Grumpy Old Man

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Sam lived by himself in a 4,000 square foot house that he lived with his late wife Mary before her sudden tragic death a couple of years ago. Sam and Mary were married for over forty years and he missed her dearly. They were high school sweethearts and were never apart except when they broke up for a few months in their younger days before getting married. They both realized they couldn’t live without each other and Sam proposed shortly after they got back together. They had four children who were now adults and scattered throughout the country. Sam would visit them or come into town every once in a while, but he was mostly by himself for the most part.

After Mary’s death, Sam became a hermit. He was bitter because he couldn’t understand how God could take such a lovely woman as his wife at a fairly early age. He received a large insurance settlement and retired from his job as an engineer so he was financially set in his golden years. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get over being without Mary. He became despondent and just wanted to be left alone. He got annoyed when acquaintances would try to get him out of the house, or even worse, try to play matchmaker by introducing him to another woman. No one could replace Mary. Sam was an attractive older man at six-foot-tall, in his early sixties with gray hair who still went to the gym every day but he still liked his beer or wine and had a little bit of a gut.

Friends of Sam tried the best they could to get him to snap out of his funk but after a while, they even gave up on him, which made him become even more of a hermit. His only pleasure was the inground pool in his yard and his garden. He paid a service to maintain the pool for him and he could be found at the poolside most of the time even if it was only to have a cup of coffee and browse the Internet. He would spend a considerable amount of time taking care of his prize roses, a flower his wife loved.

Sam was still a virile man and missed having sex with his wife but didn’t want anything to do with dating or even being with women his own age. He had no interest in the drama that came with a relationship. If he got tired of jerking off he would go to a local body rub establishment or a strip club for a lap dance to pay a young woman for a handjob. He got the pleasure of being serviced by a younger woman with no strings attached. Besides, he hadn’t had full-blown sex with a woman other than Mary in over forty years. He had no interest in the complications of dating again and pretending to like someone just to have sex. He figured he was doomed to live out the rest of his life alone.

Several months ago, a young divorcee, Sue, rented the house next door. Sue had a seven-year-old son, Mikey, who was a normal, active young boy. Just after they moved in, Sue saw Sam over the back fence and said hello but he grunted something and went back into the house. She got the same response the next day and the next. She was trying to be a friendly neighbor but Sam just wanted to be left alone.

Even though Sam wasn’t very friendly, he noticed that his new neighbor was pretty darn cute. Sue was average in height, maybe about 5’6″, and although her hips were a bit wide, no doubt from having a child, she was slender with full, round breasts, he guessed to be 36d. When he saw her in shorts, he couldn’t help but stare at her ample butt and thick thighs but for the most part, Sue wore loose-fitting clothing that hid her decent body. She had long, light brown hair with blonde highlights. She was a pretty young lady but Sam still wasn’t looking for a friendship with anyone. He just wanted to be left alone.

There weren’t any other children in the neighborhood his age so Mikey spent a lot of time playing in the front and back yards. Sam had no idea how a kid, playing alone, could make so much darn noise but he found Mikey annoying and disturbing to the peaceful neighborhood. Basketballs were constantly flying over the fence and into Sam’s pool. Mikey was constantly coming over to retrieve his ball and bother Sam because Sam didn’t want the kid accidentally drowning in his pool.

After retrieving the ball from his pool several times per day, Sam finally approached Sue and angrily told her, “Can’t you move the damn basketball net so the kid’s ball stays in your yard. If this keeps happening, I’m just going to keep the friggin ball.”

Sue was taken aback by the intensity of Sam’s anger and profusely apologized to Sam. She didn’t want to cause any problems with the new neighbor so she moved the basketball net to the front of the house. It worked out better, that is until one time the ball landed in one of Sam’s rose gardens and did some damage to one of his late wife’s favorite rose bushes. When Sam saw Mikey getting his ball and spotted the damage he did to the rose bush, Sam yelled at Mikey to get away from the garden. The young boy got frightened and went running home, crying.

Just as Sam was getting the ball out of his garden, Sue came over Şişli escort pissed off too. She confronted Sam about yelling at her son and told him if he had a problem in the future, he should come and see her. Sam told her the simple solution was to keep her kid’s toys off his property. She grabbed the ball and stormed off angrily mumbling something under her breath.

