Halloween Costume Party


I received my invitation weeks ago, but dreaded going. I had put off getting my costume, hoping for a good excuse not to go. My company usually gave pretty lame parties even though we work in the entertainment field. Every year it’s the same thing, a big name celebrity is supposed to attend, but never shows. I’m sure it will be no different this year.

Once again, I get picked to be the escort for the female star (should she attend) and I expect to be alone yet again when she doesn’t show. I guess I waited too long; I didn’t back-out so I had better get a costume. The shop was nearly sold-out and there was only 2 left in my size, I took the cop outfit.

I got home with the costume just in time to get ready. I showered and started getting dressed. I noticed a bunch of Velcro all over the costume. Damn, it’s a cop stripper costume. It’s too late to go back so I put it on and hoped for the best. I rushed to the hotel ballroom and I was a few minutes late.

As I entered the hall, I saw my date waiting. She looked very pretty, even though she had half of her face covered in a mask, her hair was blonde and she wore a Victorian dress. I immediately noticed her ample breasts, which were pushed up high and proud from the dress.

I met her, kissed her hand and offered her a drink – we each had one before moving to the dance floor. We danced a bit and had a few drinks; I even was enjoying myself. It had gotten late though and she asked me to walk her to her room.

We got in the elevator and she turned and kissed me on the lips as her hand brushes against my crotch. My cock stirred a bit, but the doors opened before anything else happened. She led me to her room, opened the door, and invited me in.

I was a little woozy from all the drinks, but was aware of her hands roaming all over me again as she kissed me. I reached for her breasts, but felt my costume handcuff slap on one of my wrist. She told me that if I was nice and I put my hands behind my back, she would play nice with me.

I put my hands back and click- the other wrist is trapped. She gently pushed me back onto the couch and she stood in front of me. She lowered the top of her dress and I was faced with her nice large breasts, she stood just out of my reach and I tried to reach them with my mouth.

She stepped back and giggled a little as she saw my frustration. She removed the mask and said “Call me Jen.”

Jen moved closer to me, her breasts just inches from my face. She put her hands in back of my head and drew me to her full breasts. She pulled back quickly, shoved me back, and grabbed the waist of my tear-away pants. With one quick motion, I was pant-less and seconds after, she was holding my boxers and smiling widely.

She went to her bag and retrieved a cloth measuring tape, “let’s see exactly what you’re packing”, she told me. Jen took my hard cock in her hand and told me that “she knew all night that I had a cute one”. She read the measurement as 5″ and 4 1/2″ around.

I tried to protest and claim a full 6″ length, but she laughed and explained that, to her, there was no difference between 5, 6, and even 4 ½. To her they are all “cute” balçova escort and that she required at least 7 and thick to do the job.

She jotted something down in a little notebook, then took out a calculator and punched in some numbers then added a bit more in her notebook.

She had me sit on the floor, facing the couch where she sat. She raised her hooped dress, and then lowered it over me. Jen told me that if I was a good date, she would buy me an ice cream.

She dialed some numbers on her phone and I started kissing my way up her luscious thigh. I kissed along the side of her pussy, she shifted her position a little, but I was careful to avoid direct contact; I was in no hurry.

I moved my mouth directly over her clit and she must have felt my hot breath on it because her phone voice changed quite a bit.

She finished her call in a hurry when I drew her clit between my lips and started tugging. Soon I was licking and sucking her sweet clit and lapping at her hot pussy.

Before long, Jen leaned back and lightly moaned I felt her body quiver and felt her wetness on my mouth. She reached under her dress and gently pushed me back and closed her thighs, trapping me mid-way. I heard her dial the phone again, only this time she ordered ice cream from room service.

She eased open her thighs again and I returned to licking her sweet pussy. After a few minutes, I heard a knock at her door. Quickly she adjusted her dress so I was well hidden and she instructed me to stay quiet and to keep licking. “Come in”, she called out to the room service guy.

I could hear the cart being wheeled in and soon I heard voices as Jen talked with the server. Soon there was some action up above, I heard a zipper and I’m sure there was some measuring and calculations too.

I wondered how I compared to the server as I kept kissing and licking. I wanted to use my hands, but they were still cuffed, my jaw was getting a little sore as it seemed like hours under there. Finally the activity had stopped and the server left, I heard Jen ask him to return after his shift ended.

Jen let me out from under the dress and gave me a sweet kiss and excused herself for a few minutes to the bedroom.

I looked at the notebook on the end table and read the entries: on my page it stated 5″ for length and 4.5″ for girth, there was also and entry for volume of size which said 6. I was a little intimidated when I saw the values for the server 8.25″ long, 6.0″ girth and volume size of 24. I wondered about the second size number and how it could be so much more than mine.

“Oh, your ice cream is on the table – help yourself”, she called out. I looked at the bowl, but it was all melted. There was also some champagne on the table, so I asked her if she would like some and she said that she would as she came from the bedroom.

“You will have to get it then, or un-cuff me”, I said as she entered the room. She looked incredible; she had taken off the dress and was wearing black lace lingerie.

