Greta and the Boys Ch. 01


This story involves themes of Group Sex, Dominance/submission, bisexuality with some mild male homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. Thanks to my proofreaders and editors for their help. This time, a special shout out goes to AwkwardMD for her generous edits and suggestions. Suggestions for kinks, characters or plot developments are often worked into future chapters. Leave them in the comments, or contact me. Thanks for reading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are always very much appreciated. Enjoy.


The two couples weren’t exactly swingers, but for Tom’s 45th Birthday he convinced the ladies to get up on stage at a local strip club for Amatuer Night, and then give Pete and Tom lap-dances back in the VIP room.

Greta actually thought that Trish was built more like a stripper, from her cantaloupe-sized, hanging tits with grape-sized nipples; to her well rounded ass, with lots of booty-popping jelly in it. Trish was a whole shopping cart full of Sexy. But Greta had been a dancer and cheerleader in high school. She had always had a trim, tight, long, lithe dancer’s body, and because of her job as a Fitness Trainer and leading Jazzercise Classes at the Sports Club, she’d stayed in amazing shape even into her mid-forties. And Greta, the almost platinum blonde, was more of a performer and natural entertainer than auburn-tressed Trish or the other three, younger women in the contest that night.

Greta had actually won the Amature Night Contest, where the prize was a logo t-shirt of the strip club, The Pony SexPress, and the accumulated tips thrown on stage during the contest, more five hundreds dollars. Although about a hundred and fifty of that had come from Pete and Tom, enthusiastically whooping and hollering, making it rain, encouraging their wives.

Back in the VIP Room, Greta had rubbed her panty-covered ass on Pete’s pants and let Pete play with her tits until Pete jizzed in his pants. Pete said that Greta had helped him live out a longtime fantasy. Trish, not wanting to be outdone, had taken Tom’s cock out of his pants and, after looking over her shoulder for approval from Greta, slicked his cock up with a blowjob. Then she rubbed her massive jugs against Tom’s cock, titty fucking him, until Tom blew his load all over her tits and face.

Greta was a little shocked, but Pete applauded his wife. And then Pete did something Greta had never seen before, something she had never considered; Pete kissed Trish and licked his wife’s face clean of Tom’s cum. Greta found that incredibly exciting. So exciting that when she and Tom were back home, in bed, debriefing and reliving the night’s adventures, she gave Tom a blowjob and let him give her a facial too. This had been something that Tom had long asked to do, but the thought of having Tom shoot his jizz on her, especially her face, that had all just disgusted Greta before. But that night, Greta was eager to be sprayed with Tom’s cum, as long as he promised to lick it up afterwards. Of course, Tom readily agreed.

And that began a cum-eating fetish for both Greta and Tom. Tom would suck his cum out of his wife’s pussy after fucking her. He would lick it off her face, belly, tits or ass after cumming there. Sometimes Greta would snowball the cum in her mouth back to her husband after a blowjob. It was all novel and exciting.

And since then, it had become a birthday tradition. Whoever was having the birthday would get to choose what sort of sexual activity the couples would participate in.

So for Pete’s fiftieth Birthday, his wife Trish had convinced Gretta to have a three-way with Trish and Pete. Trish mentioned to Greta that it was Pete’s fantasy, but Greta dismissed it as just crazy-talk. It was all too much. They had their adventures, but it hadn’t progressed to really having sex with each other. And it wasn’t fair if Tom didn’t get to participate. It was Greta’s husband, Tom, who had actually done the convincing, saying that he really wanted to just watch his wife having sex with their best friends. He argued that it might complicate Pete’s fantasy if he was involved. And Pete was a great guy who deserved to live out his fantasy. After all, he’d said, a person only turns fifty once.

After sharing a few glasses of wine in the kitchen to help them unwind, the two couples moved to Trish and Pete’s bedroom, where they quickly stripped off their own clothes. Tom was put in a straight backed wooden chair to the side of the bed. All four friends were nervous, but excited. The ladies nipples were stiff. The guys cocks were already hard.

Pete joked about Tom just sitting and watching the action, and called Tom an unlucky pussy. But when Greta saw how being degraded actually excited Tom, she started narrating the action. That lightened up the mood for everyone because as Greta narrated, she also took control of the situation. She said, “I’m going to make you watch, Baby Boy, while Mommy takes a real man’s cock in aliağa escort her tight pussy!”

Tom just groaned.

Pete felt awkward. He was older than Tom. A little taller, but not in a good shape physically. Whereas Tom almost had pack abs, maybe a four pack; Pete was looking down at a mini-keg.

Pete joked, as he rolled a condom into his penis, “Are you sure you can handle this massive cock?” Pete’s cock was at least an inch shorter, and significantly thinner than Tom’s hard, leaking erection. Pete wasn’t flabby. Maybe he was only twelve pounds overweight. But, that was just twelve pounds more than Tom.

