Harem Ch. 06

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Big Dicks

It was a long flight from Minsk, and Adam couldn’t tell if the private jet was flying East or West. He was the only passenger on board, a luxury he was sure he would never be able to afford in his lifetime, so he lay back in his leather seat and drank his cold champagne. He reflected on meeting Gerig two weeks ago at a bar in Vegas. Gerig had been boasting about his four wives, all of which he kept pregnant at all times. Adam’s cock had swelled at the thought of it. He had a wife, and his religion permitted him to have more, but he just hadn’t met the right woman. He understood some of Gerig’s troubles, the man had been trying to have a son for eight years, likewise Adam had been trying to just get his wife pregnant at all – he was starting to suspect that she might be barren.

He knew it wasn’t his seed, his was actually overly potent, having jumped the condom barrier twice in high school, he had gotten two women pregnant. The first was in his freshman year, but she didn’t keep the baby. And the second was after his graduation, he had fucked the teacher’s assistant after the ceremony in the janitor’s closet. The girl was in college and kept the baby, and at first he didn’t see her much after their closet encounter save for a few run ins at the grocery store or the movies. Each time he saw her, her belly was a little larger and a little rounder, and that’s when he first realized that he would do anything to fuck a pregnant woman.

So when Gerig mentioned his kingdom and his club fully stocked with pregnant women, Adam didn’t believe him at first. Gerig laughed, and offered him all inclusive all expenses paid week long getaway. “I promise you’ll get your dick wet as much as you like, so don’t forget to bring your stamina.”

He already had gotten his dick wet bornova escort in fact. 20 minutes into their flight his flight attendant Anika had come back to his seat and sat lightly on his lap, her pink pleather mini skirt uniform riding up high enough for him to see her dainty white panties.

“I’ve never joined the mile high club,” she said with a wink.

“Mmmhmm,” he said skeptically. “Something tells me you’re the president of that club.”

“Hah,” she laughed. “Okay, but I’ve never gotten knocked up in the mile high club, and I happen to be ovulating today. Wanna send me home with a little souvenir big boy?” She began to stroke his cock under his slacks.

“I’m probably the best guy for the job.”

He slid down his pants, then lifted her up slightly and pushed her thin panties aside. She slid onto his cock with ease, her pussy already wet and ready. She slipped her blouse off, revealing a perky set of tits with pink little nipples. He began to bounce her up and down, and the turbulence that they hit only helped even more. After about 20 mins he blew his load inside her, and then leaned back in his seat to relax. She stood up, straightened out her uniform, and went promptly back to work. This trip was going to be unbelievable.

After another hour they began their decent through the clouds and landed at a small private airport. The captain of the plane and the stewardess escorted him out, and she bid him farewell with her little cheeky wink.

At the base of the plane a white Rolls Royce was waiting for him.

“Is this for me?” he asked the driver.

“Of course Mr. Adam,” said the driver with a nod. “You’re our VIP this week, the entire kingdom is at your disposal.”

Adam got into the buca escort back seat and they were off, heading through a wooded forest road. Within 20mins they reached a clearing of a small town, making their way to the luxurious tower that stood in the centre. The car dipped underground and pulled up to the private entrance of the Harem Hotel.

The driver opened his door and a handsome doorman assisted Adam with his luggage into the lobby. He was escorted away from the main check-in desk where several men were checking in, he was sure that he spotted an anchor from CNN in line, and a few wealthy looking Chinese businessmen. He was lead to the private concierge desk, and took a seat in the plush leather chair.

The concierge walked out of her office and took a seat, Adam nearly fell out of his chair. She was an astoundingly beautiful Swede, over 6′ tall, with long black hair, and a beautiful face with big blue wide set eyes and soft petals for lips. But what really took his breath away was how gracefully she moved while carrying a large 9 month pregnant belly. She wore a tight burgundy and black dress with a plunge neckline that artfully displayed her large full breasts. She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra either, as her perky nipples stood out, beaconing the eyes to stare.

She smirked and looked down at herself, “Mr Adam, this is just a taste of the bounty inside the Harem Hotel. Are you ready to experience the best week of your life?”

Adam gulped and nodded.

“Good,” she said with her soft Swedish accent. “My name is Martina, and I will be your private concierge this week. You are the personal guest of our King Gerig, and so he has allowed you unlimited access to the entire property. This includes all the pools and çeşme escort bars, the specialty restaurants, the viewing rooms, massage parlors, private dance rooms, saunas, spas, and of course front row seats at the main stage. You are welcome to indulge yourself in room services, an open bar and food tab, and any services or upgrades offered at the Main Stage.”

“This is fantastic,” he said with a huge grin. “And, and if I wanted to request the company of a woman one night?”

“A woman? One night?” she said with a chuckle. “Mr Adam, this VIP invitation is completely all inclusive. You are granted full access to any woman you wish to fuck. These women, they come here because they love to have sex, and they love to be pregnant. Their desire is to stay on staff as long as possible because the money is good, especially if they perform well and are fertile. You’re welcome to ask any woman you meet to accompany you into a parlor, or up to your room. If it’s late at night you can also call me here at the concierge desk.”

“You … you’re available to me as well?”

“Aha well … hess I suppose I am,” she said with a coy smile. “I’d be happy to attend to you, but what I meant by that was that you’re welcome to call me at any time and make a request. Here’s an example of the qualities you can request.”

She slid an iPad across to him. On it it in the app it listed all the different female qualities he could think of:

Breast size
Hip size
Hair color
Skin color
Eye color
Not pregnant, ovulating
Not pregnant, not ovulating
1st term
2nd term
3rd term
Due soon

He looked up at her, and began to make some selections. Black hair. Blue eyes. Tall height. 3rd term.
A list of three women came up, and he selected Martina from them.
Suddenly her phone rang. She picked it up, nodded, pressed a button on the phone, and then hung up.

“It appears I have an appointment in the Penthouse Suite.” she said standing up. “Care to come up with me? It’s on the way to your suite”

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