Happy Birthday Jessica Ch. 02


…Dale spun Kellie round the dance floor, enjoying seeing her glow at being the centre of attention. She smiled up at him, leaning in to lock her lips on his, and he brushed his lips past hers and kissed her cheek. Again. She’d been trying to kiss him for the past ten minutes, and he was running out of ways to avoid it. It wasn’t that Kellie was unattractive, and she certainly looked like she had a tasty set of tits down there, but he didn’t want Nikki to see him doing anything with her. He’d rather try and up his guaranteed hand-job to a no-holds barred furious fuck. The type he imagined her being absolutely rampant at. Dale let his imagination wander as Kellie gently tugged his hand, leading him past the string of onlookers and outside to a wall just out of the streetlight. He felt his hand suddenly warm, realizing for the first time that she’d slid it inside her top. He began to massage her breast gently, working by pure reflex and partly in surprise, making her close her eyes and softly bite her lip. Kellie’s dress had ridden up on his arm, exposing her thighs and crotch to the night air, but she was so turned on all she could feel was the hand alternately gripping and squeezing her breasts through her bra. She leaned forward to kiss him, taking his free hand and guiding it down toward her white lace thong…

…but he recoiled. Kellie moved toward him again, more urgently, desperate to kiss him and feel him inside her, but again he shrank back. With that she felt a surge of anger, slapping his hand down and stepping back, letting her dress cover her nimble frame again. ‘What’s the problem?!’ she spat, screwing her face up in distaste ‘I thought you wanted me’.

Dale stood back, his palms open in conciliation. ‘Look I’m sorry ok? I do like you, just not like that. I, er, I like someone else’

‘didn’t feel like that when you had your hands up my dress’ Kellie replied, before her face changed and she moved toward him again. ‘Its fine, I don’t have to tell anyone…don’t tell me you don’t want me…’ her hands went to his jeans as she started to unbuckle his belt, but he pushed her away again, and without warning she slapped him furiously across the face. He could see her eyes starting to water, but the slap had hurt, and he was masaj porno in no mood to put up with a crying girl ruining his night.

‘I don’t want you, I only danced with you because Jessica said it’d get me a hand job. Ok?’ Dale turned to leave, before turning and adding viciously ‘and Kellie, it really isn’t attractive when you put it on a plate’. He turned and stalked off back to the party, leaving Kellie sitting beside the wall and holding back the tears she felt stinging her eyes. Why did it never go how she wanted? She wanted to come back in to Jessica and Nikki, glowing from being the first to fuck Sally’s brother. Now she was outside, alone, again, when she should be getting her first fuck in months from the hottest guy at the party.

Kellie strode quickly through the crowd, trying to avoid the looks she felt burning into her. It was obvious she’d been crying. She looked away from where Dale has already gathered with his crowd, desperately looking for Nikki. She wanted to tell Nikki what had happened, expose what Jessica had done tonight to humiliate her, make sure Nikki was on her side for when this all came out on Monday.