Greta said, “Lie on you back, Pete. We’re going to force Tom to watch you fill Mommy’s tight cunt perfectly!”

Trish giggled, “Here, let me angle my stallion’s man-meat for you, Greta. Wouldn’t want him to accidentally slip into your beautiful ass!”

Greta laughed, “Oh, when Pete finally slides his hot cock up my ass, it won’t be by accident! You see that, Baby Boy! Pete is, oh yes, slipping his cock into your wife’s tight cunny. And there’s nothing you can do but watch and learn.”

Tom groaned and stroked himself faster and harder.

Trish looked over and saw the ecstatic pleasure Tom took from being humiliated and forced to watch. Trish pointed a finger at him and commanded, “That’s right, Pussy-Boy! You don’t get to cum until you’re told. You hear me? Because, as soon as you cum, this whole fantasy comes to an end,”

Tom said, “And what if I’m a very good boy, and wait until I have permission to cum?”

Greta looked her husband in the eye. “If you let this fantasy play out. Just sit there, like the Pussy-Boy Worm you are, and wait for Mommy to give you permission to cum…”, Greta took a deep breath. “Then, after you cum, you’ll be the Daddy, and I’ll be your Baby Girl for the rest of the night.”

Tom’s cock jumped at the thought of the possibilities. He said, “Yes, Mommy. You’ve got a deal.”

Trish grabbed her underwear from where she’d tossed them on the floor. They were an expensive, sexy pair of red, lace thong panties. She knelt down and worked those panties up Tom’s legs. When he raised his hips, so she could stretch them up over Tom’s erection, she brought her face close and licked the tip of Tom’s cock. She whispered, “Save it. Your load is for this Mommy’s face, Panty-Boy!” Then she quickly popped the head of Tom’s circumcised cock in her mouth and gave it a loud suck.

Greta shouted, “Hey, Bitch, get over here and ride your man’s face. That Panty-Assed Wimp doesn’t get his reward until after we are finished. Besides, I want to make Tom watch as I suck your massive jugs, Girlfriend!”

Trish blushed and covered her breasts with one hand. But she crawled up on the bed and lowered her pussy onto her husband’s waiting tongue. Then as her excitement built, she lost her inhibitions. She leaned forward and kissed Greta. And when they heard Tom moan, “Oh fuck, yes,” they really started to put on a show for him, deeply kissing and fondling each other. As promised, Greta took one of her friend’s large breasts, and then the other and lewdly sucked and bit her nipples. Trish just let herself go, enjoying being put on display, and having her body pleasured by two people at once.

Greta maintained a steady rhythm, riding Pete’s cock. She didn’t want to have Pete cum too soon. And, frankly, Pete wasn’t as good a fuck as her husband. What really excited Greta was the enthusiasm shown by Trish, and especially her own husband, Tom. Greta also liked the feeling of power and control. She felt like she was directing a scene in a porno.

Greta had grabbed Trish’s large nipples, pinched and twisted them hard. She looked deeply into Trish’s passion-filled brown eyes and commanded, “Cum now, Slut! Let it go! That’s right! Fucking flood your husband’s face!” And Trish came, wildly, not squirting, but releasing a gush of fluids across Pete’s lips and chin.

Greta continued, “Riding Pete’s fucking cock feels so good. But, I want to show that pussy cuckold over there what it’s like to see his wife get taken by a real stud. Pete, I want you to take me hard from behind, doggy-style. Can you do that for me, Stud?”

Pete looked up at his wife for guidance and permission. She was still gasping, coming down from the biggest orgasm she’d had in decades. She just grinned and just said, “Go for it, Stud. You ride her hard!”

“Yes, ma’am.” And Pete crawled out from underneath Greta. She leaned forward, and put her face on the mattress, getting on her knees, and tilting her ass up. Pete commented, “You’ve got an amazing ass, Greta.”

“You hear that, Panty-Boy? The Stud thinks this Fuck-Slut has an amazing ass!”

Tom stammered and taunted from his chair, “You gonna fuck that ass, Buddy? You gonna fuck my wife’s ass?”

Greta’s eyes went wide. She visibly tensed and shook her head. It was with relief and a wave of pleasure when Pete lined his condom-clad cock up again with her slick pussy, and pounded çiğli escort himself deep with one, long, hard stroke. He held himself still there, and tried to think of Saturday Morning Cartoons, his go-to mental image, when trying to stave off cumming.

Tom said, “Oh, fuck. I’m close!” And he started to work his cock faster with his hand.

It was a shock when Trish slapped Tom’s face, hard. “Hands off your fucking cock, Worm!” Greta gasped. And there was a moment of prolonged silence in the room. Trish worried for a second that she had taken their game too far.

