Your roses are redMine are greenThese are for LarryMy serotonin.•Disguised as humanPlayed multi-rolesTruly an angelTouched many souls.•The worldIt’s your stageYou loved to performNo matter the age. •You needed your balanceYou liked balletPerforming in playsYou could slay.•Your naughty streakCan’t get past meYour unconditional loveEven the blind can see.•Stories to writeMoments bursa sınırsız escort in timeAbout oceans to diveOr mountains to climb.•Your challenge to meGet the Omnium badgeNot just Prolific WriterI can’t cadge.•If you can’t have it backYou hoped I willIt won’t be easyThe battle is uphill.•”Listen to Ennio’sWhen bursa escort bayan you can’t writeYou’ll thank meI know, I’m right.”•It made you sadPrimus OmniumLosing that badgeUntil your senium.•You didn’t want to loseGet your mojo backWriting was your thingExceptional knack.•In my darkest daysYou brought the lightEven when I’ve nilüfer escort given upYou put up a fight.•”To my graveI’ll take your pains”You told meBut for what gains?•”Squeeze themDon’t fight your demonsLike lemonadeMade from lemons.”•You’d josh, “You can crybut not too longYou’ll look uglyThat’s so wrong.”•Your wisdom at timesIt’s funny and darkVictor will agreeI can hear him bark.•With life’s challengesYou’d say, “Good to hear,We will surviveSweet darling, never fear.”•I didn’t expectYour sudden demiseYou said you’ll fightI can only surmise.•May your soulLoving LorenzoRest in eternal peaceIt’s your time to go.•Green_Man is goneHis memories remainCelebrate his lifeCheers with champagne!~M~