Greatest Sexual Experience Ever


Out of the blue I received a message on social media from Teresa, we went to school together and were in the same class for 11 years.

She told me that she was a widow as her husband had passed away in an accident.

While at school Teresa was my girlfriend, we were only kids so apart from holding hands and a kiss nothing sexual ever happened. When we left school we went our separate ways and both moved away from the village that we grew up in. So it was a surprise to hear from her years later.

We swapped phone numbers and after a few texts we spoke regularly on the phone.

We arranged to meet so I travelled to a hotel near where she lives. Teresa had two teenage children so it was easier for me to stay at a hotel overnight before travelling back home the following day.

During our phone conversations it was obvious we would have sex when we met as we both decided we had “unfinished business “. That meant the evening would be more relaxed for both of us.

Teresa met me at the front of my hotel and I was speechless when I saw her, she had matured into a beautiful sexy, busty woman. I hugged her and could feel her big tits pressed against my chest, the last time I seen her she certainly didn’t have those beauties, I gave her a quick peck on the lips and then we went out to a restaurant and had a nice meal and a couple of drinks. We then went back to my hotel and wow, did the fun start.

We were equally horny and as soon as the hotel room door closed we grabbed each other and kissed full on the mouth, Teresa put her tongue in my mouth and I licked it and tasted her, I then put my tongue in her mouth and she sucked on it as if she was sucking a cock, she was insatiable and I wanted her so badly. We finished kissing and she said “that’s a bit different to how we used to kiss”, it sure was and by now my cock was already rock hard.

Teresa unzipped my trousers and they fell down my legs to the floor, I stepped out of them and kicked them out of the way, she went down on her knees pulled my boxers down very slowly and teasingly until my hard cock sprung free. I kicked them away too and watched as Teresa took hold of my cock, she stroked it and licked her lips then pulled my foreskin back and revealed my soaking cock dripping with pre cum. She put her tongue out and caught the dripping juice then put my rampant hard cock in her mouth, she had her head back all the time and was looking at me straight in my eyes, it was so erotic and immediately I knew she was very experienced. It felt amazing but after just 30 seconds or so she stopped stood up and told me to sit on the chair in the room, she took off her top then slid sexily out of her jeans, kaynarca escort she was now wearing a matching gold coloured bra and panties set. She looked like a goddess.

She then straddled me and we kissed very passionately again, I reached up and caressed her big tits through her silky satin bra then I put my arms around her back and unclipped her bra, the most perfect pair of tits I’d ever seen were there inches from my face, Teresa said “I never had these the last time you saw me did I?” She was right, they were perfect in every way, the size, the shape, firm yet so soft, large areoles which I love and big hard erect nipples.

She put them to my face and I felt them touch each side of my face and I kissed her cleavage, then I turned slightly kissing all the time across her tit until I reached the nipple she moved a little as if she was feeding them to me and I sucked on this gorgeous amazing tit while reaching up with my hand and squeezing and stroking the other one. All this time Teresa was grinding her pussy through her soft satin panties against my hard cock. With my other hand I reached down and cupped her pussy into my hand, I was surprised at the bulge in her panties and immediately felt her wetness oozing from the material that was clinging to her pussy.

I slipped my hand into her panties at the area at the top of her leg by the crotch. It was even wetter inside there and my fingers were immediately soaked, I took them out and rubbed her juices all over her tit, then like a starved child I licked and sucked at it tasting her womanly juice and inhaling the odour of her pussy juice, I lapped up every drop and I loved the taste. Teresa put her hand in the top of her panties and moved it down into her wet slit, she put two fingers inside her then removed them, she shown them to me and they were dripping in her juices, she said “one each” then she hungrily sucked her finger clean before feeding the other one to me. I licked her finger so clean as it tasted beautiful. We then kissed and the combined taste of our pussy juice covered tongues was so horny.

Teresa held my hand and led me to the bed, she removed my shirt and I was now completely naked, Teresa was naked except for her soaking panties, I laid down and she positioned herself on my face with her pussy just inches from my wanting tongue, I reached around her and grabbed her ass and pulled her down onto my face, I then started to lick hungrily at her panties clad soaking wet pussy, I could feel her clit protruding through them and licked and sucked on it willingly as she pressed it hard into my face. She pulled her panties to one side and I could finally see her amazing pussy, I wanted that orhanlı escort pussy desperately so I grabbed her ass once more pulled her to my face and buried everything I could inside her, my nose was on her clit my tongue was deep as I could get it inside and she was grinding on my face, it only took seconds and Teresa screamed ‘oh fuck’ she was cumming all over my face and I was soaked in her wetness, I loved every drop.

