Hail to the Queen


It didn’t seem to matter how many times I’d seen her like this; my heart pounded and my breath caught at the sight. My cock had already been straining to be free simply from thinking of her before she even came into the room. Her outfit changed often, her lovers even more, but she was always beautiful, majestic even. I could never reconcile how much I wanted her with how far she was from conventional beauty. She was perhaps fifty pounds heavier than the girl she led into the room by hand, yet she moved with grace and her size only spoke of strength and power to me, with an overlay of mouth-watering softness. Her dark eyes held mysteries no blue-eyed beauty could seem to know, and her skin reminded me of all my other favorite things to put in my mouth: chocolate, caramel, coffee. I wondered how I could have ever even looked at a petite blue-eyed blonde; it seemed like another life when I tried to think of when I had last done so.

The girl was a bit lighter in skin tone, with less pronounced curves, still a delight to my eyes but not on the level of my queen. Her pretty nose wrinkled as she noticed me.

She noticed the girl’s distaste.

“Don’t pay him no mind, honey. He’s here for that-” she pointed at the camera in my hands “-not that,” she continued, gesturing lower to my caged cock. She grinned.

“I’ve got him nice and tamed. He’s a good white boy.” Her hand absently rose to the key on a chain around her neck.

“Does he have to be here?” The girl did not seem reassured.

“Honey, I’m the queen here. You’re both here on my say-so. You saw a pretty little thing sucking my plump clit on my website, and you wanted to be next. All my girls are special to me, but you don’t get special treatment. And that means my cameraman stays.”

She slipped an arm around the girl’s slim waist. “Besides, you shouldn’t knock it ’til you try it. Teasing white boys can be so much fun. Look at him.” She nuzzled and kissed the girl’s neck while she did so. “I know you can’t see it with that hood he’s wearing and his cock locked up, but he’s burning up looking at us. He only gets unlocked if I do it, and I only do it if one of my girls wants me to.”

She smiled. “And most of my girls are strictly good little lesbians. Like you, sweetie. So tonight, I’m the queen, you’re the princess, and he’s wallpaper unless you say otherwise.”

Now the girl smiled. “That does sound fun, Mama.”

“But no one gets to be camera shy with me. Drawers off.”

The girl did as she was told, obviously nervous but trying to be sexy about it as she stepped out of her panties. She had taken the instruction literally; she still had a skirt on, removing only her panties. My queen pulled her close and kissed her again, one hand slipping under the skirt. I knelt and zoomed in with the camera. Some girls got nervous and we had had to film the first parts several times with others, but she liked them to believe they had to get it in one shot. Sometimes she’d tell them to reenact certain actions on the premise that I needed to get another angle on it, but it was often to get it to look more natural.

This girl seemed more than okay with it, though. All the better. My queen prides herself on authenticity. She brought two sticky fingers to her mouth and sucked with a smile while murmuring appreciatively.

“Mmmm, you taste great, princess. And I love how you’re already creaming. I don’t allow fakes on here; a couple of little sluts used their time with me to get into mainstream porn, and I don’t grudge them their paychecks, but my standards are that you gotta be into it or hit the road. No doubts with you, though!”

“Can I taste you now?”

“In a minute, honey. I know you’re here to taste the juiciest clit you could find.” She moved to the bed and laid back on it. Her outfit was a leather bra and skirt with a harness of other straps crisscrossing her body. One quick snap and the skirt dropped off, and just as quickly the cups of her bra detached, spilling out her luscious breasts. The girl looked at her, covered mostly by a net of leather, but all the important parts uncovered, and seemed not to know where to start.

“Lay down with me, sweetie. You want to suck on my tits first?”

The girl nodded and stretched her smooth body out next to my queen.

She cradled the girl in her arms, pulling her full lips to one stiff delicious nipple. The girl seemed to lose all nervousness and attacked her task hungrily. She pulled at my queen’s nipple with her lips and I could see her cheeks fluttering from what her tongue was doing. I made sure that detail was caught by the camera. The girl’s hand came up and was caught, squeezed görükle escort for a moment, and guided to the other breast. Aside from the smile on her face, my queen showed her appreciation like a cat, her hips winding slightly and her murmurs almost like purring. She stroked the girl’s hair.

