Hallucinatory Sex

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I’ve just had oral surgery, and the world has gone weird. I don’t know what they gave me at the Dentist’s office, but it surely has me messed up. I made the mistake of popping a Tylenol 3 before the drugs the Dentist gave me during surgery had worn off. I thought it would help prolong the numbness I had right now. I know the pain will be excruciating before too long.

It’s been a few minutes since I took the Tylenol 3 and I don’t know what the hell is going on. Someone, though I’m not sure who, has been ushering me around. Think! Who was at the Dentist’s office with me? Can’t remember. Maybe it was Victoria, my “friend with benefits.” The entire world is a blur right now. Through the fog, I hear someone asking me if I want anything. What? Oh, we’re at some burger place. Yeah, that’s Victoria asking me. Good to know who I’m with. I mumble that I don’t right now, but maybe get me a cheeseburger for later.

We’re apparently riding in a car, as my reality shifts around and tries to confuse me. Are we on a train now? No, I think I can just hear one in the distance. We pull over somewhere and Victoria says, “I’ll make you feel better!” and starts rubbing my cock through my jeans. But then it fades, what I term a reality shift, and we’re back inside my apartment. Did that just happen? Did I imagine it? I look around and don’t see Victoria. I try to call out her name, but find I can’t. Side effects from the drugs or surgery, maybe?

Another shift.

I’m on my back in bed, in a room I don’t quite recognize and find Victoria buck naked next to me. Her round, beautiful breasts are resting on me as she’s lying right up against me. She says, “I’ve been lusting for you.” I look at her brown, slightly wavy hair; it’s all spread out in an arc on her pillow. I look her up and down. God damn, she’s sexy. She reaches out for me and starts to rub my cock again. She moves her hand up and down the length of it slowly, obviously doing it more as a tease than anything else. Just as I’m getting really into it, everything changes again.

What the hell is going on here? I must be hallucinating. The only question I have is which is reality? I’m sitting on a couch, tangled up in a blanket. I have a raging hard on. Looking around, I can’t see anyone; or anything, for that matter. The walls are a mess of blurs; everything is a blur, actually. I can make out general shapes and that’s about it. I close my eyes and try to concentrate on something other than the fact that I’m horny, didn’t expect for these drugs to make me this way. Perhaps the Tylenol 3 is to blame? The doctor said to not take anything until I felt more normal. Deciding there’s no one else in the room with Başakşehir escort bayan me, I started to rub my cock slowly. Oh yes, that’s good. A feeling that can almost be described as relief washes through me, like masturbation is working something out of my system. Of course, right as I get into it, everything shifts again.

Now I’m back in bed with Victoria, and I’m using a vibrator on her. I look around and see the bed is clear, Victoria is clear. Everything beyond the bed is a blur. There’s no way to tell what room I’m in or where I am in general. Focusing on the task, I rub the vibrator up and down Victoria’s slit, teasing her clit with it. “That’s nice,” she says, “Keep doing that.” I continue with my motions and lean down and lick at her nipples. They’re nice, very nice. It’s hard for me to move for some reason. The only thing I can easily move is my hand that has the vibrator in it. I continue working her pussy over with the vibrator, turning it up, shoving it in and fucking her with it. Then I’ll pull it back out, turn it down, and stimulate her clit. She starts muttering “oh my God” like she always does right before she cums. Her breasts get harder like they always do right before she cums. (Though she swears I’m imagining this.) She goes stiff and moans, then relaxes.

But I’m again back on a couch. I may be hallucinating, but I wish my brain would be kind enough to me to stop shifting like this. Let me finish having sex, dammit. I notice my arms are all bound and twisted up by the blanket again. That explains why I couldn’t move very well. I also see my hand furiously rubbing my cock. I must be somewhat numb from the drugs because I can’t feel it very well, almost like a distant tickle. Odd that it felt all encompassing just a few minutes earlier.

I stumble up and decide I need to find out if this is my apartment or not, because everything is still blurry. I touch my face and realize my glasses aren’t on. Okay, that explains quite a lot. Not for the first time in my life, I wish I was farsighted so I could at least see the exits of the room clearly. As it is now, I can see clearly maybe 8 inches in front of me. I can see well enough to make out most stuff about 3 feet in front of me (but I can’t read writing at that distance), but beyond that distance I’m useless. A dark shape I see in front of me could be a door or a Buffalo, who knows? I decide it likely isn’t a Buffalo (surely thoughts like that are a sign that the drugs are still affecting me) and walk over to it. Yes, definitely a door. I open it up and it leads into a hallway. I walk down it; the hall is narrow enough that I definitely recognize Escort Bayrampaşa it. Yes, this is my apartment and my bedroom is the first on the left. I open the door up and am greeted by a very familiar pattern of blurry shapes. (I often get up to go to the bathroom at night and don’t put on my glasses, so I know quite well what my bedroom looks like as blurs.)

