Guy’s Late Night

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Was working on a different idea for a guy but it didn’t work out. I chose to scrap it and make this from what I did. It wouldn’t work with the new version so here it is.


I arrived home from work after a hard and tedious day. I’d usually arrive at the same time as Iris, my friend who was staying at my place for some time, but she had plans that day. Her friend Olivia was having work trouble and was still recovering from a rough breakup with an awful boyfriend she had. Iris had invited Olivia over for a day so they could hang out and spend some time having fun, forgetting about any troubles. I didn’t see myself having fun since I was tired from work still.

Both of the girls were sitting on my couch eating snacks while watching a TV. The two of them had been working on their hair, it was obvious due to the mess they had left in the table of the living room. I dreaded to think of what other mess they did while I was away, instead I sat on the couch, directly in between them. I let out a huge sigh of comfort. My feet were hurting and my arms felt sore enough that I could barely move them after leaning back.

Iris rushed to finish eating her ice cream, “rough day, huh?” She lightly flicked the spoon on my nose for a bit.

Olivia chuckled while looking at Iris, “you gotta lay off all the ice cream dear. Your sweet tooth is gonna kill you.” Iris rolled her eyes in a comical way. Olivia’s hand moved up to my head, petting me like a animal. “You’re such a hard worker. How come no girl has shown up on your lap?” A hint of sarcasm could be heard coming from her.

“Hey what are you, my mom?” I reached to remove her hand from my head.

Olivia laughed, Iris joining her for moment shortly after. “My bad, my bad. I don’t think you’re mother would be so up front about your nonexistent sex life.”

Upon hearing her judging comment I immediately lifted myself up the couch, facing Olivia directly, “what is that supposed to mean?”

Olivia looked away trying to recall what she meant, looking back at me with the look of sudden realization. “Oh wait, I’m thinking of Gary. Hey wait didn’t you two date each other, or were you sex friends or something?” She pointed at Iris behind me.

Iris eyes widened. I could see her face turn bright red as she frowned, “we never dated! We just had sex… a few times.” A awkward silence proceeded her. She turned around facing the other side of the couch.

I cleared my throat. I brought Olivia’s attention back to me, “uh, yes. We did a few times. We were both young and curious and we thought it would be a good idea to try practicing with each other. That was, yeah.”

Olivia smacked her face with her hand, regretting what she said. “I’m sorry guys. I probably shouldn’t bring up something like that with both of those people in the room huh?” Olivia had a nervous laugh, quieting down after a few seconds.

I leaned back on the couch, placing my hands behind my head while closing my eyes, “don’t worry about it. It’s only awkward if you bring it up specifically like that.” I started dozing off shortly after.

Almost immediately after, Iris restored the sound to the TV. I was barely awake watching whatever it was both of the girls were watching. Once the movie or show had ended I had planned to sleep right the exchange izle away but the conversation the girls were having kept that from happening.

Olivia and Iris were sitting on the sides of the couch after they were done watching TV. I could hear the excited voice of Olivia trying to convince Iris of something she herself wasn’t sure of. Halfway through I started to tilt my head to the side until I was no longer awake. It felt like a mere second before my phone started ringing. I picked up to see I was asleep for a few more hours than I thought. The message I was sent was to handle something at work, it was urgent.

I reluctantly stood up from the bed to get my keys. On the way to the kitchen I nearly bumped into Olivia and Iris who were both wearing tight cocktail dresses, purple and red respectively. I rubbed my eyes, still seeing both in the dresses.

“What are you two wearing?” I pointed at both of them.

Olivia looked down to see I was pointing at her dress specifically. “Oh right. We’re going out tonight. Iris is gonna take me with her to the special club, you coming?”

“Sorry, work. Maybe another time.”

“Oh well. We’ll find you some lovely ladies next time. Anyway, see you later. Have fun,” Olivia dragged Iris over to her room, smiling at me as she walked away.

Grabbing my keys from the counter, I headed outside to drive back to work once again. On the way I couldn’t stop thinking about how the two girls looked. Two busty women wearing tight dresses with. They had loads of makeup on, especially Olivia, but they still looked great. For almost a month I had been holding back on masturbation until Iris left. It proved difficult to hold it in with how Iris looked normally every day, it didn’t help to see her show off so much when we hung out.

The emergency at work was handled safely and slowly. I rushed back home hoping to finally go to sleep. Instead I was met with loud noises coming from inside. It was midnight, most of my neighbors were sleeping so I got inside quickly to see what the ruckus was about. Both Iris and Olivia were dancing, listening to music from a music player. I turned off the device immediately after walking in.

“What are you two doing? It’s midnight, people are sleeping!” I yelled at the two of them lowering my voice after the asking them what they were doing.

Both of them looked like they had been attacked. Their hair was all messed up after all the work they did, their dresses were on the edge of revealing more skin, and I could see some food stains on Iris’s dress. If it wasn’t for how much they were smiling I would have panicked immediately.

Iris stumbled over to me, grabbing my arm to hold herself up. “Hey Cris, you missed it, we had the best time.” Her hands flailed around like crazy as she tried to explain. She was clearly drunk.

“Iris never drinks. What did you do Olivia?” I looked over at Olivia who was fixing her dress.

“Me? I didn’t do shit. Iris drank by herself and got me involved. You may not know this but she actually is a huge drinker when she wants to.” Olivia giggled, Iris joining her right after. Both of them sounded so drunk as they laughed. While processing the moment my eyes open widely after coming to a realization, the family pile izle “you two didn’t drive right?”

Oliva laughed hard, scaring me half to death for a moment, “drive? No no, a friend brought us. The place was closed because of an accident, so we brought the fun here.” She let out a loud burp once she was done.