I circled the them slowly, reaching the wall and then reversing to capture the action from every angle. My cock was struggling to burst from its cage, but I knew that for some, several minutes of breast suckling could get boring; as much as it turned me on to be there in the moment, we’d probably end up shaving down some of this part in editing.

“Good job, baby. It’s time for the main event.” Her legs opened, and the girl began sliding down her body to her clit. A gasp escaped her pretty lips.

“It’s really something, ain’t it girl?”

It was. The girl nodded in agreement. My queen’s clit stood proud, erect and throbbing. It stuck out like a miniature dick, large enough to be sucked like one. She licked it delicately, then with more force, and finally sucked it into her mouth as each motion was encouraged with writhing hips and pleased coos. I could tell she was enjoying herself immensely, but after a minute or so, she gripped the girl’s hair and began gently guiding her to bob her head up and down.

“Mmm, this is the part where it’s sometimes nice if my girl has worked a dick before. You’re doing great though, sweetie. I’ll take enthusiasm over expertise any day.”

I made sure to get a good shot of her from the side, spending several seconds on the rhythmic way her clit disappeared and reappeared between those soft lips. I then quickly moved behind the girl, getting a good peek at her pussy as her skirt rode up. It was already glistening with her juice, and her hips made needy little circles. One of my favorite moments to catch on camera came a few moments later: one of the girl’s hands snaked between her legs, parted her pussy lips, and began rubbing back and forth over her hard clit.

My queen noticed too.

“No, honey. You need all your attention on my clit, not yours.”

The girl moaned loudly, but obeyed. The bobbing of her head started again.

“Some girls need their hands tied. It’s okay if you do, just tell me.”

The girl moaned again, this time with more intensity, and my queen’s hips moved much more sharply in response.

“You like that idea? That’s okay too, baby.”

She pushed the girl’s mouth off her clit, then drew her up for a kiss.

“Sit tight, honey.”

The girl looked everywhere but at me while my queen pulled open a drawer built into the space under the box spring. She reached in and held a length of white cotton rope when she straightened up again.

“Cross your wrists behind you, sweetie.”

The girl did as she was asked. Her face was unreadable as several coils of rope looped over both wrists. One last coil wound around the others and then was cinched tight; the knot would neither loosen or tighten, and her wrists could not slip out. My queen whispered in the girl’s ear, kissed her neck, and laid back down so the girl could continue sucking her clit. I made sure to get a shot of her wrists resting just over her round ass, which in turn sat atop her dripping cunt. The small circles of her hips resumed.

I kept the camera trained on her ass and cunt until I heard my queen gasp and pant; the girl was finding the right rhythm. I moved to record the girl’s bobbing head and then my queen’s face as she alternated between smiling and gasping. I saw her get close, then back away from the edge several times, then pointed the camera at the girl’s attention to my queen’s clit. She would suck vigorously for a minute or two, then slow, then stop and only move her tongue, and finally pull her lips off completely and lazily drag her tongue across my queen’s pulsing clit. Then she would reverse and ramp up the stimulation again, bringing my queen to the razor’s edge of release before backing off again. This cycle repeated itself at least five times while I held the camera right on her pussy.

I stepped behind the girl again, zooming in on the line of juice dripping down her thigh. Her hips had graduated from circles to outright humping at nothing, obviously desperate. I wouldn’t have been in that position if I wasn’t an aficionado of sexual teasing and frustration, and the sights, scents, and sounds coming from the two of them were intoxicating to me. My cock strained even harder against its confinement, aching just as I imagined both of their sexy clits were.

I saw the recorded time had reached 45 minutes, and I nudged my queen’s foot görükle escort bayan as subtly as I could. She pushed the girl off her clit again, and drew her up for a kiss.

“Okay, baby. It’s your turn now.”

“Oh yes, please, I need it, Mama.”

