Girls Night: Boys Night

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My wife Anika has a group of girlfriends that go to dinner once a month. Friday was only two days away and as usual I don’t have any plans for that day.

My friend Mark and I get together once in a while. He is an architect 10 years younger than I am. He is a good-looking guy but not my type. He told me several years ago that he is gay, I am straight, and it never bothered me. I had nothing to do this Friday, so I called him to chat and we decided to get together for a coffee. Drinking our coffees and chatting about work, life, relationships, etc. Mark subtly says to me “Have you ever had a gay relationship?”

I replied, “Not a relationship but I let a buddy of mine give me a blowjob at University.”

He asked, “Was that it, just once?”

“Yes, just the once”, I said.

I figured I would ask Mark the next obvious question, “Have you ever been with a straight guy?”

“Several times just one night stands though. I had this one ‘booty call’ guy at University that I used to get together with. Mid-day between classes he would come to my room. We would fuck around for an hour or so, then he would just leave and text me next time he needed it. I loved it. There were no strings attached and I got to enjoy his great young body and firm cock a couple of times a week. I would suck him and let him ‘anal’ me. He was just sex for me once a week or so. I even had a boyfriend at the time so the thrill of maybe getting caught made it all the more intriguing. I often wonder what happened to him.”

We talked for a bit about other hetero relationships and one night stands I had before my current marriage. All in good fun.

“Hey listen Mark. My wife is out on one of her Girls Nights on Friday. You doing anything? Do you want to get together for dinner?”

“Sure. Why don’t you come over to my place? I have a couple of guys I want you to meet anyway.”

I thought this sounded innocent enough so agreed whole heartedly.

My wife, Anika was dressed to the nines, smelled great, and looked hot! I asked her who all was going out for dinner with. She said, “Just the usual five of us and no husbands allowed. See you in the early hours.”

The girls always went out clubbing and they often got approached by men, but our rule is ‘Keep it fresh but no fucking’. Tonight, Anika looked like she was cruising. I am always titillated when she looks so good. Jealous but encouraging to her. She likes to wear this small crop top and has these nice perky tits and a naughty smile. I am sure she gets attention and maybe a bit more. I don’t ask and she doesn’t tell.

Anyway, off she went, and I headed over to Mark’s. Mark had a great house, very Bahçelievler Escort modern with a wide-open concept, and a big yard. When I got there, he handed me a bourbon, neat, water back. He knows it is my favorite.

I was a little bit early, so we walked to the back porch to wait the 10 minutes or so until the rest of his guests were to arrive. John was the first one to show up, Derek and John were old friends. Derek was a designer and John is in fashion marketing and Mark’s sometimes lover.

We all got along thru dinner and had way too much wine. Eventually the conversation turned to our one-night stands, hetero and straight. We all regaled each other with the ‘goods’. I was fascinated with their desire to turn straight guys! Each of them had stories of ‘one more beer’ with a pickup that ended in a blowjob. It was fun and we had lots of laughs. I wish the girls at my university were that easy.

Mark suggested we move to the living room. He would join us after he went to the ‘little boys room’. As we were moving, John went upstairs to join Mark. This was a bit awkward for me, but Derek and I sat down on the couch while he sat down in a chair across from me. We started reminiscing about the good old days and one-offs we had enjoyed. He was particularly interested in the details of the blowjob I had from a gay friend at the University. “How did he approach you? Why did you let him kiss you? Did you reach for his dick or did he instigate? Did you like the feel of his cock? Did you suck him?” He peppered me with several questions for every little memory and it brought back the feeling of the excitement I had at the time. I have to admit.

Derek whispered, “Why didn’t you suck him?” I didn’t hear him very well, so I leaned over and said “What?” He leaned right up to my ear and said, “Why didn’t you suck him?” OMG, my heart started to pound! Here was this good-looking gay guy whispering in my ear and it seemed like such a strange thing for him to do. Too much wine, good conversation and intimate memories. I drew back and said, “I was too shy.”

Derek stood up in front of me and rubbed his bulging cock. He said, “Would you like to try just for fun?” Momentarily shocked, I replied “Ah… I might…”

With that, he unzipped his pants and drew out the magnificent specimen of swollen meat he has and placed in front of me. I couldn’t believe my reaction! I wanted to fondle that sausage with my pursed lips and to lick it and clutch it and massage it like I had in my long-suppressed fantasies. What was I doing?!

I sat forward and took his dick in my hand. I stared at it straight on, twisted it gently to the side, Bahçelievler Escort Bayan then the other side. I licked it at the base and finally, I pursed my lips and kissed the tip. I slowly let my mouth take in the head while my hand slowly and gently ran back to the base pulling it tight. Holy shit this felt good.

