Glances Across the Office Ch. 01: Lizzy

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Their kiss broke; his breath ragged, hers in one long relaxed exhale turning into a slight moan at the end. Her eyes fluttered open and stared into his.

“What are we doing?” Lizzy whispered, mixing uncertainty with mischievousness.

Joshua gave a subtle shrug, and a coy smile. The lift at the end of the hall pinged, breaking them both out of the moment. They turned back from the hallway and the sound of the lift doors sliding open. His face brushed her soft brunette hair as he reached passed her, reaching for the door handle. Giggling as the door fell open, she stepped backwards to maintain balance. His hand slipped from her hip to encircle her waist, guiding her further as they quick stepped back into her hotel room. His foot flicked the door closed behind them as she continued to giggle while he peppered kisses down her neck. As the subdued voices of strangers passed the room, the door shut with a click.

* * *

Joshua was one of the lucky few out of his friends to secure a job in the first year out of college. While his buddies returned to their respective homes, picking up various Saturday jobs and moving back into their childhood bedrooms, Joshua made the choice to go back across the Atlantic to England, where he had grown up. He had managed to secure a position with one of the larger financial institutions still standing. Thankful both to have a job, and to have one that exceeded his hopes, he set him-self up in London, re-connecting with old friends and exploring the city he had left at 16.

They had met at the new joiners induction, brief hellos as they settled into the room, little time for more than a few lingering glances across the training room. Elizabeth was from an old English family, not part of the upper echelons of the social circuit, but enough to give her the grace and charm that would make any finishing school proud. Not that she had been to one – she had that enviable ability to fit in comfortably in any situation, and it was not taught but came to her just as naturally as breathing.

Despite being a firm, and an industry, dominated by men, Josh’s intake year had a healthy percentage of women in it. Men being men (or boys), it didn’t take many after work sessions in the pub to establish that Elizabeth was a favourite of most of the male new joiners – as well as the more experienced staff leading the sessions. There was a lot of competition, but it was how everything about how Elizabeth fitted together that made her perfect.

Her 5’7” slender frame, with brunette hair that cascaded over her shoulders, was always held straight, giving her full and undivided attention to whatever she put her mind to. She had a penchant for wearing light tops that would fall off a shoulder, exposing a little more of her soft, unblemished skin. But it was Elizabeth’s face that stole the show. Wavy, brunette hair framed a heart shaped face. Her dainty dab of a nose with just the slightest upturn was outshone by the large green eyes that always seemed to display nothing but bliss and wonder at the world.

The induction passed with the gossip and escapades that are unavoidable when you introduce 40 young, successful, and ambitious adults into a new environment together. However none of this involved either Elizabeth, nor Joshua; she had a boyfriend who remained at Oxford University for another year, while he had a girlfriend back in UCSD. These respective other-halves conspired to keep them relatively trouble free, though a few drunken chats swapping stories revealed that Lizzy had a side that was not as innocent as she appeared.

Through the months following it became clear there was a mutual attraction between the pair; gazes that held a faction too long were caught during meetings, all to frequent unnecessary brushes of the hand against each other during nights out, conversations had the slight tension of neither being willing to acknowledge what was obvious to both. But nothing had happened stonehouse izle until that night.

* * *

The night was a cold and miserable one in late February. Joshua found himself sharing a late drink with Lizzy in some generic, indistinguishable hotel in some god-awful town in the middle of nowhere. Both were still dressed in their work attire; him – a suit and tie but with the jacket left hanging on his office chair, her – a light coloured top and simple pencil skirt. They had both been assigned to assist some minnow level client that was trying to drum up capital. It was dull work, without actually that much to do as the client had decided to ignore the advice they were paying for. This had left Lizzy with nothing to ponder but the struggling state of her existing relationship, and no one to turn to but Josh, who couldn’t help be reminded of how his own was failing.

They fell into the lift laughing at themselves for the silly faces they had pulled at reception like school children. Leaning up against the mirrored back wall their laughter waned, and they caught their breath. Lizzy laid her head upon his shoulder and closed her eyes.

“Thanks, I really needed a few drinks tonight.”

“Well its good we had more than a few isn’t it?”

Only a lightest snore was his reply. Joshua slipped his arm round her waist, and half guided, half carried Lizzy out the lift and down the corridor to her room. Leaning her against the door, Josh shook her shoulders lightly. Her bright eyes fluttered open and drank in the setting; she fumbled in her bag until presenting the key card like a trophy, grinning all the while. He swiped the card and the light blinked green. Wearing his own silly grin Joshua dropped the card back in her bag.