Sam felt a little bad but the young boy damaged something that meant a lot to him and his memories of his wife.

Sue kept her son away from Sam for about a week when Mikey was throwing a ball up in the air and trying to hit it with a plastic bat. He missed it more than he hit it but one time he hit the ball really hard onto Sam’s lawn. He got scared but decided to try and sneak over and get his ball. Just as he was about to pick it up, Sam appeared at his screen door and caught Mikey on his lawn.

Mikey was scared and startled and stammered, “I’m sssssorry, sir.”

Sam replied, “That’s okay.”

“No, it’s not sir. Mommy said you’re a grumpy old man and not to bother you.”

Sam was stunned at his comment and went back inside his house. The young boy’s statement kept bothering Sam for the rest of the day, mostly because he knew it was true; he had turned into a miserable old man just like the mean old man on his street when Sam was younger. The last thing Sam ever thought he would turn into was the grumpy old man in the neighborhood. The boy had a lasting impact on Sam’s outlook on life. From that day forward, Sam decided he needed to change. Mary would be so disappointed that he turned out to be so bitter and yelling at young kids. She would have put him in his place a long time ago.

The next morning, when Sam saw Sue in the backyard and he called out over the fence, “Good morning, Sue.”

Sue had to look around to make sure she was hearing properly then responded, “Uh, good morning, Sam.”

She was confused as heck but didn’t question the simple gesture of kindness coming out of her grumpy neighbor. A few days later, Sam came over to the fence to ask Sue how her day was going and she told him it was as stressful as usual but that was normal. She wondered if Sam was actually trying to be friendly but still wanted to keep him at a distance. Sue had more experience with Sam yelling at her son than being friendly so she wasn’t going to let down her guard.

One afternoon, Sam noticed Sue, pitching baseballs to Mikey who seemed to be struggling to hit the ball. Sam had coached his kids in baseball for years and could see that Sue had no idea what she was doing but was trying her best as a single mom to help her son. Sam could only watch the child struggle for so long before he went over to the fence and offered to help Mikey. Sue wasn’t quite sure how to respond to this random act of kindness but was desperate to help her son and gratefully accepted Sam’s offer.

When Sam got to their yard, Sue explained how Mikey was struggling in little league and led the team in strikeouts and batted last. Some of the other kids were making fun of him too. Sam spent the next hour working with Mikey on the proper hitting techniques and the youngster showed a marked improvement. At the end of the hour, Sam pitched Mikey a ball and he got a solid hit. He hit so hard it went straight for Sam’s property and broke a window on the side of the garage. Sue and Mikey were startled and worried that Sam was going to explode in anger. They stared at him in fright.

Sue immediately said, “I’m so sorry, Sam. I’ll pay to have it fixed. I’m really sorry.”

Sam looked at the window then back at the boy and his mom laughed, and said, “I think Mikey is going to do okay at tonight’s game. Don’t worry about the window. I’ll get it fixed. It’s only glass.”

Sue was shocked at Sam’s response. She wondered why he had such a sudden change in attitude but decided not to question their new, friendly neighbor’s attitude. That night after the game, Mikey saw Sam on his porch and came running over to him.

“Mr. Sam, Mr. Sam, I hit a home run tonight. You should have seen it. I got the game ball too.”

Sam couldn’t have been more pleased. He knew the feeling of seeing a youngster hit a home run and have everyone cheering for him. It brought back memories of when he coached his kids.

“That’s great news, Mikey. You know what, we should celebrate. Do you want some ice cream?”

Mikey looked over at his mom and she nodded her approval which brought a big smile to the boy’s face.

Sue then told Sam, “I can’t thank you enough. I was so proud of him and you have no idea how much I appreciate you helping him.”

“It’s not a big deal. It was my pleasure. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you and Mikey change into your swimsuits and come on over for a swim in my pool. I’ll get us all some ice cream and we’ll celebrate together.”

“I think my butt is big enough without needing ice cream to make it bigger.”

“Well, then, I’ll get Mikey some ice cream and Sultangazi escort bayan I’ll open a bottle of wine for us. Not for nothing, you don’t have a big butt.”

Sue smirked and replied, “You’re too kind.”

