Halloween with Mom Pt. 05

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As always all characters are above 18 years of age.


Driving to work, Victoria couldn’t push the replay of her weekend activities with her son out of her mind. She had been horny the entire morning, from the moment they left the beautiful lake-house where they have consummated their relationship. But Claire, her boss, wanted the keys to her lake-house first thing in the morning and here she was speeding to work. She would have loved to spend a lazy morning in the warm embrace of her son. He would kiss her the moment he woke up and she would caress his morning wood with her smooth leg. She would tease him a little before either her son mounted her and drove his amazing cock into her greedy pussy or she would straddle him and take his hard cock deep inside her until both of them were satisfied.

Her dampening underwear brought her back to reality. While a little frustrated, she was still glowing on her face. While the incestuous couple did not get a chance to pleasure each other that morning they had spent the better part of the previous night coiled together, screwing their brains out. Victoria couldn’t even remember the number of orgasms that coursed through her body while her son had pumped her full of cum.

With a full grin on her face and an unmistakable giddiness in her eyes Victoria continued visualizing last night’s memories with her son. She licked her lips trying to savor the memory of her son’s lips on hers, from the brief kiss they had shared just before exiting their home.

She pulled into her parking space and noticed Claire’s car already parked in the lot. There was no one else on their floor as Claire had asked her to come in a little early to drop off the keys. Finding the office empty, she knocked on her boss’s door.

“Yeah,” came Claire’s reply after a brief pause.

Victoria entered the office to find Claire moving to her chair.

“Hey Vicky, thanks for coming in early to drop off the keys. Hope I didn’t spoil any morning plans. Sorry about that.”

“No morning plans,” Victoria replied, except for fucking my son in your lake-house. “You don’t have to apologize. I should be the one thanking you for letting me use the lake-house.”

“No need. Just wanted to help lift your spirits and looking at you, I would bet it worked. There’s still time and you can go out for breakfast if you like.”

“Sure.” Victoria turned and opened the door to step out but closed it again to thank Claire once again. As she turned, the bathroom door inside the office opened and a young man stepped into the room.

He looked surprised to see Victoria and opened his mouth to say something.

“I don’t suppose you have met my baby brother. Chris this is Victoria. Victoria, Chris.”

Claire then abruptly announced that her brother was late for a doctor’s appointment and just like that Victoria was alone in Claire’s office.

Luke was grinning ear to ear driving to work thinking about his mom. He slapped himself a couple of times unsuccessfully trying to bring his face back to normal. He never had a good poker face and he didn’t want any nosy coworkers prodding him the reason for his sudden happiness. He tried to compose himself after he had parked. He pulled his cheeks, drank some water and sucked in his lips. His tongue recognized the faint taste of his mother’s lipstick and he was grinning back again.

“Fuck me,” he screamed at himself and got out of the car and made his way inside.

“Look at that spring in my boy’s step,” he heard Dave’s voice.

“What are you talking about?” Luke replied in a monotone, trying not to sound defensive.

“I was just commenting on you getting the Anderson account but you are way too happy for just a client deal.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Luke responded trying a bit too hard to appear casual.

“Yeah right,” Dave winked and Luke hoped that was the end of it.

He opened his calendar and noticed that he had a meeting scheduled with ‘old J’, the owner of the company, in an hour.

“How was your weekend sir?” Luke greeted his boss entering the office.

“Can’t complain. Enjoying the last couple weekends of peace before my house is overrun by my grand kids for thanksgiving,” J laughed. “So anyway, I called you in here because of the Anderson account. Old bastard is getting impatient and asking you to come in on Friday instead of Monday. And he’ll probably make you stay there over the weekend.”

Luke didn’t like the sound of extra workload but this wasn’t the time to say no. As much as he liked to spend the weekend with his mom, his mind went to all the things he could surprise her with when he finally got the commission.

“Who doesn’t like a work trip over the weekend, right.”

“Especially when my family is home,” J laughed again.

After her conversation with Claire, Victoria tried to lay low in the office. She didn’t want to get in a conversation and accidentally reveal something.

“So, are you going to tell us what’s going on?” Rachel, one of her closest friends gerçek resimli gaziantep escort in her office, asked Victoria when she sat down with her two friends, Rachel and Megan, for a break.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Victoria tried to stall.

