Grandpa Has A Big Dick 05

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Fake… Fantasy… Fiction… Mature Sex Shenanigans With Tons Of Cum… And Big Old Dicks

Kelly Meets Harv Part 02

“Yeah, mom. I’m here by myself. I’ll be over to see you tonight. Yeah. Kelly went to the grocery store. Our new neighbor Harv took her… Yeah, I’m sure you’d like him. Kelly really seems to. Ha.

A random, quiet parking lot on the way back to our house…

“Oh God! Oh God! You keep that up, doll, and you’ll get a real tasty breakfast shake.” Harv laughs. My 55 year-old wife Kelly does too. Around Harv’s gigantic, uncut, 65 year-old cock. The fattest cock ever. She’s blowing him in the front seat of his Hummer. Her blonde head is bobbing fast in Harv’s extra, extra-large lap. Kelly’s long-blonde-hair flying around as she shakes her head wildly while she sucks obese, mature Harv off.

“Mmmmmmmm. Such a tasty cock. Yeahhhhhh.” Kelly’s mouth is open. Her tongue is dancing all over that thick, hooded crown… and, it’s twitching blissfully in Kelly’s mouth as a very-thankful result. Precum is pouring all over Kelly’s tongue, glazing it completely… much to Kelly’s cum-obsessed delight. She gulps it down and keeps on licking, and sucking… and head bobbing.

Harv’s happy growls of cocksucking joy get louder and louder, spurring my very-naughty wife on. Kelly’s raging desire to drink Harv’s jizz again is overtaking her, making her suck deeper and faster. Her jaw aching from having to open so wide so she can suck further down the enormous, veiny shaft.

After another couple of minutes of deep sucking, wild tongue dancing, messy slurping, and fast and wild head bobbing… Kelly gets exactly what she wants. But… she doesn’t drink it. She grabs her pint of yogurt, which is half-empty, and she collects a mouthful of Harv’s thick and creamy, well-aged seed in her mouth, then very-quickly spits it in the yogurt container so she can collect the rest of his load in her mouth.

She bobs her blonde head very fast on that massive, hooded, old organ and sucks as hard and as intense as she can on it. She collects the last of his gooey jizz in her mouth, then drools that into her container with the rest of it.

Then, Kelly sucks Harv’s cock clean. Loudly slurping it as she stirs the cum and yogurt together with a plastic spoon. She pulls off of that enormous rod and smiles, blowing a very, very-happy Harv a kiss, then sitting up in the passengers’ seat. Still smiling an extremely-naughty smile.

Kelly slowly stirs the gooey mixture with her spoon as Harv watches closely, and wipes his sweaty brow.

“Yum. Hehe.” Kelly picks up a spoonful of the sperm yogurt and puts it in her mouth. Sucking on the spoon as she coos so happily. Eating the breakfast dessert and sucking the spoon clean. She smacks her lips when she’s done, and winks and grins at Harv, who’s grinning the biggest grin ever back at Kelly as he watches my wife do her slutty, cum-eater thing.

Kelly goes about eating the entire pint of sperm yogurt. All of it. It’s full. She’s smirking happily and giggling as she eats. Moaning extra-naughty too. Harv just watches and excitedly-licks his lips. So fucking turned on by my woman. I most definitely know that feeling, dude. Ha.

By the time Kelly’s done eating all of that very-high-protein-packed breakfast snack, Harv’s dick is raging-hard once again. Oozing tons of precum too. He’s totally mesmerized by blonde goddess Kelly. Her pink and white sports Avrupa yakası escort bayan bra is thin so he can see her hard nipples poking right through it.

Harv reaches over and grabs Kelly left breast squeezing it deep and rough… like she loves… smirking-wickedly at her as he does.

“Mmmmmmmmmm. Soooooo good… the yummy special yogurt, and your big strong hand on my boob. Both. Hehehe. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” Kelly sucks her bottom lip, then the spoon. She’s heatedly-writhing around in her seat as Harv roughly paws her 34FF breast. It’s totally natural, so it’s so soft and hefty, and paw-worthy. A truly perfect breast.

Harv’s still licking his lips, now jerking his very-bulky meat with his left hand as his right one plays with my wife’s huge, heaving tit.

“You forgot some.” Harv smirks at Kelly.

“Oh… where?” She smirks back. Her gorgeous green eyes beaming with hardcore cum-lust.

