Group Fun at the Nude Beach

Big Tits

Last week I drove down from Los Angeles to San Onofre Beach. My cock was thumping the entire drive down, getting harder and harder as we got closer and closer. I pull into the park and drove for what seemed like forever until I made it to the trailhead.

I hiked down to the beach and noticed a few guys on their way back up. I could tell that they were just at the nude beach by their blissful faces. I just smiled and glanced at the outlines of the half hard erections showing through their bathing suits. Once I made it to the bottom of the trail, there was a clothed family, who clearly knew where I was going and did not approve. I didnt give a shit. I wanted to whip my cock out right there and show off.

Once I made my way the nude section, there was a friendly older gentleman waiting to greet me, his cock at full mast. I said hello and kept walking to scope out a good spot. I found a good space of sand relatively separate from everyone else and set down my towel. Then I stripped off my shirt. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me and I spotted a few men already slowly stroking their pricks. Next, I slowly pulled down my boardshorts, my long shaved cock flopping out into the cool ocean breeze. I knew everyone was looking, so I tried to put on a show Topkapı Escort as I applied oil to my entire body.

Next, I took a walk down the beach to see who was around. A good looking bunch today, I thought. Men turned over as I passed, revealing their pulsing members. A few men passed me walking in different directions. With each one, it was the same ritual: look down at the cock and then look up and smile. It was so great to see so many different cocks of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Then, I made my way back to my end of the beach. I went for the dip in the water, the cold water calming my raging hard on for the time being. I made my way back to my towel and lay face up toward the sun as my body glistened.

After a while, I fell asleep with the warm sun warming my stark naked body. When I woke up, I looked down the beach to a guy probably a little older than me wanking his wiener looking my direction. I thought I might as well go give him a better look.

I approached him and he immediately stopped stroking, as if he was embarrassed. My cock was standing straight up at this point, so he knew I was into it. I asked if he liked what he saw and he said that he really like the way I trimmed my pubes. We began Topkapı Escort Bayan to discuss our greatest fantasies and desires.

Obviously, we both loved exhibitionism and being naked in the great outdoors, but we discovered that we both wanted to take part in a circle jerk, but neither of us ever had the chance to do it in public. I took the challenge right away.

We began walking down the beach asking the few guys who were hanging out if they would be interested. Each time as we walked up, the guys cocks would perk up. Some of them claimed that they had problems with sexual activities on the beach, but most joined our fun. After about a half an hour we had canvassed the entire beach and had a good group of about 10 guys.

We went to a more secluded part of the beach with a great view of the ocean. I told everyone to gather in a circle and sit down in the sand. We went around and introduced ourselves, our ages, and our greatest sexual experience. The stories that came out were fucking amazing and turned everyone on, but I told everyone not to touch their touch hungry cocks just yet. We then each dedicated this sexual experience to someone or something: our partners, ourselves, our sexuality.

We then stood up Escort Topkapı and I told everyone to brush the sand off the ass of the person to their right. After hearing everyone’s fantasies, it felt incredible to have another man’s hands on my nude figure.

We then stood again in our circle, staring at each other’s naked bodies. We were all different sizes and shapes but each of us had a unique and beautiful cock that was dripping with precum by this point. I instructed the group to reach to the person to their left and begin to stroke their cock slowly. The guy who reach over to me had the greatest hands in the entire world. A few people shot right away, but most people were fine.

After a while, I told everyone to switch to the person to their right and begin to edge the person on. Moans of pleasure began to come out of the group of guys. Cumming closer to the edge with each stroke. The faces of ecstasy was enough to make you come for a year. Finally, we all communicated that we were all ready to cum. Everyone reach to the people on each side of them, so everyone had 2 hands handling their delicate and cum filled cocks. Suddenly, we began to shoot all over one another, one cock after the other.

Finally, we all trekked into ocean to clean up. Everyone helped everyone else wash the warm, sticky cum off their bodies. Then, we all spread our separate ways and vowed to do this again someday.

If you were there and are interested in trying this again, or if you just have thoughts about the story, shoot me an email.