on my thigh. I need to get up and move and get out of this situation or I am going to be lost.

“Ok… if you won’t fuck me … can I at least get a foot massage while you watch the bloody rugby,” Natalie whispers almost in frustration.

“Umm,” I manage…I know I need to move away to cool it all down, “Why not…sure.” I gasp. At least it changes the situation!

Natalie moves anadolu yakası travestileri to the far end of the couch, and lays her feet in my lap.

And so here I am. There is this absolutely beautiful girl in her nightie, her breasts pressing against the thin material, asking me to fuck her, and I have refused. How unbelievably stupid can a guy be! I start to rub one of her feet, while the other lays on my thigh, almost touching my penis.

“Are you sure you don’t want me? I’d really love for you to kiss my breasts… take my nipples in your mouth… suck on them so hard… please Stu,” she whispers while looking poutingly at me.

Natalie slides her finger around her covered nipple in little circles while her foot rubs my thigh. Finally… her toe slips along the side of my rigid cock. With a little smirk she slips her fingers under her nightie and toys with her nipple.

I jump – it’s too much for me. I push her foot off, “Look, it’s not right, please stop. Think of your sister,” I groan.

Natalie jumps up, and storms out of the room, her nighty flipping side to side. She pauses at the doorway, gives a bit of a huff and walks out the door.

I am disappointed that she is gone, yet I am also incredibly relieved, I couldn’t have kept that up without eventually giving in… and if Jennifer had walked in… JENNIFER… oh God when she gets home she is going to be soooo fucked.

The rugby is over. I look at the clock, it’s 11:30pm, Jennifer won’t be home til 2.

I walk upstairs ready for bed. Natalie’s bedroom light is off, and her door almost closed. I go into the bathroom and do my teeth. Then I walk into Jennifer’s bedroom, and turn on the light.

I almost jump!

The trundle bed is out, Natalie lying spreadeagle on the trundle bed…my bed, each arm and leg handcuffed. She is completely nude.

She looks fantastic. Her gorgeous tits I get to see for the first time. Her pussy has wonderfully trimmed pubic hair. Her skin looks so firm and touchable. I want to just take my clothes off rub my cock against her.

I look her up and down

“Would you like to take me Stu,” Natalie says, with a knowing tone.

“Don’t be silly,” I say, “Now where’s the key to unlock you.”

“Well, there’s the thing,” she says, “If you don’t do as I say, you don’t get the key to unlock me…and then your girlfriend who’s back at midnight will have your balls on toast. So you’d better hurry…clothes off…NOW!”

I freeze. What is she suggesting? That I need to do as she says, or somehow I would be in trouble. It doesn’t make sense to me.

“What?” I say, a little confused.

Surely I can find the key. I look at her handcuffs. They are real. No chance of breaking them.

“Here I am naked and cuffed,” Natalie says “Do you think Jennifer will believe I just ended up like this? Surely she knows how much you like sex… and after all, if you had the chance…you couldn’t refuse. So if Jennifer finds me tied here, she will just assume you saw me, and played with me. I bet you even fantasize about me while you are doing Jennifer.”

“So if you don’t do as I say…you don’t get the key…and Jennifer catches you in the act…so to speak,” Natalie adds, giving a sweet little smile.

I look down at Natalie, her breasts looking up at me. I would love to just lick them, push my cock against that smooth skin. Feel her pussy.

“Now, get your clothes off,” Natalie orders.

I move to lie down beside her, ignoring her order. I try to think about what my options are. I gently stroke my hand from her wrist down along the side of her chest, careful to just graze the side of her breast. I kiss her on the cheek.

“You do that again, and you won’t ever get that key,” Natalie says angrily, “Now you do as I say or Jennifer will find you here taking advantage of me… and she’ll be home soon!”.

“She called earlier… won’t be home til 2am,” I say without thinking.

“Midnight or 2am makes no difference to me,” Natalie retorts, from her very vulnerable position.

I really don’t know what to do. I would really like to fuck her…but at the same time, would like to unlock her and let this be over.

She does have a point. If Jennifer walked in, no matter what time, I’d be the one to get in trouble, not Natalie. After all, I would be the one cheating.

“Hey,” says Nat, “clothes off now!”

Reluctantly, I get up and walk over to turn off the bedroom light. There’s still just enough light to see. I take off my shirt, pants and underpants. My cock is already hard and springs out. Natalie is focused on it. She slowly licks her lips

“Yum,” she says, “I’d love to feel that inside me, but first…I’d like you to touch me, caress me.”

I lie next to Natalie, my head next to her out stretched cuffed arm. I kiss her bicep, gently… slowly nibbling at its firmness. I slowly lick down her arm as she flexes it. My cock is close to her thigh, but not touching it.