“Here…” Harv removes his hand from Kelly’s huge tit, then puts in on the back of her head and pulls her head over to his lap again. Kelly wickedly-giggles as she sees all of that slimy precum pumping outta that enormous, mature cock. She licks her lips, then engulfs that thick, precum-covered crown once again. Sucking and slurping, and head bobbing away as Harv bounces her head in his lap. His head leaning back on the headrest as he oh-so-happily growls… and bounces Kelly’s head on his cock. He just can’t get enough of her magical mouth on his mighty, senior-citizen dick.

Ten minutes later, the groceries are chillin’ in the back of the hummer and Kelly’s sucking down her second load of the trip in the front. She swallows every fucking drop of pearly-white sex seed that blasts into her mouth and sucks for more.

Harv’s playing with her long blonde hair and grinning from ear to ear. So fucking happy he offered to take my wife to the grocery store.

“My God, doll. You’re the all time best cocksucker. The GOAT. Ha!”

“Well… thank you, sexy Harv. You’re so sweet. And… This cock is soooooo tasty. AND ENROMOUS! WOO! HAHAHAHA. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” Kelly finishes sucking ol’ Happy Harv clean for the second time in about fifteen minutes.

“WOW! What a day. Whew!” Harv collects himself and starts the Hummer. His massive dick still hanging out in the air conditioned breeze. Kelly grins at that sight, and wraps her hand… not even halfway though… around Harv’s resting, mature cock. Softly stroking it as Harv drives her home.

A little later…

I’m out for a few while Kelly heads home. She and Harv get home first, so Harv helps Kelly with the groceries, then they have a beer in the kitchen and chat.

Kelly’s standing by the newly-fixed sink, drinking her beer. Harv walks up behind her, and starts rubbing all over her amazing body from behind.

“James is such a lucky man. My God. What I would do to you if I had you as my wife. If only I was that lucky.” Harv grins. His big hands roaming all over Kelly’s tall, statuesque, uber-busty body.

“You’re sweet, Harv.” Kelly blows Harv a kiss and winks at him over her shoulder, then sips her beer. Playfully-smirking and enjoying the cool taste of the beer.

Harv’s hands finally find a home on Kelly’s tits. Squeezing them over her sports bra as Kelly smiles and moans, then sliding his hands under her sports bra and bare-breast-groping them nice and deep-like.

Harv’s Escort Ataköy massive belly rubs on Kelly’s back and upper-booty region as his hands wickedly-molest her 34FF breasts. Harv’s happy grin joins Kelly’s. They both are enjoying the deep-kneading breast play with a little beer drinking thrown in on the side for good measure.

“You have very talented hands, Harv.” Kelly smirks. She sucks on her bottom lip as Harv intensifies his deep-kneading breast molestation.

“Thank you, sweetheart. You have the prettiest titties I’ve ever seen, my dear. And they feel so darn good in my hands too. Oh yeah.” Harv growls low and dirty. He’s chuckling as he squeezes and shakes those huge, natural beauties. Pinching and rolling the hard nipples between his thick, mature fingers.

“You have any idea how long we have before your husband comes home?” Harv’s in the mood again and he proves it even more by rubbing his massive, only-half-hard bulge all up in Kelly’s butt-crack, over her low-cut white Capri pants. Her gorgeous green eyes roll blissfully at that. Her slutty, happy moans increase as well.

“I’ll check. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Kelly texts me. I write her back that I stopped by a friend’s place and I’ll be home in a little while. Maybe thirty minutes or so.

“About 30 minutes.” Kelly bites her bottom lip from the sensations racing through her body. Between the hardcore bare-breast groping and the over-her-pants, booty-crack humping going on, her incredibly-perfect milf body is tingling with sexual electricity all over.

“You up for some anal? I sure hope you can handle me up there. I’d love to fuck your gorgeous butt so very-much.”

“Sure. We made need to use some lube though. Hmmmm… maybe this. Hehe.” Kelly picks up a stick of butter she bought at the store earlier and shows it to Harv. Smirking and very-playfully shaking her eyebrows at him. Harv laughs.

“That sounds like fun… tasty fun.” They both laugh. As Kelly unzips her pants and happily slides them down, Harv comes up with another naughty request.

“Any chance I could piss up there too? I just love doing that, but, it’s been awhile. It’s hard to find a lovely lady like yourself that can take my cock up there to begin with.”