“You mean to tell me that after being a gloomy goose the entire last week, nothing happened during the weekend and now suddenly you are the exact opposite of a gloomy goose,” Megan joined the questioning.

“Where were you this weekend?” Rachel added before Victoria could make up an excuse.

Victoria realized how little she had prepared herself for this line of questioning. Hoping she doesn’t shoot her in the foot, she replied, “I was just stressed I guess, with the chance of a promotion coming up.” ‘No way they brought that, even I didn’t believe myself’ she thought.

“Fine, we’ll find out eventually you know,” Megan took a sip of her coffee eyeing Victoria.

“Do you know what’s going on with Claire. I heard she’s out on a doctor’s appointment.” Victoria was relieved when Rachel moved the topic of the conversation away from her.

“She looked fine to me. Did you see anything unusual at her lake-house Vicky, she’s been going there awful lot last few months,”

Victoria’s eyes widened when she realized Megan, and now Rachel, knew where she was the last weekend. She needed to nip this in the bud. “The lake-house was great. I haven’t had a vacation in so long, I guess I just needed some alone time.”

“You didn’t take Luke with you?” Rachel asked narrowing her eyes.

“Yeah considering how much that son of yours works, you should have taken him with you too,” Megan added.

“No he didn’t want to go some place in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.” ‘Except me!’ Victoria smiled internally.

“You probably just ditched him to hog-up the lake-house for yourself. You should pamper him a little you know. If a man did half as much as what Luke does for you I would marry him,” Megan spoke dreamily.

Megan’s last words clung with Victoria for the rest of her morning. The more she thought about all the things Luke did for her, the more she got aroused. While he had become a big part of her life before, he had become so much more now. He was the reason she had orgasms. Before, thinking of her son was the only way she had orgasms, and now, it was either his delicate fingers or his skilled tongue or his amazing cock that fit perfectly inside her pussy that was giving her orgasms. ‘He really gives me everything I need. He could give me everything I will ever need.’ The thought sent a flush of happiness through her body. ‘Maybe I should pamper him a little bit.’ She realized that it was almost time for her lunch break and that she had been away from her son more than she could bear. Megan’s words echoed in her mind again. ‘You should pamper him a little.’

Luke’s phone buzzed a few minutes before his lunch break. It was a series of text messages from his mother.

‘I need you.’ – Victoria

‘In me.’ – Victoria

‘Get the condoms and meet me at home in 10 minutes.’ – Victoria

‘Anything you want.’ – Luke

Luke rushed to the nearest pharmacy for the condoms. As much as he liked to feel the velvety flesh of his mom’s pussy pressed and pleasuring the full length of his cock when he was buried deep within her, he also knew that his mom wanted to be safe. He is not supposed to knock up his mother. ‘I’m not supposed to be having sex with my mom too,’ he thought smiling to himself. Anyway it was just for a few days and then they’ll be back to normal. Normal would be him and his mom fucking like bunnies without any protection.

He grabbed a pack of twelve and headed to the counter.

“Hey Luke,” the girl at the register waved at him before he even reached her.

“Hey Stacy,” Luke recognized his high school friend. Suddenly he became very conscious of what he was buying. “What are you doing here?” he asked when he reached the counter, still holding the pack of condoms behind him.

“Yeah college is not for everyone. I’m not sure yet but I’m taking a little break after my first semester.”

“So what are you buying?”

“Uhh, just these.” Luke placed the box of condoms on the counter.

“Ohh,” Stacy’s eyes widened. “Lucky girl,” she smiled. “Good thing I didn’t ask you out and saved myself the embarrassment. Oops, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Luke smiled awkwardly avoiding eye contact and once he had paid, rushed out of the store.

Victoria used the few minutes she had before her son came home to undress herself. She had to be back in office again and it wouldn’t help the gossip if she turned up in wrinkled clothes or new clothes. Wearing just her bra and panties, she heard her son’s car in the driveway and saw him run towards the door through the curtains. She raced to him the moment he had closed the door and gave him a long and deep kiss. She felt her son’s hands explore her two gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan ass cheeks while she felt up his fully hard erection through his pants. She continued kissing her son like she hadn’t kissed him in a year, releasing her son’s lips only when her lungs begged for air.

