Golden Rules Ch. 03

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This story contains very adult themes, with intense watersport play. If you’re not open to that sort of thing, this story is certainly not for you.


As I lay there imagining all the different scenarios, I failed to notice my bedroom door being opened slowly in the background. I had my back to the entrance as a single figure slipped in and lightly shut the door. My ears picked up on a slight sound, but nothing too alarming it seemed.

As I lay there for a few more moments, I definitely felt a presence behind me. I made a move to turn over when a voice, a female one, stopped me.

“Don’t move.” She commanded.

I stopped, a bit of a chill going through me. A few seconds passed before she spoke again.

“I know you saw me in there.” My heart skipped a few beats and I felt a familiar jolt to my crotch.

“Since I know you liked it, we’ll be initiating you tomorrow. I’m going to leave a different version of your uniform here, and you’re going to wear it tomorrow.”

I waited with my heart in my throat for what felt like an eternity, but soon felt the emptiness of the room back. I turned around, there was no one there. I glanced over at the little desk in my room and saw a pile of fabric, neatly folded. My uniform.

Curiosity got the best of me and I went to check it out. As I picked up the clothes, I noticed immediately that they were different. The fabric felt, stiffer almost. I held the thing out at arms-length and examined it. It was a white pleated skirt. This one was just a little different; the fabric was stiff so the skirt itself fanned out and stayed straighter than the lighter material of the regular skirt.

I held it up to my hips, it was technically the same length as my shortened one, but it stuck out so much that it appeared shorter. How many different uniforms was I going to get? I had been here less than a week and had gone through two already. Was every student treated this way?

The rest of my evening dragged on as I completed homework, ate dinner and then got ready for bed.

I stared at my face in the mirror, brushing my teeth. I don’t know why but I felt a course of shame go through me. When I arrived at this school, this freaky side of me was completely invisible. How was I supposed to know that this beast was lying dormant inside of me for so long? Mentally I went through my childhood memories, trying to find a particular one that could have possibly led to this, but none managed to make it up to the surface. I honestly had no truly traumatizing experiences as a child.

That night it was difficult to fall asleep. I was riding on a rollercoaster of emotions as I thought about what awaited me the next day and how dirty I felt for feeling excited. Sleep soon found me, and the morning sun was there not long after, staring me right in the face.


I was so excited that morning I nearly forgot to put on the new uniform I was given. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, I found myself liking the way the skirt sat on me. I really did look like a sort of slut, and I waited for the sickening feeling to return. It didn’t, so I let it leave my mind completely.

Walking around school today felt like days you got to wear a brand new outfit or shoes. My stomach was constantly doing flip-flops. At times a guy would round the corner and I’d hold my breath, half of me wanting him to pull me aside half not wanting him to. I was nervous, like I was about to go perform on stage. This was ridiculous, people were probably already staring at me because of the skirt, and I’d only stick out more if I was bouncing around the halls, my eyes darting around non-stop.

During my last class my high was wearing off, making it easier to control myself obviously. Maybe they’d seen the way I was acting today and decided against letting me in their group. My heart sagged at this thought, bringing my mood down a lot. It was now that the sickening feeling began to creep up again. Why was I getting so sad about not getting peed on? What was wrong with me??

I mentally chastised myself for the remainder of class, and left in a terrible mood. My walk back to my dorm felt like hell. I dragged my feet slightly; I really could care less what gaziemir escort anyone thought of me in that moment.

The moment I stepped in my room and hand reached out, covering my nose and mouth with a cloth. My world went dark.


Darla felt the body go limp in her arms. Dragging the unconscious girl to the bed, Darla tore the sheets off and shifted to lift her up.

“Help me with this.”

The other girl approached, giving Gabriella a once over and commented, “She’s kinda lanky.”

Darla stepped back and examined her seemingly lifeless form. The girl was small, not height wise, but she lacked any real womanly curves. Her friend continued, “She’ll have a really hard time competing for attention. I mean, she’s pretty and all, but she lacks any sex appeal.”

Darla eyed the other girl up and down. She was much curvier, and had a fairly narrow waist to boot.

“Did you bring the rope?” She received no answer straight away, so Darla repeated herself a little louder this time.

“Fay! Rope!”

Fay hastily reached into her shoulder bag, and pulled out a yellow cord. They proceeded to tie just the wrists to the bed posts. They weren’t too far apart; Gabriella still lay quite limp on the bed. Fay gave the girl another once over, clad in her altered school uniform.

“At least she has perky tits…” Darla sighed at her friend. Fay was a beautiful girl, but her beauty got to her head often.