“Oh for the love of crust.” I face palmed myself, imagining the even bigger mess they must have done while I was gone. “I’m to tired for this shit.”

For the next hour I went around the house cleaning up as much of the mess as I could. Tired and exhausted, I sat on the couch next to the girls. I stretched my legs out on to the small table. I was preparing to go to sleep once again, expecting Olivia and Iris to go to the other rooms. While resting I felt a poke on my face. I open my left eye to see Iris next to me.

“Sleeping, tomorrow, bye.” I closed my eye to sleep. Once again I am poked.

“Hey Cris, thanks. We’re sorry about the mess,” Iris sounded sincere but I could still clearly tell she was beinh drunkenly nice.

While half asleep I heard a sound coming from the opposite side of the couch, “here’s my thank you.” It sounded exactly like Olivia. I was too far gone to even pay attention to what was happening.

While asleep I felt a tug on my pants. It didn’t hit me for a while that it wasn’t a dream I was feeling. I opened my eyes. Looking down I saw Olivia inches away from my exposed dick. “Hey, what are you doing?” I quickly tried to push her away but she tugged on my dick enough to keep me in place.

Olivia not so roughly flicked my half hard dick with her finger, causing me to get an erection. “We just want to thank you is all. What’s so bad about that?” She covered the laugh hidden behind her hand.

“You two are drunk, you aren’t thinking straight. Stop this already Olivia.” On my way to stop Olivia again, Iris stepped in. She climbed on top of me, leaving enough room behind her for Olivia grab me.

“But Cris, It doesn’t matter. I’ve always wanted to do this,” Iris pulled a ribbon from her head. Her messy blonde hair dropped down behind her. She pushed her breast against my chest. In a few seconds she pressed her lips against mine, making me feel frozen in place. The taste and smell of alcohol and candy was rapidly reaching my taste buds.

From below I could feel Olivia playing with my dick. I was alternating between what to focus on first. Iris’s mouth was sloppily moving itself on me over and over while Olivia stretched out my skin and rubbed my balls. Eventually I gave in, letting the situation play out. Iris halted her kissing, hurrying to climb off me.

Both Iris and Olivia were kneeled down on the floor, their faces inches away from my dick. My dick was held tightly at the base by Iris whose mouth was drooling at the sight. Olivia on the other hand was biting her thumb, a smile peeking through. Without wasting more time Iris opened her mouth and placed the head of my cock in her mouth. Olivia reached out to stroke the base gently every once in a while. The sensation of two completely different rhythms on my dick felt oddly satisfying. Both weren’t doing the best job but it still felt great.

When Iris opened her mouth I could see red lipstick the first lady izle smudges on the head of my dick. Olivia soon noticed the small markings and smiled. She moved next to Iris to whisper into her ear. Iris giggled before nodding. Both of them looked at my dick, Iris slightly licking her lips. Olivia leaned in to place a soft kiss on the bottom of the head, Iris joined in by kissing the side of the head. Both girls moved their lips down, spreading the lipstick on my dick. Red and purple smudges were covering most of my shaft.

“Your dick looks even more cute,” Olivia was speaking in between her kisses.

At the base, the two of them placed their arms on my thighs to hold me down. Olivia licked her thumb before rubbing it on my balls, it felt strangely cold. Once she was done she once again licked her thumb.

“Good to see you shave down there. Too bad though, I like it when it’s natural.” Olivia winked at me.

Iris followed Olivia as they both bent down. Both of them gave no time for preparation, they both sucked on my balls rather fiercely. Iris stuck her tongue out, licking the bottom while Olivia just kept sucking. With both girls working so close on the bottom, my dick was lightly tapping Iris’s forehead every few seconds. I was feeling like I was going crazy, at any moment I would cum.

Almost like she read my mind, Olivia lifted herself off my ball over to my dick. She moved her head rapidly around, kissing my dick in various spots in a short period of time. The moment was soon approaching, the gentle yet rough feeling on me felt incredible. Olivia knew the time was coming so she grabbed Iris by the hair to pull her next to her. To finish me off both of them placed one kiss each on the sides of my head, making a loud noise when they pulled away. On their way back to the positive they were met with an explosion of my cum shooting on both them, most of it falling on Iris. A few final shots landed on Olivia’s face and her purple and brown dyed hair.

Iris laughed a little feeling the cum on her while Olivia already started to lick it off her. Iris wiped her face while standing up, she made her way to where the bathroom was. Olivia climbed up on the couch next to my exhausted body. She placed her finger on the head of my dick while giving me a smile.

“You know, you shouldn’t feel bad about this. Iris has been meaning to ask you out for a while.”

I looked at Olivia with a confused look, “wait, what are you talking about?”

She giggled looking to the side before turning back to me, “for starters, I’m not drunk, sort of. But yes, you should know Iris has been talking nonstop about you for a while. She probably wouldn’t have done half the things she did if she wasn’t drunk, true. But you gotta admit I did a pretty good job teaching her right?”

“Wait you taught her to do what?”

“What do you think dummy? She needs to practice more but I can see potential in her.” Olivia looked at the hallway for a few seconds before looking back, “oh by the way, thanks for this. I really needed to release some tension after the mess I’ve been through.”

I squinted my eyes a little at her, “I didn’t do anything though.”

Olivia ignored me completely. She walked away claiming she heard Iris pass out. Feeling tired I fell on my side on the couch, closing my eyes. I was beginning to fall asleep. I could hear Olivia trying to drag Iris back to her room. The last thing I thought about before going to sleep was how exactly next morning was going to go. I should have felt a little more worried but I instead fell asleep, saving to worry about it for when I’m not tired.

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