Handsome Young Man Ch. 02


Sitting home that evening after tutoring Willy, Mrs. Carrick wondered about several possibilities. She thought about lying in her tub and relaxing with music. Maybe just taking a shower and playing tantalizing herself, while she fantasized about some man to be intimate with. Willy brought on some internalized restless desires and that was ideal to a degree. She felt revitalized that afternoon and soon enough, as evening fell, she wanted to do something.

She called a few fellow teachers but all three were busy with their immediate families and couldn’t go out. Half dressed and thinking about putting in one of fifty customized x-rated videos she was going to lie down, watch the video, and entertain herself. As she watched it she slipped off her full sized panties. She noticed it was only 6:45 in the evening.

It was early to be doing it to herself she thought, but the timing felt right. It also felt natural. Just then, her phone rang. It was Willy’s number. “Why was he calling?” She put her movie on pause, turned off her vibrator, and answered her phone. He asked her what the best way, if necessary, would be to get a hold of her.

In her cheerful voice she replied, “Willy, anyway you want to ‘get a hold of me’ is fine by me. She intimated “get a hold of me” but he didn’t notice it. “Call, email, text, or stop in if my car’s in the driveway. Don’t feel like you can’t reach me, alright?”

He also had her business card with all her contact info on it. “Have a fun evening Willy.”

She hung up, turned on her vibrator, turned on the movie, and pleasured herself. But she was still lonely and bored afterwards. She called another friend. A woman she used to tutor but that woman, who was close in age, was a lesbian. They became friends. That was it. The two frequented clubs just to dance. Mrs. Carrick called Becca Jones and the two decided to go clubbing that night.

Where Willy hung out at and where Mrs. Carrick hung out at were different spots. With 13 years difference in age, they weren’t going to have the same tastes. That evening Leslie Carrick and her friend Becca Jones headed out to dance at some clubs they were familiar with. They arrived at Kickers, a place for an over 30 crowd although the crowd could draw much younger patrons usually you saw a 30 and over group only.

Many women looked forward, especially the over 30 crowds, finding some men to socialize, and hopefully dance with. Sometimes the nights were fun-filled with lots of dancing, even intimate if they were lucky enough.

Not at Kickers, it was slow so she and Becca left. They drove to a suburban nightclub that hosted a younger crowd. The crowd was anywhere from twenty one to fifty.

The place, in Leslie’s opinion was ideal except for one feature. Mainly it was host to younger woman and the needs of that younger woman. A woman who had a fit body easily had the upper hand, especially if she was on the hunt. Young men unsuccessfully hit upon them and ignored the lustful desires of a woman they could meet, dance with, and develop an evening of fun and games such as Leslie.

They’d come up, talk, dance maybe with Leslie and Becca but normally it ended shortly after. She was not a young babe like most of the other females closer in age to them. Little did they know she was much more willing then the younger ones, experienced, and knowledgeable as well. She’d welcome the right man home to her place for a delightful rendezvous.

The night moved on, the music flowed well, and Leslie was having a decent time. She and Becca danced with others or they dance with themselves. They’d sit at tables of some that invited them over or sat at the bar. But as the evening progressed, Becca became bored. She wasn’t interested in any men and eventually called a cab. Of course there weren’t any interested prospects for Becca at these clubs.

Leslie was left to fend for herself. That disappointed her and she was about to leave. But a friend and her sister happened in. They were meeting some others. That friend, a few years younger was meeting Willy and a few of his friends. She greeted them when they saw her, made small talk, however Leslie decided to leave.

Dropping her keys on the floor and unaware she did, she headed for her car; she finally noticed it so she turned around and went back in. By that time, she was noticeably drunk. She slurred her words some, was tipsy a bit, and was smiling at anyone who passed her by.

She knew she was drunk, so she cut herself off, and ordered herself a diet coke. Sipping it at the bar and still unaware that Willy walked in with friends she forgot that she came back in to search for her keys. She stood around smiling at everyone but soon enough figured out what she came back in for.

Finally she sobered herself up a little. She ate some bar pretzels, and began thinking straight eventually. However, she remained in a good mood; she had to find those keys. Mentioning to the barkeeper she had to have lost them inside, he sent a note Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort up to the band and they announced it.

