Growing on My Own Ch. 03

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Doggy Style

Jumping in Justin’s car, we make our way to Allison’s. He never said Lee and Kenny was going. Settling in the back seat with Lee my mind can’t help but go over the events from the last 24 hours. Getting to see Justin after 5 years, finding out dad’s leaving, masturbating to Lee one of my new roommates, getting caught, and finally sleeping with Alexzander one of my other roommates. Life got so complicated so fast.

“You seem distracted. Are you okay?” waiting for my reply I cant help but notice his hands move over mine.

“Yeah, just tired, let me ask you a question.” Whispering the last part I wait for his nod before continuing. “What would he do if I slept with one of you guys?” this earns me a few silent moments.

“In truth I’m not sure, It would be different for each of us.” I can tell he’s truly thinking about it. “For Kenny it would be the greatest betrayal. For Micheal Its hard to say I just don’t see him liking you. Zander is closer to Justin then the rest of us. He’s also Justin’s lawyer. You wouldn’t know this but he’s a genius. His family also owns the hospital that Justin and Micheal work at.” I’m starting to think i’m screwed.

“What about you.” Turning so we are eye to eye. I can tell he’s contemplating. Maybe they aren’t so close, maybe he really only a roommate.

“I don’t really know. We’ve been friends since I started collage. I’m sure if you did get with any of us he’d eventually get over it, if we was serious about you. If we wasn’t I don’t see him saying quite.”

Not taking my eyes off him, “Would you sleep with me? This took him a second to even register the words that came out my mouth.

“I like to play, but it would take a lot of alcohol for that.” noticing my frown, “Look I just cant hurt you or Justin like that.”

Thank goodness we was pulling in to Allisons apartment complex. Walking up the steps I feel izmit escort confused about what Lee said and sleeping with Zander. Kenny keeps a watchful eye on me. Walking to the door I knock Allison opens it right up.

“Welcome to my home.” her smile seems so fake. I’m not sure why. I can almost see the wheels turning in her head. Walking in I make my way to the balcony. Telling Justin to give us ladies a moment she fallows. “You seem bothered. Is something wrong?”

Turning to look her straight in the eye “Did you tell Zander you didn’t know who I was?” Rage burning in my eyes. “Don’t make excuses either. Do you know how shocked he was when he found out I live there and I’m Justin’s sister.”

“Just go back to London where you belong. I’ve been the only girl in his life since we was 16. Do you know how hard I had to convince him to stay here every summer?” My air leave me, I feel as if i’m dying. Why did he choose her over me. I was his sister. We was blood, what did she have that i didnt. The wheels kept turning over and over. Not wanting to hear more I run out the apartment, only stopping when I fell arms wrap around me. Holding me, not saying one word just waiting for me to cry.

Waiting till I was done Lee speaks, “Jessie I’m so sorry.” I turn bury my face in his chest when he pulls me close. I feel one hand rubbing my back, I know its not Lee’s. Slowly lifting my head I see a worried Kenny standing there.

“He always talked about you. I never knew it was because of her. Don’t give up on him. He will eventually see threw her lies.” I hear his words but my heart is screaming at me to just run home back to where I know i’m loved. Kenny tried to comfort me with his words.

“Justin didn’t hear her, he was in the bathroom. Just don’t give up.” I can tell they love Justin just by how much they plead for him. Why can’t he be here holding me izmit anal yapan escort and not Lee, why couldn’t he be talking me down and not Kenny. Was I not as important as her.

Lee and Kenny finally convince me to walk back in, that was the worst mistake. “Why did you yell at Allison?” Not waiting for my reply, “Look Allison will be in my life. If you don’t like it go back home.” Reacting before I know it, I’ve done slapped him across the face. Turning on my hills I walk straight out the door. Pulling up is Micheal I ask before he can get out if he can take me home. Kenny and Lee both jump in as we start our long quite ride home.

Not ready to face reality yet, I walk up stairs to my room slam the door, start crying till I cant any more. After about three hours I want something to drink so I open my door, I hear moans of pleasure coming from down the hall. Curiosity getting the better of me I fallow the sounds. Opening the door just a crack I see Micheal and Kenny. Kenny has his mouth wrapped around Micheals shaft. Micheals eyes rolled back in his head as Kenny bobs up and down. Removing his mouth, Kenny is pulled up to Micheals face. Passion field kisses is seen. Removing his cloths Kenny gets on all fours waiting for Micheal to enter him.

“It’s not nice to spy.” I now the voice before even turning. By this point Micheal has two fingers inside Kennys ass. His nice round ass. I then notice that Kenny has a Irish tattoo running down his back. Kenny leans his head back and moans out a faster. “You know I could just ask them to let you watch. It would be better than sneaking around.”

Before he can open the door I turn and place my lips on his. He tries to push us apart but I’m refusing. I slid my right arm around his neck, by this point he deepens the kiss. I feel his arms circle my waist. His tong begs to izmit yabancı escort be let in. I part my lips letting in slid right in. With my left hand I run it down the front of his jeans, pressing as hard.

Grabbing, lifting me up he walks us back to his room laying us down on his bed. I feel his delicate hands run over my breast. Pulling me up he removes my shirt with just one swing. I can tell he’s had much experience just by his moves. Reaching one hand behind me to unclasp my bra, he releases my breast. I can tell he’s real good with his hands just by the way he pleases my body with them.

Not even worried about my shorts, he rips them right off. Too bad I really liked them. Nothing left on my body He dips one finger in my opening. “Talk dirty to me.” Was all he says before thrusting two more fingers inside.

“Oh fuck,” It was hard to talk with this much pleasure running threw my body. “oh yes,,,, fuck that pussy,,,,,” rolling my head back moans is all that escape.

“You want me to fuck that pretty little pussy for you?” I nod my head. “Tell me you want me to.”

“Fuck me, please.” Thats all he needs before shoving his pants down and sliding his size 12 inch right in. Leaning my head back moaning out his name. I dig my nails in his back as he pushes inside. Boy has more skills than Micheal Jordan. I feel him tighten as more orgasm starts to reach,

“Not yet baby,” He pounds harder feels like he’s reach into my soul pulling out my hardest orgasm yet. when it hits he slams into my body and we come together. Pulling his head down to my chest he wraps a hand around my waist while pulling my head to his with the other. Tired from the amazing sex we just had, we both fall asleep.

“Where is she?” I could hear Justin yelling from my room. Turning to look I see Lee still sleeping. I gently shake his shoulder. He mumbles to himself when he hears Justin yelling. “Where in the fuck is she? She didn’t just run away with no cloths or money. We hear him walk to Lee’s room, Lee throws his blankets over my body just before the door swings open. He must have noticed the only thing showing is my feet. “Is that Jessie?”

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