Hard Road of Love Ch. 01


“Wake up, Clint!” a man said as he slapped my face. “You OK?” he asked me again as his hand slapped the side of my face.

I looked up to all the faces staring down at me and wondered what happened until the massive pain rushed from my bruised cock to my brain. “What a rush!” I said as I tried to sit up. The pain ran through me like nothing I had ever felt in my 45 years of life.

“Here man, let us help you.” My best friend, Ron Black said. I have known Ron since high school; we have played baseball together every summer for the last 20 years. In addition, I was the best man at he and his wife, Stellas’ wedding. “I’m glad that wasn’t me!” he said patting me on the back.

Ron and other players started to take me to our dugout when the manager of our team ran to meet us. “You’re out of the game. Go take it easy. There’s only one inning left, so sit in the stands or you can go on home.” He said as he shook his head with a look of pain on his face. “Man, that had to have hurt like hell!”

“Let’s take him over by Stella. She can call us if you need any help.” Ron told me as he led the way to his very pretty wife.

Stella ran to give me a hug. “You poor thing!” she said as her arms wrapped around my waist. Any other time in my life I would have gotten a full erection with one of her hugs. However, when the speeding foul ball hit the head of my long cock I lost all interest in sex for the rest of the night. “Come sit by me, my handsome man.”

Once sitting in the stands, I looked over to Stella. Her long blonde hair lies across her delicate shoulders and across her supple 36c breasts. Her pretty, green eyes were filled with love and happiness every time I saw her and her sexy behind and hips could bring a man to his knees.

Every few minutes she would look at me with her pretty face and give me a warm smile and ask. “Are you sure you’re all right? I can get you an ice pack.” And her soft hand would caress my back as she hugged me close to her.

“I’m fine just a little sore.” I didn’t want to tell her it felt like someone had driven a nail through my cock head. “I guess an ice pack would feel good.” I looked to that beautiful face of hers and returned her smile.

She jumped up. “I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere!” she teased and trotted to the snack bar for the ice. As she went I couldn’t help but wonder what she saw in Ron, other than his money. He was also 45 but he had put on over 100 pounds and all he did was sit at home drinking beer. Many weekends Stella would call me to take her to lunch or just to go for a walk. It was hard not making a move on his pretty, young wife.

“Here ya go sexy. I hope this makes ya feel better.” she gave me a kiss as she handed me the ice. “Kelly is really going to be upset because you got hurt.” She made a little frown. “She had some ‘big’ plans for you, tonight.” Kelly was a very good friend of Stella; they both were only 26 years old. Kelly was 5 foot 11 inches tall she had great long legs, a nice tight ass, and hips, but as for breasts, she looked like she only had two tiny nipples.

“I think I’m going to go, can you walk me out to my car.” I slowly stood up. “I know, I had some big plans for her myself.” I replied giving her a wink and gave her great ass a good slap.

“Ouch! You better stop that before ya go and get me all horny!” she said with a bright red face and rubbing her tight ass. She put her arm around me and we walked to the far end of the dark lot.

I just gave her another wink and replied. “Tell Ron to fix you up. Hell, if you were my wife I’d…” I stopped before I told her how I really felt about her.

“What would you do? Tell me, please!” she asked giving me a sad look. I knew Ron wasn’t keeping her happy from the comments she made when he wasn’t around. “Please.” She begged me to tell her and she moved into my big arms.

I thought what the heck; I was in pain and didn’t care. This woman needed a man in her life. “I’d fuck you day and night until you couldn’t walk.” I said as I rubbed her great ass and pushed her wonderful hips into my hurt cock.

She just leaned against me with a shocked look on that pretty face of hers and asked. “If you feel that way why haven’t you ever returned my passes?” she lightly bit her lower lip and waited for me to answer.

“Believe me I’ve wanted to so bad I hurt, but you are my best friends wife.” I told her as I slipped my hand behind her on her bare back and slowly moved it down until my hand was in the back of her skin-tight jeans. “You’re one of the hottest ladies I’ve ever seen in my life.”

She closed her soft, green eyes and a small moan came from her mouth. “Oh Clint! You make me so crazy.” She moaned again as my hand went deeper down her jeans to her wonderful ass.

“Stella, I wish you weren’t with Ron. I’d love to be with you and make you happy.” I said as I moved to kiss her little neck. I left my right hand down her jeans and my left moved up under her tiny blouse to her hard, bare nipples.