Not putting two and two together, Willy found them underneath the table they sat at and where Leslie Carrick was at earlier. Leslie went to the ladies room and took care of business. She was told her keys were found by a nice kid. He gave them to the manager of the club. She located the manager, retrieved the keys and as she did, Willy walked up behind her unsuspectingly to ask the manager, if the owner finally claimed them.

Recognizing the voice, she turned around with a good size smile on her twinkling face. Only because she was a little intoxicated and coming out of it did she smile like that. But she suspected from the sound of the voice, it had to be none other then that sexy young pupil, Willy.

Yes it was! She quickly thought to herself, “Ooooohh doesn’t he look delicious tonight?”

Not saying anything but hi to him, he was surprised to see her. He never expected his tutor out, and about. At least he never expected to run into her, although he had given it some thought earlier that it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

“Mrs. Carrick wow, this is wild! I never thought I’d see you out at a nightclub. Wow, this is really cool. I mean, uhhh yeah it’s cool. So how are you? Who are you here with?”

“Hiii Willy, she said, I am good thank you very much.” Smiling as she did she offer the impression she was delighted as usual, and said “Oh I’m not with anyone at this time. I was with a friend but she left earlier. The keys you found are mine. Thank you Willy, that was nice of you to look for them and turn them back in. Well I am off. I’m heading home, since I have no one to spend the evening with.”

“Oh no stay Mrs. Carrick; you can hang out with us. I’d love it and I don’t give a care what anyone else thinks or says. I really don’t. I’d love it if you would hang out.”

“Well, well Willy, that is sweet, maybe I might but I’m going to step outside and catch a bit of fresh air. I’ll stop back shortly depending how I feel.”

“Okay, he responded; are you sure you are okay?”

“Awww yes, I’m perfectly fine. She laid her hand on the upper left portion of his chest and said also, “That’s so sweet of you to ask. Thank you Willy, thank you hon.” Smiling back, he looked down quickly at her hand and was interested what she did. He wondered what his feelings were as he felt her hand on his chest.

“I’ll be back, Willy and maybe I’ll even dance with you? Hehehe, oops maybe you weren’t even considering that. I shouldn’t assume anything like that should I, hehehe.”

“No, no it’s cool Mrs. Carrick.” Smiling and blushing he didn’t think she was going too far with an offer like that. “I guess I wouldn’t mind a dance or two.” Somehow she lit something up within him and he was curious about dancing with his tutor.

“I’m going to take a breather and I’ll be back in about 15 minutes or so, okay? Hehehe, sounds fun doesn’t it? I hope so. If you aren’t interested, I’ll understand.”

“Oh no it’s cool, I’d be happy to dance with ya.” He felt a twinge at the tip of his penis as if it was actually a turn on when she asked him or told him she wouldn’t mind dancing. As he awaited her return, another spasm developed at the tip of his cock for some reason, and it spread a little more as impulses of arousal seemed to overtake feelings within his groin. He liked it but he didn’t like the feelings either because they stemmed from the idea it was his tutor and not some female close in age.

He also wondered what others would think if they knew what he felt. If they knew he had a hard on, they wouldn’t understand like Mrs. Carrick might understand. Sitting at the table with his friends, inconspicuously he slipped his hand down and grasped the half hearted bulge. He liked how it felt, however he wasn’t sure if he liked why.

It had been 20 minutes and no Mrs. Carrick. He was excited, restless, and apprehensive. He wanted to dance with her to get it out of the way, but on the other hand he did want to see if dancing with her could be fun too. Dancing with an older woman, regardless if it was his tutor might give him an advantage on a more desirable level with girl’s closer in age. On the other hand, they might think he wasn’t able to meet girls his own age so the result being he looked elsewhere to develop a good relationship.

“I’m thinking way too far into this. They don’t know or care. They are my friends, but they are going to wonder what the hell I’m doing dancing with an older woman, much less my tutor.”

“Guys, I’m not really feeling good. I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m gonna call myself a cab, okay, and head home.”

They asked if he was okay, he acted as if he wasn’t, and he called for a cab. Once he was outside, he canceled it. Looking for Mrs. Carrick, he saw her standing by her Suburban. She was reconsidering going back in. She most definitely wanted to dance, but she felt she would embarrass him so she thought she’d wait a bit and see if he hopefully come and seek her out.

