Giving Mature Ladies Pleasure Ch. 02


Jo stayed the night, the morning was terrific, Jack made Jo cum three times before they showered and Jack drove her home. Jo’s chocolate box was tight; she loved anal. Jo loved it everywhere; she loved to fuck Jack in a chair, she went on top and always gave him a fantastic ride. Jo loves to be complimented; she loved to be told how beautiful her body was especially her massive tits. Jo had amazing lingerie when Jack visited her, which was often now, Jo would be wearing sexy lingerie.

The afternoon after their first night together, Jo messaged Jack, inviting him to come to her house for dinner, she also suggested that he could stay the night. Jo’s birthday was fantastic, Jo had lunch with his mum, Aunt May and another widow, Jean, Jean was a doctor with her Clinic, she had three other doctors working with her. They had all gone back to mum’s afterwards, Jack was sure that they were all having sex together, Jo never said anything directly, but there were many hints that they all enjoyed sex.

Jack had arranged to pick up Jo at seven on Friday evening; she messaged him asking him to come at six as she was hot. He had spent Thursday night with her and had given her a great fuck in the morning. Jo had been to the boutique before lunch with the girls; they had all given her vouchers for the boutique. Jo had bought a very sexy outfit for tonight which Jack hadn’t seen when he arrived at six. Jo was wearing a crotchless Basque with no panties when Jack arrived; her ass was also lubed.

They hadn’t booked a table but arrived at an Italian restaurant just after eight. Jo looked stunning in her outfit; it showed all her curves to perfection. Jack was proud to be seen with her; she was a beautiful woman. Over dinner Jo said to Jack that she had told his mother that she had met Jack on Monday at the wine shop, they had chatted away and Jack had invited her out for dinner on Friday night. So now mum knew that Jo was seeing Jack. Jo was quite excited about this; Jack said, “Did you tell mum that you’re now getting my cock regularly?”

“Don’t be silly; she’d be wanting it too. I told her because she’s my friend and you are her son, and I wanted to be honest with her. Your Aunt May said that you are a very eligible young man. They all liked the outfit that I’m wearing tonight. I am happy that she now knows and I was the one that told her.”

Jack replied, “I’m happy that you told her, too, it’s good that you have been honest with her.”

Jo smiled then said, “May then said, you must ask Jack who gives the best fuck, you or Kate?”

Jack leaned over the table and kissed Jo affectionately; he then said, “Jo, there’s no comparison, Kate’s a selfish lover, she thinks of herself, you give so much pleasure, and your ass is tighter than her’s.”

“Did you do Kate’s chocolate box too?”

“Yes, she’s like you, she loves it too.”

They went back home; Jo wanted her chocolate box done again. The next morning was the same. They were lying in bed at nine when Jack’s mobile rang, it was from Molly’s phone, but it was her daughter Carol mobil porno who was on the phone, she said, “Good morning Jack, I’m sorry to disturb you on a Saturday morning, I came home an hour ago to find mum dead in her bed. I called the doctor who came immediately; he’s sure that she had a massive heart attack. I didn’t know it, but she’s been on medication for several years.”

Jack replied, “Carol, I’m so sorry to hear this, this is a surprise to me; she never told me that she had any heart problems. Please keep in touch with me if you need anything, then please let me know. As soon as the funeral arrangements are made then please advise me. You have lost a mother. I’ve lost a very good friend and colleague.”

Carol answered, “We have a small concealed safe in the house. I checked it this morning as mum always kept money in it. I found an envelope addressed to you. Would you like me to bring it to you or would you prefer to come and collect it?”

“I’ll come and collect it, can you tell me a suitable time.”

“The undertaker is now preparing her body. She will be taken to the church on Monday evening; the requiem mass will be on Tuesday morning at ten. I would suggest saying two this afternoon; there’ll be no one else here so you can spend some time alone with her if you want. Jack, mum, thought the world of you.”

“Carol, I’ll be there at two.”

Jack came off the phone. Jo said,” Has something happened to Molly?”

“Yes, she had a heart attack, sadly she is dead. I will go this afternoon and see her daughter. A few weeks ago she was joking with me saying that she could retire in five years, but she wanted to stay working for as long as she could. Carol, her daughter, is studying law. I think that she graduates in June. It’s unfortunate.”

Jo had a serious look on her face, she said, “Your mum always thought your father was having an affair with Molly. Once you know, more you should tell her. Please don’t tell her that I told you this. I’ll now make breakfast; I think that this has been a shock for you.”

Jack arrived at Molly’s apartment at two, Carol let him in then gave him the letter. Carol asked if he’d like something to drink. Jack had kept Molly supplied with wine for years; he asked for a glass of wine to sip as he read the letter. Carol got it for him then left him alone in the lounge.

The letter was short and to the point, so typical of Molly, it read, “Dear Jack, you will see by the date that this was written a while ago. I have a heart condition. I’ve tried to keep everything tidy. My only worry is Carol, I ask you if anything happens to me and Carol is still at University could you make sure she leaves University with her degree. I have a small Insurance policy which will cover a lot of things. I own the apartment; there’s no mortgage. Carol will get a job when she graduates; she’s very intelligent. I had an affair with your father. It just happened, I believe that it caused a lot of heartache for your mother. I am sorry for any hurt I may have caused her. Please look after Carol until alman porno she graduates, I also believe that you will be there for her after she graduates. Thank you for the love and happiness that you gave me. Love Molly.”

