Give Me Some Sugah, Daddy


Downing the last of the green apple flavored vodka, she slammed the glass onto the side table and turned back to the boy she was straddling, quickly taking his cheeks in her hands and smashing her lips against his in a messy kiss that tasted like cheap beer and green apple. She was too drunk to care what his kisses tasted like; she just wanted to get lost in the sensation, something she loved to do whenever she possibly could. Their moans merged together and the heavy beat of the music melted into the background along with the laughter and overly loud teenagers dancing around the rest of the house. Feeling his hands fumbling clumsily at the buttons on her shirt, she grinned lasciviously and stood, wobbling a little as she fought to catch her balance before extending her hand to the nameless boy. Tugging him to his feet, she dropped his hand and hooked a finger around his belt buckle. Leading him through the writhing mass of teenage bodies, she opened one door after another until she found the spare bedroom.

Pulling him in, she kicked the door shut and locked it before sauntering across the room, hips swaying provocatively, her skirt barely long enough to cover her ass cheeks. Crawling onto the bed, she looked over her shoulder at him and turned to kneel in the center of the full sized mattress, one finger beckoning him to join her. Luckily enough he wasn’t too drunk to get it up but he was inexperienced enough that he didn’t last that long. When he collapsed on top of her only five minutes after the initial plunge; she scoffed and pushed him off of her.

“You were amazing.” He mumbled, already succumbing to sleep with a soft snore.

“And you sucked; loser.”

Stuffing the scrap of blue lace into her blazer pocket, she headed back out to the party and got one more drink before toddling off to find Ember. Leaning against the door jamb to the kitchen, she paused and pulled her thigh high school girl socks up a little higher, downed the last of her drink and pressed up against the back of the guy that her best friend was talking to.

“Hey, ho.”

“Hey bitch, you ready to get outta here? The guys here blow…” She glanced at the guy who had pulled her around in between himself an Ember, a grin coming across her face as he pressed her in between her friend’s thighs. “No offense, Hunkster. Unless you can’t last.”

“Oh, I can last, alright. Maybe I can prove it to the both of you.”

Mya grinned and settled her hands to either side of Em’s head on the wall cabinets, smiling up at her since the other girl was up on the counter. “What do you think, Emmy? Think he can handle us both?”

Feeling him press into the barely concealed curve of her ass, she ground against him just as Em leaned down and kissed her slowly. “Maybe, who knows? Let’s go find out!”

[Press Pause]

Mya never used to be like this. She never drank, never had sex, and was always the good girl; until her mom passed away when she was 17. After that, it all went downhill. She started drinking, which led to partying, which led to trying pot which then led to sex. Well…for her, anyways. When she drank she lost all of her inhibitions and all the lines and boundaries were blurred. She and Ember had become what we call drunk-bi; they only made out or had sex when they were completely plastered.

[Press Play]

“You got a car?” She turned, laying her head back against Em’s chest as she rolled the width of her hips against him slowly, smirking deviously when Em began caressing her breasts through her blouse.

“Better; a truck, and plenty of blankets to put down in the back, too.”

“Then what are you waitin’ for, cowboy? Take us away.” Exchanging places with him, she grinned when the other girl wrapped her arms and leg around him, laughing when he picked Em up and offered his hand to her. Taking it, she followed them out to his truck and climbed into the back when he opened the topper and tail gates.

“Blankets are in the toolbox.”

Both she and Em set to working laying a few out along the cool plastic of the truck bed, pausing every few moments to kiss whenever they bumped into each other. Finally finished with the blankets, they watched as he closed the gates against the cold air outside before moving to where they knelt beside each other in their school uniforms. Reaching out to him, Ember claimed his whiskey tinted lips while Mya pressed her kisses and the occasional nibble against the side of his neck. Working his shirt off, they made short work of the rest of his clothes, tossing them back by the toolbox as he started undressing them at the same time. First, he’d take off Mya’s top, then Em’s and move onto their bras; switching it off until they were both naked except for their socks.

While Mya as blonde with handful sized breasts, wide hips and a clean shaven mound; Em was much more petite with bigger breasts and a cute little heart of dark trimmed hair on the rise of her own mound. Draping an arm around each other’s waists, they admired his physique and watched as his cock twitched in clear anticipation. Looking up at him at roughly the same time, ümraniye escort Mya grinned as she reached out to stroke his shaft, drawing him closer little by little.