I took his cock head in further then pressed forward to take in as much as I could. My saliva drenched his pole and he started to gyrate back and forth. He reached out to take the back of my head in his hand and I loved how he gently pull and push on my head to let me know how to satisfy him. Why had I waited so long to do this?

Derek fucked my face for four or five minutes. Slowly, more deeply and finally quickly with long, almost choking strokes. All the while I could feel my own cock stiffening in my pants from the excitement of having his cock in my mouth. I was in ecstasy with the rhythm and the force, especially the deeper he went into my mouth. Then he suddenly stopped.

He told me to undress and I obeyed. I took off my sweater and my pants and underwear. There I was nude in front of a basic stranger with a raging hardon and all I could think about was getting that delicious cock back in my mouth. Derek undid his shirt and dropped his pants to be nude as well. He grabbed my hand and lay down on the rug directing me into the 69 position so we could suck each other’s cock. I saw his cock standing at attention and immediately engulfed it as he took mine into his mouth. I bobbed up and down again trying to get the rhythm back. Up and down on his cock, while he was doing the same to my cock. Such a great feeling.

All of a sudden, I felt a hand on my lower back. Mark and John had come back downstairs. John gently massaged my back and let his hand run over my ass and the back of my thighs. Sooo soothing and so exciting. His hand slowly came back up to my ass and he separated my cheeks to tickle my asshole. That was so unexpected and exciting!

As Derek and I sucked on each other, John was taking the opportunity to massage a virgin asshole. I heard Mark suggest a condom and John stopped for a minute. I instinctively wagged my butt like a dog to get some attention. I heard John snap on the condom and felt his hand return to my pursed ass. He wet his finger and let it penetrate up to the first knuckle. I immediately blew my load into Derek’s mouth. My balls pumping ribbon after ribbon of cum into his mouth. What a feeling!

As I squeezed my jizz out, my ass reflexively tightened. John kept his hand there and dug slightly deeper. “Just relax” he said. “I am coming around back.”

Little Escort Bahçelievler did John know that I have used half a salad on my ass over the years. From carrots to zucchini, and even beans. I have waited for this moment for a long time. As John slid around behind me, I decided to finish Derek. I pumped and squeezed his dick with such abandon. As I slid my finger around back and parted his cheeks, I could feel him thrust really hard into my mouth forcing his cock into my throat. After about five intense pumps, there it was. Derek began to cum in my mouth. Never having tasted cum it was a new experience that I was willing to partake in. At last, my first successful blowjob!

Derek rolled out from under me and there I was seeing my friend Mark watching as I played with two of his friends. I felt quite vulnerable with my ass in the air and John moving into position behind me. He stroked my inner thighs and balls from the back. It felt so good. So did the little drop of lube, that Mark had found, as it slid down my ass crack to my asshole. John gently spread it around as I dropped onto my forearms. This was starting to feel as if it was turning out to be more than I had expected. Two guys who knew what they were doing, preparing me for an adventure of a lifetime.

John ran his cock up and down my ass crack about eight times. Each pass teased and penetrated a wee bit more. Finally, I could feel more pressure as he began to push his cock into my ass. I wanted it but didn’t want it all at the same time. John knew it too as he pulled up and rimmed me with his finger for two firm strokes. Then he put his cock back in the entrance to my ass. It felt so good. He penetrated me to the reflex point when I winced then stopped allowing me to relax. He began to thrust a little deeper. “Oh fuck” I murmured as I bit my forearm. “This feels amazing”.

John let the tension dictate the penetration. As I relaxed more, he would thrust a little deeper. In no time at all, he was balls deep in my ass with long powerful thrusts. One, two, three, then four. Then he would shorten the strokes and it took my breath away. Then he would return to the long deep penetrating strokes. I could feel my cock begin to throb back to life, tapping on my stomach with each stroke of Derek’s cock in my ass. Soon the really deep long and hard thrusts came, and I knew he was about to come. I pushed back hard to meet his thrusts. Boom, he exploded violently into me. So, thrilling and exhausting!

I collapsed forward as John pulled out. Mark, the little voyeur, had been sitting on the couch watching the whole time. He had set all of this up without telling me, the bastard. He caught my eye and said, “Drinks again next week?” I smiled.

I got home about midnight shortly before Anika rolled in about 12:30.

“How was your night Anika? Any strangers feel those perky little tits?”

“There might have been. Anyone feel that tight little ass of yours?”

“There might have been. Good night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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