Good Boy Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

I started to fall for you as time progressed. My feelings grew from the point that I accepted you as my boyfriend. What I felt for you was more than I imagined I could ever feel for anyone. You somehow managed to turn my whole world upside down.

In the beginning I hadn’t even wanted a relationship. I had completely fallen head-over-heels in love with you. You had given me feelings I didn’t understand. I was new to this game you called a relationship and you somehow had managed to avoid my sexual advances for the first 3 months. To say the least, I was frustrated.

You knew what I wanted but you wouldn’t allow me to get that close. I was 18 and a virgin and when you held me in your arms I felt my wants grow. I wanted a future, us to be happy, and most of all, I wanted you.

You took me outside on a hot summer night. My parents didn’t care what we were doing. They trusted you more than they ever trusted me.

It was all the better that they didn’t come looking for us, I told myself. They had never caught us making out but they would more than likely make fun of us if they did. I was born when my parents were very young so the rules were always relaxed.

You took my hand and walked me to the middle of two vehicles in my yard. We were protected from anyone’s gaze here. You bent down to kiss me. I closed my hands around your face.

You moved your hands to mine. You remembered your mistake of letting me take control of our first kiss. You were fully aware that I wanted you and it was your goal to not let my innocence be spoiled.

I didn’t feel innocent. You were the innocent one. I knew that in the past you had been with another girl before me.

I knew you had slept with her. You said she took advantage of you. Every time you brought it up I could see your pain.

I didn’t want to cause you the same pain but every time you touched me I could feel my desire. It was the most intense thing I had ever felt. You said you wouldn’t make any mistakes with me, but I didn’t want that to be true. I didn’t want to hurt you, but you, son of a preacher, made thing so difficult for me when your only response to my advances was no.

As I kissed you, calmly, you slowly moved your hands away from mine and to my back. I let my hands slowly wander as my mouth danced on yours. I pushed against you a little harder and you took a breath. My kisses started slow and as they progressed I became more aggressive.

I could see the slight glazing of your eyes. I rubbed my hand down the crotch of your jeans and I felt your stiff bulge. You put your hand on top of mine and closed your eyes. Surprisingly you didn’t move it.

I continued to rub your rod and felt my own breath begin to become heavy. This time you opened your eyes but I could see a willingness that, until this point, had been unknown to me. I was taken aback when you grabbed my breast.

I took a step back and found that I was against the car. You pushed yourself against me and you stole my breath. Your hand slowly moved from my breast down.

Your index finger came to rest on the button of my pants. You had never touched me this way. You had never lost control.

I felt my heart pounding through my ribs and the fiery sensation was back. I felt like I was burning. I wanted you to touch me. Without so much as thinking I pushed your hand down.

You didn’t resist me. You let your finger tips slide slowly down to my clean shaven mound. You went lower still and ran your fingers up and around my entrance.

I felt like I would fall. You cocked your head back and slowly withdrew your hand from my pants. You let your fingers slide between my lips and I could feel my own moistness being drug along my skin.

I moaned as you pulled away and grabbed your hand. I was about to start begging you not to leave when you grabbed me and began a fierce escort kocaeli kiss. I went limp in your arms unable to understand why your actions were so different tonight.

You began to lower me to the ground and I went down to my knees willingly. You unbuttoned your pants. I started to sweat in anticipation but you stopped and looked at me. Don’t leave, I thought, don’t leave!

You didn’t leave, though. You just stared at me. Then looked down at your still zipped pants.

I reached toward the zipper and my fingers trembled in the darkness. I fumbled for it. When I pulled it to the very bottom your cock sprung free.

I jumped back. I had never seen a man exposed before. Your flesh looked strange and new to me. I couldn’t stop staring at it. “You like it?” you asked jokingly.

I nodded. “Have you ever done anything like this before?” you asked. I trembled a little at the thought of something as big as you entering me.

“No,”I said shakily. “I’m a virgin. You know that.”

“I knew you were a virgin. I just didn’t know how inexperienced you were.”

You took both hands and wrapped them around the length of your cock. Your head still poked out from around the top of your curled fingers. “Do you think this could fit in your mouth?” you asked smiling.

My eyes widened. I didn’t know. I didn’t answer, either. I leaned forward and slide you into my mouth. I let you withdraw and then drug my tongue up and down your shaft.