She looked so sexy in the outfit, the bra showed off the upper part of her breasts, her smooth bayındır escort and flat stomach was damn sexy, and the upper part of her thighs had me captivated. I loved the way her full and firm thighs looked, the area along the garter strap was so soft and sexy. I loved kissing her there and could do it all night.

She gave me another kiss and asked if she could trust me if my hands weren’t bound. She said she would release them if I agreed to only use my hands when she asked me to, I agreed.

She led the way into the bedroom and I followed, watching her body as she moved. Even the room was sexy. The bed had satin sheets and there were silk scarves scattered about.

I sat on the edge of the bed and she faced me standing, once again her breasts were inches from my mouth.

She stroked my hair, looked down and into my eyes, and began: “I have something to tell you, but I don’t want to hurt you”, she said. “I like you – I like you more than just friends, but there’s something about me you should know – I have a thing for big cocks”.

I was shocked and a little disappointed, but she continued by telling me how sexy I was and that I did such a wonderful job pleasuring her. I was feeling a little vulnerable by then and it seemed to somehow please her, she seemed more aroused by her feeling of power that had occurred as she told me of her needs and how I measure up to them.

She took me in her arms and asked if I was OK, then kissed me deeply. She sat next to me and began caressing me, she climbed on top of me and held my hard cock against her pussy and started to grind.

While she did this, she told be about the server, how big he was, and that she had invited him back. She told me that she wanted me to stay, but would understand if I chose not to.

She was bringing me close to cumming again as she spoke, but she stopped again. I wanted to cum so bad that I didn’t care about her request, I agreed.

Soon there was a knock. Jen put on a sheer silk robe, asked me to stay in the room, and then went for the door.

I waited in the bedroom as she met with the server. They were on the couch and I was sure that they were fooling around out there. I heard her tell him that she had a boyfriend in the bedroom, but she wanted to fuck his cock.

She asked if he minded and he said that he didn’t care. Jen led the way into the bedroom, where I sat holding a pillow.

She led him in and introduced us. It was a little awkward, but Jen’s so hot that it didn’t matter. She had him lay back on the bed; she undid his pants, and took his half-hard cock out.

It really was huge; half-hard it was over 6 inches and real thick. Damn, the size of it and the way she was acting made me feel even smaller.

She was kissing, licking, sucking, jerking, slurping, and even slapping it against her mouth. I had never seen anything like that before; she was so hot over that cock that she was unbelievable. She took a mouth-full while stroking the part she couldn’t fit; she removed her mouth and stroked the entire length.

She turned to me and started talking, as if he bayraklı escort wasn’t even there. She told me not to worry and that my size wasn’t my fault just like her needs were not her fault. She told me that she really liked me, but hoped I would be understanding of her needs. Every so often she would take it into her mouth, she was rubbing her pussy too, I noticed.

She called me to her and I went over, she kissed me and I let her. I’ll never forget how sexy she was just then as she smiled at me.

She brought my hand to her pussy and I eagerly rubbed it, I also notice that she was drenched. I climbed on the bed and positioned myself at her pussy and started to lick feverishly. “Now that’s a good boy! Get me ready”, she told me.

She moved away from me after a few minutes and climbed on the server. He was on his back and his legs were off the side of the bed, she faced away from him as she straddled him. Jen told me to sit in the chair that was facing her and watch.

She put a condom on him and rubbed his big thick cock against her pussy, she looked at me while she did it. She positioned the head just at her pussy and motioned for me to come over. She was kneeling over his thick cock, holding it with her left hand when she kissed me and plunged down on it.

She was moaning and thrashing so much that I had to end the kiss. I was kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts as she was fucking that big cock, soon she had her first of three orgasms. She pushed me back and told me to sit and watch. She was riding him so fast, and in such long strokes that she quickly came again. She kept riding though and motioned for me to come close.

She took my hand and placed it on her clit, I started making circles with my thumb. After a few minutes she came again and pulled his cock out, removed the condom, and stroked it a few times before he exploded and shot a huge load on her stomach and breasts.

She slowly stroked it and sucked it a little as it softened; she looked at me and winked! She kissed him goodnight and walked him to the living room where he dressed and left.

She turned her attention to me and said “I don’t think you can fill me, but wanna’ try?”

I quickly said yes and she let out a little laugh.

“Here, kiss my hand”, she said as she held it out.

I kissed the back of her hand, the palm, her fingers, and started to work my way up her arm. She reached into the dresser and produced a condom and told me to put it on.

As I took it from her, I thought how I had never heard of magnum brand. When I opened it, it became clear why that was – it was very wide! I put it over my hard cock and it fit very loosely and I only had to unroll it part way. I held the condom with one hand so it wouldn’t fall off, I walked toward the bed and I saw Jen grinning.

Se had me lay back on the bed and crawled up near me. “Kiss my pussy”, she told me and I did as I was told. She moved down and straddled my cock, facing me.

She slid down on me silently; in one motion her pussy engulfed my entire cock. She rode me quickly in short and fast strokes, it didn’t take me long to be on the verge of cumming once again and she could tell. “Go ahead, put it all the way in”, she teased as I started to cum.

Afterward we lay in each other’s arms, kissing and caressing. She told me that I was fun and that she knew we’d get along. “We’ll have to do something about those condoms though”, she said with a big grin.