“There you go, returned safe and sound – and a healthy 5 hours until we’re back in the office – I spoil you.”

Joshua turned to go. Her hand caught his.

“Not yet. Not alone just yet.”

The tug caught him by surprise; enough to catch him off balance as he turned. Joshua fell towards her, catching himself with hands pressed against the hotel door, either side of Lizzy’s shoulders. Her fingers entwined themselves with his tie. He brushed her hair from her face; her green eyes flicked down across his body before coming back to rest on his, enchanting him into a daze. Lightly, she pulled on the tie, pulling Joshua’s face down to hers until their noses were brushing, both feeling the warmth and trepidation radiating from the other. Lizzy slipped a slim wrist around Joshua’s neck, twirled her fingers in his hair, enjoying its messiness. She brought their lips together. Her tongue, darting out to play across his lips, tasted the remnants of their shared wine. Josh’s hands slipped down to her hips, relishing the feel of her delicateness under his finger tips as they fell along her sides. He stepped closer, bodies now touching, and her head tilted back to follow. Their kiss broke.

* * *

The door shut with a click. They ignored the voices. Joshua guided Lizzy up against the wall, pressing his lips upon hers. Her fingers explored his back, tracing lines up and down his spine, with little jolts of pleasure following. Wrapping him arm a little tighter around her hips, Joshua pulled Lizzy up and on to him so her toes no longer reached the floor and her head was inches above his. His free hand brushed her hair back again so he could continue kissing along her neck, breathing deep her aroma. He nibbled lightly causing her to giggle to turn into laughter. Running both hands through his hair, she then pulled his head away to face her.

“I want this” she whispered, a slight quiver betraying her fear of rejection.

Placing her hands on his cheeks, Lizzy brought her lips to his gently. The kiss melted what ever doubts they had. Her arms wrapped round his neck, the pressure of the kiss intensified. The hunger between themselves intensified.

Joshua super junior the last man standing izle took the couple of steps towards the bed, and lowered her upon the crisp, white, freshly made sheets. Josh pulled away, her lips locked on his bottom one, pulling on it. He kissed down her body, pushing up her top, fingers slipping under the material to caress her soft skin. Lips brushed up the side of her rib cage. Now it was her enjoying the almost spark between their flesh.

Standing, Josh pulled his tie off and started pulling his shirt over his head. He felt her hands at his fly; one pulled at the belt, while the other searched inside his trousers. Pulling the shirt off, Josh looked down to see Lizzy’s green eyes looking up hungrily while her slim fingers wrapped around his cock. She lowered her head and wrapped her pink lips round his member, causing him to gasp at the first contact with the warmth and wetness of her mouth. Her hair fell, covering her face, so Josh could only see snatches of the scene between the brunette locks. Lizzy wrapped her hand around the base and licked up to the very top, sending shivers all the way down and through his entirety. She took him back into her mouth twirling her tongue round the head before lowering her head, taking him in as deep as possible. The beautiful brunette kept bobbing her head, while Josh held her hair back so he wouldn’t miss a second.

He could feel it beginning; the pressure, the churning. He pushed her away, taking a long deep breath as he stopped the wondrous sensation. Her doe-like eyes looked up questioningly. They met the mischievous glint in his, as he stepped out the remainder of his suit. Josh lifted off her top and pushed Lizzy gently back on the crisp white sheets. Shimmying her skirt and tights down, she lay back in her french knickers and bra, their pale colour distinct against a tan that had spent too long in an office.

He started laying a trace of kisses up her legs, teasing around the crotch of her panties until she playfully swiped at his head giggling. Pulling aside her panties he kissed her succulent pussy, inhaling the sweet aroma. His tongue traced a line from the opening up to the clit, tasting her wetness, savouring the tangy sweetness that was her. He felt her fingers run through his hair and pull his head inwards. His tongue danced across Lizzy’s clit, eliciting low moans as that feeling, that yearning, which had already been stoked, grew and spread through her. He sucked lightly, nibbling even more lightly, taking joy in how her hips moved, how moans became requests and requests became moans.

Just as her fingers began to move frantically, Josh locked his fingers on Lizzy’s hips. In one swift movement he flipped her over on to her front. She squealed in surprise, and then exhaled in understanding as Josh worked her knickers down her shapely legs. She reached back and flipped the clasp of her bra, as he kissed back up her legs. Reaching his tongue deep in the folds of her pussy, and he then drew it up the soft skin towards her arse. The feeling would have tickled had she not been so turned on at the moment. Realising where he was going, she giggled,

“You naughty boy.”