You shivered. I put a little bit more of you into my mouth and I could see I was only half way down. Anymore and I would throw up, I thought.

You grabbed my hair and slowly pushed yourself into my face. I felt you go farther and my throat started to tighten around you. I felt like I would gag but I couldn’t get any air to. You pushed me off and I gasped for breath.

You looked down at me guiltily. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I said a little winded.

You smiled down at me while petting my hair. “I guess, now, it’s your turn.”

I looked up at you trying to follow what you had said when you knelled down in front of me. I kissed you and you stroked my cheek. I nuzzled my head into your shoulder and I felt your hands drop to my waist.

My panties felt wet. I wiggled a little as I watched you undo my button. You lightly tapped my chest and I laid back onto the driveways clean surface.

You pulled my pants down. I felt only my damp panties covering me. I closed my eyes as your fingers slowly moved across my flat stomach to pull them off, too.

Please, let this be real, I thought. If I woke up now I would be disappointed to a new low. I felt the light cotton texture move down my thighs. It went off one leg and then the other. This wasn’t a dream.

I took a deep breath. You started to kiss from my toes up my leg. I wanted to jerk away from you but I didn’t want it to end.

You kissed up my side avoiding the places you had just exposed. I twitched with want. You continued your journey up.

You slowly took off my shirt and I reached around to undo my bra. You cupped one of my breast and teased a mocha nipple. They glowed in the night against my pale cream skin.

You took the other into your mouth and I struggled to keep myself down. You kissed me stopping all of my struggles. Your other hand released my breast and moved toward my smooth center.

My hips arched up to your touch. Goosebumps covered my body. I groaned as your hand found the part of me that was on fire. “You’re so wet,” you said sounding heady.

I moaned and put my hand on top of yours. You rubbed my lips and then moved down. My breath caught as you let a finger slide along my opening and slowly slip inside.

My back arched as you slowly moved it back and forth within me. “You’re so tight,” you mumbled.

I groaned digging my fingernails into gölcük escort your shoulders. You moved you head down and I wiggled nervously. “What is it?” You asked.

“I don’t know if I want you to do that.”

You smiled and began to lower your face to right above my crotch. I wiggled but you braced my hips. You breathed on the wetness and it ached.

I stopped wiggling. I wanted it to bad to fight. You slowly licked from where my lips split down.

My legs tensed up. It felt so good. Then you stopped right above the opening and began flicking me with your tongue. I cried out. Sweat beaded my forehead. I grabbed you and pulled you up.

Unprepared you pushed your face against mine without even wiping it. I tasted myself on your lips. I didn’t care.

I kissed you and pulled you against me. I felt your rock hard dick against my thigh. I grabbed it. I couldn’t fight myself anymore.

You moaned. “I want you to take me!” I said.

I felt you tense up over my naked body. You closed your eyes tight like you were afraid. I positioned myself in front of you.

I began to pull you toward me. “No,” you said softly. “No.No.No”

I wasn’t listening to you. I kissed you again to quiet your protests. I tried to force you inside me but you were to big to just go in.

You tried to move away from me but our grope-fest had drained you. As you crawled I grabbed your shoulders and somehow managed to get you sitting upright.

“Please, no.” You said in a small voice.

I watched small tears start to roll down your cheeks. You were such a good boy. You were always trying to take care of me and now I was going to hurt you.

I had known this day was coming since the beginning but I never thought it would hurt me to see you break. I kissed the tears off your cheeks.

“My will isn’t strong enough to fight you,” you said with tears streaking down your face.

I kissed you, again. You looked up at me as I squatted over your lap. “I know,” I said lowering myself to where your erection still stood.

You moved your hands to my shoulders giving me a shove. I held onto you forcing your hands to your sides. You wiggled and I pushed myself onto you.

I let out a cry as I drove you into my depths. I grabbed hold of your shoulders and felt you go completely tense. Pain seized me for a moment and then I settled onto your lap.

“Did I do it?” I asked aloud. You began to sob. I used my legs to lift myself and slowly take you back in.

“I messed up!” You said hysterical.

I shushed you.”You didn’t mess up, baby. You gave me what I wanted. I wanted this. I wanted you!”

You continued to cry and you pushed me off. I fell onto the ground and you rushed to put your clothes on. I put my hand to myself.