She melted in my arms kartal escort as I kissed her neck and played with her nipples. Stellas’ tiny hand moved to grab my limp cock. “No, it hurts!” I yelled as the pain just about made me fall to my knees.

“I’m sorry, I forgot.” she held me up and took my keys from my hand. “I’m going to open your door and you’re going to let me look and see how bad this.” She said in a motherly voice. The door opened and she sat on the drivers’ side, pulling me to her, she said. “Drop ‘em buster!” she ordered and waited for me to comply.

I slowly unbuckled my belt and slid my pants. “Don’t get and ideas, I don’t think I’m up for any action tonight.” I laughed as I exposed my swollen cock to Stella. She gently moved her hands under it.

“OH MY GOD!” she gasped.

I looked down to her as she held my cock in her hands. “What? Is it that bad?” I saw that her face was as red as a tomato and she had a big grin on her face.

“I have never seen anything this big in my life!” she fanned her face with one hand and the other began to caress my cock. “You poor thing. Do you need a kiss to make you feel all better?” before I could say a word, Stella began to place little kisses all over my long cock. Her breath was so warm as her mouth moved over every inch of me. It felt so good having her loving hands on me and I think her kisses did help.

“Please stop! This is killing me.” I begged Stella as I watched her kissing my dead cock. If I hadn’t been hurt so bad, I would have taken her right there in my car. Her pretty hairs lie across her face as she kissed and started gently sucking the side of my cock. “Stop!” I yelled pulling from her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything.” She said and started to cry.

I pulled up my pants and knelt down to hug her. “I love you, Stella. When I’m better we’ll get together, OK?” I said hugging her wonderful body to mine. Her full breasts pressed into my chest and I felt my hurt cock begin to stir.

“You promise?” she asked as she wiped her eyes and sniffed.

I looked into her pretty eyes and saw the excitement. “Yes, I promise.” I gave her a deep kiss and made sure to tease her nipples more, then I stood up. “I need to go baby. Maybe sleeping will help.”

“If you need anything, you just call. After seeing this.” Her hand gently touched my cock. “I know I won’t be sleeping tonight.”

I gave her one last kiss and replied. “I sure will. Thank you.” I drove away thinking about her beautiful mouth on my hurt cock. If I hadn’t been hurt there’d be a good chance my cock would be buried in her to my balls.


The next morning I woke up pain, I knew it was time to call a doctor. After calling every number in the phone book, I found one that could see me later that day. Hopefully he could give me something for this dreadful pain.

Around 4 that afternoon I made my way into the doctor’s office. The young nurse sat at the desk reading a book when she saw me walk in. Her big, brown eyes started by looked at my black/gray hair and slowly moved down to my rugged face. I hadn’t shaved that day and I looked like a wild man.

Then her pretty eyes moved to my wide shoulders and my thick chest, then down to my lean hips and hurting cock. “Mr. Harris, would that be you?” she ask with an alluring smile on her young face. “I’ve been waiting for you. You’re the last patient of the day.” She added with a sexy tone in her voice.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, I’m moving kinda slow today.” I replied as I watched her young eyes moved up and down every inch of me.

She stood up and moved around the small desk to show me her great looking legs and fine ass. “Let’s get you in back so the doctor can see you.” She took my hand and led me down a small hallway to the examining room. “Take off your jeans and put this on.” She handed me a paper gown. “The doctor will be in shortly.” She blew me a kiss and left the room.

I just had gotten the gown on when there was a soft tapping on the door. “Come in.” I said as I looking at the door and waited to see was this ‘Dick’ doctor looked like.

“Mr. Harris?” a sweet voice said as the beautiful woman walked into the room. “I’m doctor Rogers.” She had a warm smile on her pretty face and held out her little hand for me to shake. “You seem to be a bit surprised?”

And I was. “Oh, yes! I was expecting an 85 year old man.” I told her as I looked into her soft brown eyes. “I never would have thought someone as young or as pretty as you to be a di… penis doctor.”

“Thank you. Most men are shocked and very embarrassed when they see me.” She said as she sat her 5 foot 5 inch body in a chair straight across from me, showing me her fit and very trim legs as she slowly crossed them. “Tell me what brings you in today? It seems Carla was in a big hurry to leave and never wrote a thing in your chart.”