“It’s not just about curves, Fay. This girl has that innocent look that no one else has got.”

Fay frowned. She stood and examined herself in the wall mounted mirror. She was not a big girl by any means, but her waist was small and defined, thus giving her god like hourglass shape. How could an innocent creature compete with this? Fay smirked at her reflection, turning back to Darla.

“Sure, Ok. We’ll see how well that works out for her.”

The two girls left the room and shut the door quietly behind them, even though no amount of noise was going to wake Gabriella up at this point. She was passed out cold on her bed, completely vulnerable.

It wasn’t long before the girls came back. They brought with them a few guys. Congregating around Gabriella’s bed, some sat, stood and leaned against the wall. One more guy walked in with what looked like a cooler.

Beers were tossed around the room, the door locked and her TV turned on. It appeared as if a party was being thrown in the room, although this one had a girl passed out and tied to her bed.

“Fay, how long before this chick wakes up?” One of the guys motioned towards Fay with his hand and took a swig of his beer. Fay shrugged, taking a large drink. The room was silent for a few more moments before Darla spoke up.

“Just relax.” Darla breathed as Gabriella’s body began to stir.


I lay in my bed with my hands by my head.

Wow, I must have passed right out. My body felt rested, I noticed. It felt as if I’d taken a good nap after a long day of work or something. As I stirred and began to stretch out my arms, they suddenly came to a halt. I attempted to extend my arms further but something was holding them back!

What the hell?? My eyes shot open as I tried to burst out of bed, in the process I lurched back towards the bed. I also noticed all the people in my room. What in the world was going on? As much as I knew fear should have been filling me right now, it was a surge of excitement that coursed through me, like electricity.

There was a chance that they were here to initiate me. Maybe they were going to do what I’d been wanting for a while. The mere thought of it made my panties damp, I couldn’t help myself. I felt disgusted with myself, but also more aroused than ever. The faces that stared at me didn’t have any sort of malicious characteristics. They stared with nearly empty eyes, as if they were bored. Had they already done this exact same thing a million times?

One of the girls spoke up suddenly, startling me I jerked a bit.

“As your initiation, we’re using your room for our little get together. We don’t want you telling anyone so we’ve tied you to the bed.”

Those were the only words spoken directly to me. gümüldür escort It really did look like they were doing just that, hanging out in her room. A few were drinking beers; how they managed to get beer I had no idea. Others spoke to each other in small groups; I could barely hear what they were saying over the music being played. How was no one hearing this in the hall? Where we allowed to have parties in our rooms?

Twenty minutes went by and I felt myself nearly dozing off. I had let go of the notion that I might be humiliated or punished. The thought bummed me out a bit, but the weary tired feeling was overtaking me, my thoughts becoming blurry and slow. I closed my eyes and let sleep take me over. At that moment I heard a zip.

As soon as this noise was made a hot flash of heat went through me, but I decided to keep my eyes closed. I was going to pretend I was asleep. The bed moved just a bit, like someone walking into it and leaning against it on their thighs. I waited in anticipation; my body prepared for what I was certain was going to happen.

And it did, slowly but surely.

The warm sensation splattered me at first. Wetness went sort of everywhere, not really doing much. I felt a few more spurts before it felt like a stream was gaining speed. The flow started at my feet, moving up my legs, but it stopped short of my pussy. It wasn’t until the stream stopped that I became aware of just how wet I had become.

“Dude I think she’s sleeping, she didn’t even move.” A male voice spoke. Another zip. This time the piss starting on my thighs and moved to the base of my skirt. It soaked through the material quickly. I felt a hand move aside the skirt to reveal my panties, which were then promptly pissed all over.

As I laid there, my panties being soaked by some stranger piss, I began to really like my situation. Even if they truly didn’t believe I was asleep, the thought of them enjoying pissing on my sleeping form made me hornier than ever. I was as vulnerable as I ever could be.

Before this piss flow had a chance to stop, I felt another one soaking the base of my blouse, moving up towards my tits. They focused their stream on my nipples, the material becoming quickly soaked completely through. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was being peed on in my sleep. This couldn’t have gotten any better.

It did when two more streams began at the same time, one on my face and the other in my hair. They were pissing on every part of me. I was their slut, their nasty little piss slut. And the thought couldn’t make me happier. I wanted them to piss all over me, to degrade me and humiliate me.

I felt a small smack on my cheek which caused me to open my eyes suddenly. I stared into the face of one of the few girls in the room.

“Do you like getting pissed on?” she asked, but it wasn’t really a question to be answered, because she climbed onto the bed and put her legs on either side of my body, her pantie clad pussy hovering over my already piss soaked tits. She lifted up her skirt a bit and looked down at herself, and then back up to me.