“Your wish is,” Mya started only for Ember to finish the sentence a second later. “Our command.”

“I want to watch you two first.” He caressed their cheeks lightly before turning them to face each other, slowly guiding them closer until their lips met and they began to kiss each other hungrily. Caressing their bodies, he knelt back as they moved to lie down, quickly taking up the sexiest ’69 that he had ever had the pleasure of seeing in his life, so far. As they writhed and moaned against each other, he finally couldn’t take it anymore and shuffled closer. Pressing the head of his shaft against Mya’s bald lips, Em gasped and immediately set her attentions on his surprisingly clean shaven balls. Taking first one and then the other into her mouth, she rolled them around against the pierced tongue, her fingertips busily stroking Mya’s hardened little clit in tight, pleasurable circles.

Feeling him sink into her already juicy snatch, she clenched even tighter around him, moaning for more as she added a third finger into her best friend’s slippery cunt. Gingerly dragging hr clit through her teeth, she soothed the abused flesh with quick flicks of her tongue. Enjoying the sweet taste of her, she cried out as he really began to fuck her. Lifting onto her hands to allow Ember to squirm out from beneath her, she smirked when she sat in front of her and parted her thighs to show off the pleasure swollen flesh of her slit.

“Make me scream, Mya.”

Burying her hand in Mya’s hair, Em guided her back to what she had been doing, each hunger driven thrust he made into her throwing her forward into Ember. Closing her eyes, she surrendered to the moment and lost herself within it and everything that followed it, knowing that even if she didn’t remember it all tomorrow at least she would know that she had fun.


She didn’t remember how she got home the night before but the delicious aches and pains that lay curled in the cradle of her hips and thighs quickly made her smile as she woke up. Blinking her eyes open, she cried out and buried her face in the pillow as the hangover from Hell suddenly began fucking the inside of her skull with a double-edged hunting knife. Whimpering, she stretched a hand out and searched her bedside table for her sunglasses, knowing they were there since she hadn’t had them with her yesterday.

“Aha!” Pulling them under the pillow, she shoved them onto her face and peeked out into the room again. The light still stung but it wasn’t as bad as it had been before. Getting up, she stretched and looked down at her rumple uniform, grumbling as she stripped them off and tossed them down the laundry chute in the bathroom. Deciding to take a shower later after she ate something and did something about her hangover, she pulled on a pair of Sophie shorts and a tank top without a bra; it was too early for one in her opinion.

Heading down the stairs, she smiled when she saw her father sitting at the breakfast nook reading the paper from Wednesday in a pair of lounge pants and a wife beater. At 41 her dad was still in really good shape; he went to the gym regularly and went running every morning before she even got up to get ready for school. Leaning over his shoulder, she pressed a soft kiss to his cheek and smiled when he looked up from the sports section.

“Morning daddy, did your teams do well?”

“Morning sweetheart. One did, yes…other…not so much. What’s with sunglasses so early?”

“Headache…my eyes hurt.”

As she grabbed the bottle of Aleve out of the cabinet, Alek surveyed his daughter, his eyes slightly narrowed. Was she hung-over? She’d been having a lot of headaches lately that had all the makings of one. Standing, he moved to hand her a bottle of water from the fridge before standing in front of her, leaning his hip against the counter.

“Did you and Ember have fun at the bowling alley last night?”

“Yeah, we had a blast. She says hi by the way.”

Was that alcohol he smelled? Staring down at her disheveled hair, he laid a hand on the side of her head and kissed her forehead, frowning when he felt something sticky come away from her hair when he took his hand away. Pausing, he glanced at it and then down at her when she looked up at him with a puzzled expression.

“If you were at the bowling alley, why do I smell alcohol on your breath? And you don’t use gel so you better explain what the hell is in your hair young lady. Sit down.” He pointed to the second stool at the breakfast nook as he flipped the hot water on. Washing his hands thoroughly, he watched as she plopped onto the stool with a grimace. Moving to lean back against the island counter, he crossed his arms and stared at her, clearly waiting for an explanation.

“We started off at the alley but when we were leaving we met up with some friends from school as they were leaving too. They invited us to a party…” She trailed off and turned to pendik escort pour herself a cup of coffee only to hear him clear his throat behind her. “We went and had a few drinks….Anything else is hazy. I’m sorry, daddy.”

