Giving Him What He Wants

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I slowly open the door to Ted’s bedroom, careful not to let the latch click. I don’t want to disturb him yet.

The light from the hallway falls over him. He’s asleep on his side, facing away from me. His arms are wrapped around a pillow, curling up to it. One leg is stretched out, the other bent at the knee. He has kicked his sheet down by his feet leaving most of him bare to my sight.

He’s lovely. His sandy blonde hair lies in soft curls. His smooth skin is still tanned from this summer’s activities. His shoulders and legs are trim, but still graceful and with the firm muscles of a swimmer. He’s just the most beautiful boy.

We’ve been roommates for two years now, ever since we moved out of the dorms. We got an apartment with a couple of other friends, but now it’s just down to the two of us. It’s been a great time, we’re really good friends. We hang out all the time. We talk and laugh and share some really good times together. But I’ve never, ever gotten to touch him the way I want to. I know his sexual preferences don’t lie in my direction. But I really want him.

I’ve been planning this for a while. I keep getting ready to do it, but I keep backing out at the last minute. Tonight is going to be different though.

I slip across the room to his bed. He hasn’t stirred at all. I just stand there looking at him. I’ve wanted to be with him for so long. I lean over him bringing my face close to his. I want to just grab him and kiss him deeply, but I don’t want to startle him yet. This has to go just right.

I ease myself into bed beside him. I’m lying next to him, so close I can hear his heart, feel konak escort the warmth of his skin close to mine. I breathe in, just reveling in his scent. I reach across him, careful not to touch him yet. My hand rests beside his cock. My lips are right next to his ear.

We’ve talked enough about sex to know what his favorite bits of foreplay are. I’m going to ease him awake with what I know he wants. My heart is racing from the excitement of finally getting to touch him. I’m amazed he doesn’t wake up to the sound of it. But he’s out deeply; his eyes are still beneath their lids.

I bring my lips to his neck, just below his ear. Lightly, gently, ever so briefly I kiss him. He moves just a little, but doesn’t come awake. I flick my tongue over him, at last getting to taste his skin.

I let my fingers brush against his cock; feel him start to stir. I feel the blood fill his lovely organ, feel it grow and swell in my hand. He’s longer than I thought, a good 8 inches and full. I slowly stroke him. My fingers glide over him, feeling the wonderful texture. It’s a lovely thing and I find myself loving every second that spend touching it.

He lets out a small sigh, and shifts his body over some. He’s still not fully awake, but the pleasure is sinking in. I kiss him again, this time letting my teeth brush his flesh. I feel his whole body stiffen.

I let my fingers dance over him. My thumb makes small circles just below the head of his cock. My fingers tease and squeeze him. I can feel the slipperiness of his pre cum leaking from the tip. He’s starting to moan now. I know he’s lost in kuşadası escort the rush of waking up to being touched.

Now’s when I have to act; before he’s had time fully grasp what’s happening to him. I take my free hand lick my fingers, getting them wet. I reach down and run a finger along his ass. I press at his rim, being careful not to go to fast and hurt him. My saliva makes it easy to slide into him. He gives a short gasp and I feel his cock twitch in my hand.

I speed up my strokes, letting my hand slide the full length of his shaft. My fingers run over the head, slide back down to his base and then squeeze him tight. His hips start to move in rhythm with me.

Now it’s time. I reach between my legs and take hold of my shaft. I guide the head to the warm tightness of his hole. Before he can react I start to press. I feel the resistance start to give. His ring opens, accepting the intruding cock and pulling it inside him.

Ted moans loudly and shoves his hips back to meet my thrust. I bite his neck teasing his skin as I push deep. He’s fully awake now. Based on his moves, his short gasps of breath and the sighs as he exhales he’s loving it.

I lean into him and he responds by shifting over to his knees. I follow his move and now I’m behind him. I start to push into him, driving the shaft in back out of his ass. I rise up on my toes so I can push deep. He groans and rolls his hips as I ride him.

My fingers keep dancing on his cock, milking every bit of pleasure out of it I can. He bucks and pants beneath me. I always knew I could make him this happy, if foça escort only he let me.

I really start to give it to him. His ass stretches and accepts me as I go to town on him. He’s so tight each thrust just makes his nerves sing. I lick his ear and give him a long drawn out thrust. He cries out and begs me for more.

I speed up; each thrust a quick jab matched stroke for stroke by hand’s movement on his cock. I can feel his heart pounding in his sweat-covered chest. I can feel his cock twitch each time I slide over his prostate. He’s in heaven and I’m the one who brought him here. This is everything I ever wanted.

I feel him start to shove back into me, meeting each stroke. He’s building fast. I start shoving as hard as I can, trying to shove him over the edge. I reach around with my free hand and start to rub his balls. That’s enough to do it.

I feel his cum start to race up his cock even before he starts to scream out in ecstasy. Thick spurts of his cum splash over my hand, spraying onto his belly and the bed. His whole body shakes and collapses under me. I ride him down to the bed, letting him feel me thrusting into him until he he’s finally spent. He lays there gasping for breath and moaning in joy.

He looks back at up at me, his expression a mix of surprise and extreme pleasure. I smile down at him as he speaks.

“God Michelle, that was the best ever.” His voice is still rough with passion.

I lean over and kiss him. Then I swing myself off him, my strap-on sliding out of his ass with a small popping sound.

I lie down beside him and lick my fingers clean of his cum. I turn to look into his eyes.

“Was this girl man enough for you hon?” I ask with a grin.

“Definitely, baby, definitely.” He says as he runs a finger along the plastic cock. “Now let’s see if I can return the favor.”

I smile to myself as my beautiful boy slips his hands up to my eager pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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