Gym Workout Ch. 02


Morning came too soon for me after the long night having Derrick screw my ass. I woke up tired and sore but had a feeling of fulfillment, in more ways than one. I went to work like normal but when it came time to go for my workout I had a bit for apprehension. I told myself to go get my workout done and what happens happens. I lucked out at first because Derrick was in meetings all day and I didn’t cross paths with him. Not that I didn’t want to but I didn’t what to say if we would have.

After my workout I showered, put on my clothes and start out the door. Just as I was leaving Derrick stepped out of his office and motioned to me to come over there. My mind was racing, what did he want, what would I say or do. We walked into his office where I found the other trainer all sitting around the table. Derrick told me to sit down next to him where he proceeded to tell me that he and the other trainers had to be out of town for the rest of the week at a conference and that they wanted me to watch over the gym. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Derrick assured me that after the training that he had given me and how I caught on I would be fine.

We sat that for a couple hours going over what they expected me to do. Every so often Derrick’s leg would rub up against mine and send shivers up my spine. I thought for a while that they were accidental touches until I felt his hand squeeze my lower thigh. He would give it a squeeze pull away then wait for awhile and give it another squeeze. Each time though he would get higher and higher up my thigh until he hit pay dirt. At that point he caressed my ball and throbbing cock. This went on for a few minutes and I thought I was going to lose my mind or at the worst blow my load. Thankfully he stopped and finished up the meeting. Derrick dismissed the other trainer but told me to stay because he had some more things to go over with me.

Derrick told me that if I did a good job that he was considering making me a full time trainer if I was interested. Interested, who wouldn’t be? Being able to keep my body in shape and having more time to be around here with Derrick. Derrick then told me that he had a lot to do before leaving so I’d better take off and get some rest because I would need it. Nothing else happen that night to my disappointment.

The rest of the week went pretty good for the most part. There were a few unhappy Kağıthane Escort customers that wanted only there trainers but I was able to show them that I was capable of helping them out. I continued working out and I was pretty pleased on how things were shaping up. My back and chest area was bulking up, even to the point that I was getting good definition in my pecks. My legs and butt were good; in fact my ass was so tight you could bounce a quarter off it. I was getting a good set of six packs on my stomach which in turn tightened everything down through my pelvic area.

I loved to stand in front of the mirror naked and admire the changes that were going on. Standing there looking at my tight body I notice that even my cock seem to look bigger. Could this be true that working out would increase the size of it, it sure felt like it as I started to get hard. It seems to be much bigger around and the veins were popping out more. The mushroom head was purple and blossoming out like a flower yearning for sunlight. Of course I couldn’t control myself and pumped off a huge load onto the mirror. I heard a noise quickly covered up with a towel and went to look who or what made the noise. After looking for a while I decided that it was probably just the pipes or something. I showered, got dressed, locked up the gym and went home.

Knowing that Derrick was to be back into the office this morning I got there to make sure things were pretty much in order so he wouldn’t have too much to do. To my surprise he had gotten there before me and was waiting in his office to talk to me. Derrick told me to come in and set down that we needed to talk about a few things that he had heard from some of the members. Nervously I set there waiting to get my ass handed to me over something that I had said or done, which for the best of me I couldn’t think of. Derrick must have noticed me being nervous and told me not to worry that he was just going over the comment card he had given the member to tell him how I had done. He told me that the majority was positive comments and the others were very minor. Derrick said that only one concerned him and that is what he needed to talk to me about.

The one card was from an older gentleman that actually wanted me to set up a workout session with him. So what was wrong with that but soon I would find out. Derrick told me that the card said the Kağıthane Escort Bayan man had written that he had been watching me workout routine and was very impress with how it had gotten me in shape. He also revealed that he had seen me the other night when I was admiring myself in the mirror naked and if I could help him get in that good of shape he would be very happy. Derrick looked at me and told me that I needed to be more discreet when I am doing that. I was to find that this man was a large contributor to the gym and would usually get what he wanted no matter what it was. That is another story for another time.

Derrick told since he had gotten so many good reviews about the way I handled the gym while they were gone they had decided to offer me a full time trainers position. It took me almost two second to accept the offer. Derrick said that we needed to go over a couple more things, one of them was the security of the gym. He explained that there were many security cameras around the building and wanted me to see what to watch for. I pulled my chair around to his side of the desk so I could see the computer screen. I thought we had covered all of the cameras when Derrick told me that there was one special camera that only he was to see.

This camera was behind one of the mirrors in the outer section of the locker room. I felt kind of weird about this one but he told that they had complaints about someone watching other members and he wanted to catch them. When he booted up the camera I was surprised to find that it was the one I was posing in front of the other night. Hope he didn’t have it on that night. Well that didn’t take long to find out since Derrick told me it was on 24 hours a day, all I could say under my breath was “Ah Shit”.

Well it didn’t take long for Derrick to start up that exact video. Kind of embarrassed but as it played on I started to get turned on. I was surprise to see how good I did look and how big my cock looked. I happened to look down and notice that Derrick was sporting quite a large hard on himself. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching down and stroked his cock. After just a couple strokes a large spot of precum had formed on shorts. All this time Derrick had been watching me on video showing off my new body and hard cock. Derrick stopped me and got up and went over and locked the door.

As he walked back to Escort Kağıthane me I could see he large cock straining to get out of his short. Before he could sit down I stopped him and pulled down his shorts releases his hard monster. Once free it was free game so I took hold of it and took the head of it into my awaiting and eager mouth. A stream of precum landed onto my tongue and rolled down my throat. With one lunge I took as much his 10” that I could take until it hit the back of my throat. Derrick began pumping his monster in and out of my straining lips until he shot a huge load of cum into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed every drop of his hot fluid and made sure none of it was wasted.

I quickly strip all of my clothes off and let Derrick pleasure me with his tongue and mouth. I wasn’t about to let him make me cum with his mouth because I had a better place to deposit my load. I told him to turn around and bend over the leather couch so I could get to his wonderful ass. I got down on my knees began to suck on his balls and ran my tongue from his balls to his puckering asshole. I told him to try and relax as I began to tongue his hole, with each tonguing I was able to penetrate more and more. My cock was throbbing and the head was covered with a great amount of precum.

This was the perfect chance to us it to help penetrate his wonderful ass. I pressed the head of my cock against his asshole and slowly pressed harder and harder. I thought for a while that he was going to be too tight but with one last thrust the head popped in. I stopped for a minute to enjoy the moment then pressed on. It didn’t take long before our balls were touching and my pelvic area was pressing against his smooth ass. I slowly began to pull back when he tighten his muscles and tried to stop me. All I knew is that I needed to fuck him and fuck him hard. I increased the rhythm of my strokes and began fucking him like there was no tomorrow. Derrick was sweating and moaning as I got closer and closer to shooting my load deep into his bowels.
Soon I could hold any longer and I could feel my climax building in my balls. I pulled my cock out as far as I could and still having my cockhead inside of him I drove my pulsating cock deep into him. As I did I exploded my hot cum deep into him, I was cumming so much that when I pulled back a larger stream of cum came squirting out onto my balls and ran down Derrick’s leg. We both collapsed and laid there for a while with my cock still buried in his ass.

This was the beginning of many mutual workouts to come, some milder and some much more intense. And don’t forget about the older workout partner. You’d be surprised in what happens when we meet up in the shower.