Sliding upwards, Josh laid kisses along her spine. She pulled her hair to one side and under her shoulder, exposing her entire back to his caressing mouth. As he kissed around her long neck, she turned in his arms and planted her lips upon his with passion.

“Enough with the teasing mister” she breathed when their lips parted, her green eyes sparkled with excitement.

Josh found himself being rolled on to his back as Lizzy straddled him. She ran her fingers down his chest as she moved herself lower, enjoying the feeling of his gym-toned body pressed between her thighs. Leaning down she went for another kiss, her hair floating down beside them to super league the war for football izle act as a barrier to the world. Josh felt himself lost in her eyes, lost in the brunette cocoon that held just the two of them, lost in her.

Lizzy’s hand wrapped around his member and guided it into her. The warmth and tightness gripped his cock as she slid slowly downwards. Despite how turned on she was, they started off slow; her getting used to his girth, and him savouring every second of having this beauty straddling and riding him. Her eyes were closed and she rolled her head back, his hands gripped her hips, pulling her deeper. Lizzy’s moans filled the hotel room, as that feeling spread deeper into her core with every thrust. She fell forward, breath heavy on Josh’s ear, the sounds of her pleasure flooding into him.

He gave her a playful spank and then grabbed her bum, pulling her closer. Her breasts pushed up against his chest. Her warm and heavy breaths on his ear, his face covered by her hair so all he could smell was her scent, her passion surrounded him.

Moving a finger to her anus, he started making circles, toying with her. Lizzy threw her head back, letting out a deep, guttural moan. His cock filled her up with each thrust, hips moving in rhythm together. Biting down on his shoulder, Lizzy suppressed the scream building within her. Threading his fingers through her hair Josh pulled her closer so that he could kiss up her neck up to behind her ear, wanting for every bit of himself to be touching her, to be pleasuring her.

Lizzy’s breath drew quicker, the moans grew higher. Josh’s hand came away from her hair to wrap around her slim waist, pulling her tight against him, fingers playing on her stomach. He could feel the shivers running through her and knew she was close. Speeding up his thrusts, he held her tighter, his finger pushing up against her sphincter.

She came. The desire within her cascaded through her body. A cry escaped Lizzy’s lips, she threw her head back as more followed, no longer able to keep control of the ecstasy tumbling within. Her nails dug into Josh’s shoulders. Her pussy was clenching down on his cock, milking it. In the face of these sensations Josh could not hold off. His grip on her tightened, his cock pulsated within her, his seed filling her up.

They slowed to a stop, each catching their breath as the drive slowly waned. Light pecks on each others face, neither wanting the bond to end. But it did as the feelings fell from sensuous to ticklish. She brushed her hair behind her ear, rolled off him and propped her head on a hand, fingers continuing to trace lines on his chest.

“Hmmmmmm… we definitely needed that.”

He nodded, the rush of realisation of what had just happened came to him. He was unsure where this was going or where he even wanted it to go. She lay her head upon his chest. They lay there quietly, his arm wrapped around her shoulder, keeping them both from being alone.

* * *

Joshua awoke to the grating, buzzing of his phone alarm. His eyes adjusted to the light streaming in. He remembered where he was. The shower was running; he took that as his cue to leave.

Lizzy came out the bathroom as his hand touched the door handle. A towel, white and fluffy in the way only hotels can manage, wrapped round her frame, just hinting at the cleavage. Her wet hair combed back and hanging loose. Nothing obscured her beauty. Her bright eyes shone at him. Her lips were pouting.

“You’re just going to leave? Not even a number on the bedside table? I’m just some one-night floozy?”

“I.. uh.. um.. didn’t want to make this awkward, with everything you know…”

She stepped forward, and her stuck her tongue out. Grinning, she laid a hand on his cheek.

“Look I needed comforting and looking after yesterday, and that’s what you did. Nothing more than being a good, sweet, – and satisfying – friend, OK? This will be something just we share.”

Joshua nodded, and then tilted his head and brushed her cheek with his lips. Pulling the door open, he stepped out.

Her hand caught his, squeezed, and he turned back. She kept the door open just enough for her heart shaped face to be seen, her large green eyes twinkled out at him.

“Hey. And next time I need a drink, you’re my first call.”

The door shut with a click.

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