Happy Valentine’s Day

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Valentines Day was approaching and Rob was trying to think of the perfect gift for his wife Mary. He was a good gift giver — listening throughout the year to what she said she may like to have, then surprising her by remembering on Valentines Day, her birthday, or their anniversary.

This year Rob was out of ideas, so he emailed Mary’s friend who worked downtown, near him. “Kate, let’s get together for coffee tomorrow afternoon. I need an idea or two from you. Thanks, Rob.”

They met at the little coffee shop on the corner and Rob bought Kate’s coffee. Kate and Mary went way back and Rob figured Kate was the only person who knew things about Mary that he didn’t.

“What’s up, Rob?”

“Well you know Valentines Day is coming up, Kate, and I’m just out of ideas this year.”

Kate started to give some standard ideas before Rob interrupted.

“Here is what I was thinking, Kate. I read this advice column in one of those free city papers the other day from a 35-year-old woman, same as Mary, who’d been married 9 years, same as us. She said how their sex life was still great but that it was so routine. I remember her writing ‘If my husband licks my pussy one more time I’m going to scream.'”

Rob startled himself a little with his forwardness.

“I think our sex life is great, but I ask Mary all the time if there is anything else that she wants and she always says no. So now I’m asking you, her best friend. Has she ever mentioned anything to you? I want to make this a Valentines Day to remember.”

“I have an idea…but I want to make sure first. We’re going out to lunch Saturday, let me subtly feel her out and get back to you.”


The following Tuesday Kate and Rob met for coffee again. Rob was anxious knowing that he was going to hear something his wife wanted, something she hadn’t even told him.

After some idle chit-chat, Kate said, “Are you ready, Rob?”

“Sure, lay it on me.”

“OK. Mary loves you. Clearly you respect each other a lot and you’re each very successful professionally. But sometimes Mary said, she wants to be treated, ah, without so much respect. She said she remembers some of her college days where a boyfriend or two was just having his way with her, using her body to get himself off, and how hot that made her. I think she’s needs to be dominated a bit, Rob. Show her how awfully horny and out of control she still makes you.”

“That I can do!” Rob exclaimed. He threw a 10 on the table, kissed Kate on the cheeks, and offered an enthusiastic thank you.


A few times after that Mary had asked Rob what he wanted for Valentines Day and each time he said, “You’ll see — and I bet I’m going to get it.”

Mary just assumed the usual V-Day blowjob she provided was all Rob meant.

The Saturday morning of Valentines Day came and Rob said he had to go into work but that he had reservations and to be home at 6:30, they had to be out the door by 7:30. Mary said she’d go to the gym and meet him at home at 6:30 to go out.

Rob was home when Mary arrived from the gym, sweaty and out-of-breath but sexy as ever.

“Hop in the shower, do your hair, and then you get your surprise!” Rob said, showing Mary a white box that looked like it contained some new clothes for the evening.

Mary was full of anticipation while in the shower wondering where their reservations might be and what she would be wearing. Rob was good at picking out clothes for her, part of his sensitive nature (that she didn’t realize was about to end).

Rob poked his head in the bathroom,”Remember, baby. Get all ready except for getting dressed, then come out, okay?”

Rob was naked as she came out of the bathroom, squeaky clean, make-up on, and hair done. She looked beautiful — her 35-year-old body as perfect as the day he’d met her.

Rob held the white box in front of him and said, “You look amazing, baby. You have no idea how many times the sandman izle each day I think about your perfect body and think of fucking you.”

Mary thought this language, as relatively mild as it was, was a little strange coming from Rob. “Let me go get your gift, Rob. Then I want mine!”

Rob blocked her way out of the room, and said, “You are my gift” in a strong tone she wasn’t used to.

He scooped her light body up unexpectedly and threw her on the bed, then straddled her waist, holding both of her wrists above her head with one of his strong hands.

“Every day you walk around this house making me horny as hell. Dressing in front of me, undressing in front of me. Just seeing your ass in your tight pants when you walk away from me. Our sex is great, but I bet you have no idea how many times each week I beat off thinking about you.”

Mary looked surprised and Rob reached over with his free hand and took the white box. Inside were just 4 handcuffs. He locked each of Mary’s wrists to the headboard then each ankle to the footboard.

Their sex, while still great, was only once or twice a week since each was busy and frequently tired. After securing Mary to the bed, Rob moved up and still straddling his wife, let his cock hang right over her mouth. She looked beautiful, he thought, all ready to go out for the night.