Teresa climbed from my face removed her cum soaked panties and laid down next to me. We were facing each other and Teresa giggled that my face was actually dripping her cum. I was about to go and wash but she said no, and started to lick my face clean of her juices. She revelled in it and licked and swallowed all she could and kissed me from time to time, I could feel the slippery pussy juice on her lips. One thing we certainly had in common was the musky sweet taste of her pussy. I absolutely loved it and Teresa certainly did too. I asked her if she’d ever had sex with another woman and seeing how much she loved the taste of pussy I was surprised when she said no, but she admitted that she loves to masturbate and always tastes her juices from her fingers or her vibrators.

While we talked I stroked her big amazing perfect tits non stop, i was obsessed with them, I cupped then in my hand one by one and felt their heaviness, I tweaked her hard nipples and traced the softness of her areola that encircled them. I then kissed, licked and sucked them savouring every moment as my semi hard cock now returned to full hardness, I stroked down her body using circular strokes as I hungrily seeked out her pussy. I felt her soft hair and Teresa apologised that she hadn’t shaved for a few days, but it felt wonderful, hairy, shaved, waxed trimmed or shaped, I love them all.

I gently stroked probed and felt her pussy for a few minutes as I kissed her tits, I became aware that everything about her pussy was bigger than what I was used to, her clit hood was very fleshy protecting her big clit, her labia was big too and was easily Visible with her legs closed. Even her slit was longer than usual and my fingers easily went inside her vagina, but I loved it and wanted to devour it eat it and taste it again.

I moved my kisses from her tits moving down slowly towards her still soaking pussy, with each kiss I got closer and almost shook in anticipation, finally I was there I felt the softness of her pussy hair on my lips and against my nose, my bottom lip was on her clit and I flicked it playfully. Then I put her clit in my mouth and sucked it Teresa moaned with the pleasure, using my thumbs I peeled her clit hood back and exposed it , it was a thing of beauty tepeören escort and I licked it until Teresa cum again, she grabbed my head and pressed it hard into herself as the pain and pleasure of her orgasm made her shake. I opened her pussy wider and licked up every drop of her beautiful cum and swallowed it, her hips were grinding against my face making me soaked in her womanhood.

My cock was aching for some attention so I kneeled between her legs and as I massaged her tits with my wet hands my cock searched for her gaping pussy, I felt my cock touch her entrance and I pushed it easily inside, finally I was inside this amazing sexual woman, I’d fantasised about this moment since the first phone call a few weeks earlier. I started to pump in and out and Teresa met my thrusts by pushing her hips upward to meet me every time. The sound of her soaking pussy being fucked was getting too much and I wanted to cum, but Teresa had other ideas, she told me to swap places with her, I laid back onto the bed and Teresa crawled between my legs and took my cock in her mouth, she licked up and down my shaft tasting herself again as she fondled my aching balls. She had a very skillful mouth and moved her head up and down taking every inch of my cock into her throat.

Teresa then straddled me and put my cock into her pussy again, she leaned on my chest and very slowly but very erotically rode my cock, I reached up and grabbed her hanging tits, the weight of them in my hands is something I’ll never forget. I’m glad Teresa was fucking my slowly as I was desperate to cum but wanted the night to continue as long as possible. Teresa leaned back and reached between her legs, with every inch of my rock hard cock deep inside her she started playing with her clit, it didn’t take her long before she had another orgasm, her pussy pulsated and tightened around my cock, I begged her to let me cum I could feel the wetness dripping down my shaft and balls and forming a small puddle on the bed. Each time Teresa could feel I was about to cum she stopped riding my cock and waited a few seconds for it to calm down. Finally she climbed off me and once again licked our combined juices from my cock, balls and anywhere else on my body she could find it, then she gripped my cock put her mouth over the end and with slow soft yet firm strokes she let me cum, as I cum she closed her mouth around my cock and I could feel every pulsating load shoot into her mouth, I’d never cum so much in my life but Teresa swallowed almost every drop except for a bit that had escaped and was dripping down her chin. My cock was so tender now and Teresa finally released her grip smiled at me then using her finger she wiped the last drop of cum from her chin and licked it clean.

We laid on the bed side by side, both exhausted with enormous smiles on our faces.

Who could have known all those years ago holding hands in school would have led to such an amazing night.