Happy Birthday, Amelia! Ch. 03


Amelia saw movement out of the the corner of her eye. She couldn’t move much, the spreader bar at her feet, the rope braided into her long hair, and the anal hook kept her in a position that was unnatural, but surprisingly not uncomfortable. There in the center of the circle of subs, she was forced to stand and wait for the next “activity” from the others.

The first woman in the circle was approached by her partner. He moved around in front of her and to her credit, she kept her head down and remained in her submissive, kneeling pose. The thin, silver chain that ran up and over her neck and down to hook into two nipple rings was simply too tight and distended her breasts, stretching the skin of her nipples up and back toward her neck.

The man calmly reached for her chin and tilted her head up to look at him. They locked eyes and he smiled down at her. The hand left her chin and reached for the chain behind her neck. Once there, he pulled on the chain lightly until the flesh began to turn red. Her eyelids sagged as if she was going to pass out from the pain, but she never let her eyes leave his. His free hand caressed her cheek while his other pulled harder at the chain. Tears welled in her eyes, but still she would not look away or cry out. He wiggled his finger and the heavy weight of her breasts jiggled at the end of the chain. Suddenly, he pulled harder and the soft flesh became misshapen and odd looking. The nipple rings looked like they were actually going to pull out of her flesh, so stretched were they.

Still, she did not lean backward to lessen the effect. She did not cry out. She did not wince, gasp, or look away. He was clearly pleased and turned to smile at the others in attendance. His face betrayed a silent boast of, “Look. Look what I have trained her to do. She is mine.” Everyone watched in silence, some expressing satisfied smiles to those around them and impressed nods. The whole thing lasted no more than ten minutes, and her partner turned to face her, and then spoke for the first time.

“Thank you, Beatrice.” With no other word, he moved back to his place behind her and stood quietly.

In the center of the circle, Amelia found that she was turned on by what little she had been able to witness but could do nothing about it. Mary moved around her and to her surprise, attached nipple clamps to Amelia’s perky nubs. She turned the small knob slowly, tightening the device on one then the other nipple görükle escort of the bound woman. She smiled as if to say, “Lucky Girl…” Before moving away from Amelia’s chest, she attached a weight to each nipple clamp and Amelia gasped.

The mood in the room noticeably changed. Dave’s voice from beside her ear seethed, “Amelia, keep quiet. This is your only warning.”

He didn’t wait for an answer since he knew she would remain silent. Before he moved away from her, he placed a hand on each hip and slowly turned her a few degrees to her right so that she could see what was next. Before anything else happened, she felt the tug in her bottom increase, almost imperceptibly.

The next woman, the tall redhead, still held her position even though her bound breasts were now so purple that they had to be painful. Her partner, a tall man in his forties with salt and pepper hair, moved around in front of her and reached down to lift her face to his. He leaned down towards her and kissed her full on her pouty, pale lips. Her mouth lingered and seemed to reach for more as he began to pull away from the kiss. Her eyes slowly came open and it was as if the sun was rising, so bright were her orbs.

What happened next shocked Amelia. Without warning, he slapped her left breast, hard. The noise was deafening in the room. Her breast bounced towards its twin and rebounded to its original position in time to receive another blow. The leather tightened around her breast never moved, nor did it allow the blood trapped near the nipple to return to her body. The pressure had to be incredible to the girl but she remained quiet. She fought to maintain her gaze into his eyes as he struck her breasts again and again. Three strikes to the left breast, three strikes to the right. She took it all and actually at one point smiled up at him. Amelia couldn’t see this; her position allowed her a cursory idea of what was happening.

But the rest of the attendees could see what was happening and many pressed forward to see her receive her treatment. He alternated his technique. He reached down and cupped a breast in one hand while making a fist with the other. He proceeded to strike the top of her breast lightly with the edge of his fist, rapidly and with enough pressure that the entire tit jiggled and forced even more pressure into the nipple end of the tightly bound breast. Her back arched, her face betrayed her, and she was clearly görükle escort bayan feeling incredible pressure in her chest…but still, not a word from her.

