Good Slave Girl


It was Friday evening. The weekend with my master had just begun, and I was so excited I could hardly stand it. But I didn’t dare let him know. That would spoil all the fun. Good slave girls never spoil the fun.

In the bedroom, he buckled my collar into place and attached the lead to his wrist. I remained where I was on my hands and knees on the floor, eyes downcast. I never looked directly at my master. I was naked and slightly chilly but I didn’t dare complain!

“I have a wonderful weekend in store for you,” he told me as he led the way down the hall.

I followed, on my hands and knees, too excited to notice the rough texture of the carpet. Even the cool temperature was now forgotten with his promises dancing in my head. When he took a seat in his big chair, I knelt beside him on a large soft pillow that had been provided for me. He pressed play on the DVD remote and the big screen flickered to life. The firm little ass filling the screen was mine. I’d long forgotten who was fucking it but I knew it wasn’t my master. His dick was much larger than the stranger. It must have been one of his friends. I shivered slightly, remembering the thrill of getting my ass fucked while being recorded and while my master watched.

“Look at how excited you were.” he said, almost to himself.”Your pussy was gushing.”

I made no response. If he knew how excited I was right at that moment, he would have spanked me and maybe even called off the game. I görükle escort couldn’t have that.

“And charlie really loved fucking that ass,” he continued. Then he jingled the chain connecting us slightly.

” Almost as much as I do.”

So it was charlie, one of the guys my master works with. And was that a secret promise that I was going to get my ass fucked later? God, I hope so!

We watched the homemade movie a while longer. I climaxed, groaning in release, taking every inch of charlie’s hard cock. And then he climaxed, pulling his dick free at the last minute and spraying me with his white cum all over my butt.

Master shut the TV off abruptly. The juices were oozing out of me as freely as they had been on film. I squeezed my thighs tightly together around my aching clit. My nipples were hard as buttons, both from the cool air and the excitement. I gasped when his hand was suddenly underneath me, tugging at them playfully.

“Show me your pussy,” he commanded.

I rolled over on my back and spread my legs, closing my eyes at the same time. He was going to be angry when he saw how wet I was. To my surprise, though, he simply touched my hardened clit and laughed when I jumped.

“You get wet watching yourself get fucked up the ass don’t you?”

I nodded. ” Yes master.”

“Good girl! Now , go in the kitchen and get me something to drink.”

Remaining on my hands and knees, the lead trailing görükle escort bayan behind me, I went into the kitchen. I knew he was watching my ass as I crawled away and let it sway from side to side seductively. His drink was cold and I wanted one desperately, but I didn’t dare ask. Good slave girls don’t ask for anything.

When I opened the drink, I risked glancing at his crotch. Yeah, he was as excited as I was. I handed him the ice cold can and sat on the floor beside his chair, waiting for my next command. I didn’t have to wait long.

“You might as well get busy with that mouth,” he said after a few minutes. “My dick needs to be good and wet where it’s going.”

Eagerly, I unzipped his jeans and pushed them open. His dick leaped into my hands like an eager puppy, hard, hot and throbbing. The tip was already glistening with droplets of precum. I pumped him with one hand for a few moments, watching more and more of his sweet stuff gather at the knob. Then, just when the treasure was ready to spill over the side, I used the tip of my tongue to catch it. He likes to watch. so I kept my mouth open, rolling the pearly drops around my tongue and then swallowed them.

” Good girl,” he said with a little ragged breath.

Sometimes I wonder who really has control here.

I love sucking his cock and this night I took my time, using every trick I knew to pleas him. After spending a while, just licking him from bursa escort base to tip, I took him inside my mouth and sucked gently while using my tongue. He gasped when I stroked the nerve under his head. He sighed when I squeezed him with my lips, taking him all the way to the back of my throat. Finally, when I started bobbing my head, and settling down to some serious sucking, he stopped me. “Stop!” he commanded, sounding a little weak.

I did so immediately, freeing him with a wet slurp. His wet prick glistened in the soft lamplight and I shivered knowing that soon it would be inside of me.

“Turn around,” he ordered. He was more in control of his voice now.

I’m a good slave girl. I turned on my knees, pressed my nipples against the floor and thrust my ass high into the air, Silently, I waited for further instructions.

“Show me your asshole,” he said.

Using both hands, I held my cheeks apart, allowing him to see my most intimate parts. Without another word, he moved into position behind me, aimed his cock at my puckered opening and pushed. Both of us gasped when he entered me. Of course the pain was unbearable at first, it always is. But I don’t complain. I know that soon, it will turn to pleasure and this time was no exception. Within minutes we were fucking wildly.

I rubbed my own clit, knowing better than to cum before I was given permission, so I held back. My master rammed himself into me hard and fast, his balls slapping the back of my thighs. He grunted, his dick swelled and began to pulse.

Finally he shouted, “Now!” And we climaxed together.

Good slave girls never cum until they’re told. And I’m a good slave girl. Just ask my master. He’ll tell you all about our favorite game.