“Here is the way this is going to work. This is my Valentines Day gift from you. For years you’ve been making me so god damn horny and the sex is great, but it’s not enough. So tonight I’m going to fuck you anyway I want. I’m going to use your body for real like I do in all of those fantasies that I think about when I beat off thinking about you. It’s been 9 great years, Mary. I love you, but tonight, I’m just going to use you. Open your mouth and wet your lips.”

Then he shoved his cock into her mouth. “Oh baby, that feels so good. I love how you suck my cock.” He thrust his cock in and out a few more times, holding her head with both hands, running his thumbs around the flawless skin on her cheeks.

He moved abruptly back, pulling his cock from her mouth, then running his shaft along her cheeks, feeling her silky skin on his throbbing cock.

Still rubbing his cock along her cheeks he said, “You’re so beautfiful, Mary. Almost everytime I see your face, I imagine my dick in front of it … or in your mouth.”

With that he moved down the bed. Mary was still shocked at her husband’s behavior, but she was highly aroused.

Rob was very well endowed and rarely would his dick fit into Mary’s tight pussy without Rob sufficiently preparing her with some of his expert pussy licking. Nearly everytime they had sex, it began with Rob eating Mary out to a thundering orgasm before he made love to her.

He moved down and pulled her pussy lips apart. Usually he would tease and eventually reach her clit, but tonight was about him, he just wanted her pussy ready as soon as possible.

Not long after he started licking her clit she cried, “That’s it Rob, faster, that’s just right.” But he stopped quickly.

He moved up the bed and from the side, jammed his cock in her mouth. “Maybe you didn’t understand, Mary. Tonight isn’t about you. It’s about me. I’m only licking you so my big cock will fit in your tight pussy. You’d think after years of getting fucked with this cock,” he pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped her cheeks gently though firmly a few times then put it back in her mouth again, “it wouldn’t be quite so tight. Do you understand?” He pulled out of her mouth again, hearing a popping sounds as he moved away.

“Yes, Rob. Fuck me, use me.”

He wanted to grin, this was language he wasn’t used to hearing from Mary, either, but he didn’t want to let on, he knew his plan was working. He put his cock back in her mouth to shut her up. “‘Yes, Rob’ will do just fine. You’ll speak when spoken to. Understand?” Then he moved his the snow girl izle cock a few more inches into her mouth before moving free.

“Yes, Rob.”

Now moving back down the bed, this time he placed his cock at her pussy and gently pushed to see if she might be ready. She was plenty wet and ready from their exchange though still tighter than she normally was by the time Rob got done licking her pussy.

Once he knew she was ready, he plowed in up to his balls, making her scream. He continued to pump, in and out, coming in from an angle to apply plenty of pressure to the top of her slit and her clit.

“God, your pussy is so tight, Mary. I love FUCKING your body.” He said the last line in a calculated way — again try to disassociate himself from the wife he loved and adored and the hot piece of ass he was fucking.

He continued fucking hard, fast, and deep, and it wasn’t taking him long to come. But then Mary said, “Oh, that’s it Rob. Keep doing that, I’m almost there.”

Rob pulled out quickly and moved up, sticking his cock, coated in her juices, in her mouth. “Maybe you don’t get it. I don’t care tonight. I’m gonna fuck you how I wanna fuck you. If you come fine, enjoy it. If you don’t come, I don’t give a fuck.” He knew she was loving his act though neither let on.

He moved down the bed part way, putting his slick cock between her breasts and sliding back and forth. “I love fucking your tits. Do you know how often I think of fucking your perfect tits when I beat off?”

“No, sir.”

“All of the time I think about fucking these perfect tits and coming all over them, or your neck, or even your face. You like my come on you, don’t you Mary?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well I bet you’ll get some on you tonight. But not because you like it. Because I like seeing you with my come all over you.”

Rob slid his cock out from between her breasts and moved his shaft down over one nipple, then the other, taunting his constrained wife. Then moved back down and rammed his cock into her again.

His mouth was by her ear as he reamed her pussy. He usually loved kissing her as he was about to come inside of her, but not tonight. “Oh, I’m gonna come so hard inside you. Oh yea …….. ah.”

Rob kept pumping away hard while coming and for a little while after. Little did he know how close Mary was to coming with him, but he pulled out before she could.

He moved up and kneeling over her, slid his moist softening cock against her cheeks again, then put his cock in her mouth for her to clean. “Clean my cock off, baby. You got it all messy.”

Rob moved back and forth so she could lick all of his flaccid cock in her mouth. “I love your mouth on me after I’ve come inside you. I think I’m going to have you clean my cock off more often. Would you like that, Mary?”