I couldn’t believe I was going to tell this very sexy looking, young girl what I had done to myself. “Last night, I was playing baseball and I kartal otele gelen escort was hit with a foul ball.” I stopped for a second to push back my long hair. “It hit me right on the end of my…mmm my penis.”

“Ouch! I bet that sure hurt. Did you keep ice on it?” she asked as she stood up and went to the small sink to wash her hands. That’s when I saw her wonderful, little ass that was hiding under her short skirt.

“Yes, that was that only way I kept it from hurting so much.” I said as my eyes took in her great ass and stocking covered legs.

“That’s good, most people don’t think of ice because it’s such a soft area.” She replied as she turned to see me looking at her behind. “Well, we can see that you’ve not lost interest.” She added giving me a sexy little smile. “Let me see.”

I pulled over the gown and showed her my hurting cock. “My Lord!” she gasped when she saw how long I was. “Mr. Harris, you have one very impressive male organ!” she said fanning her red face. “I’ve been doing this for 3 years and have never seen anything quite like this before.”

“I’m glad you think so. I’ll just be glad when it gets better.” I said looking down to her as her eyes moved over every inch of it.

She looked up at me with a big smile on her face. “I bet your wife will be too!”

“No wife for me.” I smiled back at her.

“Girlfriend?” she asked. “You must have lots of girlfriends?”

“Nope! Just me. Well, I see a few ladies now and then but nothing else.” I said.

“I hope my hands aren’t to cold.” She said as her tiny hands reached and gently picked up my cock. “I bet you sure keep them happy.” She said giving me a little wink.

I just looked into her pretty, brown eyes and replied. “They leave me with a smile on their faces.” I said as her soft hands held my cock.

“I bet they do!” she said as her face moved closer to see where the ball had hit me. “Well, all I think it is that you really have a bad bruise, nothing that will cause any permanent damage.” She looked up to me with a big smile. “So, you can keep pleasing your ‘lucky’ friends.”

I looked down to her and could see that she was wishing that ‘she’ were one of my friends. “I’m glad to here that. How long will it take to heal up?” I asked as I watched her gently begin to caress my hurting cock.

Her little hands felt so good as she began to caress up and down the long shaft, making sure she didn’t get near the head. “Mmmm, maybe by the time you leave the office.” Her pretty eyes moved back to watch my cock growing in her hands. “Do many of your ladies find this to be painful?” she asked as she looked up to me.

“No! I’m a very good lover.” I said as moved forward on the table giving her better access to stroke my cock.

A little smile filled her red lips as she started stroking a little faster. “I bet you are.” She said moving faster up and down my hard cock. “How long does it take before you normally ejaculate?” she asked as her sexy brown eyes closed and her hand squeezed me tighter.

“Doctor! I think you need to stop before I do something.” I said as I could feel my balls filling with a massive load of cum. Her hand felt so good on me I couldn’t believe it.

She looked up to with a look on her face I’d seen on many of my lovers, pure lust. “Why would you want me to stop? Does it feel good? Are you hurting at all?” she said as she rests her head on my leg and began to stroke it even faster. This time I could feel her hot breath as it blew from her body and on to my cock.

“Oh it feels wonderful!” I said as I reached down to caress her soft hair; a moan escaped her mouth. “Is it fun playing with me?” I asked as her as I tried to slid my hand over her left breast.

“YES! But please don’t touch me!” she snapped at me and she sat up but her hand never lost a beat as she stroked my shaft. “How close are you?” she asked as her hand moved up and down my long, hard cock.

“Real close!” I moaned as I looked into her sexy eyes and she looked into mine. I could see the want on her face. “What should I do?” I asked her with a pleading look.

“What would you like to do?” she replied with another of her great, sexy looks and her hand brought me closer to shooting all over her and the floor.

I looked into her eyes and said. “Bend over and pull down your panties, I’ll show you!” I laughed and a shocked look came over her pretty face.

“Mr. Harris! I’m your doctor, how would something like that look!” she gasped with an excited look on her face and looked to my cock.

I smiled at her and leaned back to blow my load. “I think it would look very good!”

She must have seen that I was ready to cum, she stood up. “Not this time!” And ran from the room giggling like a teen in love.

“Oh fuck!” was all I could say when she left me with a full hard on. I got dressed and went to look for her. I found her sitting in the waiting area of the office. “That wasn’t very nice!” I said to her. “Any other kartal eve gelen escort man would have gotten ‘mean’ with you.”