My queen stood, turning the girl towards the bed and bending her over it. She pulled the girl’s skirt off and ran one finger over her slit. She jumped and moaned.

“You sweet little slut. You’re ready to cum just from sucking me. Such a good girl.”

“Mmhmm, I’ve been so good, please let me cum.”

“First let me get that rope off. Let them arms stretch.” She undid the coils in a couple of swift efficient movements.

“Now lay back, honey.”

The girl turned and laid down on the bed. My queen climbed on top of her and pulled one wrist to the side. She began to encircle it in a padded cuff that was secured to the bed frame, but the girl protested.

“Now honey, you can say no to this, but that’s saying no to everything. You can get dressed and go home and cum any way you please. Is that what you want?”

“No, Mama. I just…”

“Just what? Just think you know better, deserve better?”

“No…” The girl looked ready to cry, or at least whine.

“Shh, sweetie, you did fine. I know what you’re feeling, and I like it that way. I don’t expect you to just jump right in without any hiccups. But don’t expect me to be anything other than what I am. And what am I?”

“The queen.”

“Mmhmm. And the queen gets her way.”

The girl was silent as my queen finished strapping her wrist and moved to the other. The girl was secure, flat on her back, arms straight to the side and legs free. My queen hooked a thumb under each of the girl’s knees and pushed them up over the girl’s head, opening total access to her cunt. She leaned forward and licked, and the girl humped back at her tongue. My queen began the same rhythm the girl had developed, ramping her arousal up to the edge of release and then backing off the stimulation almost to a standstill, and then repeating. The girl’s clit wasn’t as impressive, but it was straining for release and clearly aching and throbbing. The girl’s hips rocked back and forth steadily under my queen’s attention. Eventually, she paused to speak to the girl.

“Now you have an interesting choice, baby. I know I said my boy slut over there only gets unlocked if my girls ask for it, but he’s such an obedient little thing, I do try to give them a bit of incentive. I just teased your pussy for fifteen minutes, and I’ll let you cum after just fifteen more- if you ask to unlock him and make him cum with your mouth.”

“Oh please no. Please just do it now, Mama. I don’t want dick anywhere near me.”

“Oh, honey, you didn’t hear your other choice yet. Oh well. I’ll ask again in another fifteen minutes.”

She began again, this time pushing one long talented finger into the girl’s sopping cunt. I could see her barely moving it as her tongue worked at a feverish pace, then as she backed the girl away from the edge, she curled her palm up and worked her wrist in several sharp jerks, obviously pummeling the girl’s g-spot and making her jerk as if electrified. She might have cum if my queen had done it just one or two more times. The girl actually started sobbing as the cycle started over. On top of my immense arousal at the eroticism on display, I was in awe of my queen’s expertise. Of course, she had had a lot of practice.

In the brief moments between the sharp jabs at her g-spot and the licking and sucking starting over, I could see the girl’s clit pulsing, moving on its own as it desperately tried to cum; I’m sure each pulse was an orgasm starting and dying. I knew the feeling.

“Oh God, please make me cum.”

The girl was ignored. I watched the second fifteen minute tease unfold. The girl kept begging and sobbing, humping and dripping, and my queen worked her up to greater and greater heights, up and down, taking her to the point that even the lightest touch would put her over and stopping, sometimes having to wait a full ten seconds to be sure. As she brought her to the edge for the last time, my queen crawled up over the girl’s body so they were face to face. She lowered her hips slightly, touching their clits together. The girl immediately began grinding, and I could see my queen pull back just the tiniest bit, making her rubbing feather-light.

“Now it’s been thirty minutes, girl. My offer is still on the table; you make him cum, I tease you fifteen minutes more, then you get to cum. If you really want to stay a good little lesbian, all you have to do is say no two bursa escort more times.”

“Please, no, I just want to cum, Mama.”

“More than you don’t want to suck dick?”

“No, there I said no twice. Please, please let me cum.”

“Oh no, sweetie, I meant in fifteen more minutes, and then fifteen more.”