Fortunately he did as she suspected. They talked briefly. She felt better. He was happy she was okay and not sick as a dog, like he suspected she might be. She asked him if he’d like to go up the street to another small quieter club and have a drink and just talk. At that point she was drinking iced tea and he would have a couple of beers.

They went off to Gelf’s which was a small dancing joint. It had a mid-size floor not always filled up, good local talent for bands, not too loud, and always a great mix of music. Party dancing or romantic dance, it could be found there.

Sitting back in a corner table away from the crowds the two made standard small talk. Thanks to the club’s manager and the band’s leader they had the place excited, including Willy and Leslie.

Getting up to dance, things began slowly as they went through typical motions on the floor. They were only getting a sense for the others dancing rhythm. Each enjoyed being with the other and dancing as well. They smiled and smiled, looked around at others, looked back at each other and chemistry was liquefying as the music rolled out.

Somehow these two enjoyed one another’s presence. They enjoyed each other much more then expected and rarely did they speak while dancing. After about 10 songs, they sat down because she became a little exhausted, but her exhilarating dancing made him like being with her enormously.

After sitting back down, Leslie took a deep breath, exhaled, and said “Wow Willy you are quite the dancing man! We did great out there!”

“Hahaha, he laughed ferociously, yes we did. I hafta tell ya, I never in my entire life imagined being here like this with you would be so fun. This is great Mrs. Carrick. Ummm, dancing with you especially is wild and fun.”

“I’d have to say the exact same thing Willy. I never ever thought I’d like being out dancing with such a young guy like you. The way you dance also is great. I sure liked how you put on the moves out there, hehehe, you were great!”

“Hahaha, really you thought so? Thanks that’s cool and you were wild too. I think we made a great umm, duo out there.”

They both laughed and joked about one song or another, how they danced, but at a point soon after, they stopped and looked at each other as if something was on the rise. They hadn’t figured out what, but Leslie had inklings of what it was and liked what she initially felt, although it was not any substantial value at that point, she still liked them.

They were so engrossed in conversation up to that point that when it ended, Willy had a similar twinge again in his groin but didn’t realize it. He was lost for words and searched quickly to figure out what to say next. Smiling, he ended up saying, “This is embarrassing because I can’t hold a conversation.”

“Hehehe, either can I Willy. You are so cute, and she giggled, when you blush like that. You shouldn’t be embarrassed. Things happen like this. Don’t worry, watch people, look at them, see how they act when they are having fun, and if something comes to mind, say it.”

Slower songs were beginning and they’d play about 35 minutes of those. The two looked around made small talk, and then Willy looked over and asked, “Ummm I don’t know if this is inappropriate, but do you care to dance?”

“Oh not all, I’d love to dance. I’d love it if you wanted to. Don’t do it if you feel like you’re obligated. However, I’d love it if you truly want to.”

Hopping out of their chairs, Willy offered his hand to her like a gentleman, she accepted it, and they walked out and began dancing to the slower songs. First, they only danced as if it was a brother and sister dancing, or two girl’s maybe. It was more of a platonic style of dancing.

Soon enough, it seemed to change. But Willy is the one who shifted his hands around not Leslie. She immediately loved where they were placed. That meant that he felt comfortable with her. It meant there were a connection, a bond, an understanding, and even more. There were desires that grew within.

Leslie Carrick knew she had desires. She knew it earlier that evening. She knew it when she lay on her bed, with her panties off, and a vibrator in hand watching an x-rated video. She knew what she desired and she felt it strongly.

“Would he come to my rescue?” She sure hoped so. They danced on as his hands wrapped around her back, one high up and the other down low, just about her butt crack line.

He felt her bra through the lightweight top she wore. He felt her breasts and wished he could feel them a little more. He lost sight of the fact that she was his tutor. He knew it, but he began enjoying the comfort of her as a woman. She knew what she was and who she was and she enjoyed the idea of those two aspects. She wanted to give of herself to someone who appreciated such traits. He was beginning to appreciate her as a woman.

