Gloryhole Fun


I love going to the adult bookstore in Birmingham, Alabama to visit the glory holes! Just last week I went and paid to put some credits on my card and walked into the booth area to see only two guys hanging around. I immediately went into my favorite booth and started the video and was pleased when I heard the door open in the booth next door. As I was selecting my movie the guy next to me unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi erect dick and started stroking it.

As I bent over to get a better look through the hole he moved to the hole and stuck his dick through. I like a man who knows what he wants so I quickly reached up and took hold of his dick and slowly stroked him. His dick came to attention very quickly so I got on my knees and took him into my mouth. His dick wasn’t really very big, maybe 5 inches, and only average thickness but I was able to take him all the way down to his pubic hair in one move. I began sucking him as fast and hard as I could. It was obvious that he needed to blow his load because he was rocking his hips back and forth within the first minute of my sucking. That just made me suck harder and he quickly shot his load in my mouth. After I had completely drained him he pulled out and zipped up and quickly exited the booth.

No sooner than he left the other guy entered the booth. I just stayed on my knees in anticipation of sucking his black dick. He just stood there caressing his dick through his sweat pants for a minute so I stuck two fingers in the hole to indicate that I wanted to suck him. He pulled his sweats down and moved towards the hole giving me access to a nicely shaped seven inch dick. I grabbed him by the base of his dick and took the head into my mouth and started sucking him. I continued sucking him while jerking the base of his dick for about five minutes before he blew his load in my mouth. I eagerly swallowed all of his cum. Once he was Sefaköy Escort finished he quickly pulled his pants up and exited the booth.

Since they were the only two people in the video area when I entered I got up and sat in the chair to watch the movie. As I was flipping through the channels again I heard the door open again. I leaned over to the hole to see who it might be and saw that it was a black man with a big belly and a wedding ring. The ring usually means they need some relief so I quickly dropped to my knees again and placed my open mouth up to the glory hole. He wasted no time sticking his dick into my mouth. He was still soft as I began to suck him but he quickly grew to a good seven inches and his dick was very thick. I guess I was warmed up on sucking after the first two dicks so I attacked his dick like my life depended on making him cum quickly. It didn’t take long for him to start rocking his hips back and forth making his dick slide in and out of my mouth. Then I could feel the head of his dick grow as he thrust deep into my mouth and unloaded his cum with five or six burst. There was so much cum that I almost choked. I pulled off of his dick and swallowed it all as he quickly exited the booth.

Before I could even make any effort to get off my knees another black man entered the booth and quickly unbuckled his pants and dropped them to his knees. I made no motion towards the hole but he stepped right up to it and stuck his dick through in eager anticipation of a blow job. His dick was perfectly shaped and only about six inches long. I reached out and wrapped my hand around it and started stroking him. I enjoyed the feel of his dick in my hand for a minute then decided it was time to give him what he really wanted. While still stroking him I ran my tongue in circles around the head of his dick before taking his dick all the way to the base in one Sefaköy Escort motion. I heard his groan through the wall as I sucked up and down on his dick.

I was eager to swallow my fourth load of the morning when he abruptly pulled out of my mouth. I was wondering what was up with this when he leaned over to the hole and whispered that he wanted to fuck me. I wasn’t really sure that was what I wanted so I told him no. He started to pull up his boxers and pants like he was leaving so I whispered to him that I wanted to finish sucking him so he could cum in my mouth. He leaned back over to the hole and told me that the only way he was cumming today was in my ass he he wanted to fuck me NOW! I was pretty worked up myself after servicing the other three guys so I told him to let me lube him up again in my mouth and then I would let him finish in my ass. He dropped his pants again and moved back to the hole. I quickly took him back in my mouth while working on unbuckling my pants with my hands.

Once I had them loose I released his dick from my mouth and stood up allowing my pants to fall to my ankles. I turned around and backed my ass up to his dick that was still sticking through the glory hole. When my ass touch his dick he withdrew it from the hole and started fingering my asshole. I backed up to the hole so he had complete access to me. It did not take long for him to work a finger up my ass. Suddenly his finger was pulled out of my ass and I felt the head of his dick brushing against my asshole. He put steady pressure on me as his dick slipped inside of me. As he began sliding in and out of me I began stroking my rock hard dick to the same speed he was using. As his speed increased he plunged into as far as he could and I could feel his warm load cumming in my ass. As his dick softened he pulled out and told me stay there because he was sending a friend in next to Escort Sefaköy fuck me.

As quickly as I sat down in came the fifth visitor of the day. He leaned over to the hole and told me he was going to fuck my ass after I lubed him up with my mouth. I simply said okay and dropped back down on my knees in eager anticipation. As I watched the hole suddenly a large white dick came poking through. It was eight or nine inches long and very thick. I grabbed hold of it and started working on the head with a slobbery sucking action. I knew that to take this dick up my ass it needed all the lubrication it could get. After about two minutes of sucking he pulled out of my mouth and told me to put my ass up to the hole.

I did exactly like I was told and quickly stood up and backed my asshole up to the glory hole. No sooner than I was there I felt the head of his dick rubbing against my asshole. Then there was pressure being placed as he started to enter me. I reached behind me and spread my cheeks wide and pushed back against his huge dick. The head popped in and he paused for a minute to let me adjust. After a minute the assault started as he thrust in and out of me with passion. He took short strokes, long strokes, fast strokes and slow strokes as he fucked me. The feeling was unbelievable as he pounded my ass. My dick was as hard as ever as I begin stroking it as he continued to fuck me. He fucked me for a good five minutes before thrusting as deep as he could and shooting his load inside of me. I squeezed my ass as he came to get every last drop out of him as I erupted all over the floor in front of me.

After he pulled out he leaned over and whispered to me that I was a great fuck and he wanted to do me again someday soon. He told me to meet him and his friend outside in the parking lot by his Ford F150 truck when I left to set up a time to meet again. I told him I would see him shortly and he quickly left the booth. I quickly cleaned up myself and pulled up my pants so I could find out who these guys were and I have to admit I was excited by the idea of having a couple of guys that I could service on a regular basis….but that will be another story.