Mikey was pleading with his mom to accept the offer of the pool and ice cream. He had been eyeing Sam’s pool since they moved in. It was a hot summer night and Sue couldn’t resist her son’s pleas or the offer of wine so she agreed but only for a little while. They went to change into their swimsuits while Sam did the same. When Mikey and Sue came back, Sam let the boy scoop his own ice cream, put on the chocolate syrup, and finished it off with multi-colored sprinkles. Mikey was in Heaven.

Sue was dressed in a modest one-piece suit but Sam couldn’t help but notice his neighbor’s young body and her big breasts pressing against the top. Even though it didn’t show off much of Sue’s body, Sam still could see her thick thighs and he was in the presence of other people which picked up his mood.

Mikey gobbled up his ice cream and wanted to jump in the pool so they all went outside with glasses of wine for the adults and a juice drink for Mikey. Sam checked out Sue’s ass as the suit was hugging her hips. She had a nice twitch in her ass when she walked, almost like her butt cheeks were winking at him. Mikey had taken swim lessons for years and was a decent swimmer for his age. He frolicked in the pool as Sam and Sue sipped their wine, and chatted in the hot tub. Sue kept telling Sam how great the warm water felt in releasing her tension. He told her she could come back anytime.

After Sue and Mikey left, Sam went upstairs to change out of his wet swimsuit and as he walked past a spare bedroom, he noticed a light come on in a room from Sue’s house next door. His curiosity got the best of him and stepped inside the dark room and saw that Sue’s bedroom faced his house and she was still in her swimsuit. Sam may have been getting older but he wasn’t dead and watched as Sue peeled off her wet suit. Her breasts were magnificent, even better than he imagined. Her breasts seemed much fuller and rounder now that he saw her naked. Sue had smaller nipples and they were hard. They sagged a little but they were still pretty firm for a mother of a young child. Sam marveled at their beauty.

As Sue continued to take off her swimsuit, part of Sam thought, “It is wrong to be invading her privacy,” but the horny old man in him told him, “Holy shit, she’s gorgeous. I’m not going to pass up this opportunity.”

Sam became more hypnotized as Sue pulled her suit down to expose a hairy pussy and her curvy, round ass. He continued to watch while his neighbor checked out her naked body in the mirror twisting and turning several times. Sam followed her every move, seeing her pick out a pair of white panties from her drawer and put them on along with an oversized t-shirt. She then shut off the light, the show now over.

Now sporting a semi-erection, Sam went into his bedroom and masturbated to the vision of Sue’s naked body and fantasizing about making love to her. He knew the chances of that happening were slim to none but a man can dream.

Over the next couple of weeks, Sue and Mikey were frequent visitors to Sam’s house and pool. Sam continued to teach Mikey how to be a better baseball player and he became one of the better players on the team. Sam even started going to some of his games. Sam was also able to catch Sue dressing and undressing a few more times and he became more mesmerized by her beauty.

During their conversations in the hot tub and pool, Sue revealed some of the details of her life. Her ex-husband felt confined after they became parents and began having an affair with his secretary. Sue got a great settlement in their divorce and didn’t have to worry about money. She was in the process of buying the house she was now renting next door.

Sam told Sue about his love for his late wife and how devastated he was after her death. He thanked her and Mikey for snapping him out of his funk and he apologized for how he acted when they first met. He boldly asked his neighbor if she had any love interests.

Sue snickered and replied, “I haven’t had much luck in my love life. I have trust issues from the divorce, to begin with. It seems that when men find out I have a seven-year-old son they run away as fast as they can or they think I’m a horny mother and only want to get me into bed.”

She took a sip of wine and continued, “They aren’t entirely wrong but I don’t want to be someone’s quick piece of ass. I’m sorry, I’ve had too much wine. That was too much information.”

“No, Sue. That’s fine. I understand. I’m constantly being chased by lonely widows who think that we can get married if they offer me sex. I have no interest in a long-term relationship. None.”

“I worry that I’m not getting any younger and my body isn’t what it used to be. Men want young women with great bodies,” Escort Taksim Sue continued.

“If you don’t mind me saying, you are a beautiful woman, Sue. You are smart, a devoted mom and have a gorgeous body. Any man would be lucky to date you. Your ex-husband must be an idiot.”

“You’re too kind, Sam. And my ex-husband is an idiot.”

