Growing Up

Big Dicks

Please enjoy this piece of fiction. I enjoyed writing this story to contrast the non-fiction “My Boobs!,” which I hope you also read and enjoy.

* * * * *

All guys like big breasts, but in the back of their minds, they know that down the road, the big girl will probably sag, and their backs will hurt, and it will be a hassle. But when I was a teenager, my big chest had me set. My favorite story is from back when I really didn’t know what was going on (when I was 18 at the very beginning of my senior year of high school.) Back when I had no experience and wasn’t too sure about how sexual I really was. It was a first step and one that I enjoyed

Harry and I had been flirting a lot on our first date, and I really liked him. We started to make-out in his back seat, and he felt my chest. I could feel his erection rise from it, and I suddenly I had a crazy idea. I pulled away from him, a smile on my face. I took off my shirt, then my 38D bra. He smiled like I had never seen anyone smile. His eyes felt every inch of my breasts, the dark ring around my darker and harder nipples, the tit-crack, the curving bottoms, the line from my shoulder to my breasts. He started to reach out, kurtköy escort and I held up a hand.

“Wait, Harry.”

“Holly, but I love you so much!”

Yeah right. Well, he’d get what he wanted, sort of. “Just wait, Harry. And watch the girls.”

He had a questioning look on his face.

I pushed by shoulders together, squeezing my chest. “It’s my name for my breasts, silly!” I smiled like it was true, leaving him to think that this was something most girls do. I opened my bag and took out baby oil and rubbed a lot over my hands. I looked up at him.

“Expecting a jerkoff, Harry?”

He looked at me, trying to hide the fact that that answer was yes. “Whatever, Holly. This is great. You’re beautiful.”

I wasn’t sure if I should trust him, but I knew I wanted so badly to continue. I looked at him once more, then looked down to my boobs. I rubbed the baby oil onto them, making them slick and warm. My nipples felt great–extra sensitive and not painfully erect. I looked up to Harry.

“Open your pants, Harry. Time for that jerkoff.”

As he quickly complied, he asked excitedly, “Why did you–I mean what are you—“

“Harry,” I said, sounding aydıntepe escort calm as anything. I certainly wasn’t. I was as hot as he was, but girls can’t show it, or want to release it. That’s why all girls tend to masturbate secretly, and certainly never talk about it. When we do… well, that’s another story. Anyway, Harry got his penis out as I explained. “Yes, Harry. You’ve been a good boy, and I like you very much. I’m going to masturbate you with these…” I played with my nipples, moving my breasts around a bit. “Are you ready?”

He smiled, and nodded. “Now I’ll control this, Harry. You start groping or moving me or touching your penis, and I’m gonna leave. Okay?”

He nodded again. I put my hands on the insides of my breasts, and I pulled them back a bit. I moved forward, to his penis. When it touched my titties, I let go. They closed onto his dick, and my chest was a mass of warm, oily sexuality. I put my hands on his hips, and he instinctively leaned against the car door. We were all set. I started to move up and down, slowly. Then I sped up as I felt his penis respond, becoming harder. I started to moan as I jumped, not for him, but because I was enjoying tuzla içmeler escort myself so much.

His breathing soon became erratic. I knew that he would cum soon. I said, out of breath myself, “Tell me when-n you’re g-going to come…” He nodded, and I kept pumping my body up and down so that my big titties could do their job. I was hot, both sexually and physically; I felt so erotic, so fuckable with my breasts joyfully burning with the friction.

Harry finally said, in a whisper, “I’m gonna cum, Holly.” I waited a split second, then pushed my boobs together, enough to squeeze his penis and pinch me a bit. He came, and the first bit was a spurt, which shot up and hit my hair. I was flashed with eroticism, with how dirty and awful I was being. I loved it. I lowered my head to get more on it, only getting a few drops. I pulled back slowly, getting cum on my chest. I couldn’t help it: I grinned with the way the warm stuff felt! I had an impulse to lick my hair and my breasts, but I thought against it. Eat cum? Not yet, not for a while. Maybe not ever. I took out some tissues from by bag and started to clean myself up. I looked at Harry.

“Happy, Harry?”

He was out of breath, his eyes closed. He looked at me. “Yes, Holly. It was great.”

And so he kissed me, his penis happy and shrinking. I probably looked humiliated with my hair, cheek, and breasts streaked with his cum. But I was the happiest girl in the world.