Then Tom beamed, grinning from ear to ear. He said, “I—I’m sorry—uh, Mistress Trish. You told me this load is for your face. Would you like it now?”

Trish sighed, relieved that Tom was playing along. It gave her the courage to try something she had only fantasized about before. She said, “This fantasy is going to be over when you cum, Tom. So, trust me, you sick, fucking Panty-Boy Worm,” smiled through the put-down, “You don’t want to cum and end it yet! Because things are about to get really good.” Then she climbed back on the bed, got on her back, and started scooting herself underneath Greta.

Tom’s eyes went wide. “Holy fuck,” he whispered.

Pete started pounding Greta’s pussy. He knew he couldn’t hold back, and he wasn’t going to last long. He felt his wife cup his balls, to keep them from slapping her in the forehead. Then he felt Trish’s tongue lick up the length of his shaft and across Greta’s slit! “Holy fuck!”, Pete echoed.

Greta screamed, “Oh, holy fuck! The clit! The clit! My clit! Don’t stop fucking licking! Right there! Give it to me, Bitch! Oh, shit! More! Pound that cock into me, Stud! Yes! Fuck! You watching, Worm? You watching your wife get pleasured in ways you can never please her, Panty-Boy? You—you loving this, Tom! Because—oh, fuck, I’m about to cum!”

“I’m about to cum too,” Pete echoed.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Mommy,” Tom said. “I want you to cum. I want you to cum so hard without me even touching you, with me being forced to just watch. But after you’re done. I am so going to cum in Mistress Trish’s face. And then…I’m taking you home where I can have you to myself. Because this night, and your pleasure, isn’t ending here, Mommy!”

Greta smiled. “I’m holding you to that promise, Panty-Boy. Now watch this, and try not to jizz yourself.” Greta then spread Trish’s knees and lowered her face to her best friend’s hairy, musky cunt. Trish gasped when Greta started lapping circles around her clit.

Tom hissed between his teeth, “Oh, Jesus!” He knew if he’d been given permission to touch himself, a huge load would be spraying across his belly right then.

Greta felt Pete’s cock stiffen and swell inside her. Pete shouted, “Oh, Jesus Christ! This is it!” And he began shuddering through his orgasm with random spasms of of his hips and cock.

Trish lightly bit Greta’s clit, and flicked her tongue rapidly across the face of it.

Greta growled, “Oh, fuck, Trish! I love you forever! This is what best friends are for! Oh fuck! I’m cumming! Oh shit! It’s a big one! Thank you! You beautiful bitch! Thank you! You fucking stud! Thank you!” And she came. Her pussy grabbed and squeezed at Pete’s jerking cock! Fireworks exploded behind her tightly closed eyelids. Her ears hummed. And her skin tingled. When, Greta came back to her senses, and she felt Pete’s rapidly shriveling cock slip from inside her, Greta focused on the hairy pussy in front of her face. Greta kept her own pussy neatly shaved, with just a tiny triangle of hair above her slit. The contrast with her friend, who looked like she rarely groomed her pussy, was exciting. She reached around Trish’s thick thigh and worked two fingers up inside her friend. Then, she tried to mimic her friend’s move. She lightly bit Trish’s clit and flicked her tongue across it.

Trish slapped at the bed. “Less, less! I just came. I’m still so sensitive.”

Greta growled, “And you’re going to cum again, Bitch!” And she redoubled her efforts, this time curling her fingers to press and stroke on her best friend’s G-spot.

Trish screamed, and her whole body quickly shuddered through a second orgasm almost as strong as her first.

Greta moved, and immediately Pete bent down and kissed his wife deeply. Pete asked, “That good? Huh?”

Trish sighed, “Oh boy! Tha…good! What did you do to me, Greta?”

Greta laughed, “I just honed in on your G-spot, Sweetie.”

Pete asked, genuinely curious, “Her what-spot?”

Tom chimed in, “Oh, Padawan, you have so much to learn.”

Trish looked over to Tom. “And you think you could teach him, Worm?”

Greta slinked across the room and gave her husband a deep kiss. He could taste Trish’s pussy on his wife’s lips. Their tongues intertwined. When they broke the kiss, Trish was already kneeling between Tom’s legs, stroking his hard, leaking cock. Greta smiled down at her and said, “This Worm knows all about how to find alsancak escort the G-spot!”

“The G-spot,” Pete echoed, making a mental note.

“The Grafenberg spot, Padawan. Look it up on the Internet!”

Trish licked up the length of Tom’s cock while stroking his shaft. She looked up at Tom and Greta, saying, “Too bad men don’t have a G-spot, eh, Worm?”