She just stood up and put her hand on my cock. “Well, I knew you weren’t that kind of man.” She stood on her tiptoes and gave me a little kiss on my mouth. “Does it feel better now?” she asked with a doctor kind of voice instead of the sexy one she had used before.

“Yes it does.” I reached to caress under her short skirt. “You know, I’ll get even with you some day soon.” My hand traced her panty line and I could feel her breathing increase. “You be ready, if I don’t see you around town, I’ll come back here to get you!”

She just gave me a big, sexy smile and replied. “Mmmm, I think that would be nice!” and she pulled from me and added. “You take care, Mr. Harris.”

“After what you just did I need somebody to take care of me!” I said running my hand under her skirt to touch her ass one more time. This time she felt so hot I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to just lie her on the waiting room sofa and take her.

She jumped at my touches. “Time to go, I need to lock up and get home.” She said as she pushed me from the office and I could hear the door lock behind me.


The next morning was Saturday and I was hoping to sleep in, but my plans were ruined when the telephone began to ring.

“Hello.” I said unto the telephone and waited for a reply.

“Hey handsome, how ya doing?” Stella said in a sleepy voice.

I loved hearing her so early in the morning. Her voice always sounded so sexy when she first woke up. “I feel great! How are you this fine day?” I asked hoping that she wanted to do something today.

“I’m glad to hear it. What did the doctor do for you?” she asked with the sexy voice.

“She was wonderful!” I said with excitement. “Stella, I just about shit when I saw this girl. She was beautiful!”

“She? Wow, I bet you did. How did she ‘fix’ you?” she asked hoping that she was going to hear some juicy sex story. Stella loved hearing when I fucked a new girl.

I laughed into the phone and said, “Stella, I wonder about your pervert mind sometimes.” I laughed again. “She gave me a great ‘hand job’ and stopped before I came. Afterwards the swelling was gone.” “Was she good and are you going to see her?” she asked with a little tone of jealousy.

I had to tease my sexy friend just a little. “Mmmm, she was just wonderful! Her hands were like magic, I’ve never felt anything like them in my life!” I covered the telephone to laugh. I knew Stella and she would be going crazy hearing me say that.

“Well, remember, you haven’t been with a lonely, and very sexy married lady that really wants you. She might prove to be just as good and most likely better!” Stella said into the telephone, but I heard a little hurt in her voice.

“I guess I better start looking into my married lady friends then. I might just find a real hot one.” I said hoping Stella wouldn’t be hurt.

“Oh really? Just happens I’m free today. Ron is going on one of his fake fishing trips.” She replied with a sound of excitement. “What do ya want to do?” She had an idea that Ron had been going out with other women.

I laughed a little and said. “Truthfully, I need a good hard, fuck. But, since I’m going out with someone as pretty and sexy as you, I think a nice picnic by the lake would be nice.” Then I would fuck her brains out. That’s what the poor woman has wanted since the day I first met her.

“That does sound nice, but be sure and don’t rule out your first answer, OK?” she replied. “Give me about 2 hours then come by and get me. What would you like me to wear?” she asked in a sweet, sexy voice.

“Anything you want, but wear that nice, black bikini that Ron got so pissed about the last time I came over.” I said thinking about the tiny, black bikini; it was the smallest thing I had ever seen in my life. It only covered her nipples and as for that great ass and her hips, only two small triangles.

She laughed when she heard. “You are so nasty! Why don’t I just come naked?” she said as she laughed again.

“Maybe later in the day.” I added knowing Stella would get horny as hell.

“Pick me up in 2 hours, you bad boy!” she said and hung up the telephone. When I looked down to my cock, it was hard as hell and no pain at all. “Poor Stella is going to get her wish today!” I said and went to shower.


On the way to get Stella I stopped to get some ice and drinks, then I headed straight to get her. I was so hard I was hurting.

“Boy! Right on time. You’re going to make some lady a great husband!” Stella said as she moved into my arms. The thin sundress she had worn felt like her body was bare, she felt so good as we hugged.

“You look great! But, I can see through your dress and you’re not wearing the bikini.” I said putting my hands on my hips and leaned against my truck waiting for her reply.

She gave me a teasing look and said. “Maybe I’m wearing something better, you’ll just have to wait and see.” She smiled. “By the way, we’ll need to go on the far end of the lake. What I’m wearing will be for your eyes only!” she added giving me a wink.

“Damn! Sounds good to me, I need to see a sexy lady like you today.” I said as my hands started to move under her dress.