She pushed open the door to the back room, moving quickly past the boxes looking for where she’d stashed her handbag. She’d already grabbed her phone, about to dial home, when she heard the heavy breathing. A smile creased her face. Someone was getting it on in here! She peeked past the nearest stack of chairs, spotting in the gloom a rapidly moving body. Just someone giving themselves a bit of attention? No, there were two distinct bodies there. A moan escaped from one of them, as Kellie heard the unmistakable sound of a well-greased vagina being entered by a finger. Could she walk back out without them spotting her? She didn’t really fancy being outed as a voyeur. She decided to wait the couple out. They were moving fast enough that it couldn’t last that long, and it would be dynamite gossip if she could see their faces. She leaned back against the wall, making sure she was out of sight, but still able to watch the pair. Guiltily she noticed her own hand had slid up her dress, and was absently tracing the outline of her pussy against the material of her thong. She stopped öğretmen porno immediately, letting her dress fall again, but as the panting couple’s moans because more audible she found it harder to tear her eyes away, and this time willingly moved her hand up. Why not? She thought, those two are so busy with each other they’ll never see her, and she’d already lost out on one chance to get off tonight. With that she slid her fingers inside her underwear, feeling the wetness greet her fingertips as she gently rubbed her clit. She edged forward to get a view of the rutting couple, making out more detail in the dark. She stopped full as she caught a glimpse of heavy swinging pert tits. It was two girls! The one bent over was definitely female, her pussy glistening against the light, and the one behind her was the owner of the fantastic boobs, nipples jutting out and clearly visible. Kellie caught her breath, realizing the immediate scandal value. None of the girls here were confessed lesbians, let alone two of them. Then again it could just be two of Sarah’s mates. And against all she’d thought, what they were doing to one another was kinda a turn on. She watched more closely now, rubbing herself harder as she watched the girls move up another notch. She could definitely see a bottle being introduced now, and she imagined the slender neck sliding up her own pussy as she fingered herself, stopping only to pull her thong further down to mid-thigh, giving her easier access. She could feel herself getting closer to climax, and closed her eyes and suppressed a moan that would surely have alerted the now speedily writhing bodies just metres in front of her. She leaned further forward for another view, knowing if they turned they’d now be able to see her, but she trusted to how intently the busty one was licking out the tanned blondes ass, and the blonde having her eyes tight shut as she pushed herself down on the bottle. She heard the blonde emit a loud moan, her whole body tightening and shuddering, and slid another finger inside herself, trying to keep time with them. Then the other one suddenly yanked out the bottle and slid herself into its position. It was Nikki! Kellie’s hand again stopped its motion, as she stared in shock. oral porno Like everyone she knew Nikki was adventurous, but hadn’t expected to ever see it in action. The blonde raised her head as her back arched, and Kellie knew she was coming. And her hand flew back to her clit as she saw Nikki gasping at the fluid streaming out of the blonde’s throbbing pussy, trying to angle her mouth to catch it all. It was then that she saw the blonde’s face. Jessica.

Kellie’s eyes flew open, trying to take stock of what she was seeing. She was standing watching Nikki drinking Jessica’s cum, as Jessica’s pussy twitched and emitted a steady stream of milky fluid. She watched Nikki hungrily drinking it, licking and slicking her tongue all over Jessica’s exposed pink cunt, and Jessica moaning gratefully in response. She’d done it again. Jessica had everyone. Everyone wanted her. Tonight Kellie had danced and went outside with the hottest guy at the party. But if this got out its all anyone would be talking about. Once again she’d be passed over and ignored. Kellie stood there silently furious, but could not stop her hand moving between her legs. She was so close now, she just had to cum. She was also, sickeningly, achingly turned on. Jessica was still bucking against Nikki’s lips, every drop of her juice gushing out of her, and Kellie stared at the smiling Jessica with hate in her eyes. She furiously frigged her clit with redoubled speed, taking in the sight as Nikki wiped Jessica’s cum over her magnificent tits, making them oily and slick, before picking up Jessica’s underwear and sliding it back up her long tanned legs. With a final shove, Kellie’s knees buckled and she lay back and came, her orgasm making her legs quiver, and she clamped her mouth tight shut so they wouldn’t hear her moans of pleasure. Her fingers pumped wetly in and out of her still vibing-pussy, extending the orgasm as she watched Jessica and Nikki kiss and begin to clean themselves up. Jessica was straightening her dress, and Kellie only had time to skate round the corner before she walked past to rejoin the party, her fingers still wedged inside her. She turned back to see Nikki dressing, and slowly pulled her fingers out of her slippery raw hole. She could hear her heartbeat thumping loudly as she pulled up her thong to cover her slick pussy, hauling her dress down and waiting for her breath to return before she rang her mum. She had to get out of there. No way could she face those two tonight, and definitely not when she’d been taking pictures on her phone with her free hand…