Giselle’s Private Boutique Ch. 02

Blow Bang

I sent a text to Giselle Saturday morning after a sleepless night regarding a follow-up appointment. After feeding and changing Char, Daniel and I went about our usual Saturday routine of chores and grocery shopping. During our errands, I kept wondering when and if Giselle would text back. It wasn’t until late Monday morning that I received a text asking me to call.

I returned her call during my lunch break; we talked the entire time discussing in more detail what I wanted as far as lingerie. I enjoyed hearing her voice as I pictured her softly stroking my skin, teasing and arousing me. I imagined us together in luxurious outfits which hid enough to create a desire to see more. I told her I hadn’t given Daniel his gift since his birthday wasn’t for another week. Time enough for me to shop a bit more with her. She was delighted that I enjoyed my experience at her shop and she wanted an update as to Daniel’s reaction to his gifts. She suggested I bring a couple of pairs of heels to see how they would look with the various outfits she was going to suggest I try on. I described a couple of pairs of shoes I wanted to bring to make it easier to match the outfits.

I didn’t tell her how much I enjoyed it. I still wasn’t sure about how I felt about her playing with me. Whether it was intentional or not she did something to me. However, the curious kitten in me wanted satisfaction one way or another.

We set another appointment for Friday afternoon. I’d be her last visitor of the day, so we’d have the afternoon to chit chat and not be rushed trying on lingerie. I said my goodbyes and made a note on my calendar. The rest of the day I spent daydreaming about my return and how I’d react to her groping.

Wednesday, my friend Debbie called to see how my shopping experience with Giselle went. I was as vague as I could be not wanting to start rumors. Since the #Metoo campaign I’ve seen lots of men accused of groping and inappropriate touching but not a single woman. I have a very vivid imagination, and since Debbie is just as good looking as Giselle, I wondered if she got the same treatment I had. I told her I was going back for another fitting so Giselle could match my favorite heels with something. Debbie paused longer than usual after hearing that. I swore I heard an envious sigh during the brief interlude. She was glad her recommendation worked out and that I’d have to let her know what I bought. I sensed she wasn’t telling me something, but I let it drop. We made plans for lunch the following week then said our goodbyes.

Friday finally rolled around. I was nervous most of the morning anticipating my encounter with Giselle. I thought of all the different ways to approach her regarding my suspicions without being confrontational. Little did I know that none of my preplanning would prepare me for our afternoon.

When I knocked on the large ornate door to her shop, she greeted me with something I hadn’t expected. She wore a magenta silk kimono; its hem stopped just above her knees about mid-thigh. On her feet were black five-inch stilettos which combined with the kimono looked a bit odd but sexy. Around her neck was a black leather choker with gold accents. Her hair was done up in a bun, two chopsticks holding it in place. My mind wandered into all sorts of images as to what was under the kimono. The look suited her, a bit exotic and mysterious.

She brought me back to reality when she greeted me opening her arms for a hug. I dropped the shoes and my purse before accepting her hug. She again smelled amazing. I took a deep breath as we embraced enjoying her aroma as we hugged. She softly bussed my cheeks with her lips then held my hands as she looked into my eyes.

“It’s xhamster porno nice to see you again, Cynthia. I’m so glad you enjoyed your experience with me. Your husband should be delighted with your purchases so far. I think matching your heels will send him over the edge, sweet girl. Once I get to know a couple, it’s easier to select items they’ll like rather than waste time trying everything on. I love the heels you brought, very sexy young lady. I believe we’re going to have an enjoyable afternoon.”

I smiled, “I think so too, knowing someone’s taste is a definite benefit.”

I picked up my purse along with my shoes as Giselle guided me into the shop. Giselle’s smile coupled with her hand on my lower back seemed to guarantee we would have a lovely time despite my confused state of mind. Closing and locking the door behind us, she escorted me to the minibar where she had two wine glasses ready to be filled.

I set my things down as she poured a glass for each of us. I thanked her as we saluted each other with the clinking of our small goblets. We sat and talked as we drank not rushing the process of trying on skimpy garments. I told her I’d spoken to Debbie which evoked a sly smile on her face. She asked how Debbie was; I mentioned we had a lunch date the following week. I’d find out more then since we’d just chatted briefly.