My istanbul travesti other hand runs down her chest, trailing between her breasts. I stop just above her pubic hair, to start again. With each trail down her torso, my hand finishes closer to her pussy.

I lightly kiss and lick down her arm to her neck, all the while running my hand between her breasts downwards.

Natalie is turned on, she tries to spread her legs wider while still bound by her cuffed ankles. Her legs are spread wide. Her pussy looks wonderful, all wet and shiny from her juices. I gently caress her inner thigh. Rubbing from one thigh to the other ensuring that I go as close to her pussy as I can without actually touching it.

I move from lying beside Natalie, to lying on top of her now, my head at Natalie’s breasts height, my ribs pressing against her pubic bone. My penis against the mattress.

I gently kiss the side of her breast, light soft kisses. Slowly making each kiss a little firmer, and a little wetter. She spreads her legs even wider, and thrusts up toward me.

I lick around her nipple, then give it a gentle bite. I move away a little to take in the view of her breasts. They are shiny with my saliva, they look slippery, firm and sexy.

I kiss the under side of Natalie’s right breast, and then down her ribs, to her belly button. Slowly I kiss further down leaving a trail of wetness as I go, moving downward into her pussy hair. Her taste and smell are just magic.

Staring straight into her pussy, my hands under her bottom. I gently blow on her wet opening, I flick her soft pussy lips with my tongue. Slowly I lick more firmly, making my tongue firmer and firmer.

“You’re really good at this, please don’t stop,” Natalie whispers.

I concentrate on licking her clitoris, my mouth and chin now soaked with her juices. Natalie obviously likes this attention. I love her taste and smell.

I start to move up her body again, licking and kissing as I go. I pause at her breasts, swirling my tongue around her erect nipples. Still higher I move, as I kiss her mouth for the first time. I can feel her hunger to finally give something back, something her bonds are preventing her from doing.

My incredibly hard cock is pressing against her clitoris. I slide it back and forth along the opening of her pussy. Her tongue penetrates my mouth, and hungrily, passionately we kiss.

“You have a fabulous body,” I murmur between kisses and deep breaths.

Natalie is thrusting against my cock, “Please put it in,” she pleads.

“You on the pill,” I say in a moment of lucid thought.

“Yes. Just hurry up and fuck me, make me cum,” she almost orders.

I continue to kiss her, she turns her head and I take her earlobe into my mouth, gently biting it. I continue to rub the underside of my cock against the opening of her pussy. Natalie is thrusting against me.

I pull my hips back a little, and push my cock deep inside her. I thrust into her. I feel the wonderful warm feeling of being inside someone, someone new. Natalie, my girlfriends sister, with her tight eighteen year old vagina is pushing against me – trying to get me deeper than I already am. This feels wonderful, her warm tight body sliding against me. I am close to cumming. I lick down her neck, softly Natalie moans.

I thrust in and out of Natalie, slowly building up a rhythm. Passionately I continue to kiss her, my arms around her. Her hips thrusting up toward me.


I hear the front door slam. Fuck Jennifer must be home!

My mind races! Fuck fuck fuck.

My mind clicks into gear. Jennifer and I have been caught like this before. I know we have approx 30 seconds sort something out if Jennifer comes straight up to her room.

The crucial differences between Jennifer and I being caught like this, and Natalie and I being caught like this, is this time I am cheating on Jennifer, and with Natalie being cuffed, and in no position to find a key… Fuck’en hell, I’m caught!

“Jennifer’s home!” I tell Natalie in a panic, “where’s the key?” I look over toward the clock, it’s only 12:30am, Jennifer’s way early.

“Key’s downstairs, you have no hope of getting it! Just pull the covers over you and pretend to be asleep,” Natalie whispers.

Quickly, I reach down and pull the covers up. My hard cock is still inside Natalie, it feels too good to take out. I’m still very close to cumming!

I place my arms over Natalie’s so that the top of my body exactly covers hers. I hope Jennifer can’t tell Natalie is in bed with me.

I hear Jennifer walk up toward her room, the footsteps getting closer. I am still deep inside Natalie. I can feel Natalie’s breasts against my chest, we are both breathing hard. My cock still feels wonderful inside her.

Jennifer’s footsteps are very close now, I can hear that she has paused at the door.

“Stu, you awake?” I hear Jennifer whisper.

I dare not move. Jennifer waits.

Finally, I hear her footsteps move toward the bathroom, and the door close.

“I hope she has a shower,” I whisper to Natalie.

Just then we hear the familiar sound of the shower as water starts running.

“Now, quickly, where’s the key?” I ask Natalie.

“You have to be quick and listen carefully! Downstairs in the laundry, my jeans are hanging on the back of the door. Get the key out of the right pocket.”