Tom and Greta looked at each other with knowing smiles. Tom whispered, “Should we show them?”

Greta said, “You don’t get to decide, Baby Boy, not until you cum. That’s the deal, right? I’m in charge.”

Tom was nervous. But he simply nodded and said, “Yes, Mommy.”

Greta smiled. She said, “Trish, pull those panties off. The Worm and I are are going to teach you and Pete about the Male G-spot!” She gestured at Pete. “And you, I’m going to need some lube, Mister!”

Pete looked to Tom to see if this was all right. Tom just nervously shrugged. Pete reached into a bedside table drawer, and pulled out a tube of lube. He handed it to Greta.

Greta lubed her right index finger and started lecturing. “Rule One: always use lube. Rule Two, Trish, is to keep your fingernails short.”

Trish giggled, “Is this the reason you always keep your nails short, Greta?”

“It’s certainly one reason.”

Pete said, “So, what’s this Male G-spot, anyway?”

Greta leaned and briefly kissed Pete. Then, she looked him in the eye and said, “It’s the prostate gland.” And she raised her lubed finger.

Pete looked confused, then his eyes went wide when it dawned on him what she was saying. “Oh…wow!”

Trish looked up, confused. “I don’t get it, Greta.”

Greta knelt down next to Trish. She said, “Scoot your ass forward, Worm, right to the edge of the chair. Spread your legs. Wider, Baby Boy! Now raise your pelvis.” Greta moved Tom’s shaved balls out of the way. “Doesn’t he have the cutest, little brown pucker, Trish?”

Trish giggled and whispered, “It is kinda sexy.”

Greta commanded, “Kiss it!”

Trish made a face. “His asshole? Really?”

“We both showered, just before we came over. You just had your face in my pussy. He’s as clean as that.”

Trish shrugged. “OK.” Then she leaned forward and kissed Tom’s asshole.

“No. Use your tongue. Really get in there,” Greta encouraged, “Are you telling me Pete’s never tossed your salad, Trish? Eaten your beautiful ass out?” Greta shook her head at Pete. “Well, I know one thing we are doing on my next birthday.”

Trish quickly went from shy and tentative to enthusiastically rimming Tom’s ass, as she heard his gasps and moans of pleasure. Then, Greta pulled Trish’s head away.

Greta said, “Look at how much more relaxed and open to pleasure our Baby Boy’s ass is. Now, just relax, Pussy-Boy. This is going to be a little bit cold at first.” She pressed the pad of her lubed finger against her husband’s anus and began drawing small, slick circles. “The key is to go slowly. Let his moans guide you. When you feel him relax, just introduce the tip of your finger at first. See his cock leaking? Pussy Boy’s cock knows what’s coming. It’s already happy, and we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.”

Tom said, “Mommy, I feel so exposed.”

“You’re doing great, Baby Boy, and we’re teaching our friends something important.”

Pete, standing above, stroking at his returning erection, chimed in, “It looks hot, Tom. Really sexy, man. Just go for it!”

Pete’s wife looked up at him. “Do you want me to tongue and finger-fuck your ass sometime, Honey?”

Pete didn’t hesitate. “Yes, please.”

“Would you want me to take control. Be in charge, like Greta’s doing too?”

Pete paused for a moment, and then whispered, “Yes…Mistress.”

Trish smiled broadly. “Good Boy. Now, you watch me, while I please this Worm. He’s going to shoot his load right in your Mistress’ fucking face. And then, what’s going to happen?”

Pete bit his lower lip. “I get to clean you, like last time, Mistress?”

“That’s right. And if you do a good job, I’ll reward you!”

Pete said, “How, Mistress?”

“Maybe I’ll let you tongue and finger your Mistress’ fat ass. What do you think?”

Pete laughed, “I think your ass is perfect! The most gorgeous ass in the world. And I think I would fucking love eating your ass!”

Greta interrupted them, “Trish, Honey, once you have your finger deep inside like this, curve your finger up slightly along the inside wall. A ‘come here’ gesture. Watch your partner’s reactions. You’re feeling for something about the size of a strawberry, just on the other side of the rectum. See that? See how Tom sighed, and his cock leaked juice? Did you see his eyes? I just hit his prostate! The prostate actually provides most of the fluid when your man ejaculates.”

“I thought that came from the balls.”

“Sperm comes from the balls, but most of a man’s jizz, most of his juice comes from his prostate.”

“And it feels good to have your prostate fingered like that, Tom? I mean, Pussy-Boy?”, Trish asked.

Tom said, “It feels fucking great! Really great. Some-sometimes if Mommy works my ass for a long time before she lets me cum, and really milks it, I’ll jizz two or three times as much as usual.” Then Tom sighed,. “Mistress, I’m so close. Mommy? Mommy, may I cum now?”