I make my way to my bed and, sure enough, find my glasses by my bedside. How the hell did they get there? Having solved my other major issues, my attention returns to my erect cock. It’s still demanding satisfaction. I start rubbing it again and the room slowly changes and fades and becomes something different.

I’m back with Victoria. I still can’t see anything clearly besides her. She’s going to town on me now. She’s sucking and licking at my cock. She puts her tongue on the bottom of my shaft and moves her up and down. After moving the length of my cock several times, she closes her lips around it and starts sucking on it like a lollipop, while moving her head up and down faster. Oh God, this is good. Her hand goes to a spot right under my balls that drives me insane if played with properly; Victoria can play with it properly. Oh Jesus, this is good. If she keeps doing this, any second now I’m going to…

Damn it! I’m back in my bed. I’m going to stab my brain with a Q-Tip when this is over for screwing with me like this. I’m still rubbing my cock, but it’s like I’m in a totally different body, as I’m not even close to an orgasm now. This reminds me of dreams I used to have. I’d be having sex, but could never quite cum in my dreams, no matter how hard I tried. I start moving my hand faster up and down my shaft, thinking about Victoria. My attention is drawn to her breasts, they’re so exquisite. I recall the feeling of rubbing my fingers over her nipples when she isn’t turned on at all. Her breasts feel almost perfectly smooth, except when you get to her nipples. It still feels flat, but has a slightly different texture, almost rubbery. Keep rubbing that spot, and her nipples slowly harden under your fingers. Bumps become more pronounced and her nipples start poking out. Within 20 seconds, her nipples are at full attention. They’re just a bit thick and probably stick out a good 1/4th of an inch. Perfect for sucking on; better than any other girl I’ve ever been with. I keep thinking about them as I rub my cock faster, can’t get my mind off them, I have to feel them…

She’s riding me, and riding me hard. She’s impaling her pussy on my cock over and over again. She leans down (in a way that, technically, she shouldn’t quite be able to do) and lets her Beşiktaş escort breast hand right in my face. Her red nipples are just hanging there like cherries on a bush. I have to have them. I suck on them, taker them into my mouth. The sensation I feel in my groin slowly spreads through my body and her movements get more intense, she’s really grinding my cock now. It’s almost like she needs me to cum; I can’t disappoint her. I keep working her nipples and breasts over with my tongue. (It isn’t occurring to me that I shouldn’t be able to do this right after oral surgery.) The feeling grows more and more intense, my cock is filling full of fluid. I’m almost there, just a second away…

I’m back on my own, but there isn’t a “transition shock” this time. I’m still as close to an orgasm as I was when I was with Victoria. The feeling is spreading through out me, like my entire body is going to have an orgasm. I rub faster, longing for Victoria. Then she’s with me, almost like a ghost. Riding me hard. I’m in both places at once, and have no idea which is reality and which is a hallucination… harder… harder… I feel her breasts in my mouth again. Her pussy is surrounding my cock but my hand is also surrounding it at the same time; it’s like being fucked twice. Then I cum, and it spurts out of me like cannon fire, hitting my neck and several spurts over my chest. My entire body feels like it’s covered in a white hot flame of pleasure. I finally calm down about 15 seconds later, and see my cock quickly shrinking back down to its smaller size. I know I have to clean myself up, but I just can’t keep my eyes open. Everything is black.

I wake up about 4 hours later (or so I’m told) and the world is back to normal. I reach out to my bedside table and find my glasses. I put them on and there’s Victoria. She’s sitting in a chair reading something. Jesus, my jaw hurts. I think now is the time I should have been taking that Tylenol 3. I look over at her, not sure how to ask what I’m wondering. She saves me the trouble.

“Al,” she says, “What _were_ you doing while I was gone? When I got back, you were snoring and covered in cum. Took me five minutes to clean it all off you. And, let me tell you, that was gross. Next time you cover your chest in cum, you’re cleaning it up.” She says, trying not to laugh at the absurdity of what she just said.

“I thought we were, um, having sex,” I responded, knowing there was no point in lying. “Apparently I was hallucinating pretty strongly.” I explain the entire thing to her, about the “shifts” and everything and she starts giggling like mad.

“Well,” she starts, “I really did rub your cock in the car. I did it as sort of a joke. I didn’t realize it’d turn you on so much. But then I dropped you off and went out to buy some things.”

It was at this point I realized that I had one damn active imagination. Either that or I need to have sex on prescription painkillers. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the chance one day. Here’s to hoping!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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