“You have one minute to properly undress,” she instructed her son. “I don’t want you looking like a bunch of women crawled all over you during your lunch break.”

Her ever obedient son was already undressing himself before she finished her sentence and within thirty seconds both mother and son were completely naked. “Sex now, we’ll do the foreplay later,” Victoria ordered, turning to rush upstairs to her bedroom but her son’s hands on her waist stopped her from moving.

Luke turned his mother and pressed his lips on to her mouth after saying, “I wasn’t done with that kiss.” With his hands still on his mother’s waist, he slowly lifted her feet off the floor. She took the hint and wrapped her legs behind his back. He lifted his mother’s hips slightly, trying to position his cock at her vagina.

Without breaking their kiss, Victoria’s hand slithered between their bodies to guide her son’s cock into her dripping pussy. She delicately held her son’s cock at her entrance and Luke began slowly easing her entire body down.

Victoria suddenly broke her kiss and unwrapped her legs from her son. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Uhh,” Luke could barely put two words together, with his gorgeous mother standing completely naked in front of him, especially when he was almost inside her a few seconds earlier.

“The condoms, baby,” Victoria replied trying her best to reprimand her son. She looked around and found the box near her son’s clothes.

“If I didn’t know you any better, I would have assumed you were trying to sneak into my pussy raw,” she nonchalantly said while taking a condom out of the box. “Now come on up, we don’t have all afternoon.”

Luke followed his mother into her bedroom, watching her peach shaped naked ass go up the stairs. Once inside the room, his mother made him sit on the edge of the bed and kneeled between his legs.

“I thought you didn’t have time foreplay,” Luke reminded his mother.

Victoria didn’t answer and instead took the condom in her mouth and pushed her son’s cock into her mouth, rolling the latex sheath along the length of his cock.

“Wow!” Luke exclaimed.

Victoria smiled at her son with pride in her eyes. Without wasting any more time, she straddled him and sank on the latex covered length of her son’s cock. She sat still for a few moments, with her son’s cock completely buried inside her but all she could feel was the latex texture of the condom.

She grunted and tied to move up and down in frustration.

“Everything alright mom?” Luke asked breaking away from her neck.

“I don’t know baby. I have been horny all day imagining being with you and now I can’t even…. feel you.” Victoria lifted herself off her son’s cock, holding it at its base. Once her son’s cock was completely outside her, she pulled the condom off in one swift motion. “Maybe just this one time, we can do it without a condom,” she said lowering herself back onto her son’s bare cock.

Victoria felt her muscles contract as more and more of her son’s cock made contact with the walls of her pussy. She felt like every part her son touched inside her, sent a jolt of pleasure through her body and by the time she was completely impaled on her son’s cock, she held him tight, but unlike last time, she stayed still enjoying the feeling of continuing pleasure radiating through her body. Her pussy pulsed, clenching itself with each wave of pleasure and each pulse drew a moan from her son who was actively squeezing her ass cheeks while sucking on her neck.

While Victoria moved very slowly, still enjoying the feeling of pleasure just by having her son inside her, she felt her son’s moans become more urgent, his grip on her ass became tighter and then she felt it. Her son’s already thick cock expanded within her and she was greeted with the now familiar feeling of her son’s cum coating her insides, sending more waves of pleasure through her body.

Luke’s hands moved upwards as he tightly embraced her mother, continuing to enjoy the feeling of their flesh pressed together. As more consciousness returned to his mind, he felt her fingers moving through her hair. He took a page out of his mother’s book and moved his fingers into her hair.

“mmmmmmm,” her heard his mother coo behind his ear. “That feels really good baby.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Victoria brought her face in front of her son.

“And maybe you should let me know too when I’m doing something that you like. I’ll keep that in mind too,” she winked.

“Everything you do feels amazing mom.”

Victoria laughed but raised an eyebrow.

“Ok ok. I’ll let you know, kinda difficult considering gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort my mind can’t make up words when you do stuff.”

“Enough flattery. We need to leave, honey.”

“What about lunch mom?” Luke pleaded holding his mom close

“Well if you wanted lunch, you shouldn’t have wasted your lunch break doing…. stuff.”

“But I like doing stuff. I also like when stuff gives me a kiss.”

