Given Away as a Breeding Slave – Part One

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I wake up suddenly to the feeling of my white satin bedsheet sliding across my nude breasts as my boyfriend pulls it entirely away from me and off of the bed. “Get up, Wyvvs, we have to be going,” he calls as I absently close my eyes in the morning sunlight and shyly cover my chest with my arm.”Going where, what are you talking about Rick?” I slide my bare legs to the edge of the mattress and sit there for a moment in nothing but my black panties. He walks back over to me, fully dressed and prepared already, slides his hand around the back of my neck, tilts my head back, and kisses me caringly on my soft red lips.”It’s a surprise, Wyvvs, I can’t tell you alsancak escort yet.” He kisses me again and places his other palm against my ribs. I feel it sliding smoothly up towards my breasts, before he abruptly stops and pulls it away. I lower my arms, subtly offering my naked breasts to him. “Something wrong?””Nothing, I’m just not allowed to…” he laughs. “Nevermind, come on we have to go!” I stand up as he motions to the dresser, where he had already laid out an elaborate array of clothing for me. My gold and black laced panties and bra, a black garter belt and stockings, my sleeveless amber dress, jewelery, alsancak escort bayan and bright yellow heels. “Come on, babe, hurry up and get dressed.””Wow, this must be something spectacular you have planned.” I pull my bedtime panties down over my wide hips, past my thighs, down to my ankles, and step out of them, letting him stare at me naked for a moment. After he makes no obvious attempt to touch me, I shrug and commence adorning myself with the attire he had selected for me.He puts me into his car and we drive for several hours into another town. He doesn’t say very much throughout the trip, but looks strangely escort alsancak more and more nervous the further we continue. Finally, we stop at a very elegant house, a manor, actually. He stops the car and we get out, where a butler takes the keys from my boyfriend and proceeds to park the car in another large building further along the private driveway. It seems very luxurious, and I’m a little excited as we approach the front door and are allowed to enter by another polite servant. From the main hall I can see four staircases; two ascending and two descending. I wonder where they may lead, but Rick hurriedly grasps my bare shoulder and pulls me to our left. We enter a smaller room with dark red carpeting and walls. A tall, imposing man is standing there patiently there in a black suit. He motions to the corner of the room, where I see a large pleated chair, much like a throne, situated in front of two small red pillows laid on the floor before it.