When our talk reached an uncomfortable silence, Giselle excused herself. She picked up several boxes containing four different lingerie selections for me to try. I polished off the remains of my wine and went to look at her suggestions.

The four outfits went from a cute babydoll to nothing more than three pieces of satin with ties to hold them in place. We started with the babydoll. I disrobed while Giselle placed my clothes in a neat pile on one of the chairs. We went through the familiar routine of her caressing me as she adjusted the fit, whispering her comments in my ear while I tried to maintain my composure.

I know she could feel my heart racing as she gently stroked my breasts lingering longer with each outfit. Her hands on me felt naughty as they adjusted straps or made sure each piece of satin and lace hugged my body.

She offered another glass of wine as I looked at myself in the mirror modeling the third outfit. I accepted remembering I had to drive home and it would be the last one. Her comments as she handed the small goblet to me, confirmed she was seducing me. I smiled as she softly mentioned that if she were Daniel, she’d make love to me nightly. I laughed and told I appreciated the compliment but, we had Char wearing us out. She smiled, mentioning she’d wait until Char was asleep and then ravage me. The little ‘Grr’ she made after that comment made me blush and giggle along with a tingle between my legs.

The fourth outfit was the one I liked the most. It was white satin with thigh high hose with a red ribbon accentuating my thighs, tummy, and waist. It looked somewhat innocent yet naughty at the same time. I thought it would look perfect with the pumps I brought with me.

Giselle helped slip my feet into the white stilettos kneeling at my feet, this time placing them on each foot. Her delicate touch on my ankles and calves sent familiar shock waves through me. When she stood, she adjusted each of my breasts in the top, the backs of her fingers stroking each nipple in turn. My goosebumps and stiff nipples confirmed my arousal. I was afraid I was going to soak the sheer garment with my juices then have to buy it along with embarrassing myself.

It was at that moment Giselle made her move. Facing me, she slipped her arms around my waist, pulling me to her and placing yaşlı porno her lips as close as she could to mine without actually touching them.

Looking into my eyes, Giselle whispered, “I can’t stand it anymore.”

She proceeded to tease my lips with her tongue, tracing them ever so softly. Around the corners of my mouth, she tickled them while I stood there. I was allowing her to do what she wanted to my quivering body. When she felt I’d had enough, she kissed me. I surrendered, helpless and yearning in her arms.

She proceeded to undress me as she kissed each newly exposed area of my body. The pretty lace outfit was leaving my body like a snake shedding its skin. She placed the delicate fabric covering me on a chair near us. Her lips against my skin felt exciting. She continued kissing my shoulders, lips, back and then returning to my lips. She made her way down my nearly naked frame ending up with her face between my legs.

I stood before her, white thigh highs in my heels while she inserted her tongue into my vagina. My hands instinctively pressed her head to me which signaled my ultimate surrender. Her tongue, combined with her hands clutching my ass cheeks, hurtled me towards the inevitable climax I’d wanted yet was afraid to experience.

Taking her time, her tongue slipping in and out of me, the sweet sounds of her moans filled my ears. She knew what I needed as did I. My eyes rolled back in my head, visions of us making love swirled through my mind as my juices flowed over her chin then down her neck. Between lapping, kissing and probing I could hear muffled comments on how beautiful my pussy was along with how delicious I tasted.

Her words made me smile. Daniel was a silent partner when we made love, this was something new and exciting to me. I loved the way her hands massaged my body as she greedily devoured my pussy. I could feel myself inching closer and closer to the ultimate goal. She felt it also, then decided to back off enough to prolong my delightful suffering. My pouty moans indicated my dissatisfaction each time she stopped. She’d whisper to me that she was taking me to a place I’d want to return to again and again. She uttered cute words of endearment trying to find out which ones I liked to heighten my experience. Sweetness, darling, lover, didn’t do anything for me. When she got to ‘baby girl’ and ‘kitten’ my body reacted most positively. That’s when I became her girl. Her sweet girl, kitten, baby doll and all the variations.