That wasn’t the complete truth. She remembered bits and pieces of her, Ember and the guy in the truck; enough to strengthen the tingling aches within her hips with a tinge of need. She also remembered that there was weed but she didn’t know if she’d taken a hit off the joint or not. Looking up at him through her glasses, she flinched away when he reached over and snatched them off her face to reveal her faintly red-rimmed eyes.

“I wasn’t born yesterday Mya Marie Baronova. Did you have sex with someone? Was there pot? Other drugs?”

“There was only pot and alcohol that I know of.”

“You missed a question.”


“When did you change? You used to be such a good girl. Didn’t I teach you right? Didn’t we teach you better than this? Your mother is probably rolling over in her grave right now!”

Normally, she could have taken the lecture in stride but when he brought up her mom something inside her broke and she buried her face in her hands as she started to cry. Feeling his arms come around her, she crumbled into his embrace and cried until she couldn’t anymore.

“I’m sorry daddy. I just miss her so much. It still hurts so badly. I just wanted it to stop hurting.”

“I know angel-baby…I know it does but you can’t drink yourself numb. That only prolongs the pain. Not to mention the harm your doing to yourself. I was going to ground you for two months BUT if you promise me no more parties, drinking or sex, I’m willing to take it down to two weeks.”

“But what about prom? It’s next weekend! I already bought my dress and everything!”

“We’ll see.”

“But I have a fitting for alterations today.”

“Fine BUT I’m going to volunteer to chaperone. No arguments. I chaperone or you don’t go at all.”

She huffed but finally nodded. “Fine. What am I grounded from?”

“Anything other than school, work and home is off limits. Exceptions can be made for the library and today’s dress appointment.”

“Okay. I’m sorry, I really am.”

“I know sugar plum. Now please…go wash that stuff out of your hair.”


When he saw her car disappear down the street out of the view of his bedroom window, he turned away and headed into the hallway before going down to her room. Pushing the door open, he stood in the doorway and stared in just like he’d done countless times before. This time though he was on a mission. Searching every inch of her room, he found her diary hidden in the back of a painting over her bed but nothing else until he got to her dresser and bedside tables which he had decided to leave until the end for some odd reason. Usually he didn’t mess with the bedside tables when he came in here, so when he opened the drawer in the right side table and pulled all the dark lace fabric from its depths, he was amazed. Sifting through every last piece, he set aside a few that caught his fancy and was just about to put them back when he caught sight of it. Right in the back of the drawer was a small collection of toys. Pulling them out one by one, he stared down at all three, slightly shocked at his findings.

One as quite long and thick; molded after a real cock while the second was just as long, smooth and thin until the very end where it curved up a little and was slightly bulbous. Grasping it by the thin end, he rotated it in his hands only to drop it when it began to vibrate quietly in his hand. Laughing at his own stupidity, he turned it off and put them back along with the little silver bullet attached to a tear shaped remote. Covering them back up with her underwear, he set the ones he liked at the end of the bed and moved to the other side to search the second one.

He found even more panties, this time made of satin and silk as well as a whole slew of stockings and panty hose. Again, hiding beneath it all, he found yet another toy though this one was a lot different. It had a main shaft that had to be at least nine or ten inches long and a smaller one under that which was only about two inches shorter. Rotating the dial on the bottom, he watched them both begin to twirl in opposite directions and a tiny attachment began to vibrate.

“When did my little angel become such a sex fiend?” He mused to himself as he turned it off and once more put everything back where it belonged except for the ones that he liked. Moving to the dresser, he searched through every drawer but only hit pay dirt when he got to the top one. This was the one he was most familiar with; he’d been pilfering one or two pairs of panties for the last eight of so months as a way to cope with the new way he’d begun to see his daughter. She was no longer a little girl, no…She had blossomed into a woman right under his nose, a gorgeous one at that. How was he not supposed to notice? So he had taken to borrowing her underwear and using them to masturbate to his fantasies about her; wrapping them bostancı escort around the thick meat of his cock and stroking himself as he imagined her riding him or burying him in the dark cavern of her mouth until he shot rope after thick rope into the soft fabric.

