Goddess Mina: She’s Gone

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Goddess Mina: Missing You

She is gone I have no contact, I am just left with the most desolate feeling I have ever experienced. She is gone. I had an email message about a year back where she informed me that she would probably no longer be reaching out to me and this would probably be the last time I hear from her. She wished me well and said she was giving up the life and moving on. She said she hoped I would understand and that she wished me all the best that life has to offer. I was elated for her, I wanted her to be happy and be in a place she wanted to be. How could I be selfish? I wished her all the best. I really meant it, I wanted her to experience all the best that life had to offer. The reality set in a few weeks later when the cravings began to take over and the pains of missing her began to engulf me.

I began to reach out to an old email address hoping she would respond to my desperate pleas, they have gone unanswered. escort ankara I continued these messages for thirteen months or so to no avail. I have just recently begun to let her go. I have to move on, I have no choice. I was upset at first, why did she forsake me and leave me after she showed me the most profound joy I have ever experienced? How could she do that? It was beyond cruel in my eyes. In the last few weeks I have begun to see it through her eyes. She didn’t hurt me on purpose she just needed to move on with her life and follow a different road. I had no business putting that much weight on it, she probably doesn’t even know the depths that she took me to. I love her and miss her terribly, always will be… My Mina…

When I think of her, and it is pretty frequent, I think of her absolute confidence and her stunning beauty. I was always amazed by her. She was just the most beautiful esenyurt escort most understanding woman I have ever met. I miss the pre-meeting anxiety I would have driving to her lair. I miss the heart attack she would give my eyes when she opened the door to greet me. I miss it all. I miss her beautiful soft feet, her exquisite ass and her body art. What I miss most is her gaze, it captivated me from second one. I could look into her knowing gaze forever and never say a word. I didn’t have to she knew. She knew everything I was thinking and wanted. I wanted to lay silently beneath her goddess like feet for eternity. The way she knew how to manipulate my face using her feet and a glance was mastery at work. I didn’t even move she moved me where she wanted me and for how long. She knew when to spread her toes over my nose and lips, she knew when to insert her toes into my waiting mouth. eskişehir escort She knew what to say to me as I sucked her big toes like a street hooker. I was just happy to be in her presence, she allowed me to be there, what joy it brought me. I loved laying there with her sweaty feet on my face as she read quietly. I loved that she would smother my face with her beautifully sculpted ass. I didn’t even tell her how much I loved it…I loved her.

I remember being on my back as her feet raped my face and I would catch a glimpse of her staring at me with that knowing glance. God I could have laid there forever and wished I could have…I loved being there it was my favorite place in the world to be. I would give anything just to be there one more time, anything. I dream of it…I can smell her in my nostrils…she is in my soul and no matter how hard I try I can’t shake her. I have tried to get past this, I have been to a few domes since but nothing to write home about. They were good experiences and the women were lovely and understanding, It wasn’t my Mina, it just wasn’t

I would like to think that she is somewhere smiling and happy and every now and then when she is barefoot she looks down at her toes with a smile and thinks of me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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