I loved it. My mind abandoned all my cares and worries. I let her cuddle and comfort me as she brought about the most amazing orgasm I’d ever experienced. I did feel like a little girl being cared for and pleased, something that I’d not experienced in Daniel’s arms.

It seemed like hours, but it was only minutes that she kept up this little game. She’d take me very close to my bursting point then ease up, then repeat the entire process over again.

I knew she was toying with me, but I loved this game she was playing. With my wonderful husband, it was a straight shot to an orgasm. Giselle was much different; hers was a winding path with switchbacks, and brief rest stops on the journey to heaven.

At long last, she decided I’d had enough teasing and finally let me race to the finish line. Her fingers had been teasing my rosebud at various points in our little journey. When she inserted one into me coupled with her tongue playing with my clit, I let go. My body convulsed with one major spasm followed by aftershocks that left me speechless.

She sat back on the floor watching me writhe with each passing tremor, her face glistening with my juices, her task aldatma porno completed. When it all subsided, I looked at her like a lovesick puppy. I knelt down on my knees to hug and thank her. Slipping into her arms, she cuddled me like the baby girl she wanted me to be. My soft whispers were of praise, thanks, and adoration. She smiled, telling me she’d wanted to do that since she first opened her door to me, all the while stroking my hair as I returned to normal in her arms.

Her kimono was askew, allowing a view of her cleavage. I took it upon myself to thank her by easing my face between the opening of her ornate robe to nurture one of her bare breasts. She continued petting me while telling me how good I was. Her voice was soothing as I gently nursed one breast then the other. My licking and sucking on Giselle’s breasts felt so natural, like having Char contentedly nursing away on mine. This time, it was me nursing happily and content. She’d converted me. Her nipples felt comfortable in my mouth, the soft bumps gradually stiffening with my licking. She praised my efforts continuing to tell me what a good girl I was. I felt that I was which made me smile. Not thinking of Daniel and the fact that I was cheating on him with another woman, I continued playing the sweet young girl for Giselle. I was enjoying the moment without a care in the world.

I paused to lay against her breasts protected in her arms thinking about what we’d just done. That’s when she asked me if I enjoyed being like this.

I replied, “Yes. I did. I had never had an experience like this before.”

She responded softly, “We can have many more, it’s our secret, my sweet Cynthia. No one needs to know.”

I smiled, looking up at her I kissed her lips to thank her. I mentioned once more that I’d never done anything like that before. She understood telling me I didn’t have to do anything else. She was happy that I enjoyed our intimacy. I sighed, I didn’t think I was ready to lick another woman’s vagina quite yet and told her so. She understood it might take some time for me and she was willing to give me all the time I needed.

We snuggled on the floor of her shop until it was time for me to head back home. I bought two of the four outfits despite her insistence I didn’t need to. The white one would remain unused at home until my return visit. It was unique, and I didn’t want to change that.

I presented Daniel with his ‘birthday gifts’ the evening before his birthday after Char had gone to bed. He enjoyed them. It was an odd feeling, him pumping away in me as my mind flashed pictures of Giselle and me in all sorts of positions pleasing each other. I did manage to achieve a few orgasms during those sessions despite the bits of guilt I felt mixing my two lovers.

That was a little over a year ago; Char has a baby brother to terrorize now. Daniel and I are making love less and less due to having two kids to raise. I occasionally make an appointment with Giselle when my stress level gets overwhelming. She has slowly turned me into her ‘baby girl’ relieving me of my day to day worries. It didn’t take that long for me to discover the pleasure of another woman’s vagina with my mouth. Giselle has taught me so much about my body and how amazing it can feel being with another woman. I did talk with Debbie the week after my seduction. I must have a great poker face because I don’t think she suspects that Giselle and I are friends with benefits. I’ve mentioned to Giselle that it might be fun to bring Debbie along on one of our shopping appointments. She gave me a sly grin, indicating it would be nice to have us both.

Next week I’m going to call Debbie to see what her schedule is.

I don’t plan on divorcing Daniel because I love our little family. My time with Giselle keeps me sane. Someday, I may stop seeing her, but that won’t be until both kids are in school full time and my stress level decreases. So, I have at least another six years of guilt and orgasms to go through.