Victoria smiled, leaned forward a gave a quick peck on her son’s lips.

“I also like when stuff squeezes my cock with her amazing pussy.”

Victoria bit her lips and clenched her pussy, eliciting a small moan from her son.

“I also like to eat stuff until..”

Victoria cut her son off, “I should not let you speak sometimes.”

“Well if my mouth was occupied, I wouldn’t be talking so much.”

Her phone ringing downstairs brought Victoria back to reality and she finally got up, slowly releasing her son’s cock from her heavenly abode. They both moved downstairs and while Victoria was talking with her coworkers about work, Luke helped his mother put on her work outfit. When they were finally at the front door, ready to depart, Victoria gave his a brief kiss and said, “Thank you.”

“Of course mom. I’m yours remember. Anytime you need me.”

“And I don’t hesitate calling you to get stuffed. I was actually hoping you would call me.”

Luke just looked at his mom not sure how to respond. As much as he had wanted to call her, he thought he shouldn’t disturb her during work.

“I’m kidding honey,” Victoria opened the door and they both exited the door. “But if you call me, I won’t say no.”

“I’ll always remember that mom,” Luke said getting into his car and exiting the driveway.

“Don’t forget to have lunch,” Victoria yelled.

Returning from their evening workout, mother and son collapsed on the couch facing each other, with their backs on the armrests and feet in each other’s laps. Luke usually saw his mother either in her office clothes or in her workout clothes, and he had a clear preference for the latter.

“You seem very amused,” Victoria spoke breaking Luke’s daydreams.

Luke smiled wide at his mother, “its your yoga pants that are amusing.”

“Really? I thought my son was a boobs guy, not an ass guy.”

“There’s nothing wrong in liking both. And why did you think that I was a boobs guy?”

“Well for starters every time we’ve had sex, you have shoved your face into my breasts.” Victoria started getting hot thinking about the conversation she was having with her son. ‘How am I able to have such a conversation with him? There is no awkwardness. Well I am fucking him, and he sure does like fucking me, why should this be awkward?’

“I guess you are right. I haven’t been paying enough attention to that amazing butt of yours.” He smiled mischievously, and crawled over his mother. With his face inches away from her, “I can make it up to your ass right now.”

“You do have a gift for making moves on your mother,” Victoria smiled and kissed him. “But do you have the energy after that workout?”

Before his mother even finished, Luke’s legs gave out and he fell onto his mother. His mom somehow found it amusing and with a laugh helped them both up.

“You had to work on your legs, didn’t you?” Victoria continued laughing. “I’ll make a quick smoothie and then we can hop in the shower.”

Once the shower and dinner was done, Luke collapsed into his mother’s bed while Victoria went into her bathroom. A minute later, she was out and leaned against the door frame completely naked. “You have two options, I can either wear my yoga pants which you seem to love so much or I can go with my usual babydoll which I think isn’t too bad a choice too.”

Luke saw his mother standing completely naked and before she had finished her sentence he was completely hard. He couldn’t find words to describe the perfection that was his mother’s body. Her smooth long legs would put a model to shame, her thick muscular thighs that gave her the energy to ride her son, her perfect bubble butt that she let him squeeze as much as he desired. She had a hand on her waist, accentuating her hourglass figure. Her breasts stood proudly defying gravity and the way his eyes were drawn to then probably had a pull of their own. But above all was her face, which somehow had the power to make him stare at her eyes rather than her breasts. Every time he looked at his mother’s face he saw a woman who loved him, unconditionally. Her eyes barely betrayed the mischief that she planned for them but always betrayed the love she had for him.

“I have a third option for you. Why don’t you come in bed wearing what you are wearing now. I can’t wait another second without you.”

“But your mother isn’t wearing anything baby,” Victoria laughed unable to help herself and nearly jumped into her bed and sprawled over her equally naked son.

Luke immediately had her mother’s butt cheeks in his hands and began playing with them.

“Ummm looks like you are making up to my butt finally.” Victoria held her son’s handsome face in her hands and began making out with him. She didn’t have to rush anything any more. She had all the time in the world to be with her son and she can take this as long as she wanted. When her son middle finger went along the opening of her pussy lips she realized that maybe she couldn’t wait that long. ‘Well I can have him inside me and still make out with him,’ she thought.

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