After performing this act on both breasts, he stopped and took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger. He blew a kiss at her and as she pursed her lips to return the gesture, he tightened his fingers and twisted, hard. She clenched her teeth and took in a breath as quietly as she could. But still not a word from her mouth of protest.

The man effected a sharp, short bow to her when he finished and said, “Thank you, Sheri.” He then returned to his position behind her and grinned the grin of a sadist who has been allowed to practice his craft.

At the center of the circle, Mary moved around next to Amelia again and began, with a long segment of leather stripping, to bind Amelia’s breasts. Around and around, tighter and tighter, until each breast was elongated and turning a brilliant shade of red. Each nipple with its clamp and weight seemed to actually become longer with the new torture. And when she was done, the rope pulling at her anal hook became a tiny bit shorter, pulling the hook further into her. She wondered if she could stand it much longer, but for him, she would bear the pain.

And Dave held both of her hips and turned her a slight bit to the right. Before he moved away, he whispered very softly, “I’m so proud of you…”

The stout man behind the petite blond moved out from behind her and stood in front of her kneeling form. He reached down and lifted her face to look up at him. A look passed between them and then he took a fistful of hair in his hand and roughly pulled her forward. Her hands moved to catch her fall and she ended up on all fours, her belt with the flogger hanging straight down and her black heels pointing out behind her.

He moved back behind her, reached for the flogger, and removed it from the small hook hanging from the belt. The man looked around the room, making eye contact with many of the attendees and lingering on more than one woman if his eye caught that “spark” of interest in what everyone in the room knew was going to happen. The flogger came down on her ass and she showed no emotion. It struck her tiny behind again and still, not a movement could be perceived. He raised his hand again and brought the leather down in a blow that made many in the room wince with the perceived pain. The bursa escort noise was deafening.

She did not move. She did not make a sound. She didn’t even cry.

So the strikes continued and her bottom turned pink. He stopped to examine it and drag his nails across the tender flesh. Then he continued. A few minutes later, her bottom was so red that it seemed to glow. He stopped and rubbed it, seeming to soothe it, or to feel the heat he had created there. Some in the crowd knew that sensation, either having been on the receiving end of similar play…or having administered it. When he was finished, he moved back towards her head and grabbed her hair again and pulled her back to her kneeling position. He ran a finger along her delicate jawline and up her cheek to end near her ear. He looked into her big eyes and saw what everyone else in the room could see; gratitude.

He said, “Thank you, Julie,” and moved back to his position behind her, satisfied that he’d impressed the party goers with his sub’s performance.

Heels clicked on the parquet floor as Mary moved towards Julie and her partner. He held out his arm and handed her the two items, before she turned and walked back behind Amelia.

Amelia braced herself. She had guessed correctly; the same punishment was administered to her. Mary came back and roughly placed the ball gag–still wet with Julie’s spit–into her mouth. It was adjusted behind her head and pulled tight. From now on, Amelia could only breathe through the wet holes in the ball holding her mouth open and silencing her voice.

And then, Mary moved out of her sight and behind her. Her ass felt the sharp sting of the same flogger that had beaten Julies’ ass red. The flogger came down again and again on her ass, accentuating the pressure of the polished steel hook embedded in her bottom. She could feel the heat building up in her backside and the sharp pains continued. Over and over she was struck and trying to emulate Julie, she remained quiet and still. Her butt felt like it was on fire but she fought to hold still and remain quiet. Movement would only upset her delicate balance that was tested with each stroke of the tool as it hit her bottom. And still the flogger came down on her ass. Mary was thorough, Amelia was near tears and fighting it before she stopped. When she finished, Mary click-clicked back over to where the man behind Julie took the flogger back and turned to caress the beautiful blond’s ass one last time with the leather before hanging it again at her belt.

And the device in Amelia’s ass was pulled a little tighter before strong hands held her hips as Dave turned Amelia a little further this time so that two women were in her sight; the twins.