“Mmmmmmmm. Harv… you’re such a naughty boy. Hehehe. So, so naughty. Haha. I love it. Sure, let’s do it. But, we have to be quick. We’ve only got 27 minutes before my man gets home.” Kelly points to her watch and giggles.

“You got it doll. A quickie. A butt fucking and butt pissing quickie that is.” They both laugh again.

After Kelly smears the stick of butter all over Harv’s massive, uncut monster, she does the same to her excited rosebud. Lubing it up all nice and buttery. Ha.

About thirty seconds later, Kelly’s on all fours on the kitchen floor with obesely-large, 65 year-old Harv behind her, yanking on her long blonde hair as he fucks her tight, dirty dancing ass. Nice and easy to begin with. He’s got a ton of butter lubing his cock, but it’s the fattest cock ever, so he’s taking it rather easy on Kelly… so far.


Kelly’s real-happy with her butter-lube idea. It’s a big help. Her ass, even though it’s tight, is having a much easier time taking in that enormous meat pipe than she thought it would. Kelly’s gorgeous, supple Şirinevler escort ass is still stretched ridiculously wide, but Harv’s Superdick is fucking her ass harder and faster than he anticipated he would be able too.

His massive hips are driving forward at a fast, and powerful pace and force. All of the fat in his gut and thighs is jiggling outta control every time they slap against Kelly’s intensely-quivering body. Her huge, hanging udders flopping around like crazy under her. The butter melting in her hand, on the floor.

Kelly squirts violently-hard. Screaming and trembling from the electric force of her orgasm.

Harv hurries, fucking Kelly’s rump, and slapping it nice and hard as she finishes up cumming.

He grunts a wild and loud growl of joy as he unleashes his jizz storm into her buttocks. Several thick and creamy wads of semen shoot up there, soothing Kelly’s dumper even more than the butter does.

The second Harv stops cumming, Kelly smiles, feeling the immediate rush of warm piss into her already cum-flooded butt. Harv has to pull out and let the cum and piss mixture pour out of my wife’s ass to release the pressure that’s built up inside her butt. His dick is too big for any to leak out on its own around it.

He holds his hooded beast right at Kelly’s feverishly-winking anus as he pees. His warm urine shooting right in there, flushing out the rest of his cum that’s still in there.

“MY GOD!!! IT FEELS FUCKING FANTASTIC, HARV!!! WOO!!! GOD!!!! MY GOD!!!! YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! WOW!!! WOO!” Kelly’s laughing, moaning, swinging her head around, and dancing her beautiful butt around as Harv keeps on pissing in it. She’s having a messy, wet, buttery-blast right there on our kitchen floor.

“Whew! Thank you, sweetheart. That was fucking FABULOUS! Good grief! You’re a sexual dynamo! Ha! I love it! WHEW!” Harv slaps Kelly’s ass again, then softly rubs it as he catches his breath. His hanging, monster rod rubbing on the kitchen floor. Glazed with cum and piss and butter. Ha.

Kelly’s banged-out ass is leaking all of that, and her anus is happily-winking away too.

“Thanks, Harv. God, you can fuck. Woo! Hahahaha… Oops. We better get all of this cleaned up in a hurry. James will be home any minute now.” Kelly and Harv get up… making sure not to slip on the buttery floor, and hurriedly clean up the kitchen floor… and get dressed.

Harv mentions something about seeing a movie later to Kelly while they’re hurriedly cleaning up. She tells him that she’ll ask me if she can go with him.

About fifteen minutes later, I walk in the front door. Kelly manages to barely get the mop back in the closet before I walk into the kitchen.

She runs over to me and hugs me tight. Happily kissing all over my face. Smelling suspiciously like butter for some reason. That’s weird. Ha.

Harv and I shake hands and he leaves, then Kelly jumps into my arms and asks me to take her upstairs and fuck her brains out. I ain’t saying no to that. Ha.

It seems like our new, mature neighbor is very-quickly becoming best buds with my wife. Later, Kelly even asked is she and Harv could go see a movie that he really wanted to see. Kelly said she felt bad for him because he didn’t have anybody else to take with him.

I told her it would be OK. I spent the evening with my mom, ass fucking her silly while Kelly was at the movies with Harv. Four and a half hours later and she was still out. Must’ve been a really long movie. Hey, I had a blast fucking mom, so I was too busy to complain. Kelly came home an hour later, once again, smelling like butter. What the freak is up with all the damn butter? Ha. Oh well… another day… more butter, I guess. HA!

By: DickThePimp

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