Sam would go out of his way to tell Sue how lovely she looked no matter what she was wearing from that night forward. Sue knew he was being polite but every woman appreciates a compliment. Sam’s compliments began to give Sue the confidence to quit dressing in loose clothing all the time and to start wearing tighter, shorter shorts, tank tops and she even bought a bikini to wear around the pool. Sam was enjoying the view of his cute neighbor’s ass cheeks poking out from under her shorts when she bent over or catching brief views of her ample cleavage when leaning over. He loved seeing her in a bikini around the pool even more.

Some of the single dads around the baseball diamonds also took notice of Sue and she began to date a little more often. Sam was a little jealous even though he knew he had no right to be envious. He only wished he were younger himself. He was very accommodating and babysat Mikey so Sue could go out on her dates. Mikey would spend the night in one of the spare bedrooms, but not the one with the view of his mom’s bedroom. Sam needed to keep that a secret.

One night when Sam was watching Mikey, he saw Sue coming home and inviting her date into the house. He couldn’t help but wonder if they were going to have sex. He was tempted to go upstairs and take a quick peek but he resisted his temptations and continued to watch a baseball game on TV. His thoughts kept drifting to Sue and what she might be doing with her date. His curiosity got the best of him and he told himself he would only take a quick look. However, when he went into the spare bedroom, he saw the nightstand light on in Sue’s bedroom. She was naked on her knees sucking her date’s dick while he fondled her big tits. Oh, what he wouldn’t give to be in his place.

It looked like Sue was a pretty good cocksucker and her date was writhing in pleasure. Sam watched as Sue got up on the bed and spread her legs wide while her date climbed between them and started to fuck her. There is no way Sam was going to stop watching now. He watched as the man pummeled Sue’s pussy. After a few minutes, it looked like the man came in her pussy. He didn’t last that long and the look of disappointment on Sue’s face was obvious when he got dressed and left shortly thereafter. After he was gone, Sue went back to her bedroom, pulled a vibrator from her nightstand, and masturbated herself to an orgasm.

Sam was thinking, “What a jerk that guy was. If I had Sue in bed, I would make love to her and make sure she was satisfied.”

A short time later, Sam received a text message from Sue, “I noticed your lights are still on and wondering if you want me to come to get Mikey.”

Sam replied, “I’m still awake but Mikey is out cold. No reason to bother him.”

He went on to text, “If you want some wine, I’ll be in the hot tub.”

There was no response so Sam went out to the hot tub by himself. He closed his eyes as the hot water swirled around him.

He was startled when he heard Sue standing above him in a skimpy bikini he had never seen before and she said, “I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

“No, not at all. I was just relaxing. Wow, you look great. Is that a new bikini?”

“I’ve had it for a while but I’ve lost a couple of pounds and it fits me again so I figured I’d wear it when no one would see me. I didn’t mean that the way it came out but I’m not sure I’d wear it to the beach.”

“I understand.”

Sam wasn’t insulted at all. He was happy she felt comfortable enough to wear it in front of him. He couldn’t help but stare. Sue’s full, round tits were bulging out of the top, bouncing as she walked. She put her towel on a lounge chair, bending slightly with Sam taking in the view of a good portion of her ass cheeks being exposed. He watched her every step as she got into the hot tub. Sam got out to get her a wine glass from the outdoor bar, quickly returned, and poured her a glass.

“So how did your date go?” Sam inquired, knowing full well she let a guy fuck her and left her unsatisfied.

“Unfortunately, I think I found another Mr. Wrong. I’m not sure Mr. Right even exists.”

“Don’t worry, Sue, you’ll find the right guy. If I were younger, oh never mind.”

Sue laughed and replied, “Sam, if you were younger, I’d be lucky to have you. Your wife was a lucky woman.”

“Thank you. You are an exceptional, beautiful woman and a great mother. The right guy is out there, don’t worry, you’ll find him.”

“Until then, let’s get drunk.”

“Sounds good to me, Sue.”

Sue knew Sam had a crush on her and the more they drank the more she made sure he got plenty of opportunities to see her in her tiny bikini. She would get out to use the bathroom or to get another bottle of wine, knowing all the time Sam was watching her every move. She felt sexy knowing he liked her for more than her body too. They genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. She thought it was harmless to give an old man some cheap thrills.

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