“I really need to piss and, for the rest of this night, we are going to piss on you. Whenever anyone needs to take a leak, which will be a lot, you’re going to be our toilet.”

She began to slowly wet her panties, which weren’t wet yet. I watched as the wetness spread quickly, soaking her panties as well as dripping through, onto my tits. She looked displeased for some reason, and then wiggled up my body so that her pussy was now over my face. Then she really let it go. Piss poured out from the material, right onto my face. There was nothing I could really do, I was tied up, and part of me wanted to stay under her piss stream. That part of me then opened my mouth, the pee overflowing down my chin.

But as soon as I did this the stream stopped, and I felt the bed shift as she climbed down. I looked around. Everyone was mingling or watching TV, drinking beer.

The piss initiation continued on like that for the next few hours. By the end I was drenched in every way shape or form. After they left I spent a half hour in the shower. The hot water felt good on my body, washing away the piss as if washing güzelbahçe escort away that this ever happened. The ordeal was so wrong but so hot at the same time. I felt dirty for liking it, but the dirty feeling didn’t disgust me. I knew I was dirty, I was proud of being dirty. I had been accepted into the group I wanted so desperately to be a part of. I was one of them now. It was like becoming popular, and I loved it.


The following days saw no action what so ever. My classes continued as usual, but without the usual excitement. I saw no girls doing dirty deeds, or having dirty deeds committed against them. It was as if there was a dry spell clouding over the school. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time, with my initiation having been completed. I was beginning to feel slightly angry, and a bit confused. My anger stemmed more from my sexual frustration than anything though.

During one particular frustrating afternoon, I sat in the library completing some assignments. I chose to continue to wear the last uniform I was given. By pantie clad ass was cold against the wooden chair I sat on, but for now it was the only excitement I was getting. I was just getting into the zone with my 17th century kings, when a familiar voice chimed up behind me.


Gab? Who called me that? I wasn’t close enough with any of the students here for someone to call me by my name, shortened. I turned around in my chair to face Chelsea, standing with her hands behind her back, rocking on her toes. I forced a smile on my face. It wasn’t who I was hoping, but at least I was getting some social interaction.

“What’s up?” I asked her restless form. She looked around the room slyly. She was up to something. As much as I didn’t know this girl, I could tell from her body language that there was something going on. In my anticipation I turned myself fully around on my chair to face her.

I asked her again, “What?!”

She smiled at me and held out her hand.

“I have to show you something!” Chelsea shook her hand at me, urging me to take it. I didn’t really need to have her lead me like a horse. So I rose up and collected my things in my bag. I slung the sac over my shoulder and she grabbed my wrist, literally dragging me out of the library. It was odd, having someone you barely knew getting all excited over something, and insisting you come see it with them. She didn’t know my likes or dislikes, she was putting all her eggs in one basket with this one.

We made our way out of the school, down the stone steps, across the sidewalk and onto the grassy field. After a bit of a walk up a hill, the school began to grow smaller in the background. Where in the hell was she taking me?

“Look, over the trees.” She pointed South, directing my eyes to what looked like another building like ours. I was surprised to see a large institution like ours not that far away from us. It seemed strange to be looking at it on the hill, like we made some kind of breakthrough discovery.

I turned to Chelsea and joked, “Is this a college for boys or something?”

Chelsea nodded enthusiastically to me. I was a bit surprised I was right.

“So then what’s the big deal? You’re showing me an all-boys institution across the way? What are we, in grade school?” I poked fun at her. My boredom over that last few days could explain this behaviour.

“Our two colleges are throwing a thanksgiving dinner/dance. Both schools will be in attendance,” Chelsea took a breath “these guys are the hottest things you’ve ever seen!”

At first I was excited, but a thought began dawning on me. This other school was most likely not familiar with our… customs. I wanted to tell Chelsea this, but I wasn’t sure if she was as into the school rules as I was.

“You seem excited!” I laughed. Chelsea gave me a smirk.

“You don’t know the half of it.”

With that we made our way back down the hill. The entire escapade seemed silly to me. Who cares about some dance, especially if I couldn’t do what I had become addicted to.

But there was something odd with how excited Chelsea was over this ordeal. Perhaps there was a bit more to this whole event than meets the eye. Either way, I wouldn’t find out until the night of the dance. Before we entered the large double doors of the school I grabbed Chelsea’s shoulder. I needed to know.

“Are those guys… are they,” I took a quick glance around “are they like us?”

Chelsea gave me a coy look, raising one eyebrow. She didn’t respond, but I could already tell what my answer was.

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