Shaking thoughts of her out of his head, he adjusted his lounge pants against his rock hard cock and searched the top drawer, frowning heavily when he found a small bag of weed wrapped in a pair of dark green boycutts. Setting it on top of the dresser along with the scrap of green lace, he slammed the drawer shut and collected everything from the dresser and the bed. Tucking the sets that he liked into the underside of his pillowcase in his room, he changed and headed downstairs to fix something for lunch after depositing a relatively heavy load into a pair of red satin bikini cuts.

Balling the bag of weed back up in the green underwear, he sat the tangle of fabric on the counter where she usually put her car keys, knowing she’d see it. Finishing his second sandwich and first beer when she walked in the door roughly thirty minutes later, he stood and turned the TV off before carrying his plate and empty bottle into the kitchen. Throwing both away, he turned and braced his hands on the top of the counter, facing her just as she reached it and set her keys in the key bowl.

“Wanna explain what’s in those?”

Blanching the moment her fingertips brushed the soft green fabric, she looked up at him and shook her head. “I promise it’s not mine, Daddy! I swear!”

“Then who’s is it? Why is it balled up in your underwear?”

“It’s Embers. She asked if she could hide it in my room somewhere. I promise, Daddy, I do.”

“If I find out otherwise, there will be consequences, Mya.”

She nodded and unraveled the pair of boycutts and took the bag of weed to the sink, turned the water on and dumped it little by little into the drain. Showing him the empty bag, she let the water run for an extra minute or so and then shut it off.

“There, it’s gone. All of it.”

He nodded and motioned to the stairs as if to say ‘go to your room.’ His expression was strained as he grabbed a second beer from the fridge and when she disappeared around the corner to go up to her room with her dress bag draped over her arm, he breathed a quiet sigh of relief.


Pausing outside his door a few hours later, she was just about to continue on when she heard a low, husky growl that couldn’t be caused by anything other than pleasure. Leaning against the door jamb, she found herself strangely turned on by what she was hearing; he was obviously jacking off. Part of her wanted to know the cause of his arousal while the other part wanted her to walk away and forget it all. That was until she heard her name, muffled as it was through the door.

“Fuck…yes…Myyyyaaaa…suck your daddy’s cock…mmfuck yes. Take every…fuckin’…inch…”

Stifling her gasp of surprise, she counted to four, knocked and waited another couple of seconds to open the door. Seeing him struggling with the blanket as he tried and failed to cover himself fast enough, she blushed and turned her head away as she closed her eyes. “Oh! Sorry! I didn’t know!”

“No, no, I’m sorry sweet pea…” He cleared his throat, pooling the blanket over his shaft as he swallowed the groan that welled up at the soft contact. “D..did you need something?”

“I was just wondering if you wanted to order take-out or go out to dinner…I’ll…come back.” Closing the door, she shot down the hall to her room and immediately texted Ember everything. Laughing when the other girl asked if she’d seen how big he was, she simply told her that he was bigger and thicker than the guy at the party.

“You lucky bitch! I wish my dad was as hot and hung as yours is! If I was you I’d totally be all over that.”

“But, he’s my dad. That’s wrong, Em.”

“Sweet cheeks, Adam and Eve supposedly populated the entire world. That’s a LOT of incest. Get over it and go grab that hung hottie before someone else does. If you don’t, I certainly will.”

She didn’t even bother texting back, though Em had a point. Going to her closet, she picked out favorite little black dress and changed into it after snapping a garter belt on and rolling a pair of stockings up her legs. She decided to forgo the unnecessary layer of underwear and instead just went commando. Hearing a knock on her door, she pulled her hair down out of the bun and opened the door with a smile. “I was just about to come get you…Dinner is my treat tonight, Daddy. I want to show you how amazing you are and how sorry I am for all the trouble I’ve caused lately.”

“I was just coming to say the same thing, honestly. You look beautiful angel-baby, just beautiful. About a little while ago, I’m sorry you walked in on that.”

She shook her head and hugged him tighter than normal, holding it just a little longer before smiling up at him. “Daddies get lonely too, I get it. Don’t worry about it; you didn’t scar me, Daddy, promise.” Tilting her cheek into his hand as he caressed it tenderly, she straightened his collar for him with a smile. Collecting her purse from the hook on the back of the door, she laid the thin strap over her shoulder and tucked her hair back behind her ear as he offered his arm to her like a true-blue gentleman.