A small trickled of blood left me. You ran to your car and began to throw your stuff inside. Tears came to my own eyes as I realized I may have ruined the best thing that had ever happened to me…You.

Tears ran down my face as I collected my clothing and struggled to put them on racing to the side of your car. I begged you not to go but you only shook your head. You could see the real me now and I was no better than the last girl you were with.

I had taken advantage of you and left you in pain. I watched you leave and then I put my clothes back on. I limped into my house.

Everyone must have already been asleep because there was no one to question me when I walked in. I limped to the bathroom and took all my clothes off again. Now I wished this was a dream.

I started a hot bath and stared down into the water. My chest was hallow. I wondered if you were okay.

I stepped into the bath and immediately felt the sting of my new wound. Why did I do this to him? I took one finger and put it inside me and then another to test if it izmit sınırsız escort was really all done.

I pushed the two apart and felt no pain. It was done. Tears rolled heavily down my cheeks. No one could hear me over the pounding of my bath water.

I sobbed and held my shoulders. “What have I done?” I weeped. “I’m a whore.”

No one came to tell me I was okay. The silent pain I felt was exactly what I deserved. My face got swollen from the tears my eyes now refused to shed. I just wanted you.

When I exited my bath I covered myself with a towel and snuck to my room. I picked up the phone and dialed your number.

It rang three times before you answered. You had the same betrayed tone you had had at my house. “I just need to know.”I breathed shallowly in response to the pain in my chest. “Are we- Is it over?”

“No,” you said sadly. “I still love you no matter what you do to me. I just need some time to recover. Give me a few days to calm down. You know I’ll come back.”

“I just don’t want you to leave me,” I said crying. “I don’t know why I did that. I just- I wanted to be with you; to feel wanted. I want you to want me in all the ways I want you. I’m so sorry I did it…”

“It’s okay,” you breathed. “I shouldn’t have pushed you that far. I won’t let it happen again.”

I went quiet.”Do you still love me?” you asked.

“Of course,” I responded, but my heart hurt. I will under no circumstances ever take him against his will again. I swore to myself.

What hurt more? The fact that I had hurt him or the fact that I had gotten only a taste of what I wanted and now it was gone. Why did you have to be such a good boy?

Why couldn’t you of all people been the son of a mechanic or a vet? Why did your dad have to be a preacher? Why did you have to care? Did you even want me? These thoughts raced through my head as you gave me a gruff, good-bye.

I could sleep at least knowing you didn’t hate me and that you weren’t going to leave suddenly for obvious reasons. I continued to cry. I eventually fell asleep.

I was worried about you. I wanted to kiss you all over and your face plagued my dreams. I felt guilt creep in. I woke up sweating.

I started to ask the whys again when I felt a different emotion laying there in the dark. It was anger. Anger I had given myself to someone who didn’t want me.

Anger that you had left me alone. Anger that I had shed blood for you and that you ran away because you were the one who wouldn’t take me to begin with. I steamed in the darkness but it slowly turned to self pity and I broke down again.

My face felt swollen. My tongue felt heavy in my mouth. I rolled over and waited for my alarm to sound. My mom came into my room at 9:00. “Get up,” she said. “Breakfast is getting c- What happened to your face?”

“I think I’m sick,” I said obviously lying.

“Okay… Well, Your brother and I are going to town. You can just…chill here unless you want to come.”

“No Thanks,” I said. She walked out and started yelling at my brother. In a few days, I thought,you will forgive me and then I can stop feeling this way.

I shifted onto my side. Maybe by then you would be ready to consider continuing what I had started. I smiled.

Or maybe not…but I was willing to try and convince you. I couldn’t take the cut taking advantage of you had given me. Although, I was willing to talk to you.

I smiled to myself. I would learn a safe way to break a good boy, yet. I would figure out how to convince you to want me without hurting either of us. It couldn’t be that hard. You still loved me and you obviously wanted me or what I had done wouldn’t have been possible.

I picked it apart in my mind. I had a chance, I thought. I had a chance to have you and the future I wanted at the same time! I hugged myself.

The only thing left to do now was wait. I laid there on my back in the sun beams that traveled through my window and eventually sleep came for me. I waited still. Now that I knew there was hope I felt like I could actually rest looking forward to you forgiving me.

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