His bulge increased as they moved about on the floor. He unknowingly pulled her closer to him. She liked how he intimately pulled at her while they danced. He knew it but he didn’t. He danced how he felt. He knew it was Mrs. Carrick, but she felt warm within his loving grasp.

He felt warm and caring as he held on to her, she thought. There were more feelings. It wasn’t just an affection she felt. There was stimulating hormones that shot inwards towards her uterus. She felt deposits of desire injecting with unrelenting precision.

Those injections that catapulted swiftly up in between her thighs made her uncomfortable but she became aroused while she stood on the floor dancing close to him, chest to chest.

He wanted to smash himself into her so she could feel him. He wanted her to feel his aroused king. Did she actually desire him? He didn’t know and he didn’t want to assume that either. Did she like dancing intimately this way or was she just doing to be nice. He wasn’t sure. He wanted to know. He just wasn’t sure though.

Finally after 20 minutes, it ended and regular music started back up. He wasn’t interested and she wasn’t either. Both wanted to dance like earlier so they went back to their table. It was special and she ate it up. She could eat him up too. He could do likewise, although her thoughts were a little more mature then his were.

Yes, she could undress the young man, stand him up naked in her house, and lick every inch of his sexy body then make love to him, but how?

“Willy, would you care to go out and get a breath of fresh air?”

“Uhh sure cool, I don’t see why not. I’d be happy, yeah more then happy to take a walk with you. I actually think I need one.”

“Yes, me too I think.”

Neither knew why the other said it, however both felt that their hormones were about to go into a rage and weren’t sure about letting them get out of control.

Leslie easily would let hers, but Willy not to sure of his emotions, walked along outside with her down the sidewalk in the uptown district. At that point, it was quiet and hardly a soul around in the area. It was going on 11:00 in the evening and early by every account.

The two were at ease, but anxious as well. She wanted to stop, catch him off guard, and see how he’d react. He wanted to hold the woman’s hand and see what she’d do.

He thought, “Am I or would I be overstepping my boundaries big time?”

Likewise, she was ready and didn’t want to hold back, however, she didn’t want to ruin a good thing. Plus there were future chores to be done and having him around would easily get them completed, seeing as he was experienced with some of that stuff.

“Willy, I have a question for you, but I’m afraid to ask it. If I ask and I am completely off, then you’re going to think badly of me.”

He stopped with a look of anxiousness. He wanted to hold her hand and see if something sparked within him and if she’d feel that transformation like an electricity bolt going between the two. “Would she or wouldn’t she feel the same way?”

“Yeah sure go ahead, ask away.”

She turned towards him, after stopping and he read her face. Somehow mysteriously he knew. Somehow he was enlightened and knew that there was chemistry between them. He felt it. The feeling was not only strong it was an explosive impulse and he didn’t need any further acknowledgement!

That growth within him went from a twinge to a powerful pounding metamorphoses and it showed if you could have seen his underneath. It was as hard as if he woke up with one on. It was a solid erection! It was sucking all life towards it. Her life included!

She felt him. She felt an attraction of a personal and physical nature. She knew he was horny. She knew she was horny! “Oh my god, you have no idea how I, uhhh feel. This is nuts Mrs. Carrick. I want to tell you something, but I don’t know. Anyways, you wanted to ask me something. What is it?” He had difficulty focusing because he was sure he knew what she felt.

“I think there is a very strong affection for you. I know I feel that. In fact, well, I’m sure of it and my god Willy I’d give anything to show that to you!”

He was not stunned. He felt similar strong feelings. His cock was sucking the life out of any rational, logical thinking pattern.

“Willy? Willy, ohhh god I am so, so sorry. I did it, didn’t I? I shouldn’t have said that. Ohh my god, I am so, so sorry. I apologize for what I said Willy.”

He wasn’t able to focus on what she said. He wanted her to know how he felt. He wanted her to feel his cock. He couldn’t think straight. She had no idea he felt a strong attraction towards her. He didn’t care if she was older. He didn’t care if she was a larger woman. He didn’t care that she used to be a 300 lb woman or that she is 175 now and still a full figured woman by definition.

He only cared that she knew how he felt and he had to get over the feelings! He’d rather accomplish getting over them by being with her specifically at that point.

“What’s wrong Willy? Are you okay? Didn’t you hear what I said? Oh God, I’m ashamed now.”