“Oh God, I can’t do it. Please! I need to cum!”

“Are you asking to be let loose? To go home? I don’t play with girls who don’t want it. Be clear.”

“No, Mama,” the girl sobbed.

“Good girl. Such a good girl. This isn’t punishment, you know. This is just me getting what I want. Besides, we want to know for sure that you’re a real lesbian.”

My queen opened another drawer built into the base of the bed. Clearly the girl heard it, but she couldn’t see what devilish torture my queen had for her next.

It was a small tub, similar in size and shape to an inkwell, and my queen dipped a large calligraphy brush into the jelly-like substance inside before swirling it around the girl’s clit. She jumped and moaned.

“Oh my god, what was that?” She sounded frantic, breathless.

My queen smiled. “It’s peppermint oil and warming lube. The brush would tickle you so nicely by itself, but I think this is so much more delicious.”

“Literally,” she continued, putting her lips to the girl’s straining clit and sucking once, long and loud. She pulled away, dipping the brush and swirling it around the girl’s clit again. I knew the tingling and burning she felt, and my cock twitched and pulsed in its cage at the memory and the sight. For about five minutes, the intensity of the sensations would grow, and she would begin to wonder if it would ever stop, if she could still think at all. She would wonder if she could get any closer to an orgasm without going over, and my queen would show her that she could and would.

As the oil worked her into a frenzy, my queen showed her no mercy, licking, sucking, and flicking her clit. She built the same rhythm, ramping up and down, much more carefully now as the girl’s sensitivity had heightened feverishly. The girl was a sobbing mess as it ended.

“Ok honey, this is the last time. Fifteen minutes more teasing, or suck a dick now, cum, and we cuddle the rest of the night.”

“Please Mama! Let me cum!”

“So you’re sucking his dick?”

“I… I can’t!”

“Ok, baby girl. I’ll just put some of the oil on your nipples and start over. Another fifteen minutes and you’re free.”

“Oh God, no! I can’t handle that! Please Mama!”

“I’ll tell you a secret, baby girl. I was going to let you go, not let you cum. You only cum if you suck him off. You going to suck that dick or what? You sure you’re a lesbian?”

“I’ll do it! Please Mama!”

The girl was bawling now. Man dipped the brush and painted her nipples with the insidiously arousing oil.

“Ok, let me free his dick.”

My cock stretched painfully to its full length as it sprang loose from the cage. It felt glorious. I felt almost ready to cum right then; the girl’s cocksucking debut wouldn’t last long.

My queen undid the girl’s cuffs after feeding my cock. She immediately began to play with her clit.

“Hahaha, baby girl, that option was always on the table. You don’t really want to take all that pent up energy and waste it on some fingers, do you? Suck that dick, and I’ll get you off right.”

The girl seemed in a trance. I knelt on the bed, and she opened her mouth, tentatively at first, but soon with enthusiasm. She sucked me like a pro, pounding her mouth to the base of my cock and sucking hard on both the upstroke and the downstroke. I could feel the cum rising from my balls, already backed up for days. In no time, I began pumping a load into her mouth. The first spurt hit the back of her throat, then she pulled back, probably in surprise and disgust, but I didn’t care.

The last few shots ended up on her face, and while she looked stunned and angry, my queen began immediately rewarding her. She pushed the girl onto her back and attacked her clit while reaching up to grip both breasts. There was no teasing now, just a frantic race towards orgasm. The girl laid back and took it, accepting the lashing tongue against her pussy.

It didn’t take long. Her long slim body convulsed, pert breasts shaking, long legs twitching, face covered in my cum. She came like a volcano, releasing an hour’s worth of tension in a few seconds, then cumming again as my queen suckled her clit from one crest to the next. It took nearly a full minute for my queen to ride through all the aftershocks, with no way to tell how many orgasms the girl had had.

Once she was sure the girl was asleep, she said, “That was a good one! I wish I could have got off too.”

I stroked her hair, and said, “No, my queen. It would take another eight months of denial to get your clit as plump as it is now if you came. You’ll have to hold it for now.”