Jack waited a few minutes, then asked if he could say goodbye to Molly. Carol took him into Molly’s bedroom; Molly looked so serene lying in her casket. Jack noticed a droop in her face; she had had a stroke; it was perhaps a blessing that she hadn’t survived the heart attack. Jack kissed her on the cheek before he left the room he thought of all the beautiful fucks that he had with Molly in that bedroom. He then said, “Molly, I’ll look after Carol for you.”

Carol topped up Jack’s glass and her own then they went into the lounge. Jack said, “Carol, I’m so sorry. When do you graduate?”

“At the end of June.”

That was in three months, “Carol, I’m going to pay you your mum’s salary until you get your first paycheck. I don’t want you to have any financial worries. Give the undertaker my address and tell him to send his invoice to me. If you need money for anything, then please let me know.”

Carol gave Jack a big hug, he felt the weight of tits on his chest, she had a body like Molly, Carol said, “That’s so kind of you, I’ll have to change mum’s bank account, so all the utilities still get paid. Are you sure about the undertaker? Mum has left enough money.”

Jack then took two fifty pound notes from his wallet and gave them to Carol, then said, “Give that to the priest for conducting the service. Will it be a big service? Will you have an organist?”

“Thank you, I’d forgotten about the priest. No, it will only be a requiem mass, no choir, no organist. I’ll be surprised if there are more than ten people there. I was thinking of preparing a small buffet lunch here. I don’t think that there will be many people there, mum didn’t socialise much, she kept herself to herself.”

“Carol, whatever the numbers, invite who attends for lunch, I’ll check around, there are many places that make a buffet lunch at reasonable prices.”

Carol then offered Jack another glass of wine; Jack said, “If I have another, then I would have to stay the night.”

Carol smiled, then said, “That wouldn’t be a problem.”

Jack then left, Carol gave him another hug, she also kissed him on his cheek, Jack felt the weight of her big tits again, but this time he felt her pussy pushing against his leg, Carol said, “Jack, thank you so much, would you mind if I have any questions if I messaged you?”

“No problem Carol, I’m there if you need me.”

Jack then drove home; he had a problem; how could he replace Molly? There was also a secretary who acted as a receptionist; all their properties were rented out to gilt-edged companies. He would miss Molly for the excellent breakfasts that she made him every morning. The office was a converted house, it still had a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, a kitchen and several offices. Jack poured himself a glass of wine then phoned his mum; alexis texas porno it was better to tell her quickly, he wondered what her reaction would be. Her mobile was on voice mail; he left a message asking her to phone him back.

Two minutes later, mum returned his call. Jack told her about Molly; mum asked if he wanted to come over to her place. Jack told her he was having a glass of wine, would she like to come to him? Mum told him to pour her a glass; she’d be there in two minutes. Mum arrived she looked stunning, she had a mini-skirt suit on, her tits looked enormous, she had her hair highlighted, she looked younger, Jack said, “Mum, you look gorgeous, your hair looks amazing, you suit those highlights. What a beautiful outfit you are wearing.”

Mum hugged Jack and kissed him on the cheek; she smelt so good. They went into the lounge, Jack poured her a glass then Jack told her about Molly. Mum listened politely then mum said, “I’m sorry to hear about Molly, she worked hard, she has taught you a lot. The business will miss her. She was fucking my husband, your father. Maybe it’s a woman thing, but it hurt me a lot at the time. I have mellowed a little over the years, especially with all she’s done for you since you joined the firm.”

Jack then let her read the letter, he also told her what he was doing for Carol, mum listened then said, “Jack, I will not go to the funeral, but I’ll send flowers, you’re doing the right thing for Carol, who is an innocent bystander in this. I am proud of you for doing this.”

They drank some wine then Jack suggested they walk to a restaurant for dinner, mum was over the moon, she complimented Jack on what he had done to the apartment. Mum used the bathroom then they walked to the restaurant. Mum looked gorgeous, she was wearing heels, with her mini-skirt her legs looked so long. Mum said, “I feel good wearing heels when I’m with you, with other men I’m so much taller.”

Jack hugged her, then Jack said, “Mum, you smell great.”

“Jack, don’t waste it for me, call me Dot when we are out.”

Jack gave her another hug; mum was pulling him closer to her. Over dinner, mum said, “Jack, I’m bored out of my skull. I have a serious suggestion to make, will you listen to me?”

“Of course, mum, fire away.”

“Jack, you’re going to miss Molly a lot, she knew the business inside out. How would you feel if I and Aunt May helped you in the business, we both know it inside out. We could job share; we could live off of our director’s salary so you would save a salary, we still need a receptionist, so everything is good. What do you think?”

“I’d love that Dot, but you’d have to wear clothes like your wearing now so that I would look forward to coming in to work every morning. Would you do that for me?”

“You are exciting me now, would you feel my butt when we’re close, I could wear low cut tops if you would like, and if you want I wouldn’t wear a bra but I must warn you, Aunt May would work topless for you, we both have huge tits.”

“When would we work?”

“We would work all the time; we all make money from the business.”

“Who would give me the best fuck?”

“Dot, she loves you so much. I want you, Jack; I’ll get a taxi home, we will have dinner together tomorrow night at my place. I want you to stay the night.”