She muffled a “Yes, Rob” even though he didn’t remove his cock from her mouth this time. He could feel his cock coming to life again already.

He moved back and took his cock in his hand, stroking it back to life in front of her face. Holding his balls with one hand, he stroked his shaft with the other. “This is what I look like when I’m beating off thinking about you. Sometimes I imagine you’re laying there just like that. Waiting to get my come all over you. Would you like me to beat off in front of you and come on your face, Mary?”

“Yes, sir. I’d like that a lot,” she said. The last part more sultry than obedient much to Rob’s dislike.

His cock was now rock hard again. “Well I guess that’s good, but it doesn’t matter cause I was going to do it anyway.”

He kissed her for the first time since earlier that morning, then moved down and put his cock back in her pussy. Again he fucked her hard and fast. This time though at an angle that he knew wouldn’t provide much stimulation to her clit. He didn’t want her coming.

Having just come, he fucked her hard for what must the spencer sisters izle have been 20 straight minutes, he was getting tired and would pause, but kept going. Then he thought she was going to come so he pulled out and moved up to titty-fuck her again.

“Oh yeah.” Rob was nearing his climax and trying to decide where he wanted to come. But her tits were feeling too good around his shaft to move.

He came in a gasp, his come shooting all over Mary’s neck and tops of her breasts. Again he stuck his cock in Mary’s mouth and she licked him clean, his come still coating her chest and neck.

He removed his cock from her mouth. “You’ve been a very good little fuck-doll, baby. Do you wanna come?”

“Yes, please, Rob.”

He moved from the bed and got the keys to the handcuffs and unlocked her right wrist. Then he moved to the dresser and took his digital camera from the top drawer.

“I need a rest, babe. But one free hand should be all you need to come. And don’t worry, the pictures will be just mine.”

“You selfish prick!” Mary exclaimed, but Rob knew she was loving it.

She took her free hand and began to rub her clit. Rob began taking pictures, some of her whole body, some zooming in on her fingers in her pussy and massaging her clit. The whole time, Rob was stroking his cock back to life again.

When Mary was getting close, Rob jumped back onto the bed and knelt between her legs. “Here, let me help,” he said as he put his cock in her pussy, holding the camera in the other hand.

He was sliding in and out slowly while Mary kept fingering her clit. She’d never touched herself while he fucked her so this was also new territory. He got a few great pictures of his cock, her stretched pussy, and her sexy small hand.

Her pace quickened and Rob pumped faster to match. Rob was taking photos of her shut eyes and agonizingly pleasured face. She came with a loud scream and then her body went limp and her free hand fell on the bed beside her.

Since Rob was rock hard again he kept pumping her wet pussy. Regaining some life, Mary took her free hand and put it lovingly on Rob’s lower back as he fucked her more sensually this time.

Again he found a rhythm of a few short strokes to one deep quick stroke and fucked her for long time. Again he thought she may come so this time he subtly changed his angle to a way he knew from experience would help her along. She was trying not to make a sound, fearing he may move from her again, but her fingernails dug into his back and she came on his cock. After a few more strokes, Rob pulled out, moved forward, and put his cock in Mary’s mouth again.

“Ah, that’s it baby. I’ve come in your pussy, come on your tits, now I’m going to come in your mouth. Happy Valentines Day to me.”

He eased back, pulling his cock out of her mouth. “Are you ready for my come?”


“Then you’ve got a free hand, make me come.”

Mary stroked his hard cock above her face. For a moment he moved forward so that she could lick his balls while she used her free hand on his shaft. When he felt himself nearing climax, however, he moved back down a bit so his cock was pointing straight at her mouth.

“That’s it baby. Make me come all over you.”

Rob watched the first stream of hot white come hit Mary’s lips and right cheek before he even made a sound. Mary opened her mouth further and the second stream hit her nose and left cheek before finding her mouth than ending on her chin. Then between his cries, Rob put the end of his cock into Mary’s mouth as she kept stroking her hand on the base of his shaft, the last few streams of Rob’s come ending well back in Mary’s mouth.

“Oh fuck you are so hot. I’m married to the most wonderful woman.”

Rob started to unlock Mary’s cuffs and said, “I’m going to have to tie you down more often.”

“You don’t have to tie me down to treat me like your little slut, Rob. That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Me too,” he said as he finished unlocking her cuffs then kissing her on the lips, his come still covering her cheeks and chin.

Both feel fast asleep knowing their next nine years were going to be even better.

But little did Rob suspect that it would start the next morning when he’d woke up to find himself tied down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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